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Lakhon Me Ek Full Movie | Mehmood Hindi Comedy Movie | Superhit Bollywood Movie

‘In a shanty in Mumbai, amidst
different middle class families..’ ‘..serving others day and night,
sitting beneath the stairs..’ ‘..the orphaned young man
who was successful in life..’ ‘This story is about
that innocent Bhola.’ Where has Bhola gone? He is
not to be seen since morning. I too am searching for Bhola. God
knows where he has gone. – Bhola. Renu, are you too
searching for Bhola? Yes, Aunt Leela. Father has been yelling for
the newspaper since morning. He says, “I won’t drink tea
until I get the newspaper.” What trouble is this! Oh, my God. Bhola. Bhola. Where has Bhola gone? It’s
time for me to go to tuitions. He still hasn’t
got the shirt ironed. He has gone to get it.
He will get it soon. God knows when he will come. You are harassing me for a shirt. Bhola has come. Bhola has come. Aunt. Aunt. Bhola, you have come.
You got late today. You left for the market so early. What to do, Aunt? Nowadays, market has
become a haggling shop. It was so crowded. Here is
your grocery. – Give me. It has chillies
worth Rs.2. And turmeric. Okay.
– I am in a hurry. Fine. Go quickly.
– Okay, Aunt. “I won’t eat fish. I
won’t eat fish.” – Bhola. Brother, here is your ink.
– Okay. And here are blank papers. Bhola, well done. I will
write on these blank papers. I will write beautiful
scripts and Gemini, B. R. Chopra.. ..Vahini, I will
sell it to everybody. And very soon, I will
become a famous writer. Bhola. Brother, if I ever
become a producer.. ..I will surely buy your story. But I will first hear it.
– I will surely narrate it. Sister, here is your
favourite rice. It’s old rice. Bhola, you are so nice.
So good. Bhola. I will leave now.
– Okay. Move.
– Okay. Uncle, you are coughing.
Here is your medicine. Have it. Bhola.
– Yes. When is ‘Ekadashi’ (11th day
of the month)? – I don’t know. When you don’t get to eat,
that day is ‘Ekadashi’. For me, ‘Ekadashi’ comes
three-four times a week. Shut up. Tell me.
When is ‘Ekadashi’? According to the calendar,
it’s tomorrow. Tomorrow?
– Yes. Aunt, your grocery.
It has everything. Even fresh spices. He is yelling so much. If he is late for music tuition,
then nobody will hang him. Where is my shirt?
Where is my shirt? He is yelling the way Om
Prakash yelled in the movie ‘Gopi’. Sister, why are you yelling? You always give examples of movies. Be clear. So that even I
can understand something. Bhola.
– He has come. Bhola.
– Yes. – Where is my ironed shirt? Here is your ironed shirt. Great. Great. He thinks that his musical
talent is hidden in his shirt. The way in ‘Bahut Din
Hue’ the villain’s life.. ..dwelled in the parrot. Sister, again movies..
– Yes. Fine. Let it be. – Fine. “Ramala, where are you going?” Bhola. What’s the arrival
time of Punjab Mail (train)? Punjab Mail.. Uncle, who is coming from Punjab? My daughter, Gauri,
is coming from Agra. What’s the arrival time? – At times,
it’s on time. At times, it’s late. But arrival time is 12.20.
– Sure? You can confirm from the station. The train from Delhi will
arrive on platform number three. Bhola, what’s
today’s college time table? What do I know? Ask him. What will he know? He
just knows hotel menus. Yes. What’s the time table? Physics in the
morning and then Practical. And in the evening ‘Kati
Patang’ at the theatre. “Love..” Do we go to watch movies everyday? Who said everyday? You people watch movies
only seven times a week. Seven times.
– Move. Yes. As if you study everyday. Ms. Renu. Look, what I got for you. Detective book. I was searching for
this book since long. It’s good that you brought it. Renu, I have already read
all these books. – Is that so? Shall I tell you the story?
– No. Listen to me. Listen
to me. Listen to me. There is a fight between
the detective and the hero. Fight. Detective runs ahead.
The hero follows him. And they both reach
a 20-storey building. Don’t tell me. I
won’t enjoy reading it. Now, listen. After
reaching the building.. ..the detective stands up. He puts his hand in his pocket. The hero thinks maybe he is
taking out his cigarette packet. But no. He pulls out a gun
and not the cigarette packet. Say pistol. Pistol. Yes. Pistol. And then he fires at the hero. Does my hero die? Tell me quickly. What happened to my hero?
Does he die? – No, no. Ms. Renu, all the movies
made here and novels written.. Yes. – Does the hero
die in any of it? – No. His enemies die. The hero had
emptied the bullets beforehand. My hero doesn’t die. I am fine. Now, hear the climax.
– Yes. It’s the biggest suspense. In the swimming pool with a
buffalo.. the hero has a fight. Don’t tell me. I
won’t enjoy reading it. Don’t tell me.
– Here is your grocery. Why did you bring onion? Because it was cheap. Your
father likes fried onions. Make it for him.
– Bhola. I want to shave my beard. Which saloon should I go to? Is it credit or cash?
– Today, credit. It’s Monday today. All
the shops are close. I asked a fool. Bhola, did you bring my cigarette? Cigarette? Sir.. sir, the
shopkeeper has closed your account. Then you should have
brought it on your account. I don’t have an account, sir. What can I do? I want
to use the bathroom. I have got cigarette for that. Give it to me. – But it’s on
that fatso brother’s account. It’s okay. It’s okay.
Thanks a ton. Greetings. “Do come to my village once.” “And when will you be
receptive to my love?” Bhola. Bhola. Did
you bring my newspaper? Sorry, Uncle. I forgot to
give you your newspaper. Fine. Give this
yesterday’s newspaper to Dindayal. He will thank you. You
can have that thanks. I should take his thanks. Fine. This is great. Dindayal
pays for the newspaper. And Makhan Lal reads it.
My work is over. Let’s go to college. How come my pot is behind? Ask your pot. Great. Does my pot have wings
that it will fly on its own. What do we know? We just know that we
came here two hours ago. You came here two hours ago. And I came in this
shanty ten years ago. Bear it in mind. Don’t forget it. Great. You are ordering us
the way Shashikala ordered.. ‘Sirf Paisa Ya Pyar.’ What commotion is this?
Always quarrels. Come. Come, Prince.
Only you were amiss. Come down. Let me tell you that
you can’t bully us. Do I bully you all? – Of course.
What else are you doing? Get lost.
– Shut up. Shut up.
– I say keep quiet. Quiet.
– You keep quiet. Keep quiet.
– He is coming. No matter who is coming.
What do we care? Lorry is here. Sher Singh is coming. Sher Singh.
– Oh, my God. Come. A short while ago,
there was a commotion. And now, it’s so quiet. Sher Singh is coming. Sher Singh. He is Sher
Singh and not Dara Singh. Sher Singh, hello.
– Hello. Lord, with your blessing,
everything is fine. Thank you. Bhola, all of them
are fools. Lazy people. None of them are useful.
Useless, all of them. Sher Singh.
– Yes. Nobody is useless in the world. Some people whose
help we don’t take.. ..and who are related to us..
they are useless for us. Now, take my example.
Do you give me any work? No. – No, right. Doesn’t
that make me useless for you? Bhola. Why has God
given me two hands? – Why? To do my own work.
Haven’t you heard? Hands are everything. Mister.
