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Kavalai Vendam – Tamul Full Movie | Jiiva | Kajal Aggarwal | Leon James

Sexy lady… You so fine. Sexy lady… Won’t you be mine? Sexy lady… You so fine. Sexy lady… You blow my mind. – Hi.
– Hi. How are you? Good. Why did you want to
meet me so early? There is a good news. Here. Now what’s this? This guy in the pic says
‘Hey I’m smiling, hit me!’ – Hey…
– Anyway… not bad. Looks convincing? Looks like he must be rich. Seems your mom has
chosen a Richie Rich. But the important thing is… everyone at home likes Arjun. Well, he looks good… and the way he proposed
me was really cute. So I agreed. Shilpa, it makes
me kind of happy. Of course you have to be happy. Divya… how often does one get married? Sorry. For some it could happen twice. My bad. Come on don’t be sorry. After all that’s the fact. You never said anything
about your first husband. Why are you bringing
up his topic now? It’s the past. Why do you say so? Come on. Tell me Divya. What should I tell? Tell me about him. Is
he cute like Arjun? Cute? He is a flirt! Have I told you what he
did when he was ten? All of you come forward. Form a line. Fast! Ok kids… When I blow the whistle, all
of you jump into the pool. – Ok?
– Yes, mam. – Get ready. We are going to do freestyle.
– What are you wondering Aravind? Ok mam. One… One… Two… And… Come on. Jump. Why haven’t you jumped yet? I’m scared of the water. Don’t think about it. Just jump. – No I won’t.
– Listen to me Aravind. – Listen to me. Jump Aravind.
– No. I’m scared. Let me hold on to you and jump. – Leave me.
– Even the girls are brave. Why are you afraid of the water? You chicken! Stand right here. – Chicken!
– Chicken! – Chicken! Chicken!
– Chicken! Chicken! Aravind! Stop it! Hey! Stop that! Aravind, stop doing that now! Oh! Oh! Stop right there! Where are you escaping? I said stop! Don’t you run. Aravind I said stop! Aravind! Aravind, get up. Aravind? Aravind. Oh god! Woah! Aravind. What are you up to? It felt good. Once more please. Please. How dare you? Now this character
sounds interesting. I like that, Divya. Did you both elope
and get married? Only if you can call
that a marriage. Do you know what he did on
the day of our marriage? Aravind! Oh my god! Hi. What’s wrong Aravind? Do I look like a fool to you? Why are you so late? The tyre went flat
on my way here. Not my fault. Oh my god! Are you drunk? You fool. We are
getting married. Well that? There was a
bachelors party last night. – It sucked!
– Hey there love birds… I’m so happy to get you both married.
I feel so happy for you both… Did you host the bachelor party? Well isn’t that the custom? Enough! Now come on you fool! – The officer is upset.
– Hey come on. That doofus seems to be upset.
Come on Divya. Quick. Come on. – Come on dear.
– Aravind come on! Tonight is the night
of your life! As we will continue to read
magazines every night. – Careful. Watch out.
– That’s a good start. It’s me. Turning up late for your own
wedding; how ridiculous? Sir… Sorry sir, there was a small hiccup on my
way here. It took some time to resolve it. Was it more important
than your marriage? Sir, sorry. That’s a long story. I’ll tell you sometime later. We still got five minutes. So go ahead, tell
me what happened? I know that Divya
would be furious. So… I went to a florist to buy some
flowers for my pretty flower here. The florist had a
beautiful shop. A lone house in the midst
of the tea plantation. And then this happened… Sir? Madam? Looks like no one is around. Sir? Hello? Anybody here? Hello? Anybody… Oh my god! – Oh my god. Then?
– Oh my god. Then? Then… she kept complaining. Everything’s over.
Why did you save me? Hold on. Wait. Look around. Does it
make you feel suicidal? Tell me what happened? Nothing is happening. That is the problem. It’s been 20 years
since my marriage. I’ve had enough. I can’t take it anymore. But why? Is your husband
treating you bad? Or does he have any
extra martial… Come on now. My husband ain’t that talented. He is very money minded. The problem is that… he thinks that someone else
will snatch me away… and so he keeps locking
me up inside the house. She doesn’t look that worthy! Hello? I know what’s running
in your mind. You must have seen
me 20 years ago. Look there. Look at those photos. Look at them before judging. Isn’t it mind blowing? Mind blowing? It’s more of mind bursting. Well… you say your husband
is money minded. How much do you think he earns? A lot. He has cash alone
worth 20 million. He doesn’t trust the banks and has
locked it all up in the house. Then what are you waiting for? Why don’t you take
all of it and leave. Listen to me. Close your eyes and point. Not at me. On the map. Fine. Point a location in the map
and set off to that place. Enjoying with all that money is
better than committing suicide. Go. Enjoy your life. Wow! I feel so happy about this idea. Thank you so much. Actually I was here
to buy a bouquet. Consider this as your shop. – Take what ever you need.
– Thank you. – Bye.
– Bye. So much for a bouquet! When she ran away
with that money… she was enthralled. Spread happiness and be happy. Today I realized what that means. Now that was a home run! You are bluffing right? Dear… where did you buy this bouquet? Near Kilkuzhi. At a very famous florist shop. The one that is surrounded
by tea plantations. Did you say she left
with all that money? Of course. She took it all. I guess her husband, the baldie
can now be termed as a pauper! How dare you? That was all my
hard earned money! Where did you say she
pointed her finger at? Here. I meant in the map! Sir… it sounded something
like “Papa no gun me” What? Papa will
definitely gun you now! It’s Papua New Guinea. How do I get there? I don’t know. Baldie, go straight
and take left. Shengamalam, where are you? Crazy fellow! Where are you? Go die in pursuit of her. Sir! Sir! Sir where are you going? Sir! Shengamalam. Where are you? What? Not my fault. Sorry my son. Last night I went a
little over board. Is the wedding over? Damn it! Thankfully… you narrated everything after
the paper work was complete. Go ahead and sign it. Only then
your marriage will be registered. So it’s almost done? I got sloshed. What did you drink last night? Everything that I could
get my hands on. Happy birthday to you.
Happy booze night for us. Party! You guys go make a baby. So that it’ll fill
your house with pee… Stop your stupid song you sissy! Now that was slapstick slap! I can’t believe that
we are married. “Our home is the epitome
of celebration…” Seems like a guy who lives
his life to the fullest. Who was the first to propose? You or was it him? Obviously it was him. Obvious isn’t it? Either way, we make the
boys confess their love! Forget that. Tell me, how did he propose you? Aravind? His proposal was an accident. What? ( Guys mocking at a girl) I wonder what’s their problem.
Oh god! Prema, you are my target today! Dear Prema… who are those boys? Are
they troubling you? I didn’t even start! Yes they are ones. Oh! Oh! He spoiled it! Move! How dare you guys
tease my daughter? I’ll finish you all today! Now what was that? That’s my dad. Dad? Those guys were
torturing me too much. Well now look at them. For whom have you bought that? This one. It’s for Divya. Wow! Superb. Really? Indeed. Are these for me? Indeed Divya. This
card too is for you. Or else her dad will bust me up. Don’t worry dear. I’ve
taken care of those boys. – Thank you.
– You are welcome. Now who is this fellow? He is my friend dad. Don’t you worry. Come on, let’s make a move. Bye. Bye. Do I look like your back up? – How dare you?
– Divya… Divya… Fraud! You are forgetting your bag. Divya listen to me. What is it? Tell me. ” Always aim for a girl’s best
friend before targeting the girl.” Natraj told me so. Brother, now that was awesome. We are unlucky that we don’t
have a friend like Natraj. It’s not too late… madam your sweet name please. Aunt May. Stop scoring on my play ground.
