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La Liceale – Film Completo Full Movie Multi Subs by Film&Clips

The High School Student – Give me a ride? – Get in Idiot! Who wants you? This statue represents one of the
great achievements of Greek art. It’s a beautiful figure with
sinuous, innovative curves… …in a pose of abandonment. Let’s hear from Colini. Open your legs. Help me, Loredana. Let’s take a look. Try to remember… …to recognize this
image, on the board. Look closely. Concentrate. I think I’ve seen her somewhere. Bravo. Where? Maybe in a movie. Everyone stripped! Silence! It is the Aphrodite of Knidos. Sculpted by the same Praxiteles. An artist who drew… …of female beauty. With an
elegant cloak that highlights… …this marvelous nude. Colini, tell us who
inspired his best work… Loredana, open up! Who can say? Bravo, exactly! They were dedicated to
Athena, Aphrodite, Venus… …as the prototype of classical beauty. Because… …it’s typical of Greek art
of the IV and V century… …this cult of the
fi… human figure… …and especially… …of beauty, but in particular… …that of women. You will remember the names exactly. Not only Praxiteles… …but Fidia, Mirone, Scopas… …Scopas, for certain!
Scopas above all. He was an artist of
very dramatic trends… Loredana! Do you like it? Sciacca! What is that paper? A sketch, Professor! Let me see it. Hurry, give it to me. Like Garibaldi, I obey! What is it? Did you do this? It’s a sketch of love! I, too, am tormented by
female beauty, like Praxiteles. I always have it here! Whose spherical form is this? It’s Loredana’s ass! I’ll take it! It’s a kidnapping of ass! If you come to my studio, I’ll
make a beautiful painting of you. Completely in oil. In oil? Better in vaseline! I’m only going for the painting. Promise. On my honor as a “Sicilian”. Then I’ll go, but if you get sneaky… Okay. Loredana, wait! You’re
going with Petruccio? You’re not coming to see the new house? I’ll see you around 4. Okay, I’ll wait for you. Can I go too? No. Kiss the hand! Bye, Lucia. That smell!? It’s my
brother, he’s a mechanic. He’s a wise-ass! This place is quiet, convenient. It’s just you and me! You didn’t bring me
here to “check the body”? No, come in! Make yourself comfortable. I’ve sworn on my honor. Honor of a “Sicilian”. That smell! Do you and
your brother collect smells? It’s turpentine, an aphrodisiac! How nice. Did you do it? A little touch-up! It’s from an antiques dealer’s shop. You’re also a forger! I paint paintings,
and my brother’s cars. You need to make yourself
comfortable, right here… Oh my God! Relax. Let’s begin. Will my painting be only a portrait
or a full figure? Full figure. Holy Mother! You’re naked! What kind of a painter are you?
Haven’t you ever seen a naked woman? I have. And I expect
a quarter this time. Will you make a beautiful painting? How can I paint? You’re naked! Something sweet and oily! My Loredana! This body… What’s wrong? Let go! Let go, Petruccio! Are you insane? Please! Petruccio! Beautiful! Let go! Gross forgerer! Yes! You’re beautiful! Oh God! Did I hurt you? Forgive me! I forgive you, but he doesn’t! Don’t push me away! Loredana! But I love you! But I don’t! Sometimes I don’t understand you.
Why do you hang-out with that crowd? A pip-squeak barely
over four feet tall? Without money or car. He’s an intelligent guy. What do you do with intelligence? It doesn’t improve any place I go. This house is beautiful.
Where did you get the money? It’s enough to have taste
and you know what to do. A touch here and there… …and you’re done. You can tell me. We’re friends, right? I fixed it up. My mother put
some money away on the sly. Care for a whiskey? No, thanks. A guy should be stopping
by later, a friend… …but if you stay, I’ll send
him away. No, Monica, I can’t. Is this guy your
boyfriend? What boyfriend? Men disgust me. They only think in bed. You remember Paul?
