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This is a fictitious story All the situations in this film
would definitely resemble someoneKing Vikram and the ghostMaster super
What an attire? What a style! Your acting in Mayura,
Krishnadevaraya and Babruvahana is super Super dialogues Master, When I tried to buy a ticket
for your film ‘Thayigae thakka maga’… …people killed me in the stampede Since then, unable to find a place… …l am wandering like a ghost – What are you saying?
Do you know who am I? – I am Vikrama, Trivikrama
-So you are not our ‘Annavru’ After seeing your dress and outfit… I thought our ‘Annavru’
has come for shooting Ok, Why are you roaming
like a ghost in this grave yard? I have a great quest To fulfill that I am
collecting dead bodies Unable to watch the ‘Annavru’s’ movie… …l became a ghost and wandering here – If you die, you will become a
big monster -Shut your mouth Those who are unable
to fulfill their own desires… …a coward like you
will suffer this tragic fate.. …and not brave guys like me Brave and gutsy guys are
all gone in the previous era It seems you have not
yet seen our world properly Look at the real world Oh gosh! What a noise pollution there! It’s not noise pollution Master
it is soul pollution, look there My wife is not good
I have to kill her today Nobody is giving alms,
let everyone die I have to acquire the property
by deceiving my brother Nobody is available
for the pick pocket Only if my husband is perfect
I needn’t suffer like this Did you see that? This is not noise
pollution but soul pollution Did you see how humans
are conspiring within? It is natural Can the animals think
if not the humans? That’s why it is told… Animals are better than human beings Look there Master, I swear on my mom I will help
even by selling my wife’s sacred thread You loafer, I know about you
I will make you beg in the road Listen I swear on my mom
I won’t get a friend like you He is plotting against me. Let my job
get over, I will deal with him later Have it Mother in law I don’t feel that you’re my
mother in law but a goddess You too, you are like my daughter See how she is acting, thinks I am
insane, Let my work get done Yes mother in law I am fortunate to
have a mother in law like you You old owl, let me get
the key first, then I’ll show you Oh what is this, it is full of deceit Yes Master, 90 out of 100
people are bad in that world Women sleep with their husbands
fantasising Shah Rukh Khan and Salman Khan Husbands sleep with their
wives fantasising Kajol and Manisha Girls fall in love after
seeing how wealthy their lovers are These people have
at least 50 to 100 masks The love mask, the hate mask
The religion mask, the caste mask People wear masks
like these and dupe each other This is the psychological war
The psychological war Living with true conscience has
become impossible for them Without wearing the different
designs of masks.. One of my childhood friends vowed to
live with his true conscience in that city I will tell you his strange
psychological story, listen to it You have mistaken him
He is a good person He loves you very much Don’t leave him, don’t Don’t lose the patience, search him
Definitely he can be found, search him Definitely he can be found
Go, be courageous Rathi what is this? You are coming now
college has started one hour earlier What is going on there?
Why everyone is running? Somebody has been caught
by the police on rape charges It’s him
It should be him Who is at this time? Not letting peacefully
to sleep after boozing Brother, look there This girl looks super,
shall I send her to room? Stand quietly Who are you? My name is Rathi.
Take all these, you should help me – What is that? -I mean
I am loving someone He is not seen anywhere
I searched for him everywhere I don’t have strength
to live without him Please trace him
and tie him in our house He shouldn’t go anywhere leaving me Shouldn’t go anywhere – Help me, help me
-Get up Where are you staying? Kaveri nagar, 2nd main road Crazy girl! Take this and go home I will come to your
area tomorrow and inquire Girls shouldn’t venture
outside during the night like this – Dear chan -Yes brother
-Take her to home safely- Ok You go I’ll come
tomorrow, inquire and make it right – You go
-Come Greetings Master! Where is the Rathi’s house in this area?
-Look it’s there Who is that man loving her? – You mean the one who is in
love with her -It’s me (Naanu) Yes it’s me (Naanu)
who loves here You scoundrel
Dirty fellow, you ironing man – Do you love her?
You scoundrel, Difly fellow – Hit him
-Leave Leave him poor fellow
Leave me Why are you beating
him, he is bleeding? You indecent fellow
You have got so beautiful girl Instead of being happy
with it, he is troubling her It’s not him who loved her
It’s Naanu, Naanu(Me) ls it you? Hit him, kick him Leave it, why you get so tense?
They are not loving that girl The man’s name who
loves this girl is Naanu – What? ls his name
Naanu (me)? -Yes Master! – His name itself is Naanu
-Can anyone keep a name like that? No one has kept it
He kept it for himself Where is he now?
Go away,Go out Come sir
I’ll tell you about him in detail Come I will tell you A to Z about him Sit down, sit down To be frank, that Rathi
almost got adjusted to me But that guy had
won her head suddenly Let it be, there is no
dearth for girls in the country He is a dirty fellow – Child why are you sharpening
the knife? -Look there I asked that merchant to
give me fruit as I am hungry… …but he asked money, So I will attack
him with this knife and bring the fruits Oh it’s a sin
No child no That is a great sin
Don’t do like that Humans will go to the hell
if they commit like that ls it? Do they go to hell? Look there, that ant killed
that one and taking away to eat ls it sin? Will it go to hell? It’s not like that child Those are animals
we are human beings God has given us sense to discriminate
between wrong and right We should not cheat or lie Mother Yesterday father along with the Rangi
was playing kabadi in the cattle yard Will you tell
Will you tell? – Father Your teaching is boring… …l feel asleep that’s why I came later Will you tell? – Oh gosh! Ranganna only yesterday
you were saying to Rajanna.. …that let this scoundrel come
you would chop him Now he has come, hit him Hit him – Oh gosh! Come doctor ls it him that you were scolding that he
robbed 50 rupees by giving fake drug? You stupid fellows! You advocate to tell the truth
but come to hit me when I say the truth Let me grow up Let the moustache come
I will deal with you You go to hell I walked out of my
town telling that Ok, How do people manage to tell
something which is not true? I am unable to understand that – Child what is your name?
-Naanu (Me) No, no, is your name like Rama, Krishna? I had told you my name is Naanu (Me) Why should I keep the
name like Rama or Krishna? My name is Naanu
I am me(Naanu) ls Naanu a small boy? Is that small boy in love with Rathi? That’s where the
thrill of the story lies I swear on my mom, it is indeed
that small boy who is loving this Rathi Think how is it possible? It’s not enough for body alone to grow
knowledge should also be grown Brother, why were you
caught up with him? He will elaborate the 2 minute
story of a 2 hour movie in 2 days He is telling the 20 years back story
when Naanu was a small boy How is the opening thrill? Where the hell has he gone? Pick him up – Oh gosh!
What did you say? Where is Naanu? I won’t leave you
Where is Naanu?K 1There is nothing tastier than the salt!Those who agree this are not foolish!I don’t have the parents
Here I am everything for myself
k 1I’ve thousand desires!
This earth is my foot ball!
I am a diamond for myself
I am a hitball to the enemies
I won’t bow down to anyoneI won’t bow down to anyone
lam a fire ball!
k 1It’s only after my birth
The hundred corer gods have born
It’s only after I opened the eyes
The sun and the moon have born
There is nothing without me!There is nothing without me!
And only if I am here!
k 1What, has that Naanu died?