Get lost! Doesn’t look like it’s our day. Let’s leave. I love you. What is it? Cotton candy sweet! So sweet! Me or the cotton candy sweet? Woah! He deceived you with
the cotton candy sweet… and yet you accepted his love? Shut up Shilpa. Truth is that I too loved him. That is why I accepted his love. I loved him. Now that’s past. Just like a sweet breeze… you made your way in to my heart. And like the shining lightning… your mischievousness
strikes me. Don’t tell me where
you are from. Your fragrance will
lead me there. Just turn and look at me… and I’ll lose myself in your love. You make my heart beat faster. You take me higher. You are my drug. You make me go crazy. You make me fly. You are my sweet heart. You make my heart beat faster. You take me higher. You are my drug. You make me go crazy. You make me fly. You are my sweet heart. For you. What am I going to do with it? Write you a poem? No. I’m sure there are lot of things about
me that you would love to change. Write down everything in it. I don’t think this
dairy will be enough. Fine, what then? Write it and give it to
me after our marriage. Then I’ll make a call. I’ll decide what kind
of wife I should be. Sounds tricky. My hears beats for you;
it yearns for you. My desires with you are never ending… Would you oblige if
I ever reveal them? Your love gives me a whole
new feel and it’s nostalgic. So tell me all your desires… and I shall fulfill them forever. You make my heart beat faster. You take me higher. You are my drug. You make me go crazy. You make me fly. You are my sweet heart. You make my heart beat faster. You take me higher. You are my drug. You make me go crazy. You make me fly. You are my sweet heart. I wanna hold you close
to me everyday This is love and there is no
you and me; it’s always us. Love is our only language. Your lovin’ is my ecstasy baby Love is a hide and seek. It’s our world; it’s only you and me. I wanna hold you close
to me everyday Don’t you understand this is love. So come to me my baby. Your lovin’ is my ecstasy baby Your love turns me into a poet. I’m soon gonna make you mine. Don’t tell me where
you are from. Your fragrance will
lead me there. Just turn and look at me… and I’ll lose myself in your love. You make my heart beat faster. You take me higher. You are my drug. You make me go crazy. You make me fly. You are my sweet heart. You make my heart beat faster. You take me higher. You are my drug. You make me go crazy. You make me fly. You are my sweet heart. Seems like you guys
were deep in love. Then why did your marriage break? It didn’t workout. We both are incompatible. They why did you
guys get married? Well, even I wonder why. It was just the feeling
that he was my world. In fact at times… I felt he was my hero. – Divya, a dog?
– Don’t be scared. Wait. Hey L. Gopal sit. – Hey!
– Sit! A dog with an initial? It is named after my grandpa. But why L. Gopal? My grandpa used to be
a very loud person. Hence he earned the
nickname ‘Yell’ Gopal. Over the time it became L.
Gopal. So who is he? I’m Bhajana Gopal. Hi grandpa. Hi. Come in. Come. Looks like this is
the Gopal house. Welcome. Give it to her. Give her what? The bouquet in your hand! Come on now. You didn’t have to. Really? I’m not sure if
we can return it. Just give it! You guys get introduced. I’ll get the plates. Come on in. Have a seat. So. What do you do? I’m doing my hotel management course.
I want to become a chef. So as of now you are jobless. Well you could say that. What do your parents do? My dad is a doctor here. I’ve never seen my mother. Correct. Your dad runs a hospital at Vannandurai.
Isn’t it? Also, didn’t your mom leave you
and your dad after you were born? What are you guys talking about? – Aravind has got you your favourite cookies.
– Give him some dear. – Let him have.
– Aravind. Here. So tell me. How much
did all this cost? Around 1000 bucks? 1500 bucks. 1500 is it? Don’t you think that’s too
much of an expense in a day? It’s too much. See… we just snack away
food worth 1500 bucks. So imagine… how much we would spend
on main courses. Apart from that, we have few get
together and parties during the weekend. How can you afford that? Will you borrow from your dad? What makes you think that you could
go ahead and marry my daughter? This food could’ve been distributed
among the hungry out there. But for you, this is something you can
snack on after a main course meal. Yet, you enjoy these
freebies and… mock at the one who
bought you all this. I’m brave enough to
marry your daughter. Hey, L. Gopal… Even the dog doesn’t care who feeds it.
Striking similarity isn’t it? Catch. L. Gopal, move aside. Didn’t you shut the
door properly? Looks like he had to do it. You shut up first. Fine. Did he compare your
mom with the dog? Yes. It was shocking. But he stunned my mom that day. Divya, tell me more about him. Enough. Talking about him
gives me a headache. My cab is here. I’m leaving. Hey Divya. What is Aravind
up to these days? Well, I’m sure it’s
an easy guess. He must be partying away
with his useless friends. – Bye.
– Bye. What are you up to Aravind? I’m messing! What are you up to? This guy doesn’t let
me have this bottle. Wait I’ll join you. Come on. – Leave the bottle!
– You butthead! Though you look like a
bean bag you are awesome! I said leave. – Go check it.
– Leave! Why are you guys messing
with my father in law? Yeah you keep ogling as
he messes everything up. Stop insulting your dad. Can’t you see they are
messing with my poor dad… and yet you aren’t doing
anything about it. Now wait and watch. I’m on your side uncle.
Leave him! You were a man before
getting married… but look at you now! This bottle is his gift for me. Please don’t mess up my wedding. We won’t let you go easily! Natty, tighten the grip. Don’t let it go. This is tug of war! Come on! Don’t let the bottle go! I said leave it. Are you going against
us for this butthead? Natty, don’t let it go.
Tomorrow is a dry day. I am not done drinking. I need this bottle of liquor! Aravind. I’ve two bottles with me. Watch out Sathish! Forget this! Are you alright? Jerk! Look at him rejoice. Don’t you call him
your father in law! Butthead, you will
suffer for sure! That was a poor joke. Are you sure? – Yes. Indeed.
– 2 bottles is it? – Good night.
– Good night. – See you.
– Bye. Text me after reaching home. Watch out Aravind. Are you ok? The drink was too good. I’m good. Are you ok? Ok. Aravind, I’ll always be there for you.
Got it? Thank you. Bye. Why do you keep avoiding me? Am I not up to
your expectations? No. No. Well it’s not like that Deepa. You are a very attractive girl. You are very beautiful Deepa. I need some time. Ok? Please. Take as much time as you want. See you. Take care. – Bye.
– Bye. Text me once you reach home. Yes. Bye. Wait, I’m coming. I’m coming. What a pity? Indeed a nice drink. I can see her for real. Hey you yellow lady… Woah! A ghost! God! I thought you would have
changed after all these years. Not even a bit! How do you do it? Disgusting! You look ridiculous! I am irritated to the core! What are you wondering? It’s me Divya! It wasn’t me who made this. Must be left over. But it’s hot and fresh. Those are my eggs. Hey! So wasn’t it all a dream? Were you here for real? Do I look like a wash basin? You vomited all over me. And all over the place. I was cleaning the whole night. Do I look like your maid? You haven’t turned
responsible yet. Three years ago I left a
shoe rack over there. It’s still at the
same exact place. Just like you. Give your tongue some time off. Keeps yapping away. You are here after
so many years. Did you learn to smile? You still got the stare on. It’s only when I’m in with you. Obviously. I am not here to
make merry with you. Then why are you here? What’s your problem? Stop yelling. Sign it… and I’ll be on my way. What’s this? I want divorce. Our marriage didn’t
even last a day. Then why do you need a divorce? That doesn’t matter. We had registered. So we must divorce. I need to think over it. Come back tomorrow. Whatever. How’s the food? Nice. Hello chef. Hi. This order is a personal request.
Yours is on the way. Ok. Everything fine? Yeah fine. Now that looks delicious. Watch out. It’s piping hot. Have some patience… you fatso! Divya is here. What? Are you guys getting back? Nothing like that. Aravind started this restaurant and
she must be jealous of his progress. She must be here to spoil it. Are you sure? You don’t even know her. So stop talking about her. I know about such girls. It’s you who’s jealous. So stop it. Why would I be jealous? I’m a very matured person. – Is it?
– You might be matured. But you are yet to meet Divya. She isn’t a girl like you. She is back from the city. She is
all together a different class now. It’s obvious that
you are jealous. It’s ok Divya. You will get there slowly. I’m not Divya. I’m Deepa. Idiot. Crazy girl! Hey Deepa! You crazy! Did you see that? And she says she is matured. Look at her go mad
when I praised Divya. They all are the same. Crazy! Come to the point. So Divya’s back? Well no… she is here for divorce. Where was she all these years? And why all of a sudden? I don’t know. Arguing with her is pointless. Don’t oblige right away.
Remember what she did to you. This is divorce and we will loot
her in the name of Alimony. Shut up doofus! Don’t you say this in front
of her and give her ideas. Alimony is the other way around.
I’ll have to pay. Then I’ll have to give up this
restaurant and become a hawker. Correct. But who needs
the divorce desperately? Isn’t it her? So take as much
advantage as you can… and we’ll set up more
franchises of our restaurant. Awesome idea! You can clean
tables at all the branches. ” Human made his way to earth.” ” A journey that began after
pleasing the almighty.” ” The human then started
self exploration” ” And in process got lost
in a world of temptation.” Aravind. Oh my god! Oh my god! What happened Aravind? Are you ok? Do I look ok, you fool? Stop questioning and
help me out here. Ok. Ok. Be patient. Wait. Breathe. Breathe. Aravind… relax. Calm down Aravind. It hurts! It hurts! Don’t move.. You don’t move! Ok fine. Hey fatso! What you looking at? Come, help us out. Divya! You have changed after
returning from the city. Why don’t you guys get a room? – Damn it!