He wanted to marry me. Marry? He needed a maid and one
that satisfies his cravings. I would be breaking my
back to wash his shirts. I prefer to break it in another way. You have a beautiful blouse. What is that noise? Come on, I’ll show you. Get up. Come on. My neighbor’s home. This was a single apartment,
then it was divided into two. Come see. What’s there to see? Shh. Speak softly. Now let’s enjoy ourselves. What rapture! Stop it! Look, that beautiful garden. I’ve always liked it. Turn over, I’ll show you
something I learned in India. It’s a crazy move! Here it is! Now, standing. We don’t
even know each other yet! Pleasure. Carletto Rossi. Salesman. Come on. You’re a bull-shitter? Come on, say a few words in my ear. Say the word. It excites me. My wife doesn’t say
anything. Are you coming? No. What? We’ll come together. In the bar they call me “Virilino. ” Can your friend take me home? Sure. Bye and thanks. No problem. See you tomorrow. Ciao. Ciao, beautiful. See you. Ciao. My love, come! Is it the door? My baby’s back. Hide. The baby? Where do I
hide? Can you see me? Are you sure you don’t see me? Osvaldina. It’s a young girl! Loredana? Yes, mama? You’re here already? Why
did you come back so soon? We were bored. You’re usually not home ’til 11. You seem unhappy. No, quite the opposite. I only said it because
you usually come home late. Actually, I did want to ask you to
live your life a little more dignified. Just leave me alone. I have the right to
speak, I am your mother. Don’t start with the
nagging, I don’t like it. We’re not at a cafeteria.
Eat as God commands. Which commandment is that? Don’t be a smarty-pants. Where’re you going? To check the washing machine. Osvaldo. Hurry, come on. I’m not dressed. Hurry. She won’t see me? Go there. Run, hurry up. I fell. Go. One second, your shoes. Wait here. It look’s
like an umbrella shop. Wait a minute. Go. When will we see each other? Loredana? Did you eat the cheese? I’m not a mouse! “How are you going to support
such a woman? Leave her, asshole!” It’s one word. That is
jealousy, it’s killing me. I have a surprise. There’s
a good-looking guy coming. What about me? Who looks at you?
He’s coming with Professor Mancinelli. You’ll see, Lucia, this
time will be good for you. Just such a beautiful guy is right here. Who? I am. Kiss the hand. He’s a wonderful boy. Dark-haired… tall. Guys… come together. I present to you a new
classmate. His name is Montrone. Gianni Montrone. He
has studied in America Must be with the C.I.A. No, I’m James Bond. I hope that you will adjust quickly. Your father worked in America? Everywhere, he’s an industrialist. Sit. Everyone in their own place. Don’t start with the usual chaos. Let’s see… who shall we call on today? What do you think? He’s full of hot-air. Today we’ll ask… let’s see now. Loredana. Help me. If I’m called, you’ll do it? I’ll help you. Sciacca. I knew it. Bring your book. So, let’s see… open to page 223. Canto XXIII. Go ahead, read. “The while among the verdant leaves… ” Slowly. A bit of sentiment. It is an interpretation. ” I riveted, as he is wont to do” Who wastes his life
pursuing little birds,” Yes. Go on. Continue. I am continuing. Don’t get agitated. My more than Father said unto me: Son, Come now, because the
time that is ordained us… More usefully should be
apportioned out. I turned my face… …and no less soon my steps… Unto
the Sages, who were speaking so… They made the going of no cost to me; Who the hell wrote this? …They made the going of no cost to me; And lo! were heard a song
and a lament, “Labia mea… Read. I read it, I read everything. Good! Continue. Lips. Mine, in fashion… Such that delight and
dolence it brought forth. I knew that with birds went a baby! “O my sweet father, what
is this I hear? Began I;… and he answered:”Shades that go Perhaps
the knot unloosing of their debt. ” Did I do it wrong? No, not at all. I’m fine. Silence! Woe to those who move. What a “bomb”! Have you seen this guys? It’s really flashy. Is it yours? I’m sure I didn’t steal it. Come on. Do you want me to beg? No, I enjoy bike riding. What are you doing? Are you going? I’ll call you later. Loredana. You’re not coming with me? No. Another time. Ciao. Loredana. Death to all Americans! Those Americans are sons of bitches,
they think everyone wants to be Kissinger. Thanks, you’re so cute! How thoughtful! What the fuck did you say? You hate me because I’m
not going to bed with you. Oh, you think!? Monica want a ride? One day, when you have a
Rolls Royce, maybe I will. You have a fine ass. I’m going to walk. Lucia, don’t be mad. Get on, come on. Sure. Is this okay? But don’t grab my arms. Is this better? Not so tight, darling. Damn. How long have you lived in America? I was born there, but I’m
half Italian. Are you cold? My hands. Does this bother you? Not really. That’s better. Do you agree with your father? Why do you want to know? It’s a way to make you talk. Crazy! Loredana stripped right
here in front of you? Stripped, naked and raw. There’s a saying: “Before
art, remove your panties… ‘ “… and put them aside. Weren’t you excited? For me; nude women are my daily bread. Jump on the stool, let’s begin. Do you want me sitting or standing? Sitting… like Mona Lisa. You have to appear
short-sighted… myopic. Is this good? Lucia, you’re naked! The Mona Lisa is dressed. Who cares. I’m not well today. Kitten! Don’t rape me! You look like a lion. The last cry of the jungle! I surrender! You wouldn’t be a gay painter? Painter… yes. But a man! Charge! Enough! I don’t want any more. Let go! Wait, Loredana! What is going on in your head? You’re naked as a worm… …that springs sex from every pore
and you want me to do the crosswords? Stay in the water, you’ll
see it start to boil. First you get me hot and then you
run away? What changed your mind? You’re worse than a
whore. I can make you pay. At school you didn’t show more
than your thighs. You provoked me! You just want to do some petting, you
want to get to your wedding a virgin. Why did you do this to me?