-His body will be in pieces now Even corporation won’t
come to touch his body By now dogs and foxes
would have ate his body Even dogs and foxes would
feel dirty to touch him He is that much a worst fellow Why are you so raged against him?
What mistake that has he done? If one starts telling his dirty deeds
even the mountain will blast into pieces He is such a nonsense fellow,
loafer, sinner, dirty fellow Yes I am a worst fellow, sinner,
loafer, evildoer, third class fellow What is now for that?
What have you to do for that? – Haven’t you ever done
a mistake? -No brother No brother I haven’t done
anyihing wrong, please leave me What, haven’t you done
anyihing wrong ever? Haven’t done anything wrong! Come here – Leave me Do you consider yourself as
the lord Sri Ramachandra ofthis area? – Leave me
-Come here Look there, Lord Ganesha
the god with elephant head The elephant god, Lord Vinayaka Swear on this God that
you have never done a mistake I will prostrate before you Otherwise you’ve to act
according to my writs Touch, Swear, Touch This is a very powerful God
See he has lost his leg for lying See he has became an insane
Touch it, Swear I lost my leg by
swearing on Lord Ganesha Brother, are these all necessary? I have done small mistakes
-Have you? Small mistakes You have done a big mistake You are also a scoundrel
Everybody is dirty – I declare it. Others don’t,
that’s all -No Take the money out
– No You made this money by cheating others – Keep this 10 rupees
-Oh gosh! You scoundrel, Let this
sinned money be with this sinner I will spend this for sinful deeds Yes brother, he used to
extort money from the people He used to work with everyone by
claiming himself as a dirty and sinner Once he fully boozed in our bar I asked him the money, is it wrong? Yes it is wrong First of all it’s wrong
to open a arrack shop Despite spoiling us by selling drinks
you are asking for money Do we need to spoil by giving money
after spoiling ourselves by drinking? If Mahatma Gandhi were to be alive
today, he would have fired you So many people have came to
the streets by drinking in your shop Today you stay in the street
Scoundrel He is asking for money Nobody is waiting
for me in my house Don’t you have sympathy on your son?
Don’t you love your son? What is the time now?
What is the time now? -12’o clock Don’t you feel tense that your son
has not yet reached till 12’o clock? Y0uv’ve switched off the lights
ate like the bulls …and slept like the dead bodies lam the one who’ll fulfill
your death rituals Only I would do it Don’t you love your son? I feel ashamed to
call you mom and dad I have some work in the morning
Wake me up early – Take it
-Mat! I will sleep inside
You sleep on the mat – Seems mom, dad
-Sinful deeds! – Sinful deeds!
– We can’t do anyihing Are you his father? Everybody in this town
are his father and mother He would go to the house of his choice
and make merry over there Soon after waking up in the morning… Damn! Is this a tiffin? I rarely come here But you have
deliberately added salt in this Not like that!
– Not like that! I will smash your face You will go to the hell if you
can’t give the tiffin to your son Time and again
you are saying as father and son We have grown our son very good ls he your son? I came here after hard toils but
you claim this fatso to be your son You are a loafer father, a rogue, a sick See, you will be destroyed for
troubling hard working people like us Hard working! Do you work hard?
-No -lt’s farmers who work hard Farmers grow rice by hard work Someone brings that to
the store by hard working People buy it by working hard What the hell would you
do in between? Seems hard working! You are enjoying quietly
in your father earned property – This fat fellow will enjoy
your property – Oh gosh! You fat fellow
You scoundrel! Our country does not
need fat fellows like him We need people like Vishweshwarayya
who studied under the street light Not fat fellows
like these for India You fatso, dirty fellow, loafer! First of all it’s wrong for a
son to enjoy his father’s money If I were to become a PM I’ll ban
which allows father’s property to son I will do such that
father’s property doesn’t go to son Only then people like you won’t
make properties for four generations Everybody will be equal
You fat fellow! Iam also your son like him, mind it Why can’t I become your son? Bloody this fellow has become a rice
bag by eating all the rice in the store Four families can eat his one time’s meal Father he has come! Mother it’s my dress!
My necklace, my glass! My glass, my dress You stupid, Mind you there is
nothing for anyone in this world You can’t even take your
body with you when you die Seems my dress! Fantastic hair style You scrap go away
Stupid laughing at me Oh gosh!
-Look at that crazy fellow Why are you looking at me like that?
– What Are you asking me the same? It’s my wish I can wear and roam
Who the hell are you to ask me? You too have a desire to wear like this You live for the people
but I live for myself That’s all the difference, go away I will chop you if you
laugh at me, What do you think of me? You enjoy it when shown on MTV or Zee TV
but you laugh at me if I wear the same They are laughing Where has my filter bidi gone? Hey Kathri Rama- Greetings!
– Look how they are laughing at me? They don’t have a taste?
Look how is this dress? That is…
– Tell me how is it? It looks strange!
– You too don’t have a taste Look at this one, it’s nice -It’s out of
fashion, throw it, why keeping all this? Brother see this lover dress Lover dress! Ok keep it
I will wear it when I make love – Look there
-Look at this piece Don’t call it a piece it’s a latest fashion That aunty looks excellent!-Yes! Look at that aunty
What a make up, what a structure! Let’s play Kabadi for 5 minutes
– Leave me Leave me – Why do you behave like that?
Haven’t you ever played the Kabadi? I will just finish in 2 minutes – Leave me -Why do you behave
like that? -I won’t eat you I dared to catch you
because I liked your figure What do you think of me?
Look at this Don’t spoil my mood by showing that You stupid! Being a married woman
why do you roam like this? You wear a simple
night dress before your husband But here you wear
to arouse the onlookers Why, Why tell me?
You want everyone to look at you You want everyone to like you What can I do?
I liked you and came to catch you Come, just for 2 minutes Don’t lie, you too have the desire
Come just for 2 minutes You are crossing your limits Girls are unable to roam freely
What do you think of yourself? Damn! Look there
You mean girls! You stupid, everyone here desire for her
but nobody claim it openly but I do Yes I am a womaniser,
a dilly fellow, a worst fellow so what? I liked her and I want her He would tease all women like this I can’t believe you I am a big rowdy here
even I am scared of police and law How could he do that?
Haven’t you gone to the police? Look at that lawyer,
he is Naanu’s friend He would keep anticipatory
bail always with him, he is a rogue He would give that to police
whenever they come to arrest him Nobody was unable to arrest him
But Sridhar managed to get him arrested But they vacated their house
after he came out within 10 days What did he do? That Sridhar’s wife is so good,
she is so pure, but that Naanu… I feel sorry for you When does your husband go? He leaves for
office at 8’0 clock in the morning And returns at 8’0 clock in the evening Untill then you live like a
dead body between these 4 walls Look how beautiful this world is.. Look at the sky, look that crow
is flying, look at the light post Have you seen all these?
Come out I’ll show you many things After all what is your age?
36 years, 40 But you are still like an apple Do you know how long your
youth will stay? 5 years or 10 years How many days are
there in a year? 365 days 3650 days for ten years, that’s all You will lose your youth
within this 3650 days, think about it Look now
Look at this bottle Look it has broken It was there before one minute
but now it has broken That’s all our life
We shouldn’t bother for the past Do you know what Kunthi
and Krishna did in Mahabharatha? Everybody is just like that Our life will break like this bottle,
think about it Be courageous
Nobody is looking a us You can’t deserve a man like me
Don’t be scared, open the door Pray to the Lord Krishna,
nothing will happen Girls shouldn’t cry in this era Yes I am a sinner,
dilly fellow, worst fellow Others don’t claim it but I do,
that’s all the difference What is your mother’s age?
