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Kante Decor in Hollywood

Following in the footsteps of their
ancestors, threads in the brightest of yellows and deepest of blues are woven
together by an artisan’s hands using the techniques and tools of those who came
before. Every piece here take hours and hours of work. It’s unique, it’s never repeatable. Every single dress that you see here never
repeats itself. Karina Sanchez and Anne Quingora are moms from Mexico who launched Kante Decor, a Hollywood based business that shares custom, one-of-a-kind handmade clothing, jewelry and home goods of their culture with the
rest of the world through their online retail shop. All the pieces like the
designs means something, so it’s a little piece of art that you can wear
or you can have in your house. The entrepreneurs travel back to Mexico
several times a year to meet with their artisans and shop for new products to
grow their line. We are constantly trying to do new product and expand our
relationships with the artisans. We have artisans in Wahaka, Chiapas, in Pueblo. Since launch, the custom clothing and home goods have grown in popularity and
international appeal thanks to the attention to detail of each handmade
item. All of our products come with a tag in which we state the community that it
comes from, the hours that it takes to create that craft or good. Success feels
good for the moms, but it’s more than just money. To them it’s about the
difference they are making in their home country. We believe that the way to
help them is by providing work. While their online retail store continues to grow, the two have their sights set on opening a retail location in Hollywood in the
future. It’s like a old town with a new and that makes is very interesting for
us. Learn more about Kante Decor, the artisans they use, and to browse their
collection please visit

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