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Josh Beal: Reconsidering Final Cut Pro X in Hollywood


  1. Taras Shevchenko Author

    I’m glad you guys are presenting content with speakers such as Josh, who are proposing to look into NLE’s that have possibilities for future development. So many times have I got into debates with with fellow editors, who kept trying to convince me about which NLEs are better than others (most commonly Premiere better than FCPX). I never got stuck to one NLE as (and Josh points it out) the decision has to come out of your need. With recent upgrades, FCPX has really stepped it its ante, and is something that provides an amazing glance into the future of editing. Yes, there certain quirks that always will need to be fixed,. Yet, this NLE is a pleasure to work in, once you figure it out. Josh – thank you for coming to Vegas and giving this presentation. LumaForge – thank you for making content like this one available to us.🙏🏻

  2. Thomas Tomchak Author

    You have articulated my feelings about FCP in a way I’ve been unsuccessful at. Thank you for taking the time to do this presentation.

  3. Russtafa B Author

    Yes, people I know are very polarised re: Final Cut..they either absolutely love it or detest it (usually when they cannot get over the initial hurdle) and maybe not that computer savvy?
    The way it is going Josh may also be talking about Davinci Resolve being a contender sometime maybe later/next year. Great presentation thanks

  4. Tony Moore Author

    Yes I agree with Josh 100%, In the pass I would edit using the old Final Cut Pro 7 and Adobe Premiere Pro, when the new FCPX was released in 2011, I was highly disappointed. However after seeing a few of my friends using it and getting their projects done fast with a better workflow, I was curious about this new way of editing, Is it the future for NLE?
    It's time for me to be open minded and try something new, So I gave myself two weeks editing with this new FCPX. Wow on using it, I realize the software is intuitive and easy to use, my workflow is very efficient now. Along with the new upgrades over the years this forward thinking software is a plus for me. I find myself using it on all my projects and with their new improve pro color grading upgrade also the ability to do 3D text, 5.1surround sound with the help of Third party plug-ins like camera tracking and motion tracking.
    Now I can work within one program , Editing, 360-VR, Motion graphics, Sound design, CEA-606 and ITT Close caption, 3D text animation, HDR, Rec.2020 HLG or Rec.2020 PQ, ProRes Raw and much more. If you're not a fan of FCPX I can understand, however, you should give yourself a chance to see what the future can be, by trying this new forward thinking NLE software It's really great.

  5. Dennis Nc Author

    Finally a professional talking about FCPX without all the emotions and bashing you see online. Like he says, thoughtless dismissing final cut can put you back in the line. As an editor i was Premiere Pro adept. Untill the process of editing became very frustrating. Seems the more features Adobe puts in, the bulkier and frustrating it becomes to work. I hopped to fcpx out of curiosity and the bizar bench marks render tests i had seen. Indeed editing at first is very strange, you have to get use to how the software works and the timline starts eventually work with you in stead of against you. Now i can read and write with final cut i absolutely love it. It brings creativity back to my edits and my flow is so much faster now. Thanks Josh for this wonderful talk about NLE's.

  6. Knowledge Mobilization Author

    7:50. So a FCPX workaround for dynamic trimming. Jump into the precision editor (Control E). You'll see the handles on either side of the existing edit. Select the incoming or outgoing clip whichever you want to trim. Let it play. Hit SHIFT X to make the cut (you can actually hold the shift down while it plays then tap the X to cut). My 2¢.

  7. Jonz Movie Bar Author

    pretty much like Quark Xpress for print. Print industry was reluctant to change into Indesign and now Quark is losing ground from Adobe Indesign.

  8. George Rady Author

    Same evolution in Business Application Software… COBOL, CICS, IMS and DB2 was the Standard from the 1960s onward (and still processes the CORE Unit of Record in all the major corporations and governments…)

    But Object Oriented programming emerged from the University Think Tanks in the 90s and – now – anyone who isn’t conversant in OOP ain’t working (even if they work, as I do, in the “data processing” world.

    And, quite frankly, we couldn’t DO what is BAU today, if programming hadn’t evolved to an OOP paradigm. PERIOD.

    The only thing protecting Hollywood today is 1.) Centralization of Talent and 2.) Unions.

    New York (and London) used to be that Centralized Talent base… now NONE of the Fortune Top 50 base base anything more than marketing and sales in NYC.

    And we never had a “union” that would have been decimated once Corporations shift most of their cost intensive work to India.

    Sooo… don’t be so sure that the Way the World will last… another decade… it collapsed in NYC just three years after 9/11/2001 when companies saw his quickly and easily they could cut costs by Outsourcing and Offshoring ALL but the “talent” (Financial Consultants)

    And, with the cost coming down and the diversification of distribution… a cute picture of a puppy or kid will nullify the most expensive visual and sound effects…

    The cost heavy Hollywood Model could very well collapse faster than the Studio System when Ad revenue and investment dry up!

  9. Jacopo Reale Author

    Very interesting!
    Please, Can someone explain to me what he said at 15:45? Why compound clips in FCPX can help in this Avid-Final Cut x workflow? Thanks

  10. MVE Author

    I think the only contending pro video editing apps are Avid Media Composer, Adobe Premiere, Davinci Resolve and of course Apple Final Cut Pro X. The other ones (like Sony Vegas) are not really in view for professionals.


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