36 years, you are 16 If she has that much lust,
what about you? There is nothing good
and bad in this world Everybody thinks in their own view point
You should not cry like this Both India and Pakistan have bombs
We may die tomorrow if bombed Our life is not in our hands So, don’t cry. Be happy
in this MTV and Zee TV era Come, I will show you the
good heaven in this bad hell Do fairn and good deeds
prevail in this world? I will chop him, I will chop
his limbs if he comes here Who is that?
– He is Naanu Oh gosh! Run Seena, why are you going scared? Stop, I will come Show your feet
– Why, what happened? Why, what happened?
– Show your feet, Oh gosh! Show your feet
-What happened? Where are you dear?
-Why? What happened? I want to clean my cruel deeds
by prostrating before you I had seen so many people
but not a strange one like this Dilly fellow, loafer, sinner, he had
chopped off 4 people in front of me How come you love him? Only you have remained
till now, to scold me He has not murdered,
they are all his friends By now he might be
drinking with them somewhere He often does these tricks
to dupe the people Let it be, everybody hates him He lives by cheating others… …and you are like a beautiful deer
how did love started between you two? I will tell you, Look there
He is my father Subbashastri You are a sinner
A great sinner You give sacred water to everyone
in the town, now drink my sacred water For what mistake of mine
that you are troubling me like this? First of all it’s wrong
for you to be with the God The God itself is the
world’s biggest mistake People come after doing cruel deeds. …but you create the illusion that they
are clean by giving your sacred water They will come again
committing more misdeeds You are the creator of the sinners This sacred water is better than yours This will remove the filter
between the tongue and the soul Everything inside will come out This is the God according to me
Oh God! Drink it It’s good, better than
that sacred water, Drink it Come tomorrow I will
give you the ‘Prasadam’GoI feel trembling Oh gosh! Father what happened? That Naanu made me
drink the sacred water I was sewing sacred water to all,
but he mad me drink the sacred water Are you a human being?
Are you humane? Why did you make
my father drink that difly water? Daughter of the priest Has your father has
come from the heaven? You mean, only he alone is perfect
and the rest are dirty fellows? I am the dirty, loafer, sinner, so what? Are you a very good person?
Haven’t you ever done a misdeed? Come here Swear on this Lord Ganesha that
you haven’t ever done any misdeed I will prostrate before you, swear! Swear it, it’s a very powerful Ganesha
Your limbs will be paralysed if you lie Look some bad thoughts might have come
but I have never done a misdeed I swear on this Ganesha
I have never done a misdeed Oh my girl! Do girls like you
still prevail in this country? Give the xerox copy of your feet I’ll
pray it daily – What are you doing? Not a misdeed at this age!
Show me your feet – Oh gosh! No more cover up He made me drink liquor in front of public Why should I drink by covering up? – Father! -Shut up
Who is your father? I have links with
Pancha Rangamma and the ministers Do you call me father? See, see! Do you know why this get up? For you only For someone to come to
marry this Shastrfs daughter… …and tie the knot without dowry To reduce the worries about you lfl had a son instead of you… …would have worn coat and suit… …and roamed with joy
while enjoying the booze But it’s due to my cruel
deeds that you were born to me Only that God has
given me this knowledge Hadn’t the Lord
Krishna done the mistake? Hadn’t the Lord Rama
done the mistake? -Yes he had Hadn’t the Indra done the mistake? Did you see? Did you see the
miracle of my sacred water? Do you know the truth? That’s why everybody should drink I used to think when I drink… …how beautiful it would be if everyone
float with joy while boozing Then there will be no communal violence No Politics, no quarrel between
mother in law and daughter in law Everybody will be enjoying joyously
How good our country will be then? If I ever become the PM of this country
never mind getting loan from the IMF I will make arrangements to supply wine
to every house through the tap I don’t know at which inauspicious time
I was born to my parents There is a filter between here and here
I have born without that That’s why everylhing comes naturally
It’s all the dilly here Your poor father told all
the truth after drinking That’s why you feel sad Everybody will feel sad if the
truth is told, and tears in the eyes People feel sad about me
because I speak the truth I am a worst fellow, dilly fellow You are still not matured, a small girl You have not yet seen this world properly See the world wearing this cooling glass
Then you will know the real worldSomething has happened!k 1Only useless stuff!For MTV Subbulakshmi
Only useless stuff, only useless stuff
For Zee TV Madhegowda
Only useless stuff, only useless stuff
Without the censor…Show everything…The servant who works like a channel V
I am a servant!
k 1The servant who works like a channel V
I am a servant!
k 1Why he is constantly
coming in my memory?
I am unable to control
You are not loving him
No, you are loving him,
You are doing, you are doing
She cover up for the husband
And ‘bay watch’ for the friend
He is ‘top ten’ in the house
And ‘fountain’ in the bar
Super show for outside
And horror show inside
This is the midnight spice dear!k 1BPLO0 Ia Ia!Will you come to ‘Khandala’?Sun TV’s your choice!Lovely scenes in the eyes!The city channel!
Lovely tunes!
lam the Mr. Udhaya TV!k 1See there, both blind couple are in love Why do you go away when
I come close to you? Just to avoid both of us coming closer
To make you sit there Love me Don’t be funny Can’t you understand if said once?
Love me from there itself Love me You are there and I am here
how can we be romantic? Look at them, how they are loving? Do you want to love like that? That’s not love, it’s TT If you ask for TT instead of love
I would have agreed even to that – What do you mean by TT?
-To fulfill the lust You got tense for just saying this What if it had really happened?
ls it necessary for you? Those guys don’t know what is love
See how they are stretching by hugging Dilly fellows!
After reaching their adolescence… …make love wherever
they find a little space Damn! They are not ashamed
to love in the park They even make love even
in the Maruthi 800 car They claim love They roam doing this
by claiming it as pure love I have already done
this kind of love several times I have enjoyed this
for a mere 300 to 500 rupees That is not the love at all My love with you is
not the English love, mind you It’s pure Kannada love,
adoration, affection Affection is the essence of life Look, love means above this
Nothing below this can be love Tell me frankly, do you want
that kind of love? I am ready I am ready for that right now
Do you need that? Oh gosh! ls it wrong to say that
I will sleep and sit beside you.. …and you are lecturing me? I am not a third class student
I can understand all this You are not really loving me
You are just acting like that Am I not loving you?
Can I prove it? Prove it, how can you do it Turn, Turn that side Oh gosh! What are you doing? What? ls he dead? He is not, he stayed in
the hospital for two and half months Then only our love bosomed further You said he attempted to
kill himself for love.. …and you came to me
in the midnight for him Your love is so deep,
then what is the problem? Haven’t you got him yet? – Whose invitation is this?
-He is going to marry that Keeithi Brother! What happened? He is after Keerthi now
Don’t tell anything about him Keeflhi! Who is that Keeflhi? Do you know who am I? How dare you talk
like this despite knowing? Just do what I say
No ministers and all here Keep the phone you scoundrel – Madam Nagappa has come
I mean that matter -Wait for sometime Naidu, Who is the PA
ofthat excise minister? He is Ramkumar
Call him over phone – Ok – What is it?