– Can’t you stand still? You numbnuts! Grow up! Why
don’t you wear inners? Disgusting! Thanks. Forget it. Where are my papers? It’s ready. But then if I have to sign it… well actually… You need a compensation right?
How much do you need? Looks like she is well prepared. Blank cheque. Let that be. There are few more conditions. Conditions? Let me hear them. We’ve been good friends
since childhood. Then… we’ve been in a
relationship too. But then, I don’t know why… our marriage didn’t
even last a day. You see… we were never a couple. So? So… let’s live happily like a couple for
a week and I shall sign the papers. What? Sarcasm? I promise I won’t lay
a finger on you. God promise. What rubbish? One week with him? Never. Ok. No problem. We’ll meet in the court. It might take a year or two. I’m in no hurry. I’ve all the time. One week. Just a week. Sick! Sounds like the Big Brother
contestants are here! Night is our day! And day is our night!
We are the night owls! Hey Divya… what are you doing
with the night owls? Shut up you doofus! I don’t know them. I have no idea. – Why is their day night?
– Ewww! Hey fatso! Your
in laws are here. Night owls? Now who are they? What just happened? Did he just abuse you? No dude. This marriage
won’t work out. I want divorce. Look at her face. Looks like a cotton candy
with face features. Why do you want a divorce? When she is part of this
night owl how do I… What is the issue? We haven’t spend a
night together. Looks like I’ll have
to wait 30 years. Obviously. You should get
used to our way of living. You too will have to become
a night owl like her. Until then be happy
with yourself. Stop it you Mantis! 30 years later nothing
would be in tact. It wouldn’t be so easy. I’ll have to use both my hands
to lift my single hand! Impossible! I want divorce. Are you sure? Cent percentage sure. Fine then let’s go ahead
get them divorced. And so divorce it is!
You night owls! Wasn’t that the WWE D
Generation X’s trademark move? As per our customs,
divorce are for cowards. Hence ask him to agree
to one of our custom… and we shall grant the divorce. Tell me… what is it? Wait! What kind of
a custom is this? Why are they forming a queue? Looks very similar to the queue
waiting for the latest Iphone launch! Something’s fishy about it. I don’t give a fish. I want divorce! Well now you don’t
have to wait 30 years. You’ll attain old age
in next 30 seconds. Baby close. Poor fellow. Ding dong bell! Pussy is in the well. You let everyone kick you. Ain’t I your childhood friend? I’m too tempted. So may I? Dude it’s stuffy. Split your legs ever more. And that is why you shouldn’t
mess with the girls at spa. Do you think he
stopped with messing? All he wanted was a happy ending
but fate had other plans. That wasn’t funny. If this is how divorces
happen everywhere… then no one would divorce.
Isn’t it? Indeed. Who is she? Looks new here. Is she your maid? It hurts! You Black widow! Hi. I’m Deepa. Yes, just like you are a maid abroad
I am maid here for my friends. How dare you? Divya, I had bought some stuff.
It’s in the kitchen. – Why don’t you cook?
– What? What do you mean? Don’t you need my autograph? If you need it… go cook for us. Aren’t you all hungry? Yes. I would love some eggplant gravy. And
yes, add some natural libido boosters to it. Yeah and while serving it to
him add few drops of poison. Do you need any help? It’s ok. You can continue
your maid services. I’ll take care of myself. Ok. As you wish. Why am I bothered? Joker! Now there’s another joker! You fool! – Watch your game!
– Aravind. Here have it. Have it. Deepa, why don’t you eat too? I made it myself. Sorry. My parents have warned me from
eating junk or from hawkers. I’ll leave now. Bye boys. Bye girls. Move your feet you fatso. Or else I’ll too take a shot! Well, it doesn’t matter. Divya, go ahead. All these days you had been
living with such fools. And now that brat! Whom did she just call a fool? It’s a tough one but I bet
your father can answer that. Shut up and eat! That was a good one. You get two points. Stop being Simon Cowell! Serve me more! Stop being greedy. Thank you. Tastes good. Give me some. Here. Stop gobbling up
everything alone. And you gobble up and
shut up for a while. Open the door! – Who is in there?
– It’s Sathish. – Hey Sathish! Make it fast.
– Sathish! I said open the door! I won’t. Get lost! Please make it fast. No way. Looks like it’ll be days
before I come out from here. You murderers! What did you mix the food with? Take my word, I’m going to
leave you guys for good! Go check the other toilet. Listen, I’ll go see if the
other toilet is free. Divya… Hey Divya! Divya, open the door! What did you mix in the food? I said open the door! I can’t control it anymore. Sorry! Busy. Open the door! Busy? Sathish, let’s imagine we are kids
for now and let me in please! Get lost! Where are you going? Yoga class! Where do
you think I’m going? Ok I’ll do it here. – I think it’s fine.
– Damn it! Stop it! Not in the open. Fine. I hate this button buckle on pants.
Worst discovery ever! Now who is that turning the
spotlight at the wrong spot? Cops! Officer…. it’s gang rape! Gang rape! – Gang rape?
– What is he talking about? – Cover your face!
– Now, who are they? Look at that, Indian players
Shikhar Dhawan, Rohit Sharma, Sri Lankan player Malinga… and couple of West
Indies players… are whiling their time as if
watching a game of cricket. This is a very wrong punishment
with regards to our situation. I might lose it any minute! Don’t succumb to temptation.
Control yourself. – Greetings sir.
– Greetings sir. – Officer.
– Sir? What’s the charge? It’s a rape case. That too inside the bushes. Come here. Yes sir. Tell me what’s up in the bushes? We both are lovers. Please forgive us.
Pretty please sir. But those two fellows there, they
tried molesting my girlfriend! Your girlfriend? Move. Show me your face. Ewww! Look at that. Brother… are you sloshed? Either that or you
have a very bad taste. Come here you four eyed nerd. I said come here. Hello sir. I’m Natty alias Natraj. How dare you molest her? Sir it’s embarrassing. Shall I explain it in
person or in your ears? Who do you think you are? My wife? – Tell me!
– Sir please no. Tell me what happened? No! Enact it. Sir please no! All of you up. You
all play the bushes. Sir please. Stop posing! I said you guys
huddle up like the bushes. What the heck is this now? The bushes are
dancing in the wind. You. Go get inside the bushes. – Sir…
– I said go! Now go! – Come on dear.
– I feel so shy. So is that what you were
doing behind the bushes? These guys look so strange. I feel shy! All of you turn around. That’s cheating! He wants us to turn around and
he’ll alone enjoy the show. Start. Enact and show
me what happened. Sir, I am warning you.
Please don’t do this. Do it or else I’ll bust you up. Now do it! Ok sir. I’ll do it. Why did you halt half way? I was caught by
your men by then. So show me what would you have
done if you were not caught. Already two of them are behind the bushes. Now he’ll make an entry. This is getting interesting. Indeed! Oh my god! Darling. This scares me! There he goes…. Sir you said you would bust him up but
he has busted up the whole place! Look what your boys have done. They have turned the
whole place shitty! Please take them away. Ok sir. Sorry sir. I said take them away! So tell me. How about a feast today? Stop eating! This
is not the time. Darling, you are stinking. Wait. Go get a good bath. – Dirty fellow!
– Don’t advise when you don’t mean it! Show off! Hey. A new car? That’s my dad’s. Oh is he here? He’ll be glad to see you here. Now what’s this? Don’t you have manners? Ask her to get out! Show some respect. She
is your step mother. Step mother? Stop blabbering. It’s high time; I
need some company. Don’t we need a
woman in the house? Her entry into our life is a positive sign.
See your wife is here. Hello uncle. How are you? – Fine. How are you?
– I’m fine. What’s her name? Name… My name is Shankari. Oh so sweet. Aravind I like your step mother. She is so cute. Aravind, do you have
some money with you? The cops took everything I had. It’s alright. I only have card with me. Fine. Divya… – you must be having some cash.
– Sure. Take it. Don’t you feel shameless? It’s after all my family. Here. Take this. Go buy a dozen of bananas. Then some sweets and flowers. Also some milk. And few more things.
I leave that to you. What do you mean by
leaving it to me? Why are you asking
me to buy all these? Stop acting innocent. Live life to the fullest. How long will you
be a single heir? Don’t you need siblings? You could play with them. How can you play soccer
all by yourself? Come on darling. “We are made for each other….” ” Let’s fall crazily in
love and forget the world.” Siblings for me to
form a soccer team? This money goes to the bar! Wow… he looks so young. He could
keep marrying again and again. Already one is down the drains.
That’s not his forte. – Hi uncle.
– Hi. I heard the good news.
When is the party? Anytime you wish. Say ‘Party’ and you go crazy! I sensed it when he
was getting ready. So where are you
taking the bait? Making your loved ones a
bait; that’s your forte. Not mine. Don’t expect everyone
to be like you. Hi Deepa. Shall we start? – I’m ready.