– Yes. Is there no work in the
world which you can’t do? Mr. Bhola.
– Yes. There is no work
which a devotee can’t do. Then do one thing.
– Tell me. The hen which hatches from an egg.. ..put the hen back into the egg.
– What? Yes.
– Hey. Loafer. This is the food made with love.
– Food? Yes. Until you don’t
call me loafer, I can’t eat. I can’t sleep. Bhola, don’t you ever feel
bad when I call you loafer? No, Brother. Even a police officer calls
his child as thief, ruffian. So, does the child really
become a thief or a ruffian? Enough. Enough. Now, you take a break.
And leave. Let me work. Fine, Brother. You too calm down. And eat something. But don’t eat too much.
Otherwise, you might fall sick. Loafer. Loafer. What’s the matter? I think he is not
going to college today. Because he has still not eaten. What is he eating nowadays? Fatso, Bhola doesn’t
eat meagre meals like us. He has rich meals day and night. No. When Bhola goes
with his plate and says.. ..”Bhola has come, Bhola
has come”, he gets food. Bhola has come. Bhola has come. The lunch is still not ready.
It will take some time. Aunt, I will be late for my college. So, what should I do?
Always cook for you? Not always, Aunt. At times. You are hungry and still
you are acting smugly. If you are so hungry,
then eat grass. Aunt, I remembered
you wanted kerosene. Take out the container. I
will bring it in the evening. If not you, then will
I bring the kerosene. Bhola has come. Bhola has come. Bhola has come. Everyday you are here. You
are not talking anything new. Mr. Anand, aunt must have
understood what I meant. She must have understood. Why don’t you clearly say
that I have come to beg? Mr. Anand. Why don’t you beg and say
“Give me something to eat?” I am hungry. You act proud.
And you beg. What did you say? Say it again. If you say that again,
then I will not spare you. Nobody does a favour to Bhola.. giving him meals. He serves everybody diligently. He studies in college.
He passes with good marks. He receives scholarship. He is not indebted to anybody.
But we are indebted to him. You should learn from him. Anand’s mother. Bhola has come. Why do you scold Anand? Anand says it jokingly.
He is not serious. That is fine, Bhola.
But he is insensible. Don’t say that, Uncle. What mistake has Anand committed? Even if he has committed a mistake.. ..still it’s the fault of his age. Gradually, he will become sensible. Here, Bhola. Did you hear Bhola?
– I hear him everyday. Everybody scolds him. And this poor guy praises them. You are right. Bhola, eat. Mother.
– Sister. Sister. Gauri. My child. You have come. I was craving to see you. Sister, I brought
Gauri safe and sound. Thank You, God.
– Brother-in-law. – Yes. Why didn’t you take the
change from the cab driver? No.
– It doesn’t look good. Don’t talk to anybody. And
don’t go to anybody’s house. Why, Mother?
– Dear, we don’t live in a bungalow. We live in a shanty. And you have to be
careful in a shanty. Here, different people
say different things. Dear, if people came
to know about you.. ..then it will be
difficult to get you married. Brother-in-law, I am fed
up of travelling in a train. What happened? – When it departed,
it was a mail train. And upon reaching here, it
became a commodities train. Even I have travelled in a train. Sister, I have kept a
cap in the cab. Bring that. Got it? Got it? You go inside.
I will just come. What’s your name? Why are you laughing? Go inside. Hello, Dindayal. Hello. Come. Sit. I have heard that
your daughter has come. Yes. Today, I have
come to you for an advice. Tell me. – I have to think
about Gauri’s marriage too. Did you talk to anybody? Makhan Lal.
– The one who reads the newspaper. Yes. How about his son Jeevan? The boy is good. But
I think he smokes. Dindayal, nowadays,
it’s a trend to smoke. I have heard he has
cleared his B.A. (Arts course). And he has a government job. Yes. Whether he
receives a raise or not.. ..but the expenses do increase. I think Makhan Lal
will surely listen to you. Will you come with me? Definitely. I am a retired
old man. I should do something. Let’s go. Why delay a good cause? Makhan Lal, your son
Jeevan and his daughter Gauri.. ..both form a good pair. If you give consent
for this alliance.. ..I will consider
it my good fortune. When he told me
about this alliance.. ..I thought why to delay
the good cause, let’s go. Makhan Lal. Do you accept this alliance? Alliance? What alliance? Father. Father, they are
talking about the marriage alliance. Marriage? Whose marriage? Oh, my God. Look, father
understands only newspapers. So, do one thing. Get brother Jeevan
and Gauri married. And print this
news in the newspaper. Father will read and understand it. Oh, my God. I can’t read the
newspaper calmly in this house. Look, you people don’t mind father. We will come to
see the girl someday. Renu.
– Brother has come. Is tea ready? Brother, they have come to
talk about your marriage. Hello.
– Hello. Hello. – Hello, dear. Did you have tea?
– No problem. Fine. Fine. He is my brother. Look. I don’t like to praise myself. But there is no vice in me. I
don’t smoke cigarette or cigar. I don’t drink beer or whiskey.
And I don’t accept bribe. Not at all. – I have one weakness.
I do lie often. Great, Jeevan. You
seem to be a jolly man. Another special thing.
– What? I always respect elders.
– That’s too good. Now, I am going to smoke. Now, we will leave.
– Greetings. Greetings. What is this?
– What? Renu, how does the girl
look like? Is she pretty? Like Sharmila in ‘Aradhana’? We have still not seen her. They have hidden her as if
somebody might cast an evil eye. How can they hide her? She will come for the engagement,
won’t she? It’s getting late. Call the bride.
– Yes. Call her. Yes. Call her. The good deed should
begin at the auspicious time. “Auspicious..” Oh, my God. The heroine in a
Marathi film looked just like her. Your name?
– Gauri. Gauri. Who asked you? Go do your work. Like your mother, do you too
know how to prepare sweets? Hey. Hey.
– What? I have seen this girl somewhere. Where? She has come from
Agra yesterday. – Exactly. I had gone to Agra to
meet Govinda’s nephew.. He is in a mental asylum. Yes. I saw this girl there.
In the mental asylum. I see. So, you go to
mental asylum to see girls. No. I.. Fine. Let it be. We will
talk about this later. But did you see this
girl in the mental asylum? Yes. I am sure. Are you sure she is
that same insane girl? Yes. I am sure. She
is that insane girl. I saw an insane girl
in ‘Waaris’ movie. Hema Malini acted so well.
– Acted so well. But this is not acting.
She is really mad. I see. That’s why
you had hidden Gauri. Is it true that Gauri
was in the mental asylum? Tell me. Why are you quiet?
Why are you quiet? Dear, this is true. Did you hear that, Brother Jeevan? Now, why are you sitting? Get up. Dear. Dear. Jeevan, have patience.
Listen to what he has to say. Listen to me. Listen to me, dear. Leave. Why didn’t
you tell me before? Dear, there was no need to tell you. Now, she is well. Now,
she is not mad, dear. What’s the guarantee
that she is not mad? Renu, what’s the guarantee
that you won’t go crazy tomorrow? Shut up.
– Bhola. Keep quiet. This engagement won’t take place. Come on, Brother Jeevan. Get up. Jeevan. Jeevan. Why are you all quiet?
Explain to him. You explain to him. Great. The girl is mad. And you are saying
to explain to the guy. Let me talk. Marriage lasts for
the whole life. I am a stranger. I don’t have the right
to interfere. Am I right? Yes. Let’s go.
