1. Michelle Mckenna Author

    God bless you Jordan you are incredible and an inspiration, I have watched everything from audition to finale and beyond and you deserve your success and more, from Ireland I send you best wishes.

  2. Sarah J Author

    OH Jordan, you are amazing and a God send for all of us. Thank you for being an example for the whole world to see what a Christian is all about! I have loved you, your voice and your story since the first note you sang on The Voice. I can't wait to hear all your new album and follow your walk and career! Sarah

  3. Bob Fox Author

    Republic Music is a Wonderful Label for Jordan's Style of Singing & the Kind of Artist he wants to be……All The Best in the Future Jordan…..Bob Fox

  4. Mike Box Author

    I never heard fo this young man before i saw him on Youtube and the Voice. He was the last preformer on a best of the world, and his voice is probably one fo the best I have ever heard. As a Christian I am proud to see another Christian win, in a day when we are looked at as being nuts. COngrates to this young man, and his great Voice. I can see him in several years being a judge on The Voice.

  5. Andrew Hohenthaner Author

    As I hit rock bottom in my life, I find it inspiring and motivating to hear Jordan sing. I have lost everything i ever held dear: My wife of 31 and a half years to illness, my seven kids to the marching of time, my house and possessions to my own infirmities which caused me to become yet another homeless veteran and nearly my faith in Christ. But hearing the story of Jordan and watching him throughout the competition has given one glimmer of hope that a renewal just may happen in my life.
    I pray that Jordan finds success beyond his wildest dreams and that, despite worldly accomplishments, he remains grounded in the Rock and never succumbs to the myriad temptations that lurk in the shadows waiting to steal, kill and destroy. May God continue to bless you, Jordan and your fiance.

  6. Roni Stonecipher Author

    As a native of Perry County, Kentucky, it is so wonderful to see the area represented by such a talented young man. His voice is as nearly perfect as it gets. Well done, Jordan, well done.

  7. Sam Withoutlimits Author

    i am not a voice fan. Really I don't like 'reality' TV. And I don't know how I happened to come across this young man's voice but I am so glad I did. I am also not much of a concert goer either. But I went to his concert when he came to Houston. It was a great concert. I invited my daughter – it was a great mother-daughter event for us! She is now a fan as well. He is so just 'himself'. I love his voice. It seems to speak more of hope and love. I hope to see more of him going forward.

  8. marité viguier Author

    C'est juste incroyable!!
    Vous n'êtes pas un chanteur, vous êtes une véritable personnalité.
    Vous ne ressemblez à personne d'autre et je serais honorée de faire partie de votre vie.
    Nombreux sont les chanteurs et chanteuses aujourd'hui, qui chantent, ou qui croient chanter.
    Vous Jordan vous êtes un magnifique diamant.
    Vous êtes super et je vous souhaite le meilleur.

  9. Geneve Luceñara Author

    Jordan you are so amazing.!! Such wonderful voice given by God, you're so inspiring to us…it really melts my heart every time you sing..God bless you…

  10. Darren Aphipphy Author


    one person that makes the whole world smile. a very talented and gifted person, soft spoken, polite, humble, funny, cute, adorable, there's nothing bad about you.

    I love your voice, your smile, your style, everything about you…keep on making people smile, I will always pray for your success!

  11. Jennifer Wyatt Author

    I have been to harlan Kentucky… years ago we did some work for people who lived right in those hills.. I remember a dairy bar we went to after a long week of work.. a local man let us ride in the back of his truck. The school let us take free showers after working all day and we slept on the floor of an old school that we were told would be torn down soon.. the kind people there were such a blessing. The Methodist church fed us evening meals.. the goodness of that area is shining out through JORDAN smith..

  12. Lynn Hexler-Haan Author

    Jordan,one word EPIC! Real jaw dropping stuff from the off! I have to say the duet with Regina Love was phenomenal!I have heard a lot of people say they knew as soon as they heard him he was going to win,simple! Cheers,from the UK!

  13. Florencia Whittier Author

    WOW. what a great personality. I wish so many people can take his example and just be real, be their authentic selves and not anything superficial, but the secret is faith, family and spirituality which has helped him to stay grounded. Jordan has taught us such an important lesson in this lifetime. I love him. Thank you Jordan Smith. bless you.

  14. linda eidsness Author

    This was the best of the Voice I still have not seen any one sing like Jordan Smith I am so glad I have theCD The Voice we Winner Jordan Smith and I can still see him sing when I listen to every song

  15. linda eidsness Author

    It is so fun to watch Jordan become a success I have never heard such a powerful singer I have always loved Elvis , but Jordan is my star now he can sing anything. I bought the Voice CD when Jordan won its the best CD every song he sang on is in it to think Every week he came out a winner in my book ! He's inspired me and so many hard times I even drove over 700 miles just to see him just wish he could have sang more songs. Yep all 3 of those songs were amazing. His faith is real . He is a very humble person

  16. Kathrine Walters Author

    Somebody to Love was the moment you won the the Voice! No doubt in
    My mind! I have never stopped watching your music! Every day I have to hear your voice e!

  17. linda eidsness Author

    I must have watched these all I feel Jordan’s mucin it’s so healing and fun one day I see Jordan Smith known as much as Elvis . He is so real I know he puts everything in his songs I just wish I could see a show of his singing over here in Spokane Wa I think Jordan is an inspiration to many young people God. Less you Jordan Smith


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