– Hey Aravind. Where are you off to? There a new movie
out in theaters. We are going to watch it. Come on hubby. That’s unfair. When you have a wife… how can you go around
with a stranger? Shut up. She is my friend. And I’m your wife. I was expecting you to
take me out for a movie. But look at you? Aravind, we are getting late.
Let’s leave. Excuse me. Me and my
husband are talking! Don’t you interfere. Go wait outside… Or find someone else to go with. Stop acting as if
you care for him. Where were you all these
days when he needed you? Did you even try finding out? Look here. If you don’t leave
this place now… I’ll call up the cops and press charges against
you for interfering in my married life. I’ll tell them you are a hooker. So be careful! Don’t make me do that. Divya… what’s wrong with you? Deepa! Please change the channel. Deepa… Hey Deepa. Look, listen to me. Please hear me out. Aravind please. She is doing it on purpose. No. Let us both go for the movie. No Aravind. I just need to be alone. I know it’s not your fault. Please let me go. Just leave me alone. Deepa! What’s you problem? Why did you insult her? What do you mean? Weren’t you the one who wanted
us to be a couple for a week? So I just did what a
sincere wife would do. If you feel that was too much,
sign the divorce papers. I won’t trouble you anymore. So you want to go watch
a movie with me? Fine. No thanks. Why are you taking me
in a cycle you miser? Because love doesn’t see the rich or
the poor. So play along and shut up. Get down. Why? It’s steep and I would
find it tough to cycle. Stop talking like an oldie. I’ve heard that passionate cyclists
are the best in love making. Dear lord please fill me with all the
energy of the universe! All hail the lord! Dear lord please fill me with all the
energy of the universe! All hail the lord! All hail the lord!
All hail the lord! Now what’s that?
“Me and my lover?” Tell me, what kind
of movie is this? Stop thinking too much you cheapo. Why are you dull? Isn’t this life with
me so irritating? Fine… Imagine you are allowed to
exchange your life with someone. Who would that be? Wait. Let me guess. Go ahead. Let me see how
well do you know me. That guy over there, who is
running his hands over that girl. Isn’t that what you too want? That kid over there. I want to be like that kid. All that he sees
and feels is… only love. That life is priceless. Now guess with whom would
I exchange my life. Let me see how well
do you know me. Like that actress. You love to be worshipped. No way. I definitely don’t want that. I pity them. They are forced to act all their
life, in screen and in real. But me, I want her life. I’ll be happy if someone can pamper
me like her when I am pregnant. That’s an easy deal. If you cooperate a bit, I shall
make you pregnant like her. Take your hands off. Ok. Move aside. But why? Because I’m right handed. Take your hands off Aravind. Come on, you know it already. Excuse me. Don’t you hear what the
baby is saying? Behave yourself. Baby, looks like your
brother is concerned. Don’t I have the
rights dear wifey? Don’t irritate Aravind.
I said hands off! Can’t you behave yourself? Aravind! You pig! Why did you kick him? How dare you? Now see
what I do to you! I won’t spare you! I’ll hold him. Break his head! Now turn him around. Move! Move! Take that! Divya run! Do I look like your baby? – Come on!
– Wait! – Move!
– Aravind wait for me. Move! Come on. Run! That was surprise. You
just bashed him up! Run! Run! Hey Divya, wait for me. – Let’s take this right.
– Ok. This way. Come on now! This way. Take that! Wow! Nice. Divya, what are
you doing here? Hey my mouse! Here have your mouse! What happened? Hold on. I’ll take care of him. What are you up to? What is it? Divya, no! Don’t you hear me! What are you going to do? Hey Divya! Aravind run! That build up was bit too much! Run! Run! Stop. Was that all for a footwear? It’s worth 3000 bucks.
So shut up. I lost my jacket worth
5000 bucks for you. – Get lost!
– Shut up! Don’t you talk about
doing things for me! Hands off me! Get lost! You are a thug! You have changed so much. I’m out of breath. Come. I want to show you
something beautiful. Why have you bought
me to the hospital? Just come with me. Tell me. Quite. I’ll tell you. Come. Say something. – Looks like you are regular here?
– Of course. Ok. Get in. Are you sowing some wild
oats with the nurses here? Wow! This is magical. Look there… both the babies are together
in the same cradle. Why so? It’s called co-bedding. Co-bedding? What is that? That means… one of them is sick. Staying together… will cure it. Stop talking like a doctor. How is that possible? I think is psychological. There is a huge difference between those
who are lonely and those who have company. It’s something similar. When you know that there is someone
to hold your hands tight… it makes you strong and confident. It’s something similar. There you are; oh my love. I’m lost in you and
frozen in time. Your ravishing beauty
makes me go speechless. It has driven me crazy. This is it. Your looks
take my breath away. Just like you do. So hold me and… let me be yours. Your love is all I need. Yes, that is all I need. Your love is all I need. Yes, that is all I need. Your love is all I need. I was lost and I reached at
the doorsteps of you heart. How did I end up there?
I’m confused. “Let’s break out of this
shell” says my heart. You are my world; you
are my everything. So come let’s fall in love. I was empty inside… you filled me up
with love inside. I have lost myself in love. I don’t care for
the pain anymore. As I slowly try
opening my eyes… I wish this dream never ends. Your love is all I need. Yes, that is all I need. Your love is all I need. Yes, that is all I need. Your love is all I need. There you are; oh my love. I’m lost in you and
frozen in time. Your ravishing beauty
makes me go speechless. It has driven me crazy. Your looks take my breathe away. Just like you do. So hold me and… let me be yours. Your love is all I need. Yes, that is all I need. Your love is all I need. Yes, that is all I need. Your love is all I need. That is all I need. Your love is all… Your love is all… Your love is all… Your love is all… Aravind. Here, have this.
Before that have this. Carry on. Aravind.. I don’t have an explanation. I’ve been wanting to tell you. If you had told me that you had moved
on and have another guy in your life… I would have signed the
divorce papers right away. Even when you kissed me today… I thought we were going
to be together forever. At least you could have told
me about your marriage. Of course it hurts. That’s ok. If he makes you happy… then there is nothing
I can do about it. Aravind… Your bags are packed. You can take them. Did she really kiss you? Yes. Then why did you sign
the divorce papers? She now has someone
else in her life. Stop being a pothead! Yeah! Like that’s
going to scare me. Pothead! What’s your point? Today she kissed you. That means she still loves you. Got it? Do you love her or not? I fear that… I can never love anyone
else like I love her. Then go win her heart. Don’t give her up for anyone. Love her and make
her crazy for you. See you. See that? She wants to see you! Now go pick up. Go make her yours. Go. I said go! Divya! Divya! What is it? I don’t know if I had
signed all the papers. Can you give that to me? Now do something! Destroy them. Not me. Do it yourself. No you do it. No you have it. – Listen to me.
– No. Oh! Oh! Oh my god! The water just
splashed all over it. Now look what you did! Look what you did! Can’t you be careful? What shit? I saw it! I saw it. It was you. Few mins ago you spoke
like a philosopher. I felt guilty for having judged you so
wrong. I felt you were a good person. Why did you do this? Stop brawling! You too kissed me
and deceived me. That was an accident. You took me along with
you and seduced me. I regret it and I’m
sorry about it. Where did you take her?
What did you do? Shut up! You think your apology will
make it up for what you did? So what do you want me to do? Live up to your words.
Stay here as promised. I’ll then think about
signing the divorce papers. Uncle… I’m wasted. Fraud family! How many more injections? Didn’t you inject one yesterday? Make it tomorrow. I said make it tomorrow. Your first name should
have been ‘Busy hands’. Your hands are always busy! I can’t control the itching. What a cultured family! Indeed. Take it dear. Thanks. Call her mother. Or call her mummy. Thank you mom. Thanks mummy. Call me that again and
I’ll break your heads. I can’t be mother of monkeys. I appreciate you! – Hi good morning.
– Good morning. So Divya are you planning
on settling down here? No you fraud. As long as I’m here… my friend Shilpa and my fiance, who is
waiting outside, are going to stay with me. Fiance? Hey looks like there is a guy
waiting outside for some charity. Go give him the left overs. Dude… I finished those left overs. – Hello.
– Yes. Be nice and go welcome him. Welcome him? Do you think I’m… Sit down. Don’t
create any issues. Go welcome him. Do you think this
is a charity home? It’s an advantage for you. You can prove to her that
you are better than him. Keep your friends close… and enemies closer. Look at him posing. Who does he think he is? The super star? Hi. I’m Aravind. Divya’s husband. Arjun… Divya’s fiance. Boss… Clean the table as soon
as the customer leaves. – That will please the next customer.