– Come on. Jeevan, you are an
educated guy. You are sensible. You know what is
right and what is wrong. If there is a vice, then
you should rectify it. You shouldn’t throw it out. Is it right to hide
your daughter’s vice.. ..and conduct the marriage quickly? Why are you arguing?
Come to the point. Give Rs.15000 in cash. Only then
will this marriage take place. Rs.15000.
– Yes. Dowry.
– Don’t call it dowry. By calling it dowry, it
will become a business. Call it a gift. Jeevan, it’s wrong to
turn back on your words. Rs.15000 is not an ordinary amount. Jeevan, Rs.15000 has
three zeroes in it. I don’t know all that. You don’t even know that
Rs.15000 has three zeroes. You keep quiet. You keep quiet. Jeevan, I can only give you
Rs.5,000. Not more than that. We want Rs.15000.
And that too in a day. Dear, even if I sell
everything I have.. ..I will be able to
give only Rs.6000-Rs.7000. Do say yes. Do say yes, dear. And accept this engagement. Not Rs.6000-Rs.7000.
I want Rs.15000. Father, is the deal over? It’s
okay if you have to give more. You will get rid of me. Gauri. If you don’t want to marry,
then leave. Forget Rs.15000. You
won’t even get 15 paisa. Leave. Mad. She is mad. She
is definitely mad. Yes, I am mad.
Nobody should marry me. Leave. Leave. I say leave. Father. Father, let’s go.
– What happened? Is the engagement over? Oh, my God. Come.
– Let’s go. Gauri. Gauri. My dear. Gauri. “Oh, moon.” “Oh, moon.” “Who stole your and my slumber?” “We stayed awake the whole night.” “You and I.” “We stayed awake the whole night.” “You and I.” “Oh, moon.” “Oh, moon.” “Who stole your and my slumber?” “We stayed awake the whole night.” “You and I.” “We stayed awake the whole night.” “You and I.” “Your and my story is the same.” “Nobody understood us.” “Our story is the same.” “Nobody understood us.” “Our companion is this darkness.” “We stayed awake the whole night.” “You and I.” “Oh, moon.” “Oh, moon.” “Who stole your and my slumber?” “We stayed awake the whole night.” “You and I.” “The whole world is asleep,
lost in dreams.” “Nobody asks for you and me.” “The whole world is asleep,
lost in dreams.” “Nobody asks for you and me.” “Come, let’s talk
and spend the night.” “We stayed awake the whole night.” “You and I.” “Oh, moon.” “Oh, moon.” “Who stole your and my slumber?” “We stayed awake the whole night.” “You and I.” “We stayed awake the whole night.” “You and I.” Uncle. I am leaving for college. Fine. Bhola, quickly bring a cab for me. Cab? Fine. I will just get it. Listen. Won’t you
take your umbrella? No. Today, I don’t
need the umbrella. I will go in a cab today. Shall I leave?
– Don’t you feel ashamed? What should I get for you today? Rose, jasmine, powder or snow? Your cheeks are so red. Oh, my God. The cab is here. What are you doing here? I didn’t see anything.
I didn’t see anything. Leave. I will come.
– Yes. Hey. Bye. Uncle, I will leave. I forgot to give
medicine to grandpa. Come, Grandpa. They give this poor guy
one meal in seven days. And in a day, they give
him seven chores to do. He serves this coughing
grandpa day and night. Go to college quickly. Otherwise, somebody
will call you again. Go. Run. – Okay, uncle. – Bhola.
Did you eat well? Aunt, what work do you have? Bhola is so intelligent. He understands everything
without having to explain to him. Bhola, I have given wheat
for grinding. Go and bring it. Bhola is getting late.
He has to go to college. He can go anywhere he wants to.
I am not stopping him. Everybody gives him chores
to do. I am not the only one. Did you hear that, Bhola? Uncle, you listen to her. I
will get the flour from the shop. I know everything. I am not kind. I don’t let Bhola study. When did I say that? If you didn’t, then say it now. You have retired. What
other work do you have? Instead of speaking ill
of others, worship God. Your old age will be reformed. Leela, keep quiet. What old age? Who are you calling old?
He is still healthy. He does all his work. Then why does he
interfere in others’ matters? Always nosing around. Why do you interfere in
others’ matters? Come inside. Do come. Bhola will bring the flour
and he is having a problem. What a man! Aunt.
– You have come. You dropped it, fool. Now, I will never give
you any chore to do. I give you work and
the lawyer feels bad. He interferes in others’ matter. Great. What a strange man. Great. Aunt, your container.
– Fool, get lost. Uncle, what commotion was this? Before there is any other problem.. ..quickly go to college. Here are your books. Go. Go. Vivek. It’s time to go
to college. Hurry up. Yes. Coming. Good morning, sir.
– Good morning, Bhola. Daddy, today, this
ever-late man has come on time. Otherwise everyday he is late. No, sir. Nowadays, the clock in the
college ticks fast. – Is that so? Why don’t you say that
after doing the chores.. ..of the people in that shanty,
you come to college. Bhola, if you did other’s
chores then what about your studies? What about your
desire to stand first? Look, Bhola. Do one thing. I will get a rented flat for you. Stay there. Study
well and come first. Sir, you have helped me
enough by giving me these books. I am burdened by your favours. Sir, if I leave that shanty
then the people living there.. ..will face problems. Daddy, it’s useless to tell him. He won’t even go to live in heaven,
leaving that shanty. Sir, you don’t worry. In spite of living in that shanty,
I will try to come first. Bhola, when you are so
confident about yourself.. ..then what else do I need? This mad girl is washing vessels. Whether she is mad or not,
this girl is very sharp. Shut up. Her hair style
shows she is Cleopatra. Cleopatra is staring at us. So what? You do your work. Is that so?
– Yes. “Mad girl left the house.” “Like a flower.” “Mad girl..” Who are you calling mad? Who is mad? Look at this. We felt
like singing, so, we sang. Why were you singing looking at me? If not you, then would they
have looked at me and sang? Song of a mad girl for a mad girl. Mad? I am mad? What are you doing? Have you gone insane? Run. Oh, my God. She has gone.. Bhola, run. Fool. What are you doing?
– Leave. Leave. Come inside.
Come. I say come inside. Mad. She is completely crazy. Sit here quietly. I was quietly doing my work. They started
singing when they saw me. And you started
throwing the vessels at them. Won’t I feel bad
if they call me mad? Fine. Come. Come. If anybody else
teases me, then remember. I will break your head. You don’t listen to me. If you venture out again,
I will break your legs. Get in. Come on. Because of you, we are
slandered in the shanty. If you do anything,
I won’t spare you. Stay here quietly. Unlucky. Bhola has come. Bhola has come. What are you doing? Mother, Bhola has come.
– So what? Say that we gave him food yesterday. Does it mean he
won’t feel hungry today? So, what can we do? Our turn
will come after four days. But everyday, you
order him to do your work. Again she has started arguing. It was better if she had
stayed in the mental asylum. Here. No. My appetite is full. Not one or two, ten people come. They eat and then leave.