What are you trying to prove? That you’re a saint? No, it’s just that I
don’t feel like it today. Go home alone. Cover
yourself or you might rust. Gianni. Wait. Gianni. Wait. What’ll I do here alone? Kiss the hand. Hello. Yesterday, Petruzzio and I
took a stroll. He’s very shy. If you don’t mind I’ll sit here. Be seated and silent. Please, right here, professor. As you know, Professor Mancinelli
will be absent for a while. He needs an operation. On the prostate. Fuck. No need to elaborate. Given that some time will pass
before he can return here… …since we are behind schedule… …he will be replaced
with Professor Guidi… …an invaluable young man prepared
in all subjects of literature. Too good. I hope you work with him… …deepening your
preparation for final exams. As you have already done with
the beloved Professor Mancinelli. Amen. How witty! Do your job! I’ll accompany you, Mr. Principal. They had such disrespect… don’t worry. Hurray! Silence. What is going on? Yeh! Are we perhaps at a rally? Professor. Guys, silence. Give the word professor. The idiot has spoken. Now
he’s also the moderator. Now give a speech: he asks. Let’s see… We started well. Today we will be busy with Romanticism.
Who wants to come forward? Come on, there… Miss, you come on. Me? Yes, you. Come on don’t be afraid. I
see you’re reluctant, timid. Would you mind if I question you? Actually, it’s fun! It’s like a talk show. A bit of silence. We are not at the market.
If you are finished… …I would like to continue.
With your permission. Romanticism was born in Germany… …as a reaction to the
dominance of French culture. What? I gotta go. Sit down. But I have to… Okay, learn to do the “Gaga”! What kind of culture was there
in France? If you remember? I wasn’t born yet. Neither was I nor my grandfather. But if you would have
studied, you would have known. It was a culture ilu… Illusory? Illustrated? Enlightenment! But where are we? I must clarify one thing. I am a man, and much
more modestly, a teacher. As a man I admire your
beauty, your vivacity… …but as a teacher, I can not
tolerate someone taking me… …for an ass. Your seat. Four. Four? Four because you know a little… …otherwise it would been zero. Like so. You kept provoking the idiot. Didn’t he have to respond? And he mocks and insults. The gesture he made at the end… …you know what it meant. I’d
like to see him do it to my face. Have your paintings of me dried? And the photo? Good-day. Bye. How are you going to teach him? I have a beautiful idea. Loredana, come with me. Not today Gianni. Because he tormented me…
I’ll give him a lesson. You’ll make him jealous. Professor, give me a ride? I don’t know if I’m
going to the same street? Which way are you going? Christopher Columbus. Perfect! Me too. Look at this combination. Since when are the students
accompanied by the teachers? Tell me!? You are a special teacher. Are you pulling my leg? I would never… …with someone as kind
and intelligent as you… You have a beautiful virile nose. What about my nose? Stay calm. Don’t do anything. She wants to tease me. I am an excitable man. You are a girl. If the President
sees us messing around… …my career would go down the drain. This is a black period for me,
I am on the edge of suicide. What are you saying? You’re the only one who can help me. You seem a bit strange to me… …first you mock me then you ask
for my help. You’re all mixed up. You’re right, but let’s forget the past. I need a strong, intelligent,
bold man like you. What are you saying? You’re scaring me. If we’re seen together,
it would be a scandal. Everything you say is true and proper… Stay in your shoes… Stay calm, don’t get me excited. Stay calm. These things that… you can’t excite me like that! Help me, I beg you. You must stop touching me, tickling me. Where are your manners?