– Ok sir. – Hi.
– There comes the retard! – Sorry sir.
– Now leave. Give me your phone. For what? I said give. Here. Hey! Clear those plates! Deepa, did you find
it on the streets? Get lost! That was one slap right
across your face. I’m here to inform that everyone
at my home are leaving tomorrow. I’m going to be home alone. When the folks are away
it’s time to play! My question is… is only Aravind welcome or can I join too? I’ll thrash you! She going over board
with her slaps off late! So what if you are home alone? Being home alone is the problem. I am afraid to stay alone. Hence I am going to
stay at your home. At my place? When strangers can live at your home… why can’t I? From tomorrow I’m
staying at your home. Deepa. Buddy… Your house is on top of my favorites
list, right after Sunny Leone. It’s like being in one of
those American Pie movies. Your dad and his lover… I mean your step mother. You, your wife and her fiance. Two extras that we
both can hit on. Tomorrow Deepa joins the party. It’s going to be fun! Your house is going to light up! And that will be a problem. The house is now crowded. The romance between Divya and
me heated up when we were alone. Now that will be in jeopardy. Tomorrow is her birthday. Oh yeah! We must do something about
it and impress her. You are going gift her a
romantic cake cutting session. Trust me. – Happy birthday to you.
– Happy birthday Divya. Happy birthday to Divya… – Happy birthday to you.
– Happy birthday to you. Here Arjun. Hey no! no! Arjun no! – Here Shilpa.
– Forget that. We still have the whole cake left. Thank you. – Can I feed you?
– No thanks. Shall we go inside?
Let’s have dinner. How was my plan? This is by far my best birthday. – Don’t move. Stay right where you are!
– Oh my god! Robbers! Well only ‘The Expendables’
can handle them! No! No! No! Face the wall and stand still. – Don’t move!
– I won’t! I said don’t move. I said I won’t. Then why are you
rubbing against her? Take him away from her. Shilpa he is jealous. Please don’t shoot anyone. Take whatever you
need from this house. But please don’t harm us. Do you think you own this house? This ain’t your
ancestors property! – Please! Please!
– Leave her you robbers! Quiet! I’m not going to harm you. You will do it yourself. Shoot one of them here
and I’ll spare the rest. So stop wondering and shoot. I said shoot! Shoot! Shoot! Divya, we are classmates
since 4th grade. Not me Divya. Shoot! Now! Hello! Dear. Enough. Don’t break it. It’s a dummy. I hope you now realize
the truth Aravind. Bleedy ‘Vengeance’ Deepa… I asked you to arrange a
surprise and look what you did! “go shorty it’s you’re birthday” “we gonna party like
it’s you’re birthday” “we gonna sip bacardi like
it’s you’re birthday” Where is Divya?
Where is Divya? Shut up and get lost! Hey Sathish, now what’s
with this halloween get up? What a doofus?! He was the one who said Divya
likes this song and asked me to sing it and get the cake, so
that we all can surprise her. Retard! Why does Natraj
appear upset now? Because he is a doofus! It’s his birthday too. He might be
furious that no one wished him. Aww..Poor thing. How about some cake? No thanks. You have it. It’s paracetamol flavored. I’m sorry Aravind. I didn’t do that on purpose. It was a chaos out there and… I didn’t realize
what I was doing. That’s fine. I understand. You still have it? That is the only souvenir I
have that reminds me of you. Happy birthday Divya. Natraj. – Natraj.
– Tell me dear. Tell me mam. Why did you wake me
up at this hour? Am I not allowed to? You wake me, anyone or
anything at anytime. So sweet. Yes! I am sweet only. Natraj, come with me. So tell me. What is that you are
not telling me? What is it? Feeling shy? And you thought I
won’t find it out? I never realized
that you knew… What are you up to? Surprise! Now what kind of surprise
am I expecting blindfolded? Today, I’m going to… – surprise you like never before.
– Please do. Wait right here. I’ll be waiting right
here for centuries. Wow! I’m happy! Lionel Messi wants
to win this match! Thank you god for finally showering
your blessings on me too. “It’s the time for us to
unite and fall in love…” ” Even the clothes know that
it’s time to leave us alone.” “There she goes,
stealing my heart!” “HipHop Tamizhaaa..Welcome
to Chennai it’s out city!” – Natraj!
– Baby! Oh! Oh! Oh my god! Stop looking there. Enough! Enough! Stop looking there. – Disgusting!
– Come on buddy show your face. Now look at that. Brother, focus it properly.
Move closer. You have nothing to lose dude.
Show your face. What a wonder! Hi buddy. So what’s up you pup? What are you looking at? – Who is it?
– Shall I help you? You can’t reach that high.
I’ll take care. Then I shall arrange it. Come on. Leave me alone. No I won’t. Let me do my work. ” You are the most
beautiful woman ever…” ” No eyes can match the
beauty of your eyes.” Now look at that. The junior is sitting
here depressed. And the senior wants to play. Move your face away. That was one slap right
across your face. Hi guys. Oh! Keeping himself
updated with the news. Now I know why you are upset. – Chocolate?
– I’m diabetic. – Chocolate?
– Thanks. Ok. Chocolate? Thank you. Do you like chocolates? Indeed. Looks like you prefer
bitten chocolates? What’s your point? Brother… Once bitten is always bitten. Do you also like to re-use things? That depends on it’s quality. Yeah right! Whatever you have used seems
to have good resale value. That is why he looks interested. Mr. Bruce Wayne, excuse me. Arjun. The one from the
epic Mahabharata? You are just Richie
Rich Arjun right? We both have played cupids
for Aravind and Divya. So how many times did they? I don’t have the tally.
Wait, let me try… So how many times did you guys…?
Tell me. Shut up. I feel shy! They were always inseparable
in front of everyone… so just imagine how close
they would’ve been in person? You naughty! And yet you continue to eat the
bitten chocolate and read the news. You are indeed very patient. Save me! He just attacked me! How dare you attack him? Aravind your hips are exposed! Aravind leave. Hit him! Hit him! Push him down. Don’t spare him Aravind! Arjun let him go. I’ll finish you off! Dude, this doesn’t look like a brawl. Wish we were there instead. – We are unlucky!
– Stop it! What the hell is happening? Her voice and size
doesn’t match at all! What’s your problem Aravind? Stop questioning me. He attacked Natty first. Go question him. Arjun, what’s wrong with you? Everything from his head to
toe; everything’s wrong! They keep throwing
such tantrums. So? They are talking so
cheap about you. Stop acting like the
nerd in the classroom. Oh god! When you attack him, it
affects me directly. You don’t have the rights to
even lay a finger on my friends. Do you get that? Attagirl Divya! That was fun. How long do I keep ogling
at her from outside? I wonder when she’ll
invite me inside. Someday. What are you doing here? Are you following someone? Uncle, I’m not here
to create any issues. Aravind isn’t my enemy. In fact, if we had met in a whole another
scenario we would have been good friends. What are you trying to say? Ask Aravind to let her go. Let Divya say that
she loves Aravind… and I shall retreat
the next moment. But here the situation is worse. You are the eldest one here. Is it? It’s you, who has
to find a solution. You seem to be a gentleman. So in that case… I need your help. Friends. Same to you. This is for the sake
of our friendship. Thank you. Arjun… best of luck. Thank you. Excuse me. Madam. There he goes. Oh no please! You just
tricked me you oldie! Hello. Do you know what was that for? Tell me what was that for? How will I know? Isn’t it the same for me too? Tell me now! Arjun dug his own grave. I just ensured it was
executed perfectly. Explain properly. I came down to meet one
of my ex with a letter. And Arjun followed me here. Uncle! I tricked him and
got him caught. Shall I give that
wicked laugh again? Finally you gave me a reason
to be proud of you, dear dad. Superb! Bye. Something is stopping me. Aravind. You bring dishonor to me and my family by
asking me to step into a police station. Aravind! Can you hurry up? I ain’t jobless like you. I’m extremely busy. Ok? Oh I see. Without even minding what
your fiance is up to; what’s more important
that keeps you busy? – Are you on a dry spell?
– Please hear me out. Officer! Why is he here? Looks like you are the advocate for
all the perverts around? He is arrested in a molestation case.
What else did you expect from us? Molestation? Arjun sir is like Tiger woods.
He is a gentleman. He is an ethical fellow. Here. He wrote this
letter for Maya madam. Open it and read it aloud. Only then you all will
realize what I’m saying. Sir. Shall I? Now read it! ” My dear Maya…” ” how about a trip to Pattaya?” ” Or forget Pattaya and let’s not bother. ” ” We shall stay back here
and I shall make you a mother.” I have read many similar rhymes.