They don’t even look back. So what? I am worried about your marriage. I will somehow get married. I am worried and you are joking. God knows what
fate you have brought. God knows when
this wailing will end. He is crying. And you are
irritating me with your yells. I am singing. And you are
saying I am yelling. – Of course. It’s said that children go to
sleep upon hearing songs. – Yes. But hearing your song, even
the old people will wake up. So hoarse. Listen, Jaya. You are my wife. Even my hoarse voice
should sound sweet to you. It’s a wife’s duty
to praise her husband. Enough. Stop this speech. Today’s women treat
people as a doctor. And like a minister,
she rules the country. I know. I know. Jaya, do one thing. Give the wailing child to him. Give that wailing problem to him. Bhola, stop studying.
– Why? Keep the book aside
and look after the child. Put him to sleep. – I have
got my English test tomorrow. I was reciting Shakespeare. Great. You are remembering the dead. And you are forgetting the
one who is alive. – But.. Nothing doing. Put him to sleep.
– But.. Want to hear Shakespeare? Listen. Friends, Romans, countrymen. Lend me your ears. I
have come to bury Caesar. Not to praise him. Liked it? No. I will recite
something else. Another idea. “Friends, Romans, countrymen.” “A child is crying.” “Friends, Romans, countrymen.” “A child is crying.” “Lend me your ears. I
have come to bury Caesar.” “I have come to bury Caesar.
Not to praise him.” “Friends, Romans, countrymen.” “A child is crying.” Liked it? No. You
don’t like Shakespeare. Want to hear Kalidas? Want to hear Kalidas? No.
Then what to do? What to do? “Oh, moon.” “Oh, moon.” “Who stole your and my slumber?” “We stayed awake the whole night.” “You and I.” “We stayed awake the whole night.” “You and I.” “I will smile and entertain you.” “But who shall I show my tears to?” “I will smile and entertain you.” “But who shall I show my tears to?” “I have spent all my life alone.” “We stayed awake the whole night.” “You and I.” “Oh, moon.” “Oh, moon.” “Who stole your and my slumber?” “We stayed awake the whole night.” “You and I.” “We stayed awake the whole night.” “You and I.” “Your and my story is the same.” “Nobody understood us.” “Your and my story is the same.” “Nobody understood us.” “Your and my
companion is this darkness.” “We stayed awake the whole night.” “You and I.” “Oh, moon.” “Oh, moon.” “Who stole your and my slumber?” “We stayed awake the whole night.” “You and I.” “We stayed awake the whole night.” “You and I.” Listen, Bhola..
– Yes. He is very innocent.
– Yes. But he is very clever. He will finish his
education and settle down. – Yes. How is Bhola for our Gauri? Not bad, Gauri’s mother.
But what if he refuses? He doesn’t have the right to refuse. Everyday, he comes to
our door hungry and says.. “Aunt, Bhola has come,
Bhola has come.” We give him food to eat.
And he will refuse us? Let him dare to say no. Fine. But keep quiet now.
His exams are approaching. If he passes B.A., then
we will talk about it. But now, don’t let anybody know.
– Fine. Okay?
– Have tea. Brother.
– Yes. Brother.
– Yes. This is unfair, this is injustice,
this is deceit. If you are hungry, then eat hot
food. Why are you being angry? I am not hungry. This is deceit. Plans are being made
to push me in the well. Well? Don’t worry. I
will pull you out. Not me, you will pull out my body. What do you mean? That mad girl..
– Gauri. They want me to marry her.
– How is that possible? Yes, Brother. I heard
her parents talking. They don’t have the
right to talk about you. Refuse them. How, Brother? They are richer than me. Everyday, I implore to them saying.. “Bhola has come, Bhola has come.” How can I refuse them? Even if I tell them something,
will they listen to me? No. Never. Because they feed me. They want to give meagre meals.. ..and let you have her mad daughter. I won’t let this happen. I
will teach them a lesson. I will..
– No, Brother. Don’t abuse them. It’s not right to
quarrel with them for me. The ailment which is incurable.. should silently endure it. Bhola.
– Yes, Brother. But I have found a
solution for that. – What? They want to deceive me.
Before that, I will deceive them. What will you do? – I.. I will
start loving that crazy girl. And I will say that this
girl is not a stranger for me. I have loved her a long time ago. We are old acquaintance. Bhola.
– Yes, Brother. Instead of being dejected,
its better to expect dejection. So that the
dejection doesn’t hurt him. It doesn’t hurt him. Great, Bhola. Great. You
have taken the right decision. The outcome too will be good. Don’t worry. God willing, that
girl too will get well. Just watch. Brother, do you think I am
doing the right thing? – Yes. So, shall I start loving
that mad girl? – Yes. Go ahead. Yes. Go ahead. What do you care? You will just watch the show.
And I will face the music. Don’t worry. Bhola’s
love will be eternal. Bhola’s love will be eternal.
Bhola’s love will be eternal. Bhola will be in the hospital. How to love her?
Very difficult question. Take the help of the book. Lovers are beaten. Oh, my God. Another book.. Heartaches. Before loving. No. What to do? I will
have to love Gauri. How to talk to her?
How to call her outside? Idea. I will tease her
and she will come outside. “Mad girl has left the house.” “Like a flower.” “Biting her finger,
she has gone wild..” “Mad girl.” What did you say?
– Nothing. Nothing. No. No. No. Listen. Listen. Oh, my God.
Oh, my God. Listen. What did you say?
– Nothing. Why did you sing that song? Just like that. I am
telling the truth. I didn’t sing that
song to tease you. I sang that song to call you out. Now, say.
– Why are you scared of me? What are you doing?
Look, the well is here. If I fell down then I will die. Bhola will be down.
And bubbles will come up. Brother. Why do you get
scared when you see me? The way a mouse is
afraid of the cat. Don’t you pity me? Yes. Nowadays, I pity you a bit.
Earlier, I was really scared. But now, my fear is reducing. And my heart says to talk to you. Gauri, why are you quiet? If I say something,
people say that I am mad. Then you keep quiet. When I keep quiet, still
people say that I am mad. Then say something. Talk. Otherwise, nothing will happen. You talk and I will talk.
– What should I say? Anything. About your life,
about your childhood. What do I say about my life? I can only say that it
would have been better.. ..if I had not been born. No. You shouldn’t say that. Gauri, if I ask you something,
will you feel bad? No, Bhola. Why will I feel
bad if you say something good? Nobody talks properly to me. But you talk sweetly. But that day, I
mean with Mr. Jeevan.. ..on the engagement day,
your ferocious form.. Throwing vessels. If somebody calls a girl
mad and asks for Rs.15000.. front of
everybody humiliates her.. ..then forget me,
any girl will do this. Gauri, you throw vessels on others. So, they call you mad. They call you mad, so,
you throw vessels at them. There is a problem.
There is only one solution. Not to get angry. And
think about harmony. I mean like other girls,
behave politely. What do I know how
other girls behave? I was in the mental
asylum for ten years. What do I know how
the outside world is? I just know that now I am not mad. People living here are mad. Somebody is crazy for music,
somebody for movies. Somebody is crazy for clothes.. ..somebody for jewellery. And everybody is crazy for money. They all might be mad. That doesn’t mean that they
can call me mad all the time. Gauri. Gauri, don’t cry. I
can’t see anybody crying. I too can’t endure this injustice. Till date, nobody consoled me. Bhola, you will talk
to me considering me.. be a nice girl, won’t you? Will I? I will have to do it.
I will have to talk a lot. Otherwise, how will my plan succeed? Plan? What plan?
– Nothing. Nothing. What is this, Bhola? Just now you were saying
that we will talk a lot. And now, you have
become so quiet. Why? Gauri, there is a problem. A lot of families
live in this shanty. How will we talk alone? Why? You call me and I will come.