I’m in a difficult position. If the Superintendent sees us,
he’ll send me to the mountain. At 4000 meters high.
I’ll be a frozen teacher. You’re kidding? Wickedness! We’re not going to do it. Don’t look, give me
time to compose myself. What? Turn around. What a calamity! Unthinkable things are happening. My car is a hotel room. Have you composed yourself or not? You can turn around. Let us be clear. You are wrong, I can not help you.
You should speak to your mother. My mother must not know anything. Very well. Thank you and excuse me venting. What are you doing now? Blessed Virgin. Look at this mess the
first day of school! But it’s okay. It’s going fine!? Gianni, our teacher is a sexual maniac. He tried to rape me. What did he do? You’re upset. That pig. He put his hands on you? He’s a maniac, he had to
understand that it’s abnormal. He took my panties. He deserves a lesson. Ohh. What’s happening? Oh God. Is this a kidnapping? What do you want? Have you gone mad? What’s
gotten into your head? Hold it. This is a delicate moment. I’m an orphan. If I’m
kidnapped, who is going to pay? We’re not in Monza, and
I’m not going to run. Are you Mandrake? Why do you look so ugly? I haven’t done anything wrong. Are you The Four Horsemen
of the Apocalypse? Keep quiet, rabbit. Ahhh! Do you want my briefcase? Screw you! No. Screw you, butthead.
He did a somersault! You. And you. The game of basketball. Now for a basket. 1, 2 and 3. There you are. Allow me this tango? I beg you, keep time. Let’s do the casquet. Olè! They’ve made me tired. Your permission? Montrone. Fuck you. The police are on the way. Let’s get out of here. Don’t run! Stop! Stop! They always arrive
when everything is over. What political group do they belong to? Hold my briefcase. New Order, Old Order,
National Vanguard… …Red Brigades, Friends
of Zorro or Nappe,… No. Give me my briefcase. As if it was NAS. No political group has this acronym. What? Nuclear Armed Nightmare. Huh? Nightmare. Don’t worry. Bah. What’s the rush? I’m tired. After what I’ve done for you. What? The thug? Attacking that poor fellow.
Lovely feat, he recognized you too. I was looking out for your ass. You did alright. I defended you, lady. Keep your panty collector. I am tired of you and all your stories. Fine, leave me alone. Damn, I wash my hands of this freak! Idiot. Mona… My pet. Oh God, my child. Loredana? Go under the bed… right now! Hello, mama. What an honor! Already
at home on Saturday! At 9:00 Why are you in bed? You know, my usual migraine… I thought I’d lie down. You spend all your time in bed. Damn. You’ll break the springs,
sitting like that. My shoes. Who are you calling? Daddy. The hand. What an idea! Put it down. Get me a glass of water. Don’t bother, he always
goes to bed early. Hello? Hello? Who do you want? The Engineer D’Amico. Who is it? I don’t know. It’s a woman. It’s my wife. Is this Mrs. D’Amico? I’m his daughter. It’s your daughter. Give it to me. Daddy’s girl. How are you? I’m glad you called. I’ll see you Friday. Let’s
have breakfast together. Great! Remember the check. Mama asks if you remember… The check. Money, always money. What will your mom do
with all that money? Maybe she has someone. Mama? Imagine! It’s a date, on Friday. Okay, bye. Bye. A kiss. Bye. It is often said: “children”… “… family, home… ” Take off your clothes. It’s too bad that you and daddy
are separated. He is a guy so… …a man full of… It’s true. Are you
going to drink your milk? It must still be open. Do you remember what I told you? You don’t know what to do with
men. They treat you like a rug. In one way or another they always
manage to keep you at their feet. Osvaldo. Osvaldino. Come out. Psst. I’m here. Good evening, Mr. Osvaldo. Good evening. Loredana. Monica, what are you doing here? I came to get you. Remember that friend of
mine from the other night? Of course, unforgettable. He’s full of money, here’s your chance. No, it’s a trick’s fee. You’ll never grow up. If one day I need some money… and I have fun with your friends,
I will come to you. Promise. Promise me? Loredana. Montrone called me this afternoon. What did he want? To go with him this afternoon. But I don’t waste time
with students. Ciao. Ciao. Increasingly stupid. What is this silence? Let’s
continue our history program. Today we’ll discuss the fall of Troy. The painting went very well,
there’s no need to do another. I’m not inspired. I’ll give you inspiration. Montrone, just looking for you.