– Madam, this file… Take it madam – Mother, something came up. -Dear,
why do you come like a rocket? He is my son Dada Singh and all
should be sidelined before him Oh gosh, he looks so handsome! You boast me later
there is an urgent matter – What is that?
-Come close Madam he is that man Madam forgive me
I won’t do it again Madam what are you doing? No! Oh gosh?
-Don’t do that Oh gosh! What have you done? We could have inquired him
But you have killed him Shut your mouth. Before you finish the
inquiry we might’ve been robbed That Keerthi is our property… …he tried to kidnap her What are you doing then? What was your depaflment doing then?
Was it looking after donkeys? It is the lesson for everyone who dare
to keep eye on our Keeflhi. Understood Throw it on the road
Take this, you did the murder Take him away, arrest him – Madam – Go, I will
get you released – Ok – Go
-Come It would’ve been good if we
murdered him before Keeflhi She is scared of blood You tell her about this later
Where is Keeflhi now?K 1Oh 2000 A.D. lady!
Ultra modem!
Every weekend in the dating beach!
Full western!
Driving is the common
Jam in the high speed!
The girl withaditching hobby!k 1If the body is likeasoftware!The heart will be like a hardware
Be careful!
Computer is in the brainIt’s a graphical eye 0k!She might be the cloning of an angel
Oh beautiful!
A soul without the scanning!
What a wonder!
k 1ls it a sacred song
of the back street boys?
ls it the sacred dish of Pizza, burger?
Free lunch!
In the Revlon perfume body!In the after 6 dicotheque
Dance, dance!
A butterfly after the puffing!Hail the Mother India like her!k 1What are you doing here? I searched
for you everywhere, you know? Sitting here, what are you thinking? I was thinking about that Keeflhi I was just thinking about my
life style, ifl get that Keerthi I was thinking how happy I would be Why? Why the tears in your eyes? I may be marrying her
but I am not loving her, I hate her lam loving you only Have you gone mad? How can
you love me and marry her? Why? Why not? According to me love
and marriage are different Lovers are unable to marry
and married can’t love I have never ever lied I can swear on any God if you tell I love you only I haven’t hated anybody
so much in my life than Keeflhi Still I won’t leave her
I will marry her at any cost Why? Why are you marrying
her if you hate so much? Because… Man wants to triumph when he loses Hate develops when he aspires to win I was living like a king in my own den
without knowing victory and defeat Then one day… Someone took me to a different world Oh gosh! Greetings sir! What a great building you have built?
You are great He is a gate keeper, Come on You loafer, dressed like a king
but happens to be gate keeper What Master! The nation is spoiled… …Gate keepers are dressed like
a king – Come quietly So many lights! They seem like prostitutes
Let me ask if they could come They are not like that
They are rich people’s children Don’t the rich people have desires?
Don’t they eat salt and spice? Who the hell is he?
-They eat but not much like you Come quietly man – Greetings sir
– Greetings Oh gosh! Master! When did India become foreign? What Master! These loafers
have put all the lights on But people are suffering
without power outside Look there, she is Keerihi
This company’s proprietor Are you dreaming? Come what may, I need her tonight I will throw at her ten thousand
rupees by getting credit Let me ask her if she comes Why are you laughing? You won’t get her even for a
minute if offered one corer rupees Do you know about her background? She is the only heir
for all that properties Her one day income
runs into several cores But she can’t sell them Even if she dies nobody
can get her property Her father has written such a will Whoever marries her
only can enjoy that propefly That’s why so many
people are longing for her But she is clever She is mesmerizing
without being caught by anyone She sucks and throws
men like a sugar cane Oh, is it like so? You know who am I? Ifl intend I can make her
follow me within 2 minutes Do that first if really you are a man I will prostrate thousand times before you Do you challenge my manhood? I will carry her
in front of your eyes, See it Oh gosh! Keeflhi, I need you tonight My head is spinning
after seeing your figure Ask me how many lakes you need
I will throw it at your feet I need you tonight Oh gosh! Naanu (me) Naanu did you see the
new world? Did you see? You are just a street dog You haven’t seen the
jungle of tigers and lions yet By bullying the children
and the old men in your area.. …do you think that you’re a man? If you have the real strength, show here
Or else accept that you can’t I just asked her for tonight Now I have decided She must be with me every night I won’t leave her I will definitely marry her I will also enjoy all the comfort
and the happiness that she is enjoying I will definitely marry her Oh gosh! Come Get up! Are you the manager?
-Who are you? You stupid, how dare you
ask me who am I I will hack you – Give that razor -Oh gosh!
– Put this side- Oh gosh! – What is your name?
-Agalla Krishnachari! Write Agalla Krishnachari Oh gosh! Give the sacred rice See, You must come to
my marriage with Keeflhi – Or else I will hack you.
What? – I will come, Greetings – Take the sacred rice,
come with friends and family – Ok sir Who the hell are you? Oh gosh! – What is your name?
– Madhappa Write Madhappa My marriage is with Keeflhi
you should come without fail I will raid your house if you don’t come
Give me the sacred rice Take it, bring everyone from your house Oh relatives! oh friends! You should bring presentations – What is your name?
-Mur1hy Write it My marriage is there, bring your
parents, friends and children – Ok Mom, keeflhi Come dear, come – Where have you been?
– I heard about something Mother had killed that fellow
who tried to kidnap you Not that, I heard someone is
distributing my wedding invitation cards It is him, who is distributing the
invitation cards by attacking everyone How dare he does that? Keeflhi don’t worry
It’s a barking dog, I will chop the tail It is because of your father’s will… …that everyone is aspiring
to enjoy your cores of rupees Nobody knows what is my desire – What is your desire?
– To live comfoflably with you for ever – But! -So what? You don’t worry
I will finish offthe sillies Look Marimuthu This time he should be
beaten in such a way that… …no men should
ever dare to stare at me Break it – Don’t let him
-Oh gosh! Rush in side Don’t leave that scoundrel Marimuth’s people
are attacking your house I had escaped
they tried to kill me also Leave me Leave me Leave me -Tell him that I won’t
leave him wherever he is Lift her Leave me-Go Go-Leave me Leave me Leave me Mother only she is caught not him Leave me Leave me Stay there Don’t dare, stay there Don’t come close
lwill kill her You loafer Are you the genius here? I know you will come here
That’s why I am waiting See your rage is with me
If you want you can kill me Please let her go How dare you talk before me? Do you need my
would be daughter in law Keeflhi? Do you want to marry her? Keeflhi is not anybody’s propefly I know about you
and your background You came here as a servant
when Keeflhi was a kid You turned as her guardian
after their parents died in an accident You want to grab her property
by marrying her to your son Shut your mouth.You difly
fellow! Smash him Don’t hit him
Don’t harm him Leave him
Don’t do anything Please don’t harm him Swathi, what happened to you?
Why are you doing like this? What are you looking there?
Smash him Oh gosh! Please let him free
Do whatever you want, to me Are you acting a drama? – Do you think I will let him free if
you act? -No, not the drama. It’s true Leave me Let him free You can kill me I will die if you
hit him in front of me I will die What are you doing?