– But how? How did you call me just now?
– By singing. So sing.
– Okay. “Mad girl.” I told you to call me and
you are calling the mad girl. Sorry. But which other song to sing? “My songs are calling you.” “My songs.” “My beloved.” Did you hear this song?
– Yes. We will sing this song.
– Okay. The work is done. I will sing this song when I
want to talk to you. And you come. If you sing melodiously,
I will definitely come. Gauri. Your mother is calling you?
– Yes. Mother. Gauri. Where have you gone? Gauri. Gauri. Move. Aunt, Gauri is not here.
Greetings, Aunt. How are you? Are you fine? Why are you being worried
about me all of a sudden? Aunt, you look so thin.
Are you not well? What nonsense! I am not talking nonsense. I
am swaying the wraparound. What. – No, no. I am washing..
no, drying the wraparound. Do you have to talk for that? Yes, Aunt. If we talk, we exhale.
It dries the wraparound. Sari. Sari. Why are you harping about sari? Aunt, I was saying that a sari
can be made with this wraparound. Why are you dancing? Because you are making me dance. Gauri. God knows where she has gone. So many times I told her
not to leave the house. Still she doesn’t heed me. Aunt, she didn’t come here.
– Then where did she go? She must be inside. She must
be inside. Inside. Inside. I checked inside. She is not there. You checked inside.
So, have I hidden her? Is she hidden here?
Go and check inside. Fine. I will check inside.
– Go. Saved. Bhola has come. Bhola has come. Bhola, you want food? Don’t you know that
it’s ‘Ekadashi’ today? It’s our fast. I have not cooked. Fine. Brother.
– Come. Brother.
– Yes. You didn’t drive the lorry today. Look, Bhola. In a week, one day
is an off for me and the lorry. That’s why you are exercising. Brother, I have heard of water
proof and shock proof watch. But this is the first time that I
am seeing an exercise proof watch. Loafer. Bhola, I had a nice friend. Friend? Like me?
– Yes. But he died.
– And I am alive. Bhola, I like three
things in the world. My mother.
– Mother? My mom. Second is my
friend’s memento. This watch. And third one?
– Third is my mind. Bhola, I am a Sardar (Sikh).
My mind is as I am. Brother, shall I clean your room? Why? Your sister-in-law
won’t come to stay here. I have come alone.
And I will die alone. Why do you talk of dying? First, eat, live and then dye. I remembered. Brother,
did you have your lunch? Can’t you see? I have still not taken a bath. I
have not prayed. How can I eat? You are right. Brother, I
asked whether you had your meal. But you didn’t ask me. Bhola, did you eat? Bhola has come. Bhola has come. You have still not eaten. Have a banana. No, Brother. I won’t take it. I will take it only when
somebody gives it to me. Fine. Fine. I will give it to you. Here. You are feeding me for free? No. I am giving it to you lovingly.
Fruits are sweet. I don’t want sweet fruits.
I want hard earned fruits. First, give me some
work and then reward. I remembered. Go bring
the round thing. – What? The tyre. So, say that. Here. Now, what?
– Keep this tyre back there. Keep it. You said to give you some work. You would have done the work.
Here is your fruit. All of it?
– Yes. And you?
– God is there for me. That is fine. But.. -Look. Leave. If I get angry,
I will slap you. Greetings.
– Who is it? Nobody. Naughty. Renu. Banana.
– It’s not pumpkin. Such delicious fruits. I was
wondering what to prepare for lunch. I will eat bananas. You
have come at the right time. Renu, listen to me. Father. Father.
– Renu. Renu. Father, look. Bhola
has got this for me. You too eat. Here. Brother. Brother, such delicious fruits. If you eat two, you don’t have to
eat anything else for breakfast. Give me four. So that I
don’t have to eat lunch too. Two benefits.
My appetite will be full. And I won’t have to
eat food cooked by you. Here. Bhola, you are so nice. These fruits are sweet
like your conversations. Bhola, do one thing.
– I understood. I will wash the plate and I
will drink water and go to sleep. Bhola. Did you read
today’s newspaper? Did you hear? In our
city 4424 people starve. Its wrong, Uncle.
Not 4424. In fact 4425. Today I too will starve. I had kept the watch here.
Where did it go? Where are the silver glasses?
I kept it here. Brother. Brother.
– Why are you yelling? Two silver glasses have vanished. Has there ever been
robbery in this house? Why are you staring at me?
Two silver glasses. Oh, God. Why are you yelling? Its only two glasses. Search
properly. You will find them. How? Not one, but two glasses.
Silver glasses. Father. Father. Robbery. Two silver glasses got
robbed in broad daylight. Really, dear?
– Yes, Father. The world is really bad.
– Two glasses. But dear, which newspaper
has this news appeared in? I didn’t see it in this.
– Oh, my God. My silver glasses. Where
should I go? Who shall I ask? Sher Singh. Sher Singh, two
silver glasses got stolen. Look, robbery was
committed in our house today. Tomorrow, it could be your house. Even my watch has been stolen. Stolen? Then why are you quiet? Why are you yelling? The
thief is from this shanty. Then why are you pointing at me? Will I steal in my house?
– I will nab the thief. When? Two silver glasses. Its silver glasses. Do you
know how expensive silver is.. Keep quiet. Harping about
silver glasses. Go inside. Bhola. Bhola. Today, you had copied
all the English notes.. the classroom, hadn’t you? Copy it for me too. You don’t get up. Get up. Bhola has vanished. I don’t understand. No film company accepts my story. I send it today, and tomorrow,
I get it back. No problem. Tomorrow, I will send all my
stories to foreign country. MGM. Columbia. Paramount. Sir.
– Paramount has come. No, sir. Postman.
– Postman. Coming. Postman.
Again a return script. Look, postman. I am
afraid of only you. Because you always
bring my scripts back. But sir, this time I didn’t
bring your story back. – Then? I have got a money order for you.
– Money order? Yes. Look, Rs.60.
– Wow. And in the next month, your story.. ..will be printed in film magazine. What are you saying?
– Yes, sir. Really?
– Yes. Yes. I had written to the
publisher saying if you don’t.. ..print this story then I
will send many stories to you. Now, they will print it out of fear. Yes, sir. Sign here. I will have to sign?
– Yes. I have never signed. I will sign. Hold this. Sumitra.
– Sir. Leave.
– Sir, take your money. It’s 60.
– Yes, sir. – Fine? – Yes. Sumitra. Sumitra.
– What happened? Why are you laughing? Sumitra, my story is going
to be printed in the magazine. Look, 60.. No, I have
received a money order of Rs.50. Can’t you see that I
am grinding the spices? Keep it on the table. Chatterjee. Bring the
ink and blank paper. And go on writing,
writing and writing. Sister-in-law, I
have brought grocery. Bhola, I am working.
Keep it on the table. Where’s Rs.50? Just now, Bhola brought the grocery. Bhola. Bhola, you
brought the grocery.. ..and kept it on the table, right? Yes, Sister-in-law.
What’s the matter? Rs.50 were kept on
the table. Where is it? Sister-in-law, I don’t know. If you won’t know,
then who else will know? Besides you, nobody
else comes to our house. Brother, I swear. I don’t
know who took the money. How did it vanish? There was a
robbery in our house too. Somebody stole my nose ring. Everybody is being
robbed in the shanty. My two silver glasses got robbed. And Anand’s gold chain too. Oh, my God. That’s really bad. It means the thief
is not an outsider. Yes. But he doesn’t
come in our grasp. We all knew. But we didn’t say. But now, we won’t keep quiet. You came in the house. And
silver glasses disappeared. Not one, but two. You had come to eat and
you took the gold chain. It’s futile to sit quiet. Will somebody do something?