We have to speak for a moment. I said I need to talk! Montrone, I know you’re there.
Don’t try to crawl under the door. It’s despicable what you did to my girl. What? Who do you mean? Loredana D’Amico. Who? You know, Loredana D’Amico. What the hell are you
saying? Are you kidding me? I consider that girl like a daughter. You pulled out her panties
and showed them to everyone. But she’s like a daughter? A daughter of whores. She took us both for a ride. Montrone, man to man. Do you think I’m a person
capable of doing such things? No way! Come on! I would not say so! It’s a misunderstanding. I didn’t say I’m a faggot. Hey, what’s wrong with you? Come on, I have to talk to you. Someone will see us? Who wants to come here? I have to talk to you. You called Monica.
She told me everything. Is that what you want to do, eh? I only did it to spite you. You know… like what you said. You
wanted to embarrass Professor Guidi. Are you sure he pulled your panties off? Why? Are you jealous? No, but I understand that
you told me a pack of lies. I do what I please! I love you. I don’t believe you. I love you truly. Who are you? What do you
want from me? Who knows? Fuma knows. You’re all
bones. See how you’re shaking. What happened? Someone must have come in. Maybe that idiot janitor. I can’t. Why? Don’t you see it’s staring
at us? It bothers me. Don’t be silly. Try to understand me. For me this is the first time.
Why should there be a stranger? Dirty cow, filthy, disgusting. I have an appointment with my
father. Why don’t you come with me? Bye. Bye. It seems that we’re going the same way. Mr. Engineer. My Loredana. Come in. Also Dr. Salvi. Have you met? Not yet, papa. This is Loredana, my daughter. The engineer Salvi, an
associate from Torino. Hello. Hello… my compliments.
A girl barely grown. Look, I really am his daughter. Not one of those “girls”
that he frequents. What a gossip! Everyone knows that you’re a womanizer. Did they give a sex education
class today in school? You need to cover your ears. You don’t think that the Engineer… Salvi… Marco Salvi. Marco. …that the Engineer Marco is shocked. Shall we go? Where? What? Today’s Friday. We must have lunch together. I forgot. Of course, will you do us
the honor of coming with us? With great pleasure. I’ll catch up soon. I’m
giving some depositions. Miss. Yes? I’ll return to the
office no later than 4:00. Well. The bill. In Rome, one eats very well. 3 times 9 is 27. It’s inexpensive. No. Here. 1, 2 and 3. Keep the rest. Thank you. What time is it? 4:00. I have to go. Call and tell them
that you’ll be delayed. I can’t, I have
committments with Germany. Germans or German girls? Always joking. My children, I’m embarrassed
but I have to go right now. I’ll accompany you. I’ll take the bus. I have my car here. You don’t mind? No, forget it. Thank you so much. Thank you. Forgive me, but business… Bye. See you later. You’re leaving soon? In three or four days. I already know everything about you.
You’re the typical “man of substance”… “… utterly serious, single. ” How do you know these things? If you were married, you would
have talked about your wife… …perhaps to say that you’re
terribly in need of love. Sit down little girl. I’m not a girl, I’m a woman. And I’m also shy. Shy? You haven’t kissed me yet. I told you that I’m shy. And then? I made him take me home. He didn’t ask you for anything? No. Wasn’t it a bit awkward? He’s a man. Not like these
guys always trying to grab you. Loredana. Come sit on my bench. When I feel like it. Maybe one day
you’ll have to “count your bullets”. Do me a favor? Sure. Tell the teacher that I don’t feel well. If I tell him, he won’t believe us. Call the roll. When I call your name… say aye. Professor? Antonioni. My friend is not well. Loredana… go. Go! Thanks. Sciacca. Sciacca? Present. Can I leave? You’re a damn fool. You should have told me
that you were a virgin. I had to start some time. And so you thought of me?! You should be happy. Admittedly, I am. Glad. I’m jumping for joy. I’m not a pioneer. I prefer my soil to be tilled. I should have gone with someone else. It would have been less violent,
I would have suffered less. Why? Did I hurt you? Bad? If this is love, I give up! Look, I didn’t know, I didn’t think… I wasn’t thinking about you. The first time is difficult for
a woman. I made love selfishly. I wasn’t thinking about you. Didn’t you think that it
might be my first time? You’re right. but if I had known,
it would have been different. This may not be the
best time to tell you… …but I think I love you. Marco. Yes. We don’t see each other for 5 minutes
and already I miss you, Cupcake. I’m not Cupcake. Is this her daughter? Exactly. You have the same voice of his mother. Nature’s joke. Would it bother you if I call later? No, call anytime. Thank you. Lori. Lori. You don’t answer? I bet you just got here. You too. I went to see your aunt.
