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King Kong (1/10) Movie CLIP – Human Sacrifice (2005) HD

Kong. Spread out! Find her! Miss Darrow! Check up there, Jimmy!
Everybody stay together! Ann! She’s here somewhere!


  1. Villi Millio Author

    99% of all viewers are wrong about the purpose of that gigantic stone wall the natives erected. Really, there's a larger misconception in general of the relationship between the natives, Kong, and the wall. Everyone thinks the natives built the wall to keep Kong out of their village. That's incorrect. Kong has tremendous leaping & climbing abilities, unmatched brute strength, and remarkably high intelligence. There are also big doors the natives built into the wall that an intelligent primate could easily open. This animal climbed the skyscrapers of Manhattan effortlessly; this crude, primitive wall presented no challenge to him. The wall wasn't built to keep Kong out– It was built to keep the dinosaurs & other dangerous monstrosities on the island out. The tiny human population on the island was constantly under siege by both the carnivorous dinosaurs wanting to eat them & by the migrating herds of very large plant-eating dinosaurs, because the plant-eaters were desperately seeking to claim & conquer new territory– territory away from the lethal carnivores on the island that hunted them everyday. Every species on the island wanted the humans dead it seemed. All except for one– Kong. Kong had no reason to want to hurt/kill the humans, and he also helped the natives by fighting & killing the dinosaurs in the island's jungle interior. The natives were thankful for their mighty protector who was helping to ensure their survival. Naturally, they worshipped Kong as their god– viewing him as an immensely strong benevolent deity fighting to keep them safe. To keep Kong pleased with them(his loyal subjects), in addition to demonstrating their gratitude for all he has done so far, the natives offer him female sacrifices to become "brides of Kong".

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  5. I am The Batman Author

    Saw this movie today as a deal extended version for $4,99 on ITunes. Bought the 3 and a half hour version. Remembered this scene. No regrets. Man they really know how to build tension don’t they?

  6. robert lavallee Author

    I'm sorry though the first 3/4's of the movie are good,Peter Jackson turned the last part into a joke,an insult to King Kong,an though I don't blame the actress,I think they could have worked more fear emanating from her,she just looks stunned,a few more screams would have been nice,this is suppose to be the 30's,this experience would have been beyond anything she could have dealt with rationally for a woman of that time,she would have been in an intense state of terror and reacting to that terror,that's part of what ruined the movie for me,raised on the 1933 version.

  7. Johanna Oznowicz aka Fuzzy Bunny Slippers Author

    Ya know, for a group of people who never even made it to college, those islanders had amazing engineering skills. How did they design such an intricate bridge?!?!

  8. TheTruthIsGonnaHurt Author

    Imagine the PTSD living as a tribesman on Skull Island. The humans were on the bottom of the food chain.
    Cannibalism wasn't by choice, its because everything else was too damn strong to kill.


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