– Yes. Bhola, what are they all saying? Uncle, I don’t know. Where are you going? Uncle, you are the eldest here. You ask him. Renu’s silver glasses. Aunt’s nose ring.
Anand’s gold chain. And her Rs.50 kept on the table. Where did it all go?
Where did it all go? Yes. You forgot brother’s watch. Great. Even after hearing
everything, he walked away. You tell me what does this mean? It’s futile to talk. He
will answer to only beatings. You people search his belonging. Maybe he hid things there.
I will frisk him. Jeevan. Jeevan, listen to me. Shut up. Take out
whatever you have. Come on. Mohan, listen to me. – You
frisk him. Listen to me. – Come on. Listen to me.
– Found it. Money. – Oh, my God. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5. 50. Remember. A thief can’t hide for long.
Someday, he gets caught. Tell me. How did you get this money? Just now, you said
that you didn’t steal. Earlier you were blabbering.
Now, what happened? Speak up. I am telling the truth.
I am not a thief. How did you get Rs.50 then? It’s my hard earned money. What did you do? How did you
earn this? Tell me. Speak up. I.. No, no. Look. How he is staring like an owl. He won’t speak like this.
Only beatings will do the trick. Am I right?
– Don’t beat me. I kept the money in my
pocket so that I don’t lose it. Chanting God’s name and stealing. By keeping the money in the pocket,
will it belong to you? I see. Now, I know where
you disappeared at night. So, he didn’t sleep here at night. He sells the goods
he steals at night. And in the morning, he
quietly comes and sleeps. No, no. It’s not true. I earned it to pay
my examination fees. Look at his face. Sister-in-law, give me my money.
– What money? It’s my hard earned money. No. It’s the money you robbed. Sister-in-law. Sister-in-law.
– Beat him. Beat him. No. No. No.
– Stop. Stop. Don’t beat him. We will take him
to the police station. Come on. What commotion is going on? Brother. Brother.. I am not a thief. Who says that you are a thief?
You can’t be a thief, Bhola. Everybody in the shanty
knows that he is the thief. Your saying is of no avail. Shut up. Talking nonsense. If fools call a swan a crow.. ..then will it become a crow? Is he your relative?
– What? Only beatings will
reform him. Beat him. Stop. If anybody raises hands
on Bhola, I won’t spare him. Leave. Why should we leave? – You
won’t leave? I will deal with you. Bhola, don’t worry. If anybody says
anything to you, just call me. I will not spare them. Got it? Uncle. Uncle. Why are you looking at me like this? Like others, you too
think that I am a thief? I am telling the truth, Uncle.
I am not a thief. The money found in my
pocket was my hard earned money. Believe me, Uncle. Bhola, you think I will
believe your justification. You didn’t steal the money?
– Uncle. When everybody said that nose-ring,
silver glasses.. ..and other things was
robbed then what did you say? Uncle, I said that you
forget to include brother’s watch. Exactly, Bhola. If you had committed the robbery.. ..then you would have never
reminded them of the watch. Such innocent words would
never been uttered by a sinner. Bhola, never. Father, I don’t care for others. But you don’t think I am a thief,
this is enough for me. I couldn’t tell
everybody how I earned Rs.50. But I won’t hide anything from you. I will tell you everything. “I don’t know your name.” “You don’t know my name.” “How can I give my
heart to a stranger?” “How can I give my
heart to a stranger?” “Yes, no. Yes, no. I don’t know.” “I don’t know your name.” “On a moonlit night, we will meet.” “We will talk about us.” “If I know you
then I might say yes.” “I don’t know.” “I don’t know your name.” “You don’t know my name.” “How can I give my
heart to a stranger?” “How can I give my
heart to a stranger?” “Yes, no. Yes, no. I don’t know.” “I don’t know your name.” “Who knows that
after holding my hand..” “You will leave me,
breaking my heart.” “You will break my
heart and hurt me.” “Who knows that
after holding my hand..” “You will leave me,
breaking my heart.” “You will break my
heart and hurt me.” “I don’t believe in your love.” “I don’t know your name.” “You don’t know my name.” “How can I give my
heart to a stranger?” “Yes, no. Yes, no. I don’t know.” “I don’t know your name.” “You don’t know my name.” Stop..
– No one will move. You all are arrested. To pay my exam fees, I
would work at that dirty hotel. I would get Rs.5 daily. But I didn’t know. That not only the
destination has to be sacred.. In fact, the way to
reach that destination.. ..should be sacred too. I received the punishment of my sin. I had to spend one night
at the police station. But on the second day,
when the police came to know.. ..that I have no
relation with that group. ..they released me. Father, now you only tell me. How would I have said all
these things in front of them? Anyway, they already
see me with hatred. If they came know.. ..that I have spent one
night at the police station.. ..they would have kicked
my out of this locality. Then where would I have gone? Bhola, forget the old
things like a dreadful dream. Even I’ll forget everything. Oh, yes, Bhola. You need
Rs.50 for fees. Right? – Yes. Take it from me tomorrow. Oh, Father. Go. Go, my dear, go. “Come on, my songs are calling you.” “My songs. Oh, my beloved.” “Oh, my beloved.” “Come on, my songs are calling you.” Who is it?
– Gauri. Why did you call me here? Please sit.
– No. I won’t sit. All right. Shall we talk something? Ms. Gauri, I am feeling scared. And you?
– No. It’s useless to sit
silently this way. Oh, yes. But what
should I say after all? Anything.
– Anything? Yes. So, tell me how is life? Are you all right? Are these any talks? Then is this mourning? Bhola, listen, until
you won’t speak to me.. ..I won’t go. Now, what should I say? Oh, yes. You know Mogul
King Akbar, right? – Yes. What yes? Say that he is there. Hey, dear, he was there. At his time, Mogul
Kingdom progressed a lot. He was very successful in
bringing good thoughts.. ..and a change in the
hearts of the people. Do you know that? This is wrong.
– This is wrong? Hey, all this is written in History. If you want then you can read it. No, Bhola, I am not telling that. I am saying it’s wrong
that you call me so formally. Then? What should I call you? Casually. Even I’ll
call you casually. You also call me casually. All right. If you wish,
I’ll call you casually. You.. no.. Gauri,
don’t you feel sleepy? How will I? They called you a thief. They scolded and thrashed you. Gauri, you worry so much about me? The bell rang. I am going. Bell? – Yes. You know
our grandfather who coughs. If he coughs in the morning,
it’s 9 o’clock. If he coughs in the evening,
think its 6 o’clock. If he coughs at night then
think its 11 o’clock. – Yes. He is a clock for me. I have to feed medicines to him.
– I am going. Coming, Grandfather. Who is it? Oh. Mr. Mohan. You? What’s that? This shirt belongs to Mr. Jeevan. It’s not good to steal, Mr. Mohan. Speak softly, Bhola.
Someone might hear. Not even a beggar
does such filthy things. But I am doing it since long.
– What are you blabbering? Its better that I saw
you committing the robbery. What if someone else had seen you? I didn’t just watch.