It’s serious, you know? Yes. He just called to
find out if you’d made home. Why does he call you “Cupcake?” I forbid you to meddle
in my personal affairs! I don’t give a damn! You’re talking to your mother. You’re my mother only because
you miscalculated and I was born. You are very cynical. I have made
many sacrifices for you, ungrateful. Sacrifices? What nerve. Forgive me, my child, I didn’t want to
do it, but sometimes you’re exasperating. What have I done wrong? Forget it, Mamá, it doesn’t matter. What kind of girl are you? At least cry. What good would crying do? Lucia, have you seen Loredana? Not today, she’s very sick. What happened? I don’t know. Her mother spoke of a certain
“Lady of the Camellias”. The “Lady of the Camellias”? Yeah. What does it mean? Good morning. May I help you? I’m Gianni, a friend of Loredana. You’re welcome. Come in, don’t be shy. Here. Tell me. Why the sad face? I know that Loredana is sick. Loredana sick? No. She’s
at school, She’s fine. Stupid bitch! Who had this
beautiful idea? You or her? I brought her a box of marron
glacé, I had to bring the shit! Is this a game? You’re her accomplice! I’m not leaving here until
you tell me the truth. I don’t know anything. Liar! Hypocrite! You’re full of it!
Tell me who he is, I want the name! Lucia. Why have you
betrayed this good boy? You tell us who it is. I apologize, she doesn’t want to. There’s no excuse. She’s like
her mother. God only knows. You guys want to make peace? Yes, papà. So… are you leaving? Yes, today. Why don’t you take me with you? Would you like to go with me? It’s the thing I wish
for most in this world. Do you realize the difficulties? No. You have to decide, Marco. Maybe. Maybe, it’s possible. It would be wonderful. Do you feel like leaving Rome,
your friends, your father? You will have to leave forever. Are you asking me? I love you. Cupcake. Who is it? Loredana. Hurry up. I’m having a heart attack
this time. Where do I hide? Again under the bed? No, not this time. My daughter always comes
at the worse possible time. Under there. I’m not going there. Under the desk. It’s too small. Inside the refrigerator. Are you crazy, I’m cold. Then, in the closet. No, there’s no air. Come on! It smell like mothballs. Get inside. Loredana!? Loredana!? Lori. Home at this hour? I didn’t expect you so
soon. I’m talking to you! You didn’t go to school today? A guy who was looking for you
thought you had tuberculosis. He brought you a box of marron glacé. Gianni. I don’t know him, but he was handsome. Now you like boys? Do you want another slap? You’re leaving? Yes, I’m going out. A vacation? A man. That Gianni? No, he’s a man you don’t know. How old is he? You’re
angry about that slap? I’m not so stupid to go because of that. Is it serious? Very serious. I won’t let you go. No drama, don’t try to find me. Loredana. We should take into account the
strength of the terrain and your own… “… infratexture. ” What? No… infrastructure. “One of these days
we’ll go to the bottom. ” Take one day or another: We
will have to go in depth… “… to determine its strength… “… in all its details. ” “Sincerely. Signature”…
Then you’ll hear from him. Let’s see who it is. It’s your wife on the phone. Connect it to me. Elvira. Loredana left home. To where? A movie? She packed her bags. She’s gone. She left home. I don’t understand…
it’s a childish prank. I don’t think so, she took all her
things. She’s running away with a man. A man? What are you saying?