I know this guy. ” So tell, is that a
cherry or you lip?” ” I just can’t wait
to take a sip.” “Just a sip! Just
one small sip.” Stop playing DJ. Continue. The remaining part is
more raunchy and flirty. Looks like Maya has gone
too deep into his head. Else he couldn’t
have written this. How cheap Arjun? I hate you. Divya. Just think. Do you think I would
have wrote this? It was Aravind’s father. Stop blaming my father. He must have been tempted
to sow wild oats. And so he thought he’ll play Pablo
Escobar by having a wife… and a mistress for leisure. – Pablo Escobar?
– Yes. Why don’t you guys first see Maya
and decide if she is worth it? Stop it! Bloody fool! Am I not worth it? You rogue! You aren’t worthy of me. Hi aunty. Forget that. They said it was Maya but
who is this rotten Papaya? I don’t know. My dad just
screwed everything up! – So Maya was your dad’s target?
– This is a misunderstanding. I know Maya aunty very well. She was my tutor back
during my childhood. Yeah right! Aunty don’t you recognize me? Arjun is my fiance. Now please don’t press
charges against him. Come on aunty. He writes… ” My dear Maya…” ” how about a trip to Pattaya?” ” So tell, is that a
cherry or you lip?” No Divya! And you are backing him up? Get lost! Don’t you mess with me! What a woman! She hasn’t aged at all. The situation is out of control… let’s escape. Don’t you call her
your step mother. Tell me and I shall finish her off! Do I sound so bad? Why is she upset? Deepa! What happened? I’m fine. It’s you guys who
have turned retard. Forget Divya. By committing
such stupid activities… you can never make
anyone fall for you. Divya’s gone. Her chapter is over Aravind. And you guys are
celebrating here. Over that you got fools
around to second you. If you want, confess your
love to him directly. But don’t you call us fools. Who else would confess
like I’ve done? Everything that you are searching
for is right in front of you. Don’t waste your time pursuing
someone who ignores you. Make hay while the sun shines. What’s your point? See says fill your bucket
before the water supply stops. I’m wasted. Stop taking turns
and taunting me. I thought you were a gentleman. But you are shameless! I’m wasted, again. That is my father
you just insulted. I hope you said it right. Tell me this… Is he indeed you dad? Or your pimp? Hey Aravind watch out! – Aravind! Oh my god.
– Aravind. Aravind. Are you alright? – Hey Aravind!
– Aravind. Aravind! Are you alright? Stay down. It’s working. Continue. – Aravind.
– Aravind. Will Aravind leave us all? Shut up! Divya. – Aravind!
– He has fainted. Get up Aravind. – Look Divya is here.
– Uncle do something. Wait let me see. Hi Shilpa. How about
a movie tonight? We’ll book a couple’s ticket.
What do you say? – Idiot!
– How dare you? You fool! Can’t you see what’s going on? What can I do about it?
He is the doctor. Go call the ambulance now. You retard! – Get up Cinderella!
– Call the ambulance. Aravind. Stop your over acting!
Now don’t exaggerate. Get up Aravind. – Aravind.
– Do something. He doesn’t seem to respond. Aravindan! Aravind! Aravinda! What happened? Hey kiddo! – Aravind.
– Aravind. – Aravind.
– Get up Aravind. Shankari, looks like he
is really unconscious. Please do something about it. Guys, let’s take him.
Looks like he is serious. Come on lift. Aravind. Shilpa, he is very heavy.
Please give a hand. – Hello.
– Hello. This is ‘busy hands’
Bhaskar here… err..I mean this
is Bhaskar here. Tell me Bhaskar. Well nothing… Nothing? Fine. Bye. I meant. Hello? You are so cute. Hello? Damn it. No one has
patience these days! Finally! He opened it! He opened it! I mean..Aravind opened it!
Aravind opened his eyes! Now stop wondering
and seat him down. Here. Aravind. Are you ok? I’m good but then who are you? Dear, it’s me Deepa. Dear? Hey Divya, who are these people? Are they your friends? Are they here to attend
our wedding party? Please move. Dear… do you recognize me? Come on now. Fine. Tell me how much is 20 times 19. Hey you doofus! Math was always
history for him. So stop digging it. Don’t you recognize everyone? No I don’t . Is there a problem? Why have you all rounded me up? Do you recollect what
happened few mins ago? Divya and myself
just got married. We were planning for a party. Oh! Oh! Everything’s
screwed up now! All of you come with me. Not you. You be seated. Rest all of you follow me. Now what? I guess he is still in
shock from the fall. If we explain him the
current situation… it might get serious. So you mean to say
he has amnesia? Yes. We must handle
him with care. You should cooperate please. What is happening Divya? Handle him. Say something. What’s with the huddling? Well that… since my friends had a long
journey… they are exhausted. So we thought we’ll postpone
the party for tomorrow. Oh! Is it? Divya! Please sir. Looks like he is not happy
about postponing the party? Anyway… I’m Aravind. Divya’s husband. Please. Arjun. Divya’s… friend. Just kidding. Ok. Relax. All of you must be exhausted.
So go relax. Let’s go Shilpa. Bye Shilpa. Bye…. Don’t give me that look.
I feel shy. Oh really? Obviously buddy. It’ll be mine and Divya’s
first night as a couple. It was all her plan to postpone the party.
She gave me the signal. Why don’t you guys carry on? I’ll….make a move. Your whole family is fraud! Both, you and your
son are pranksters! Aren’t you ashamed? I have no idea about
whatever he said. How dare you call me a prankster?
Don’t judge me so easily. Oh! It’s a dead end. Hey Divya, this house is nothing
less than a Soap Opera. I’m confused. Now who’s that? What are you doing here? What’s with all the blushing? Come on, it’s our first
night as a couple. Wait. Wait. My
friend is in here. So leave. Hey. Just a moment. You can ask your friend
to shift my dad’s room… – What
– No, I wouldn’t recommend that. If she doesn’t mind she
can use the couch… That’s impossible. You leave. Hey. Wait. Listen to me. What happened Divya? Divya? Just a minute. Aravind no. I said leave me. Fine. Give me a kiss. No. Just one. Just one kiss. Please leave! On the cheeks please. And now on the lips. – No. Leave.
– Please. Just one. Divya! Divya. Aravind you may deceive
the whole world… but remember I’m you dad. So don’t teach you
father to fish! Chill dad. Relax. Don’t teach your baby
how to drink milk. Lionel Messi wouldn’t
have trained so hard. Look at my dear Shilpa. She looks like an Arabic belly
dancer performing aerobics. Wow! Next. Kicks. Ok? Go! – What are you up to?
– You carry on. Ok lunges. Look at that son of a gun! He is going a bit overboard
with the whole ‘Amnesia’ thing. Not a bit over board. It’s too much. Do you really believe
that he has Amnesia? I too doubt that. How do we find out the truth? Can we just tell him the truth that
he and Divya are not together anymore? Not the truth. Let’s lie. Confusing. You guys just listen
to me and play along. He will himself
confess the truth. We’ll ensure that he does. Are you alright? It’s fine. Don’t near me. Aravind no! Let me go Aravind. Aravind! Stop irritating me! Aravind, I said leave me.
Please! It’s time to hunt! ” Hey sexy lady, I like your flow.” ” Your body’s banging, out of control.” Priya… so who are you crazy about? Shut up you oldie!
I’ll break your bones! Bones? All his bones
are already cracked. You can use them as toothpicks. Toothpicks is it? If I show my real self
you’ll be stunned! Don’t show too much ,
everything’s visible! There are ladies approaching.
Behave yourself! Mr. Mahesh Babu? Well I wish I was. I am ‘Ash’ Babu. Bash Babu? Not ‘Bash’ Babu! ‘Ash’ Babu. We had booked a boat ride. Only the two of you? No. We too are joining. What are you guys doing here? Hi Shilpa. You look
so hot and so… What? It was Arjun who
wanted us to join. That is why we are here. Arjun, now what’s all this about? Well I thought it would
nice if they joined us. Whatever. Hey Divya! Hey Hotty! ” What a beauty! What a sight!” So? So, if you can exchange seats with me,
I shall enjoy this ride with my wife. Come. Come on dear, we shall
have fun of our own! Hold my hands. Now stop drooling? Ok wait. Now who is that
playing spoilsport? Tell me mom. Where are you? When
will you be back? – Where are you?
– Madam, pay the bill! You have been away
for a while now. We are at an outing. What’s up? How long are you going
to stay with him? The divorce papers aren’t signed yet.
I’ll be back once it is ready. Why are you crying now? I’ll be home as
soon as possible. Can you please stop crying. Why is your mom crying? Split your mother’s
head in two and… everything will be fine. Sarcasm? Why are you hell bent
on splitting us up? You psycho! Wait and watch, soon agent 007
will be here to tame you down! What? Hello Mr. 007 You…. Stop irritating me
early in the morning. I need at least a month’s rest after
what you did to me yesterday! Damn it! Ok I can’t control
it any further! Oh! Where will I get some water? Fine, let me ask them. Madam… Madam… Sir… Madam… I want… You got it right! Yes, I need water.