I have heard too. You wretched thief. You have committed all the
thefts of this locality. To defame me, you came
from Agra till here. That too by Punjab mail. It’s good, Bhola,
that you caught him. Otherwise, today, I had
been humiliated a lot. Please do one more favour, Bhola. Never reveal this
rogue’s secret to anyone. And if necessary, then say.. You have committed the robbery. What are you saying, Mother? I can take as many
allegations like a fool. But the burden of a
thief’s allegation.. I can’t bear to take it at all. My dear, not me but a mother.. pleading to her son. You don’t know, Bhola. What can’t a son do for his mother?
– Mother. You call me mother, right?
– Yes. Then take this. Before
anyone comes to know.. ..go and throw these shirts
back there. – Mother. Mother. Wicked man. You
cheated the one who fed you. Look everyone, look. Today, my brother Mohan has
caught this thief red-handed. My brother Mohan has caught him. Come on, speak up.
What will you say now? I am not a thief. I
didn’t commit the robbery. Mother.
– Hey, you thief. What is this new matter? Yes, yes. These are new shirts. Bhola have stolen
these shirts from upstairs. Hey? These are my brother’s shirts. This wretched one cheats
the ones who feed him. Father..
– Bhola, did you forget? Today, wheat is so expensive. Vegetables are so costly. Even then I feed you so lovingly. Tell the truth,
Bhola. What’s the matter? Father..
– Bhola, I feed you. Right? I am your mother. Right? Then tell the truth, dear.
– Tell the truth. Your mother is asking you. Tell me, Bhola. What’s the matter? I am your mother, Bhola. These shirts.. I have
stolen these shirts. Bhola, have you really
stolen these shirts? Yes? Yes. I picked them up by mistake. This means that
silver glass, gold chain.. ..that nose ring, that cash. You have stolen everything? You forget to mention
about brother’s watch. Did you see? Your
darling Bhola has been caught.. ..stealing in our house today. You were praising
Bhola a lot that day. You were threatening everyone. What happened now?
– Why are you dumbstruck? A thief. Hundred percent, a thief. Bhola, I can’t
believe in my dreams.. ..that you are a thief. Tell me, did you
steal or not? Tell me. Say that you didn’t
commit the robbery. Say that you didn’t steal.. Brother, please forgive me. I committed a mistake. I committed a mistake. So, you committed a mistake
– Yes. You thief.. Rogue. I was so proud of you. I would walk with pride. And today? Today,
you have humiliated me. You fool. Shame on you. Sher Singh, this is
an incomplete issue. I will complete it. I will teach him a lesson. Forget it, Mr. Manohar Lal. What if anything goes wrong? Nothing will go wrong. I will make everything fine. I have controlled it for many days. Gauri’s mother,
first, you fed him. – Yes. You fed him expensive vegetables. Even then he stole the shirts. You rogue, fool, cheat. Hey? Brother-in-law.
Brother-in-law, what are you doing? Sister. Sister. Please save me.
– Save me, Sister. Brother-in-law.
Brother-in-law, what are you doing? What are you doing? – So,
Bhola committed the robbery, right? You all still didn’t understand I will explain to everyone. Here is all the stolen stuff. And my uncle Mohan has
done this great thing. Oh, God. Did Mohan
commit this robbery then? He stole all the things and
kept them in his suitcase. Here. Your silver glass.
– The second glass? Here.
– My nose ring? – It’s here. And my gold chain?
– Here. – Thank you. Brother Sher Singh.
Brother Sher Singh. Brother Sher Singh.
– Yes? Your watch. Please take it. Now, everyone has got
their stuff. Now, go. Why are you all standing here?
– Go from here. Oh, yes. Come on,
everyone, go to their houses. Mother has become very angry. It’s my brother’s shirt. Come on, go inside. Go now. To defame me, this thief
came from Agra to Mumbai. Don’t consider this
wretched man as my wife’s brother. Call the police. Hand
him over to the police. Brother-in-law, please forgive me. So, I should forgive you?
– Father, please forgive Mr. Mohan. Brother Bhola, please forgive me. I will never commit
robbery in my life again. All right. All right,
first, you get out of the house. Get out. Come on, go now. Oh, yes, Brother. Brother,
I just forgot to tell you. Today, I ate food at the
Punjabi hotel, Sher-e-Punjab. Chana Bhaturas (Grams
and fried flatbread). They were very tasty. Brother. Brother, please
tell me how they are prepared. Bhola, you think by talking
about these things, you’ll.. No. No. You didn’t eat
food from a Punjabi hotel. You have been
slapped by a Punjabi man. I am very ashamed. Hey, listen, I can’t face you. Don’t say that, Brother. I don’t regret being slapped by you. I was scared.. What if
our friendship breaks? Brother, I can bear
the death of a friend. But I can’t bear the
death of friendship. Bhola, the elders
say the right thing. Work in haste, repent at leisure. The punishment for
my mistake is this. I misunderstood you
because of this watch. I am not worth
wearing that wristwatch. Here. Here. You wear
this watch on your wrist. No, Brother, no. You lose it and I get it. This is impossible.
– I say, take it. – No, Brother. Take it.
– No. All right. If this watch
is not on Bhola’s wrist.. ..then this watch will be no more. Oh, yes. Bhola. – Yes? – Do you
remember what I would always say? Three things are very
dear to me in this world. Yes, Brother. Firstly, your mother.
– Yes. Secondly, this watch.
– Oh, yes. And third one is your intelligence. No. No. Not my intelligence. Third one is my Bhola. Oh, Brother.
– Oh, yes. My pal. What is it? Come here. Yes.
Wait. Here. Take this. What is this?
– A flower braid. You always make a hairdo, right? So, wear this.
– Why? – I want to see it. Seeing your beauty, even
moon will feel ashamed. And you? – When moon will
feel ashamed.. I will faint. Then I won’t wear it.
– No. I was just joking. Please wear it.
– All right. Bhola.
– Brother Vivek. Please sit. I have heard the
people of this locality.. ..alleged you to be a thief
and gave you a lot of respect. Yes, but they took that rank back. Shall I tell you one thing? The people of this
locality don’t know your value. Only father has guessed you right. That’s why he brought
books for me to study. I can’t understand how
to repay his favour. You’ll get an opportunity soon. Father wants you to
marry my sister Shanti. My marriage with your father.. No,
I mean with your sister. No. What are you saying? I am telling the
right thing, Brother. And father will come
here to talk about marriage. Father? Oh, no. Why is
father going to come here? He should have called me there.
I would have come. You are getting so uneasy
listening about marriage. Be patient, Brother. All right. It’s time
for father to come. I am going.
– All the best. Happy marriage. Till today, I would think.. Your professor gives you only books. But today, I came to
know he is ready.. give you his daughter too. How is the girl? When will the marriage take place? Gauri, didn’t you feel
bad listening to this? No.
– Not at all? – No, not at all. A marriage is good news. Everyone feels happy. Why should anyone feel bad? It’s fine if everyone feels happy. But can Gauri also feel happy? Why are you asking me this? Because.. I.. you..
– Hey? Why are you stammering? I thought after
listening that I am.. ..getting married
to some other girl.. will get disheartened. Hey Bhola, when father-in-law
is coming to see son-in-law.. ..should the
son-in-law be in this attire? You should get ready. Understood? Here. Take this. You had given it, right? Gauri.
– Bye. Gauri. Bhola. Bhola. Oh, sir. Greetings, sir. How are you, Bhola?
