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Kim Kardashian Hollywood Hack – Unlimited Money and Stars Android & IOS 2018

KIm Kardashian Hollywood Hack – Learn how
to Hack Kim Kardashian Hollywood!


  1. Carter Lance Author

    Hey guys, as of uploading this, I can verify the hack still WORKS. WATCH THE VIDEO and then TRY IT before you say it doesn't! However, if after trying it, it doesn't work for you, I can generate the money, stars, and energy for your Kim Kardashian Game acc myself (I've done it for my friends that were sketched out). That said, I will ONLY do it for you if you:

    1. Like and share this video ✔️
    2. Subscribe to my channel ✔️
    3. Write the your contact details in the comments section ✔️

    Once you've done this and tried the hack yourself, if for some reason it didn't work, I'll help you out.

  2. Melina Wen Author

    Truly impressive video tutorial and it's working. Wants Unlimited Money and Stars for Kim Kardashian Hollywood on any device, Then watch this right now and complete the steps carefully and successfully. Now, Enjoy the game with unlimited fun. Visit the link for more.

  3. Jovan Mitrovic Author

    wow i really love the fact that this is a good working hack for this game. thanks so much . i have been looking for something like this for so long

  4. Kemal Fatih Author

    Using this trick i even made money. My friends doesnt know how to get codes free and i sell them codes 🙂 Thank you for making me rich 🙂

  5. Sanki Mohanty Author

    It’s completely fake even the comments saying it’s working is fake , I tried it so many times just wasted fucking 1 hour of my life

  6. Tracey Wingfield Author

    Do not trust these sites they are deemed backward site. Things to know:

    1. Look at the commentors. On YouTube video, most if not all commentor are fake. No history or subscriptions.
    2. Every comment is posted on the same date on YT vid.
    3. Or you will not be able to see any comments on the YT vid.
    4. The site ask you for a username but you don't even have username on ok Hollywood.
    5. The site will never give you resources. It will lead you to download 3-4 apps of which a few has subscriptions ranging from $15 a month to $169 a year. If forget you will be charged.
    6. BTW why would a hack need to verify your human to stop abuse when it is abusing the game it hacks.
    7. Why would you need to download 3-4 apps to prove your human. Wouldn't 1 be enough.
    8. These apps opens sockets in your device to track your app activity, passwords, and more.
    9. Please don't be fooled. This goes for anytime you see this type of app.

  7. steph lihzis Author

    I am having trouble with hack to get more stars and cash I tried it twice can you help me my username Steph Lihzis and I use a Samsung galaxy tablet tab a can you please help me

  8. Mariah Charleton Author

    Cannot get it to work for the life of me been trying so many hacks all day 😩 also I liked and subscribed to this channel! Please and thank you 🙏❤️

    Device: android
    Amount: highest available

  9. Nightmares Frightmares Author

    Hey could do this cheat for me, because clearly it doesn't work me. I have an iPhone and my game center name is TheGuardian19 and my character's name is Rouge. It would help a lot!

  10. Mariah Brasch Author

    Im fucking sick of these hacks not working i tried a whole bunch even this one none of them work i do as the instructions say but i still get nothing my K- stars , cash and energy always stay the same even after i do exactly what im supposed to they never work for me its both annoying, irritating and im tired of getting my hopes up and nothing happens 😭😭😭😭😤😤😤


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