Marimuthu Leave me Leave me – What’s all this?
– It’s him It’s him who distributed
invitation cards to marry you Please! let him free Let him free, please! Past is past, let him free It’s not like that, We shouldn’t
leave him, it’s our prestige… Can you listen to me? Let them free I won’t leave you
I will definitely marry you Leave it, Let him do
whatever he wants -sWho is she with him?
– She is his wifek 1Nothing is there
Nothing is there
Nothing is there in between us
Nothing is there
k 1Not a lie like the truth
Lies are not the truth
A truth of tie is not the tiek 1Nothing there in those spent daysNothing there in the memoriesNothing will join this distance instantlyNothing is there when tried
for the answer to the question
Nothing is there when I dig outk 1The soul is emptyEven though you live in my heart.Even if you didn’t come with
the jasmine, chamomile for me
You are not my belovedYou are not my nuptial threads ownerk 1You are here! What are you doing here?
What are you seeing from here? You could have come inside
Come, I will introduce my wife Come, She would
feel happy to see you Look, she is my wife You know, I used to say about my lover She is my lover
How does she look? She is perfect to be my lover She has the right age and
the choice. What do you say? In fact she loves you more than I do Yes, We always used to
talk about you – Isn’t it so?
-Yes Everyiime I wanted to
tell you about my wife But I would tend to forget that
whenever I am with you – She is a good wife
-Just a minute come Just a minute My wife makes bournvita
and coffee very well, let’s drink it – Did you have poison?
-Why do you talk like that? – Come just for a minute
-I will comeback Are you playing with me?
What do you think of me? I thought you may be
tough outside but good in inner self You blame the whole world
Are you doing the right thing now? Who? Who said that
I blamed everyone as wrong? I am saying it from the beginning
nobody is perfect including me They are all dirty, me also Do you know how many men
have extra marital relationship? Do you know many women live with
their husband thinking about someone else? Only if the walls and cot had eyes… …there would’ve been
world wars held daily Everybody change colors
like a chameleon They don’t claim but I do,
is it wrong? You wouldn’t have screamed
like this if you known about my wife Do you know who she is?
How she has came to me? – Will you come?
-Yes How much do you charge? -15,000 rupees
-15,000 rupees!! Do you think you are
the heroine of Titanic? Mine is only 5 minutes work
Tell me the correct rate Not a penny less than 15,000 What do you think of me? Am I fool not to know about this trade? I am a fool, that’s why
I am asking for 15,000 rupees You mean? I heard the rate is high for virgins
This is first time for me Of course rate is high for
the fresh, but not this much That’s not only for my body
it’s includes my virginity Come if you like it I will never retreat in my life
What’s the rate you have told? Take it Shall we go? – Where?- It doesn’t matter where
forjust five minutes That place is fine let’s go there Let’s start the opening
ceremony in a grand manner Moon light, AC weather and
this is like a five star hotel for us It’s fine here
Shall we stafl here? What is this?
What are you doing? I am counting the stars
-Are you counting the stars? Did I give you 15,000 rupees
to count the stars? You gave the 15,000 for
my body and virginity not for my soul Oh gosh!
ls there a separate rate for your soul? Whatever I do I need hundred percent
satisfaction, Or else I won’t do it Tell me the rate for your soul,
I will throw it You won’t get it even
if you give me a corer rupees Oh what a cheeky
customer I got tonight! Go quickly by finishing your work Lay down Let me see who
wins the tussle today Give back my money – Why? – I will punch you
if you ask me why Are you playing with me? I gave you 15,000 rupees
only because you are a fresh Now you are hesitating Now she says there is a
different rate for her soul You wouldn’t have come here
if you really had the soul and virginity You might’ve saved your soul,
virginity by working as a dish washer She is now hesitating
after coming to the road Take this money Why should I come to the road
if I were safe working as a dish washer? Why should I bother to sell my body
and virginity for 15,000 rupees? Tell me why?
From where to where should I go? People see a girl with wrong intention
They won’t see our soul Tell me who bothers to see our soul There is no soul for a girl
like you who had from the house Yes, How can it be there? Do you know what a poor girl
desires, when she attains pubefly? To settle down in life
with a good husband But how many
girls have that fortune? We become a problem for
our parents when we grow up Their problem get solved
if we get married to anyone And our dream husband
will remain as a dream ever But my parents don’t have
the strength to do my marriage I need a job to be self reliant Even if I get the job… I had to work in the night
besides in the day with the boss Instead of working day
and night duty for the same salary… …l have decided to work
only in the night, is it wrong? Wrong or right is only for the soul But this stomach won’t listen to that This stomach asks, do whatever
but give me the food Instead of suffering everyday
I have come here to suffer today You should harden your
head to do the night duty You should become
like a show room doll You should act in the bed more
than the artiste who wins awards Then only the rate increases This world doesn’t suit you Now you go to the house
I will search a good job for you – What kind ofjob will you find me?
-Some job I don’t need a temporaryjob
Can you get me a permanent job? Permanent job!
-Yes To sweep the house and
put the Rangoli early in the morning To wash your clothes,
to prepare the tiffin To send you with smile while helping you
wear the shoes when you go to work To prepare the food in the afternoon And to welcome you in the evening
by adorning flowers in my hair To become a prostitute
if you wish in the night To become mother for your children You mean, are you asking indirectly
to marry and become your husband? No, I don’t have belief in that You are not my dream husband
and you can’t become like him According to me,
wife is like a permanent job A job without the salary I am asking that job because… …l can roam freely in this
society with that license It can also be helpful to you
It will be definitely helpful for me Will you give me that permanent job? Ninty percent of wives don’t say this But you are saying this
That’s all the difference I too don’t have
anybody to claim mine I don’t have a house either
But I will arrange it for you Let’s go We are living as husband
and wife only for this society Whatever it is, she is my wife I am marrying Keeflhi for her money Let them go to hell
What will you do for me? I will love you for life long
You, you.. Love whoever goes in the streets
Love them for life long What did you asked me the other day? You asked me to love you
Didn’t you ask me love you? You should have asked me then itself… …Whether I would marry you or not
I would’ve denied then itself You mad, everyone fall in love
to get married, Not for just like that Do you mean,
lovers should get married? According to you Love is
just for marriage, isn’t it? If a man and a woman love each other
they should get married immediately Why should they
roam making the English love? That is just to understand each other Just to understand and
to quit in case of misunderstanding Isn’t it that much? Won’t they understand each other
if they get married in 5 minutes?Useless stuff
alluseless stuffListen, I will tell you correctly
about the love and affairs in this world A 16 to 20 year old girl will
fall in love just if we blink the eye A 20 to 25 year old girl will
fall just looking after the boy’s level A girl above 25 will fall to
any man however bad he looks But my love don’t have
any of these problems I am not loving with selfish I am loving for my head
lam loving for my soul I will always love you
I was cheated I wouldn’t have turned to you
if you had said this earlier Get out from here,get out
Don’t show me your face,get out You stupid, You will fall
in the sea if I kick you You don’t know about love,
then why do you love ? Didn’t you hear me till now
about the love in the world? Didn’t I say about my love?
Seems to make love! You know how dirty fellow am I?
I will cut you off if you play with me You! will you cut me off?