Calm down, I’m coming right over. Okay. Stay calm. A man? A man? Here you are, Mr. Engineer. Thank you. Take this letter, a
girl is coming for it. Okay. Have a good trip. Thank you. Where is Loredana waiting? What do you want? Engineer of the cabbage, don’t
pretend not to understand. You know very well who I’m talking
about. What have you done with her? And you? I’m not leaving here. Let me alone. No. Let me go, pain in the ass! I’ll break your head. Help! Delinquents! Do you want
to leave me paralyzed? I better get out of here. Help! My skirt! Asshole, he stripped my wife! Stop! Thief! He stole her skirt! “Loredana, I think I
love you now as then. ” “It is for this reason, I
can not take you with me. ” “In my life there is something that I
haven’t had the courage to tell you”… “… and that maybe one
day you’ll discover. ” “I should have talked to you before
writing, but maybe it’s better this way”. “I beg you, leave intact
the image of our meeting”. “Let us guard the
secret of our hearts”… “… as the most
beautiful memory of love. ” “I know you understand”. Your Marco It’s late. What are you doing here? I’m waiting for the tram.
You locked me in here. Okay, but now get out. Where? Go where you want. Go to hell! Do you want to make me nervous? Yes. Really? Yes. Okay, bye. You have to go outside. Where will I go at this hour? Get out! Get out! Get out! Walk. Don’t push. I’m always
running in this house. Quiet. Should I crawl under the bed? Do you want to drive me crazy too? I’ve decided… I’m leaving.
You’ll never see me again. Do I really have to go outside? Tell me what happened? I have nothing to say. He deceived me. Marco? Yes. Besides, I know now,
not to fall in love. How is that possible? Poor thing. Relax a little
and don’t think about anything. I should tell you something,
but I don’t know how. Gianni knows everything. Gianni knows? Really? Who told him, you? Me. I had to do it, he went crazy! So, I’ve lost him too. No. He really loves you. Lucia, it’s a friend of yours. Petruccio. What are you doing here? There’s been an accident. What? Gianni had an accident on his bike. What? What happened? I don’t know, he’s in the hospital. Come on. Run! One moment, guys. These young
people today are terrible. Thanks for coming. Look at me. Now calm down and gather your
thoughts. You spoke of a man. Do you know his name? No, I only know he went to Turin. Turin? Salvi. No, it’s not possible, he’s married.
It would be a mistake for him. Then he’d have a very jealous wife. Almost like you. I don’t want to share you with anyone. Let’s think about our child now. Who can help us? Do not know who she hangs out with?
She must have a friend she confides in. We can try. Then we’ll try. Okay. I’ll get myself
together a little bit. You’re fine like that. Well? I haven’t slept. Hurry! I’m coming! I’m coming! It’s all my fault, poor Gianni. It won’t be anything serious. Please, don’t disturb him. Gianni? Gianni? Gianni, don’t you recognize me? Gianni, tell me what happened. You are a bitch. Loredana, where are you going? Loredana? Loredana? She’s leaving because
he called her a “bitch”? Bah! Who is it? It’s Loredana, open up. Loredana. What are you doing
here? Why the long face? What happened? Answer me. Is your cute friend still available? At this hour? Right away. I don’t
want to wait one moment. That music!? Lucia lives here. I’m coming! What manners! Are
we among civilized people? No! Excuse me. I’m the Engineer
D’Amico. Are they upstairs? I can play until 11:00. It’s 10:30. Nobody loves beautiful music today. According to the by-laws,
I can play until 11:00. For me, you can also play all night. Because I live 10 kilometers from here. I wish to speak with
Lucia, your daughter? That’s what her mother says. Lucia’s not here. She’s out at this hour? She’s out all the time. She
went out with Loredana tonight. Loredana? She’s been here? When? Like I told you… today. Where have they gone? To the hospital. Ohhh. What happened? To the girls, nothing.