Where can I get some? In the refrigerator? Thank you. It’s empty. Empty. There is hardly anything in it. I think this should be
enough for a large. Is that all? Fine. That tasted yuck! Thank you very much madam. Hey doofus! Why is she dancing? I drank the liquor but it got her high.
Strange! Madam! Madam! Hello? Sounds confusing. – It’s Dhanush (celebrity) on the line.
– Dhanush? Then both of you forget Divya! He is going to snatch her
away from both of you! Just talk to him. Hello Dhanush? What are your future plans?
Are you going to snap again? Hey, this ain’t Dhanush. Sounds like some dog
muzzle grasping. How dare your mom insult me by
putting your dog on the line? Your mom is a witch. Only after she passes
away, we will be at peace! Wait! What did you just do? How dare you? It’s brawling time. What do you want madam? – Water.
– Water? Wait. Where can I find some water? No where to be found. Look at the amount
of food in here! So ignorant! Can’t they
store up some water? She looks like she’ll
pass away any minute now. Listen… your house is full of food… but there not a drop of water to be found.
What do I do now? Well, everything’s fair at the
hour of need. Open your mouth. A little more wider. Yes. That’s perfect. What are you feeding her? Well there was no water
so I fed her alcohol. She is fine but dizzy now. I think it’s a heart attack. Heart attack? Let me try performing
the first aid. First google it if
you are not sure. Google it? Wait. Hold on. Wait I’ll search. HART ATTACK. Sir! Hart looks very hot! Show me. That’s indeed hot! Shut up and watch! He curses my mom in front of me! So why shouldn’t I divorce him? Yes! You must. Do it right away. You
can’t get a better place. Shut up you cotton head! Listen, he was just kidding. Don’t mind it Divya. That’s not the point. I’m done with this. Explain him the truth. What is she talking about? Aravind. I’m really sorry. We split up a long time ago. You forgot everything because
you were affected with Amnesia. What is she blabbering? What’s with the divorce? Divya spoke the truth. You only have memories
until your marriage. Everything that
took place after… Well no. Everything was over
on the day of your wedding. Your dad drinks like a fish!
Nothing’s left. Look at that buddy. Don’t worry. I’ll buy more drinks. Awesome! You are the epitome of friendship. Are you crazy? You are drunk. I’ll drive. Just wait. I’ll be back soon. – Don’t forget the munchies!
– Ok. Make it fast. Open the shop you
bloody thieves! I said open! What are you guys doing inside? Why is the shop closed so early? Only god knows! I can’t control it! Open the shutter! What’s the issue? Robbers! They sell the stuff more than
the retail price and over that… they have shut it down way early
to sell the stuff illegally. People like you are the reason for all this.
You just pay up and don’t question them! Open the shutter! I said open! What’s up buddy? Did your girlfriend ditch you? No yours did! Don’t you dare bring
up my girlfriend! All of them here are desperate
for liquor like you. All the liquors cost 100 bucks extra.
So go form a queue. Come on, form a queue. How dare you shut down the
shop before it’s time? Stop talking like your
family runs the government. Don’t you know we
run the show here? So you better take off
before I break your face! Stop it. No! It hurts. Hey stop taking turns. How dare you close a government
shop before it’s time? Over that you mock at me. Aravind, stop it. Let me go Divya. Come on, let’s go. Divya, I said leave. You just laid your hands
on the wrong person! My curses are the worst! I curse you! Your wife will elope
with someone else! You’ll soak in depression and come to this very shop
to buy some liquor! Leave me! What the hell is wrong with you? Why do you indulge in such
uncivilized, indecent shitty spats? He is being unfair. And you say I’m indecent? Indeed. Decent, educated and
civilized people won’t indulge in such activities.
Especially for booze! Only cheap and indecent
people like you does that. Did you just call me cheap? If I had stood up for the rights of the down
trodden then you would have praised me. So standing for the down
trodden is appreciated. But if I fight for my own
rights, you call me cheap! It’s because they know that no one
would revolt owing to decency… they commit such atrocities. All this for what?
Just a little booze? You disgust me Aravind! My mom was right. It’s my mistake. Your mom? If I owned couple of BMW… your mom would have fell for me. Don’t you boast about her to me. Indeed! Indeed my mom is greedy… but she has taught
me good values. She didn’t leave me
like your mom did. Shut up Divya! You don’t know a
zilch about my mom. The whole town knows about her. Your mom is a hooker… Your dad? A drunkard. And you are no less! Like father! Like son! Shut up! One more word and… I’ll go mad! Divya, don’t cry. – Divya.
– Don’t touch me. – Divya don’t cry. I can’t bear it.
– I said don’t touch me. You are intimidating! Just listen to me. Don’t touch me. Divya, please. Just listen to me. – You are intimidating!
– Divya please. Divya! Divya! It’s true! God does exist! Mind it. That was my curse at work! Now that was a very bad curse! Say whatever you want but she
shouldn’t be so hot headed. What a crazy bi…. bitter woman. What does that mean? Nerd! Crazy ‘Bitter’ woman… A woman who gets sloshed
and goes crazy. Similarly… even when is sober she
will raise hell! Nothing can make
such a woman happy. Men are like the liquor bottle. Empty or full, either
way the Crazy ‘Bitter’ woman is going to crash
you right on the floor! How dare you call me a Crazy
‘Bitter’ woman you Cotton head? Did you just call
me a Cotton head? I, cotton head, have
nailed so many wo…. I meant, have nailed
many wooden boxes. Shall I show you? Not interested.
Keep your distance. Dear… you heard him. Keep
your distance. Shut up you numbnuts! Now move! Well good. I can see
you are intimidated. I can’t bear if anything happens
to you, my dear Shilpa. Are you ok baby? Thank you. Ok, what happened then? And then… like they say, someone’s
loss is another’s gain. Deepa came into Aravind’s
life as a blessing. What do you mean? Did something
happen between them? Of course, they were
in a relationship. In fact they were deep in love. Until he lost his memory. Natraj… you better be serious. Yes, you better be serious. I am! You forgot everything. If you still doubt
me, ask Deepa. This is not looking good. Yes. Aravind and myself are in a relationship. What? Aravind loves you? Of course. He loves me or loves me not… what bothers you? Correct! What bothers you? Don’t believe their stories.
This is all a set up! Deepa… now don’t score an own goal! Aren’t you convinced yet? Shall I show you the
medical reports? Medical reports? Yes Aravind. I’ve undergone abortion twice
and that’s because of you. Here are the reports. She just nailed the final
nail into his mouth! After sowing all the wild oats;
you claim that you love me? Nothing of such sorts
ever happened between us. – Divya…
– But how could you? And that too with her? – Deepa! Divya!
– Ewww! Yuck. Look here. They are taking advantage
of my condition and… using it against me. This whole bunch is a fraud! There is nothing going
on between me and Deepa. How do you know that? Aren’t you amnesiac? Oh god! I am not amnesiac. It’s a lie. I adored the way you gave me
attention when I became amnesiac. So I played along. I love you Divya. Deepa and myself never… You are a compulsive
liar Aravind. You keep proving over and again that I
made the right decision by leaving you. Anyway. Like they say, why
should be I bothered? I give a damn. I don’t care even if you die! What did you just say Divya? You don’t care even if I die? So you don’t care even if I die? Fine. So be it. I shall die. All of you live in peace. Well that is impossible. It looks like we all
are going to die. What? You are a bad omen! Talk about dying and… we are caught in a whirlpool. I guess this is it. We
are all going to die. Let’s all better have
our confessions ready before facing St. Peters
at the pearly gates. Spread around. Don’t
gather on one side! The boat’s tilting. Oh my god! Please forgive my sins.
Please save me. Natraj! What is it? Forgive me! For what? Remember you were caught in school
for carrying erotic magazines? Yes. It was the talk of the
whole school back then! It was me who read that book… and placed it in your bag. I’m so sorry. You cheat! Divya please forgive me! In anger, I spit on your coffee.
Every single time. I’m sorry. I love sucking ever
since childhood! I meant thumb sucking. I still do it. Look everyone’s insulting me. Hey Divya… the other day, after boozing I kissed
your friend thinking it was you. Sorry! Sorry! Hey. Watch out. Be careful. Me too, after boozing… I kissed your friend thinking it was you.