Cut me off if you have the guts Do you threaten whom you love
by telling that you will cut off? Do whatever you want,
I will see it – Not a threat, I will
do it in real – Leave me – You! -You just loved to fulfill your lust You stupid! stop there
Are you enacting the drama? – I will break your head
– How dare you hit me with the stone? – Loafer, mad, crack!
Am I mad?- Come if you’ve the guts Do you want to kill me? – Do you call me crack for telling
the truth? – Don’t come close to me – I will get you caught by
the police -How dare you say so? – You stupid!
-Go, go You stupid! You girls need MG road boys
Why should you desire for me? I should have made English love with you
I don’t have the sense lam loving for my soul,
I am a stupid Are you making English love? They fall in love but don’t
know the meaning of the love Suma this is very strong, Next time
it will give you full satisfaction Just ten lakes I am fortunate to
have a boyfriend like you Even Aamir Khan, Salman Khan
should feel shy if you laugh Yes, this is the world! Only people with
money have the value I don’t have money
that’s why I don’t have a value I need that Keeflhi It means I will get
everything ifl get her – Who are you?
– You stupid! How dare to ask me? Go that side He is coming with the police Punish them all – You devil, Monster
– Leave me I had told you I will come at
12 ‘0’ clcock, – Leave me – See, I’ve come with the police
– Leave me Kick and arrest all of them Nobody should talk, ok I have to speak with
Keeflhi personally for 5 minutes Don’t disturb me
Lock them in that room Push them inside I won’t leave you
I will avenge you Keeflhi my darling! Sit down, Sit down all of you I will murder you
if any one tries to flee You are the currency note They won’t come here
They are all locked inside I have come here with
police protection, do you know? You don’t know
about my power yet You have to follow what I say – If not..
-What will you do? Do you mean what I will do? Oh gosh! What is this?
He is telling like this I can’t hear this
– He is a dirty fellow – Oh gosh! What to do?
-Write it down Who allowed this loafer inside? Write down Ours is a English and
Kannada paper not the Sanskrit Nowadays Sanskrit papers
are in demand, write down You want a real man right? You won’t get a real man than me What if you are a crorepati,
or London queen, You are also a girl You have the same things like others How is it? Write down You should announce your marriage
with me in front ofthe press people Or else Marry you! You even don’t
have the value of my slippers You would’ve been nothing if
you had not born to your father You are basking in your
father’s illegitimate money This is my father’s hard earned money If he cheated like you, he
would’ve been in footpath like you That’s why I am also facing hardness I am also working hard like your father
who worked hard to make this propefly – What do you say?
– Yes I am also taking the risk
It’s not easy to get her – Yes That Marimuthu, she is devil, a Monster – She was waiting with a sickle
for me – Yes she was – I also took risk
I have also entered with hard – Yes – Give me that I am
marrying her, not for her -Yes I need this property – Why should I need her?
I had seen a lot of girls like her – Yes I need only her property
I want to enjoy like she does Damn! Don’t you feel ashamed? Do you want to
live with a girl’s money? Why should I feel ashamed?
You should feel ashamed There are so many people in this
country without food and cloth But she roams with style The cost of her perfume can
feed four families for four times Seems her father a chieftain!
Claims him hard working! Hard working are those who
work in the Kalasipalyam market That is hard working ls it possible to build this kind
of building by earning in a fair manner? Why for you if it’s not for me? Why this stylish light
for you if it is not for me? Why this TV for you
if it is not for me? Why this fridge which
burns my stomach? Why this being stylish? Why this showcase items
for you if it is not for me? Why should I only
feel hard while you enjoy? Why this one?
Why this for you if it’s not for me? You stupid! Sir one request,
We need your personal details Where did you come from?
The name of your place We need that for the coverage Look I can’t give you more time Decide quickly Whenever it is
you must marry me Sir, Answer my question ls everyihing over?
What should we do? Go to hell Just a minute Come on – Sir one minute
-Will you go from here? Come madam
Greetings madam, is everything 0k? He has left He has spent ten minutes with Keeflhi
But I don’t know what he did You scoundrel why did you let him
to go to Keeflhi by locking us inside? – You only said that
-What, did I said that? You only said in the phone
that you should do like this Now you are hitting me I don’t need the strawberry but chocobar Give me that You look like a hero Shall we go?
Let’s go to the movie You loafer!
Do you make English love? How dare you buy her ice cream?
How dare you flirt with her? – Do you know who she is?
– Leave him – Go and pick up in the MG Road
– Leave him Do you try to pick up her?
Get up – Do you make English love?
– Leave him I will smash you if
you again come here – Go away
-Honey, Stay thereGoHow arrogant are you?
Are you both playing with me? Are you roaming with
him to make me suffer? Yes I will do
I’ll do whatever I want to Who the hell are you to ask that? You mean who am I?
Did you ask me who am I? You stupid! I will punch you
Lover, I am your lover Don’t you feel ashamed
to say like that? A day before yesterday only you
told me to cut and dump me in the sea… But today I have become your lover – I just said in a rage
-Do you alone feel enraged? You can marry someone else
and keep someone as wife.. …and you can love me
but we shouldn’t do it, isn’t it? I am also loving you
but marrying him, is it wrong? Only if we do it’s wrong
not for you, isn’t it? – I wasn’t aware of that
Are you really marrying him?- Yes Forgive me Oh enough these girl’s matter Please listen to me
I didn’t come to hit you I have done it by mistake
I didn’t know you were marrying her – Please listen to me – No
-If you have the rage on me, please hit me Please try to understand, come
Come Rathi is waiting It is common in love Take a good pain killer injection
Come, sit Come Rathi, sit down Please don’t mistake me I didn’t roam like this
before the marriage Roam anywhere after the marriage Rathi you marry him
But you are loving me only, right? Tell me, you marry him But love me for life long
Would you love me? Yes I will marry him, love you
and keep another as a husband Don’t make fun of me
I am asking seriously You can marry him
but should love me only Ok, I will love you
for life long, Let’s go Oh gosh! – Have you tread the bike
on my foot? -Leave him – Have you done it intentionally?
-Leave him Do you want more? I’ve sent her with you but
you rode the bike on me instead – You stupid, I will kill you -Oh gosh!
I will kill you today -Oh gosh You didn’t turn to see, when I crawled
in pain when the bike ran over my foot You shouldn’t have done like this
if you had truly loved me Leave me, mad
You are really mad You are pulling my hair,
don’t you think it will hurt me? If you had really loved me
you wouldn’t have done like this Would you behave
like this which can hufl me? If your love is true
you should never hurt my feelings You should always wish for the
well being of your lover, Isn’t it? There is a logic in
leading every life with lies We have to accept the lie as the Life We can’t live if we
listen to our soul always I was roaming with
that boy just to make you realise Why did you hit him
keeping all the mistakes with you? He made the English love Yes the love has the rage,
possessiveness and jealousy All these feelings comprise love Yes it’s true
True, true Whatever you said was right I tried many times to be
like that but I failed lam unable to live
like that in this world That’s why you should become humane I love you very much
I know about you No other girl will live
with you for a single day Try to understand me, Change yourself
for my sake and leave those two Truth is always dirty
Lies give joy You also need an untrue life From now onwards I’ll listen
to you, I will just live like that You are everything to me – Come -You mean you will
live with lying? -That’s what you need I don’t want that
You should leave both of them Sure I will I won’t be quiet
if you play with me again I will kill you and myself
if I ever see you with them I love you very much
I can’t live without you I too can’t live without you I love you very much, come Stay here, I’ll be back Come here I want to talk a little with you You had never talked little
You can talk in abundance I am talking very seriously – You’ll become cool in a little while
-I won’t become cool Ok, tell me what it is -I’ve taken a decision
-What’s that? From today onwards
Rathi is everyihing to me My wife, my lover,
she is everything for me From now on she
will live in this house Let her live
Nothing wrong in that After all you are loving her That’s not the problem You can’t be here
if she lives in this house I had promised you
to give the permanent job I am breaking a promise
for the first time in my life There is nothing
permanent in this world You, me and this world,
nothing is permanent Ask me the salary for working
here till now, I will give you Permanent job is a job without the salary In fact I have to give you
something for giving me the shelter – What will you give me?
