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Kabir Singh – Official Trailer | Shahid Kapoor, Kiara Advani | Sandeep Reddy Vanga | 21st June 2019

BEEP Listen… The other day when I came
to your clinic, I saw a girl… Please don’t do that, bro… What am I asking
and what are you saying? You’re such a pervert! Always eager to get
into someone’s pants, eh? Kabir! Drug addict, alcoholic… This is how they are addressing
you now, for God’s sake! – I’ve come here to take you, let’s go.
– I’m not going anywhere. – Why?
– Because I don’t want to. I said I’m not going anywhere. You… Sir, it… …just slipped out of my hands. No… No, no, no! You’ll die if you
consume so much alcohol. This is my house
I’ll do what I want to. ****!!! Do you think this
will help you forget her? What’s your name? Preeti. Preeti, this isn’t
any ordinary degree. This is MBBS. Why are you sitting in the back there? What lecture do you have today? Anatomy. Come, I’ll teach you. “I think about you even
when I cannot think anymore.” That chapter closed six months ago!
Stop thinking about Preeti! “Why do we need to part ways…” If anything happens to her, I’ll be the most
******* affected. Do you understand? I really love her, man. “The joy of being close to you…” Kabir, what do you like in me? I like the way you breathe. No Kabir, wait. Kabir, please wait.
Kabir, please. I can do anything for you, Preeti. If you’re just as crazy about me
then call me otherwise you know me. There comes a time in life
when you hear a warning bell… That’s when you should stop all this. Otherwise, he’s done for. Preeti! What will you gain in your
life with this anger, Kabir? I’m not a rebel without a cause, sir.


  1. Namrata Sawant Author

    But female lead was shown so much weak . Neither she has self respect nor confidence . How come she became a doctor. Arjun role was par excellence but didn't like preeti role

  2. sanu dhakerrr Author

    Very cheapest movie, , what the fuck is going on, India never gone be. .. .. . Any level, movie hit hone se lag gya generation kha ja rhi, # awara# jobless#no result

  3. Nawshad Alam Author

    Movie Jo Kabir movie YouTube mein Dale ho to loade ka Bal full movie Kahani Gallan sala Kabhi a Raha ka vittiya dikh raha Teri Man ka bhosda Sala

  4. CooL CreatioN Author

    This the most psychotic movie I've ever seen!!
    That much passion for something always results destruction!!!
    This type of movies shuold not release for now as most teenagers in world are in our country.
    This could probably lead them a wrong way….
    I appreciate the work did by the cast and crews ,but just gave my oppinion

  5. Shahina Khurram Author

    Good movie ..shahid kapoor acting was superb…for a second even, i cant remove my eyes from him…and its the bestest achievmnt for any actor or movie..
    And i hope all young boys and girls would take this movie as just an entertainment…it cant be taken as a in ye filmon me hi acha lgta hai not in real can ruin anybody's life ..plz do mind guys

  6. Duaa Iftikhar Author

    Medicine is nothing like this movie haha.. I wonder how many young girls will want to go into medicine after watching this movie and then find no kabir singh there haha. Good fantasy though. Good movie

  7. Kamlesh Upadhyay Author

    Ranveer:-This time I will Get Oscar for my Role .Say yes Guys
    Shahid:-First of all Get me a Bear and then wash my Pants.then go and lift Oscar.☺️

  8. Siddarth Ptl Author

    It is absolutely non sense… N what kind of movie is it? But surely it reveals a society where everything CHALTA Hai… What kind of massage you guys want to send among the youngsters… Go, n misbehave and owe anything anyone… What kind of rebel….? It is surely messy. Raging still prevails in the Engineering and Medical colleges, class system, alcoholism, etc. Not when a good thing. Sorry… To say… Smash….

  9. Lazy D Author

    Promoting the fashion of Depression in youth . Shame on the directors, producers for making such kind of movie #depression #hatred #violance. Life is much more than destroying yourself just for girl, what a shit story.


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