Gianni had an accident. I’m sorry. In which hospital is he? I don’t know. We’ll look for her. Thank you very
much. Remain calm, we’ll find her. Goodbye. And stay calm. When will this guy get here? You said he should come right away. You seem agitated. It’s not
the end of the world, stay calm. You’re right, I need to relax. Whores must always be smiling. Lori. Don’t talk like that. You
shouldn’t think about it. Don’t cry useless tears, we
know men don’t understand us. Maybe you’re right, it’s
not worth it, it’s useless. That should be him. Wait. What is it? Have you changed your mind? No. I’m going to freshen up, Mónica Okay, but hurry. Álvaro. You’re here so soon. When it comes to new
candidates I’m always ready. Is she? Yes, she’s making
herself lovely for you. Exciting! Want a drink? No thanks, I never drink. I forgot. What was that? Simple, your friend left. Alright, give me the money next time. Thanks, bye. Hello. Hello. She threw you out? She has a
temper. Come on, I’ll talk to you. She’s not here, she’s gone out. If
you knew how worried she is about you. Really? Does it seem strange? No, she’s always worried something. Why are you waiting for her?
Show her you’re stronger… …otherwise she’ll use you. No, I disagree. About what? About showing her I’m stronger. I was born a fool. Whoever
is not born can not change. If she wants, your mother can
continue to love this fool. If I change, she’ll want
another man and not me. I never thought of that. Yet it’s so simple. Yeah. The important thing is
do not deceive yourself. Why? Because you’ve taught me
something very beautiful. You see what I have hidden.
I never talk with anyone. I am a widower. No kids? Yes. I have three treasures. But they don’t want to be bothered. It’s true. I wonder why. Because the children
tire of the same parents. There should be a divorce
between children and parents. Yes. Fear of divorce
would keep us closer. Maybe. Who knows. Finally. Come on, hurry. Watch your step. No, not there. Who is this? Who are you? What are you
doing with my daughter? I’m just passing by. What are you saying? I started to have a pain. Lori, who is this man? He’s the father of a
friend who accompanied me. Really? Why are you on the stairs like beggars? Lower your voice. The girl had no key, we were waiting. Mother hadn’t come and we were resting. Poor thing. Poor darling. I’m sorry. I
have no words to thank him. I’m sorry, I’m a little
nervous. You understand, right? Woe to him who touches my family! The family comes first! Come on. Come and have coffee with us. No, thanks. You don’t drink coffee? It’s late. There’ll be another time. Bye. Come and see us, we
will always welcome you. Thank you. See you later. See you. I’ll come and have some
coffee another time. We’ll be waiting. I’ll come. Certainly. A good person. Yes. You are so dear. And
you’ve made my coffee. Thank you. Here I always feel at home. It’s warm and cozy. Do you still enjoy it? Yes. Often I think of it. Do you remember when we discussed
buying the villa with a garden? It has always been my dream. Maybe one day… Dear. Have you finished with this comedy? You haven’t gone to sleep? I don’t want to, I’m going for a walk. At this hour? You’re never
at home, and just like you. She has my vitality. I don’t understand why
you’re kidding yourselves? Loredana, how dare
you? Have you gone mad? I’m not, maybe you
are. It makes sense… …tonight you were scared because of
me and you think you’ve found something. Bullshit! When a story
is over, it’s ended. I won’t allow you. No, let her talk. How would you feel if we decided
to buy a villa with the garden? Would you renounce
your “business dinners”? Well… Tell the truth. In order… Tell me papá, no lying. You’re not talking. You are silent. What do you say? A daughter who wants
to destroy the family. It’s already destroyed. Return everything like before
and we would make a life of hell. See you. Bye, papá. Bye. These kids. Are they just so young? The girl has a point. Bye. Excellency… Let’s go to the office. Very well. Loredana. You’re still here? Are you leaving? Yes, but I’ll be back. Sometimes. Really? Yes. Will you? Yes. Sometimes. Bye. To the office. Professor, give me a ride? Loredana, what luck! What are you doing around here?
You have solved everything? Yes, thank you. Ahh good. Where can I take you? You’re not going to school? No, No, I won a competition,
I’m going to the Ministry. Then, I’ll make you late. No. I won’t miss anything. The
Ministry has flexible hours. Some go at 8 and all the
others don’t go ’til 9. This is fun. I’m sorry
I don’t see more of you. What are you saying, Loredana? I
could always give you private lessons. I don’t need them. Then I’ll give you public lessons. I need someone who knows how to love me. With humility, I am understanding. I have style and position… …and I know what to
do. It’s important… Gianni! Gianni, give me a ride? I’m not going to school. What makes you think I
wanted to go to school? Later, Professor… I… But I… Love! Come on, take me. No, Lucia, not this time. I beg you, Lucia. They’ll send us to jail. These
are obscene acts in public places. Police!


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