It was actually dark. Sorry Divya. Arjun? No one ever kissed me that day. Both were drunk and it was dark. You both had kissed each other. Super Shilpa! I love you Shilpa! Sorry brother. I am not Shilpa. My real name was Sundaram! What the..! I went abroad for a sex change. Oh lord! You could have save us from
this whirlpool a bit early. I would have been saved from listening
to all those yucky confessions. Where do such people come from? My ears can’t take any more. Divya! Natty will never disturb me
after that shock treatment. You are retard! Was that the time to play prank? Divya, listen to me. I need some time with you.
Please. I.. Aravind please. Stop torturing me. Divya… I can’t digest whatever
I heard so far. Hello. Tell me uncle. Listen to me Divya… – There is nothing between me and Deepa.
– I don’t want to hear. Ok uncle. I’ll convey it. – Try to understand.
– Calm down. Divya you are over reacting. Divya. Stop this craziness. Divya. Stop it now. Divya! What? Your mom… What happened to my mom? After she spoke to you.. she has been admitted
in a hospital. What happened? Heart attack. Oh! Oh! If something happens to my mom… Divya, shall we start? Let’s go see your mom first. Come on. Mom. How do you feel now? How did this happen? Mom! Mom! Sister what is happening to her? Quick! Call the doctor. – Please sister.
– Please wait. Do something. What is it? Mom! Sister hurry up. – What is it?
– Something at the door is bothering her – How is she now?
– How dare you? Divya… it’s embarrassing. Like that is going to
make a difference! Listen to me. Divya. Divya. It’s embarrassing. Get lost! Leave me for good. Go die! Stop troubling me. Stay away from my life. Even a dog… never returns back to a place
where it is chased away. Don’t you understand? Stop clinging on to me and
making my life a living hell. I don’t care if you don’t sign the
divorce papers. Just get lost. I don’t wish to
see you any more! My dear better half… don’t you distant yourself from me. It makes me realize how much you
mean to me and it’s killing me. All that I ever
imagined was… a happy little world of our own. Everyday of my life
here onwards… are the days I’ll go through
cherishing the memories of our love. You aren’t gone and
yet I’m searching for you. You aren’t gone and
yet I can’t find you. You aren’t gone and
yet I’m searching for you. You are the only reason I
would like to celebrate this life until I
reach the cross line. When I look around, I only see
the times we spent together. I hope time would soon bring us
together; as I wait for it. When I remember your smiling face;
tears roll down my cheeks. Every time I close my eyes, I open
it in a new world along with you. You aren’t gone and
yet I’m searching for you. You aren’t gone and
yet I can’t find you. You aren’t gone and
yet I’m searching for you. You are the only reason I
would like to celebrate this life until I
reach the cross line. You aren’t gone and yet
I’m searching for you. You aren’t gone and
yet I can’t find you. You aren’t gone and yet
I’m searching for you. You are the only reason I
would like to celebrate this life until I
reach the cross line. Aravind. Aravind. Shilpa, once you are done with
the luggage, go get Divya. This is like mad
dog chasing cars. Neither the dog will
be able to catch it… nor does it know what to
do even if it catches one. That’s how it’s for you. So forget it. Who in the hell do you
think you are? I would have put an end
to everything back then. You were the one who advised
me not to let her go. You are the one who confused
me and dragged me into this. And now you come and
speak philosophies! Sit down. I get that you are furious. It’s hard to let go of the
girl you loved so deep. But what’s even more hard is to force her
to stay, when she has decided to leave you. Looks like I’m destined
to lose the ones I love. My mother never cared while
leaving me and now Divya. Shut up! The whole world can talk
ill of your mother… but not you. It was because of you she left. You were around 3
years old then… and like all the boys… you were dear to your mom. You were the apple of her eyes. She would pamper you always. She was very genuine. She took good care of us… but not herself. So one day… she just went to bed as
she felt a little dizzy. Later she was bed ridden. You were so attached
to her. Hence her death would bring
down your whole world crashing. So she didn’t want you
to incur that pain. So she left a letter… and went away. She died in loneliness. I still miss her a lot. But it’s for your happiness… I don’t show it out. I know what’s in your mind. Look… I still love your mother. But she is no more. Life never stops for anyone. It goes on. It’s up to us to
stay happy or sad. Shankari brings happiness
into my life now. Just because someone left you,
your life cannot become stagnant. Aravind… life is not about living it off. Life is a celebration. Celebrate every day. You have been watering the plants for long.
Let me help you. You chase me down and
play with my heart. I am frozen in time
with memories of you. Your warmth doesn’t
feel like home anymore. I am not myself anymore. This is it. I have lost
myself just like you. So hold me back and let
me be yours again. Your love is all I need. Yes, that is all I need. Your love is all I need. Yes, that is all I need. Your love is all I need. Don’t we pay for it?
We are paying cash! Get me a new bowl of soup. I’ll replace it. I’m nervous Arjun. Hey mom. Hey dad. – This is Divya.
– Greetings. Come here. You are way beautiful than I imagined.
Have a seat. Thanks aunty. I’m very happy. I always feared that he might
elope with a foreign chick. But now, after meeting you… I’m at peace. She looks very graceful. Indeed. Very beautiful. Thanks aunty. You too look very beautiful. Thank you so much. Indeed. Correct. – You guys continue. I’ll be back.
– Ok. I’ll be back. Hello. So… looks like you guys are already
a couple before the marriage. Well he is a boy… What’s wrong with you? Don’t you feel shameless? Going around,
wandering and enjoying together with him? No shame at all! Excuse me mam. Your soup. Place it and leave. – Fine, he might have forced you.
– Yes. Indeed. So what are your marriage plans? Or are you guys already married? My mom suggested that the marriage
should be a very small affair. Well, you must have already
had few grand marriages. Hence your mom thinks this
one shouldn’t be so grand. It’s not the same
case with my son. – Yes. Indeed.
– This is the first time. In our family, we only
get married once. His first bicycle that we
bought him during childhood… to the Audi car that he owns now… is all brand new. First hand. But that’s not the case
with his life partner. Aravind… how would have you reacted
if you were here? Uncle… stop being her side kick. You dummy! Instead being a
dummy like you… it’s better to leave as many as
partners who treat you so and… marry the one who let’s
you be yourself. What happened? Where is your smile? Are you worried that
I spat in your soup? I did it right in front of you. Now,the chef inside
could have spat in it. Then… the waiter, whom
you had abused… He could have spat in it. But look at the soup. it appears brand new
and first hand. Made just for you. It’s all in our mind. Our thoughts make
us what we are. Got it? One more thing uncle. Your soup… isn’t fresh. Yes, indeed. Take care. Expect me to be a good wife to your son
and good daughter-in-law for the family. Don’t expect me to
be a loyal pet. If that is what you
are expecting then… I’m so sorry. If this pet gets furious… it’ll aim right
for your throat! Cheer up. Tell me why? I thought I’ve moved on! I hate you Aravind! I hate you! Is it impossible to forget you? Stop messing with my
head and leave me. Arjun? What are you doing in
the ladies restroom? What’s wrong with you? Divya… life isn’t permutation and combinations. You must be have had lot
of expectations, since childhood about the guy
you are going to married. That is me. Our pair will look very good
on the invitation cards. But the reality? Aravind, who is quite opposite
to all your expectation… is the one you really love. So… have a clear mind about
what you need in your life. Don’t be confused. Or else… you’ll find yourself lamenting in
the gents restroom. Brother… well boozing so early? I feel pity for you. Relax. The only thing
permanent in life…. is this. It gives you company during
happiness, sorrow, depression… in fact it accompanies
you till death. If a situation arises where I have to
choose between the booze or a woman… I’ll blindly choose the boo… I’ll blindly choose the booze. Now that was an
awesome philosophy! Here, it’s complimentary. How about that? Excuse me brother… it’s cold. Take it. It’s so pathetic that I’ve
to listen to your advise. It makes me furious! It’s better for you
that I leave… and so for me. Hey! Here, put them
back in the freezer. Wait and watch, he’ll
come back in the night. I understand. You are thinking that I come to
you and leave you as I wish. You are thinking that I’ll kiss you even
after I had decided to marry another guy. Don’t you feel like
questioning me? Definitely. But I wouldn’t have
been so polite. What happened? Did your fiance dump you? He understood who has my heart. Just like you said… we were friends. Then we were in a relationship. But… after our marriage, we never
lived a couple’s life. Legally, I’m still your wife. No Divya. I don’t know why. But I can’t do this. I did crazy things
to win you back. When you left me yesterday… I was broken. Everything’s changed. I feel entirely different. I don’t know when this will change. I don’t know if it will change. You are the only reason I
would like to celebrate this life until I
reach the cross line. You aren’t gone and yet
I’m searching for you. You aren’t gone and
yet I can’t find you. You aren’t gone and yet
I’m searching for you. You are the only reason I
would like to celebrate this life until I
reach the cross line.


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