– I had already given that You can understand what that would be I will take leave Come It seems he has fainted
due to his head injury – Are you ok?
– Yes I am Get up
Get up How dare you try to kill me? Get up After wishing us to live together.
Now are you trying to kill me? Are you a woman? I gave you shelter when you were
indulging in prostitution in the streets Are you trying to kill me? All these days you were
leading a bogus life with me People like you should be finished
You are bitter against both of us Get out you stupid! Get out from here Get out, don’t show your face After all you were a prostitute
So is your behaviour You don’t worry
She is not good, a dirty fellow! Take her to your house Ask your wife to take care of her
Just 2 days I will bring her back – Go, go
– Come – Do you have the problem?
-No Where is your wife?
I have come with the doctor Doctor! Don’t utter her
name in front of me why? She collapsed the roofjust to
kill me and Rathi, do you know that? You have mistaken her Her pulling of the roof
was not meant to kill you – But to save you
-What? To save me? Yes, When your wife came out… Come fast Which house? They shouldn’t escape – Don’t leave that loafer
– Come, come Search inside
Go search there Search everywhere
Come here, where is he? Where is your husband? I will kill you today – Tell me, Will you tell me
or not? -I don’t know How dare your husband does that?
Do you suppofl him? Don’t you have the desire
on your sacred thread? Take this, this is permanent That Marimuthu has hurt her enormously Still she didn’t tell the truth about you She saved you by pulling the roof But you had discarded her from the house How can she live without you?
Go and bring her back Please stay there
Please forgive me – Why sorry?
– I did a very big mistake I didn’t know that you
had done that to save me – What are you saying?
– Yes I am saying it seriously I will never mistake you
from now on. Come with me You were alright little earlier
You go with that Rathi – Where are you going now?
– That is none of your business How and where a good girl
like you can live in this bad world? I may be a dirty fellow
but this world is more dirtier than me Instead of living with the myth
you can live a truthful life with me What truth should I accept? What is your real truth,
Shall I say the real truth? Do you know, I had said that
I had given you something? I had already given my soul to you I thought that a wife’s job is
a slavery. No Even though we had a compromise
marriage, still there is happiness If love exists or not… After the marriage… A tenderness develops quietly
between the husband and wife That’s why lakes of families
still live in that tenderness If everything happened like you preach… …Our country wouldn’t be India
It would have become a foreign country That’s why you should be
called the No.1 wife Well said I can’t live by sharing you with others Will you leave that Rathi and Keeflhi?
I will come with you Yes I will
Yes, I am telling the truth I need you
You should always be with me Don’t play with me. You’ll
change yourself every minute No, I will remain firm
I will be like a great Indian Please come I am not a permanent employee anymore
I will be like your real wife Not like a wife,
you are indeed my wife Come lfl come to know that you are
again behind that Rathi and Keerthi I will kill both of them and myself And make sure that
you won’t get anyone Ok I will manage everyone – What did you say?
-I mean, as you said Give me, come I have accepted you as my husband
Don’t say like that, don’t abandon me I will live in the dog’s room
in your home, please allow me Please, don’t abandon me What to do, this woman is crawling? – Shall we keep her?
-As you say – What do you say?
– As your wish Ok come, I will have you also Money Not only three we can keep
even six if we have the money lfl get Keerthi,
I can have the threesome Oh gosh – What happened? -Mother
Save me Oh gosh!
-What happened mother? – Open the door
-What happened? What happened? – Oh gosh!
-What’s all this – Tell me what happened
-What happened? – Ghost! Ghost!
– Where? – Where?
-There! What is this?
What are you talking about? – Who did all this?
– Where is the ghost? The door is closed
Nobody can’t come inside Madam Naanu’s phone Did you see my power? I can do anything I wish Agree to marry me
without the grudge Or else! Come in front of me if you have the guts Why should I come there?
I will control everyihing from here Are you still in doubt
about my capacity? Look at that Marimuthu’s son
See how he falls down Oh gosh! – Oh gosh!
-Ravi what happened? Did you see my power?
Will you agree now? Will you? What happened?
Unable to get up Are all these his handiwork?
I am unable to understand anyihing I am scared
It’s not good for you to stay here Go to Delhi today itself
I will book a room in the hotel Oberoi Nair, not only in Delhi I won’t let her
even if you keep her in Switzerland I too have booked a room in the
hotel Oberoi, I will meet her there -ls it him?
– Yes How can he know
about our talks here? We can’t believe the people here
There seems a conspiracy going inside Everyone go outside, go What are you looking at me?
You too go Come on Ravi, Come dear! Go to our new
guest house stealthily Keeflhi not only the new guest house… …l won’t let you even if she
keeps you in the old guest house I will marry you at any cost ls it him?
Does he know that as well? Mother he seems
to be a magician, a diviner Greetings! – What is all this?
-This is very little for your gesture Are you fine? You both have the faith in me.. “But the Keeflhi isn’t
falling to your trap She should have married me by now,
unable to bear your toflure Still we are unable to
get her in our way She is a modern girl
and intelligent too Will she believe that
I had the super natural power? I think she might
have the doubt about you No chance to doubt,
After both of us got injured like this Keeflhi will lose confidence
on us after we got much injury She might meet you directly She has the licensed revolver with her -ls it? -Isn’t it?
-She may try to kill you You don’t worry… …Pour acid on her face She should become ugly
Then who will marry her? She should marry my son Ravi
having no other alternate You both have made a good plan Then what should I do?
We will give the money that you demand I will give the money that you demand
-What ever you demand – Take as much you wish -You should
leave the town after receiving the money Enjoy yourself! My secretary had recorded
all your conversations For the sake of money… …You listened to her and
ready to pour acid on my face Take the blank Exchequer Fill the number you desire You should do what I may say, will you?
– What should I do? Both Marimuth and her son… “should be chopped off Oh gosh! – What have you done?
– Don’t sympathize with him I’ve recorded this cassette not him I’ve recorded and send it to you – You mean -He is responsible
for me to aspire for you After knowing about me,
he provoked me against you He took me to the five star hotel There he showed me all your
propenies, belongings and buildings He insulted me through yourself
Then only I aspired for you Then only I used him I made a plan to
catch you by using him To intimidate you
by a villain to marry her son… .and pour acid on your face if not budge
so that you can marry him.. …lt was my plan and prompted your
secretary to tell all these to Marimuthu Then Marimuthu invited me… …and booked me as if it was her plan If I make you know all these… …l was sure that you would come to me Everything has passed as I wished He supported you,
then why did you kill him? He cheated you without the gratitude
He may do the same for me He did all this to win
over you at the end Till now you played
with the rowdies Now I will play From now on you can’t
go anywhere, tie her Tie quickly Where will you go now?
