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Kristen Wiig Gives Her Best Despicable Me Voice Acting Exertions

-You watch “Despicable Me 3,”
and you see, oh, there’s a chemistry there. You’re not even
in the same room, right? -No, we’re not. We get to do
press and stuff together. -He loves you so much.
-I love him. -He was like, “Dude,
I love hanging out with her. We don’t get to spend time
doing the movie.” -We have so much fun.
-It’s great. -Yeah.
-And they do it again, Illumination,
with these Minion movies. It’s just, like,
a tricky, cool plot. It’s good for adults,
as well as kids. -Yeah.
-Trey Parker is hilarious. -He’s so funny.
-Oh, my gosh. -He’s — Yeah. I mean, duh.
-Bart — Bart — No. -Balthazar Bratt. -Balthazar Bratt
is what he plays. He’s a new villain.
And he’s a ’80s former kid star. -Yes.
-In the ’80s, he was on a sitcom called “Evil Bratt”
or something. -Yeah, yeah, yeah. -And his catchphrase was
“I’ve been a bad boy.” [ Laughter ] Then they cancel the series, and he becomes, like,
a mean, like — -He wants to seek revenge
on Hollywood, and that’s the villain. -So he’s still in his costume.
-Yes. -But now he’s an older man. He
has a mustache and a bald spot. -Yeah. And a ponytail.
-And a ponytail. -And a mullet.
-And mullet. And he goes, “I’ve been
a bad boy,” if he does stuff. It’s so good. It made me laugh. But you know
what I was really thinking of? This is — I’m watching it. And you’re fantastic in it.
I know your voice. So I go — I’m watching it. And, of course,
that’s what an adult does. My kids don’t even know
about voices or anything. I’m just like, “That’s Kristen!” But I also knew
it was your voice when you were like —
you fall down or do something. And you’re like, “Ooh!” -That’s the most uncomfortable
thing to record. At the very end of the session, they’re like, “Okay,
we need to get exertions.” [ Laughter ] -So you’re like —
-Exertions? -That’s what they call them.
Exertions. And they’re like, “All right,
so, can you just give us…” You know,
and there’s, like, the glass, and you’re by yourself,
and everyone’s watching. They’re like, “Can you give us
five different, like…” -Grunts.
…leaping and punching. And, like, you’ve fallen,
and you’ve landed on the ground, and you have to…”
O-kay. Here we go. -Well, I just want to know if you could maybe give us
some exertion sounds. I had a feeling. As soon
as you grabbed your paper. -Grab it. Very subtle. All right. This is a — -Oh, this is it?
-This is a working microphone. This is your microphone.
-Oh, no. I’m so bad at these. Exertion sounds.
No, these are great. -Okay.
-Can you give us a karate fight? -Hee! Hoy! Tsha! [ Laughter ] -All right. We got that one.
We’re still recording. -They usually say,
“We don’t have it.” -We don’t have it.
Give us more? Lifting a car. -Hunh-eeeohhhaahhh! [ Laughter ] -Scaring away a seagull. -He– Get — Do– Get! [ Laughter ] It’s, like, so bad. -Hyoh! Go! Ge– Ge–! -It’s like
I’m afraid to say words. -I know.
-Okay. -Night terrors.
-What? -Night terrors.
-Oh. -[ Quivering ] [ Laughter ] That’s what you’re… -Yeah, that’s good.
And finally a rage scream. -Oh, I’m so bad at screaming.
-You are. -Yes.
-You’re not a scream queen. -I can’t — no.
-No? I’m bad at screaming, too. -I’m so — There’s a scene
in “Zoolander 2” where I had to scream,
and it was so bad, they had to put
someone else’s voice in it. -Really?
-Yes, ’cause I was like — Ohh-ahh!
Like, I was, like, singing. Like, I can’t —
-I can’t scream, either. -I cannot scream.
-Like, when would you scream? Like, on a roller coaster?
-Yes. But I was made fun of
on a roller coaster ’cause my friend at the time
was like, “You sound like an 1800s woman.” Just like, “Ohh! Oo-oo-oo-aah!” -That’s what you sound like
on a roller coaster? -That’s what I sound like
on a roller coaster. [ Laughter ] -All right. Good.
I won’t make you scream. -Please don’t.
-I won’t do it. I want to show a clip,
no screaming. This is Kristen Wiig
in “Despicable Me 3” in theaters Friday.
Check this out. -You saw a for-real,
like, unicorn?! What did it look like?!
[ Gasps ] Did you pet it?! Did it smell like candy?! Was it…fluffy?! -It was so fluffy. I thought I was gonna die! -Mmmmmmm… [ Screaming ] [ Glass shatters ] -[ Gasps ] Agnes! Hyah! Anh! Hyeh! Hunh! Ha! Goal! Excuse me!
-Aah! -Don’t worry! I’m here! Are you okay? -Yeah, we’re fine. Are you? -Unicorns are really real! And I’m gonna find o-o-o-one! -Sorry. Heh.
Went a little mama bear on you. You know,
I heard a scream and — -Aah!
-Yeah, okay. Have a good one. -Hyah! Hah! Hah! Hyeh! Hyeh!
Hah! Hah! Hah!


  1. Катя Ятак Author

    Can someone on Jimmy's team do a transcript of how many words Jimmy speaks vs the guest? Jimmy doesn't understand the value of listening. Jimmy, get out of your head!

  2. Eliseo Lera Author

    Several years ago, I fell in love with Kristen and I still do. She's a great perfomer and so cute. But my wife is so gorgeous and I love her so much… Sorry, Kristen… You came too late. But you're so amazing. Keep it that way…

  3. Chris Wright Author

    Jimmy is a guy who has never got in serious contact with the darkness in his soul. He tries so hard to be this nice, affable, neutered clown, and he comes off as more gross and repulsive than someone who is more open and honest and real about themselves.

  4. Annie-Rose McKenzie Bone Author

    I honestly love Kristen and the way she plays Lucy is so dorky and perfect, she's one of my favourite characters in the series. Truly an underrated gem

  5. Helen Albiston Author

    I think I need to start counting the times Jimmy slaps his desk and brings his head down in just one interview with Kristen Wiig.


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    2. Ghostbusters, Sausage Party 2016
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    Love those movies, and The Looney Tunes. She is awesome. 💙💜❤💛❤💚💙


    Respectfully: I 💛 her. She's beautiful. She's kool. And funny. Paul. Her word r fucking strong. "Couple times, I see him scratches Spacemen balls". LOL 👾 I love it… … happy birthday Kristen Wiig. May the Peace be with u. Bow Chicka Bow Wow. LOL 💛💛❤💙💛


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