Where will you run? You can’t go anywhere from now Oh!, Will the tears
come in your eyes too? Tears in your eyes!
Are you acting so that I can release you? Yes, I am acting lam living while acting life long What should I do?
I am an orphan Without mother and father What is use in having cores of rupees It has become my enemy To save myself
I had kept Marimuthu with me… …And prevented everyone from me Everyone… Men aspire for me
only for my money Why should I need them?
You tell me Isn’t you want to marry me
only for my property Take that Exchequer book…
Decide it Do you want me or the money? Why are you thinking? Take that, For you money is
more important than me Write, write how much you wish Write downk 1A fantastic girl has come!
And said ‘I am your friend!
And said ok for everything!
I am exhausted and stunned!
k 1Look at the narrows of her body
Look at the ding dong style
Blinking with the brightness!
Dancing with jigging!
Without support . . .
Without control…
For that roaming horse
I will be the jockey
k 1Look at her bow like eyebrows!
Look at her arrow like glance!
Glittering with shine!
Shaking with jigging!
With salt over there!
And gruel over there!
Look she has come like an arrogant hen!k 1Oh gosh! Naanu what happened? – Open the door quickly
– Get down quickly Come everybody You cheat
You cheated me at last I had told you I’ll
kill you and myself I will die Leave me – Leave me -Listen to me
-Leave me -Listen to me for a minute – You shouldn’t die
-Leave me – Leave me
Leave me -Leave it Go and search him first Stay there, where are you going? It’s not easy to have this Keeflhi – I had told you
-Listen to me I know everything I thought I was important
than both of them I thought you will
desert them for my sake I used to play with men
who had small weaknesses But you have the big weakness I won’t leave you I need you and both of them too I need you threesome
I won’t leave anyone Let me see how you go
from me. Get up You too get up – Oh gosh!
-Keep quiet – Oh gosh!
-Leave it Marimuthu’s people
are coming to attack us ls it? Give me that long (sickle) – Go everyone
– Let’s go everyone Chop off all ofthem
Go don’t leave, kill them – Oh gosh!
-Rathi! Look our people are coming Decide quickly whether
you need me or she or her If you want your lover, discard both
of us and save her, decide quickly She will die Quick, what are you thinking? Think it, she is dying You have to discard us if you need herGoNow run away,
Let me see how you runaway You have the habit of stripping Run away Let me see how you runaway Take this You bold beauty, get up Get up Listen to me
Leave that threesome – Go from here, kill them all
-Catch them – Go
-Don’t let him escape All threesome listen to me clearly Hey beauty! What did you says? A life with lies is real
and there is a joy in that myth Didn’t you say that? Then why
did you try to learn the truth? It’s true that I had
relationship with both of them You must live with me
thinking it as a myth I will manage the secrecy about
my relationship with both of them You must accept that and live with me Isn’t you are the girl
who cajole only to the real man? Do you want to show my strength? What will you do? Do you
want to kill me? Kill me I won’t live with you even ifl die Nobody will come
with anybody after death You threesome must come
with me if I were to live happily You can’t do anyihing by threatening
We’re not in a position to agree with you You must agree Will I make you threesome agree?
Will I? Make us agree
Let’s see how you make us agree You threesome wanted to die, right? You have only two options Either you have to accept
and live with me or die Tell me You there! Aren’t you Naanu? I am Gopala Remember me that time, there – Radha -You are not
listening to me – I waited yesterday near your house
-Who asked to wait for me? – Go away -Just a minute
Radha just a minute – What sir?
-What are you doing? – I am loving that girl
Love!- Yes You stupid! If you wear this
slippers and roam with this rusted cycle… …not only a year she won’t
care you even if you roam for 100 years Come forward in life, earn Not hundreds like this girl
but thousands like her will follow you We should not go after
anyihing ever in our life Everything should fall behind us Have you understood?
This is Naanu’s policy, go Go, don’t follow the
girl anymore? -Ok sir That Gopala who was
after that girl had died long ago Today girls are after me
lam like a king now Like you said
the desired things are behind me What a great thing you had said! I worked hard since then Monthly I am earning
60 to 70 thousand. I am happy I thought it’s a good place to enjoy
But didn’t know that you were here I will take leave Why are you so dull? One shouldn’t be dull in the life,
Life will be lost if we remain dull Take this, enjoy Drink it, it’s your brand
You are so changed now It’s your style filter beedi, take it
Heaven is just close Have it, puff it This is your real get up Like you said we live
only for 2 to 3 thousand days Then why should we get tense? Enjoy, you too enjoy,
what is there in the life? You bitch! You dirty fellows! Where have you all gone? Suma, Ragini, Sandhya
I will hit you with slippers Scoundrels! Everybody has left me Not enough for them and the house You bitch! You dirty fellows! Oh king! Tell me
what the Naanu will do now? Will that girls kill him?
Will he go deserting them? Or will he get any one
of the threesome? Tell me the ending of this story
if you have the guts, tell me Hey ghost! The three girls in the story
that you had told me till now… …are not the girls at all
-What do you mean? That Naanu is not the
name of a single person That is the reflection of
feelings of Naanu(Me) in everyone Those three girls are like
the three seasons in everyone’s life Like the summer, winter and monsoon In every Naanu’s(Me) life… There are some responsibilities… Some happiness. Some ambitions will be there For a common man… …or for a rich man… One house for him
Father and mother, wife children.. …like this some responsibility
will be there That is like the wives in your story Everyone in his life… find fun and happiness in something That is Rathi To quench these two he has to earn one That is money,
Keeflhi, the Success The name of these
feelings is the girl Keerthi The Naanu(Me) in everyone
struggles in these three feelings Then what is the end for this story
which has the feelings as the characters? What is the solution for this
Naanu(Me) problem in everyone? That Naanu(Me) should die Should be born again after the death You dilly fellow! You loafer!
You worst fellow! Don’t you feel ashamed? You preach everyone
in the town but don’t follow See your face, you dirty fellow! You look like a Devil, a Monster Naanu(Me), His name itself is Naanu He wears the
picture of his own on his shirt As if he is an ‘He-man’ What happiness did you get? What happiness did you
get from those threesome? Me, My wife, My things My money, My property
and wail for the humility Suppose a Crore rupee is stolen
or robbed in the neighbour’s house” …You won’t feel sad But if a 500 or a thousand
rupees is stolen in your house” …You will feel very distressed Do you know why? Because you feel
it was ‘mine’, that’s the reason Don’t feel distressed
by feeling it as yours Just for a second consider it as
not yours, you will be happy Yes men can’t live without
denouncing the ‘me’ and ‘mine’ in them But if you give up 10 percent… …You can live psychologically
happy for at least 20 percent If you give up 20 percent of ‘Me’
You can live happily for 50 percent It’s impossible It’s impossible to give up ‘me’ and ‘mine’ Why not possible?
You can if you intend It is possible if you intend
Tear off the ‘me’ and ‘mine’ in you Tear it off
Tear off the ‘me’ and ‘mine’ in you Tear it off Break and throw off the ‘me’ in you Let the Naanu(Me) die


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