– I am fine. I am fine, sir. Please come. Come. Sir, where will you sit? I don’t
have an appropriate place for you.. Thank you. Thank you, Bhola.
– Sir, I.. Oh, no. Sir, what should I bring for you? Chilled tea or hot Cola? Thank you, Bhola. Bhola, I always ask about you.
– Yes. Listen, Bhola, to progress in life.. needs a good environment.
– Yes. Vivek must have told
you everything. – Yes. I hope you agree to
marry my daughter. Yes. No, no. Oh, yes.
What are you saying, sir? Sir, instead of coming here,
you should have called me. I would have come there. Sir, she has arrived. Oh, no. What happened, Bhola?
– Gauri. Gauri. Gauri is throwing the utensils.
Gauri is throwing the utensils. But why?
– I don’t know. I Bhola. Bhola. If you all
talk about my marriage again.. ..I’ll bang everyone’s head. I will
break all the utensils. – Gauri. Bhola, injustice
with me in my own house. Who is he?
– My college professor. Greetings, sir. Bhola,
he is a professor and I.. No, I will ask him. Sir, you are a professor. And I am a mad girl. I have been mad
since the last ten years. Every kid of this
locality knows that I am mad. Still this Bhola is
ready to marry me. Now, you tell me, sir. Who will be ready to marry me? Bhola will get many girls.
But I have only one Bhola. Gauri, shut up. What
are you blabbering? Hey, you shut up.
Who is talking to you? I am talking to professor. I am talking about my justice. Sir, tell me, did I
say something wrong? Please tell me, sir. No,
dear. You are absolutely right. I said the right thing.
You have said I am right. Then everything is fine. Bhola, its fine.
– Sir, thank you. Thank you very, very much. Bhola. Gauri. What did you do? I’m sorry, sir.
– Doesn’t matter, dear. Sir, I with Gauri.. No,
Gauri with me.. Oh, no, sir. Just
the way you love me. Like that I and
Gauri love each other. You know my brother, sir. He said, “Dear, fall
in love instantly.” So, even I fell in love instantly. This is a result of that. That poor girl had
come with untied hair. All the people of the
locality consider her mad. But sir, she is very good.
Don’t consider her mad. No, Bhola, if I
don’t understand this.. I have no right to
be called a professor. Listen, Bhola, with such
smartness and beauty.. ..she gave a hint
that she loves you. You don’t worry about her. I don’t worry at all.
– I see. – In fact, I am happy. I bless you both.
– Oh, yes. But Bhola, getting
influenced by these things.. ..don’t forget that
your exams are near. No, no, sir. How can
I ever forget that? Anyway, sir, Gauri helps
me a lot in my studies. How?
– Sir, whenever I sit to study.. Whoever comes to harass me.. ..Gauri throws utensils at them. And the one who comes to harass me.. ..after being hit by the utensils,
runs away, sir. Oh. Even I will flee now then.
– Sir. – Yes? Don’t tell this to
anyone at college. Otherwise, my name will be
scribbled on the college walls. Don’t worry about it, Bhola. Gauri, what have you done? It’s not right to do
this in front of elders. What have I done?
– You shouted like an insane. Why? Am I not insane? I can’t understand what
sort of mad girl you are. If there had been some
other girl in your place.. She would have sat in
the kitchen and wept. And you had been thinking
how to refuse professor. And you would have
married his daughter. And I would have lost
you for my lifetime. Bhola, I am not ready to lose you. Understood?
– Oh, yes, understood. What did you understand?
– Whatever you explained to me.. What did I explain to you? I am feeling shy.
– Oh. “Ascetic. Oh, Ascetic.
What will happen in love?” “Ascetic. Oh, Ascetic.
What will happen in love?” “Every day will be pleasant.”
– “Really?” “Every night will be pleasant.” “Ascetic. Oh, Ascetic.
What will happen in love?” “Ascetic. Oh, Ascetic.
What will happen in love?” “Every day will be pleasant.” “Every night will be pleasant.” “The nights will be long.” “Then the galore of dreams.” “The life will pass now.” “Now, by enjoying and smiling..” “You make this promise to me.” “That you won’t break the promise.” “Ascetic. Oh, Ascetic.
What will happen in love?” “Ascetic. Oh, Ascetic.
What will happen in love?” “Every day will be pleasant.” “Every night will be pleasant.” “The moon and stars are sleeping.” “These enchanting
sights are sleeping.” “The magic of night spread.” “Except the two of us,
everyone is asleep.” “How can we feel sleepy?” “We both are forlorn lovers.” “Ascetic. Oh, Ascetic.
What will happen in love?” “Ascetic. Oh, Ascetic.
What will happen in love?” “Every day will be pleasant.” “Every night will be pleasant.” “There is an anklet of flowers,
a chandelier of stars.” “In the city of love, oh, beloved.” “If only we had a house..
No, there is no need.” “You will reside in my heart.” “Ascetic. Oh, Ascetic.
What will happen in love?” “Ascetic. Oh, Ascetic.
What will happen in love?” “Every day will be pleasant.”
– “Really?” “Every night will be pleasant.” Brother. Brother. Brother. Oh, please come, Bhola. Drink tea.
– Oh, Brother. Why? Why are you dancing today? What’s the matter? Brother.
– Yes? You know that girl Gauri.
– Yes. She is very good.
– Yes. She is very smart.
– Yes. – She.. she loves me. Really?
– I swear. Sure? – 100%.
– Sincerely? – Truthfully. Brother. – Yes? – Brother, first,
my heart was like an empty box. But now with the talks of love,
it has become houseful. Then open the box. Tell me whatever you
have in your heart. Even I feel the same, Brother. But what should I do? There is one problem.
– What is the problem? Whenever Gauri
comes in front of me.. I can’t utter a word. I become dumbstruck. You just become dumbstruck, right? The pen and paper
are not restricted. Write down all the
things to her in a letter. What did you say? A letter?
– Yes. That means a letter?
– Yes. That means a note?
– Yes. – That means a love letter? Oh, yes, yes. Come on, write it
down. – Oh, Brother, you are great. Oh, no. Naughty boy. “Come on, my songs are calling you.” “My songs.. oh, my beloved.” “Come on, my songs are calling you.” You sang a song to
call me and I have come. But what’s the need to sing now? Now, there is a
need to talk frankly. I.. I truly love you. Did you see? I can’t
express the feelings of my heart. That’s why I wrote
everything on this blank paper. Read this letter in privacy. Okay? This is my first love letter. How did you dare to this?
– Oh, my God. I have committed a grave mistake.
Please forgive me. You deceitful man. – No. No. –
You dare to write me a letter. That too a love letter?
– No. No. Just wait. I’ll reveal your
truth in front of all right now. No. No.
– Brother. – Ms. Renu. Brother. – No, Renu. – Brother Deval.
– Wait. – Brother Deval, Father. What happened, Renu?
– Look at his courage, Brother. He writes a love letter
and dares to give it to me. You fool, you dare to give.. sister a love
letter in broad daylight? Listen, Brother Deval, I gave
a love letter to your sister. This is my mistake. – Oh,
Jaya, just see what he has done. Please come here.
– What happened? This Bhola portrays
himself as innocent. While he writes a love letter.
– What? – A love letter? Yes, Mother. ‘My beautiful darling,
delicate bud, my moon.’ ‘When someone falls in love,
eyes are filled with desires.’ ‘But why fear when you are in love?’ Goodness me. Writing
all the cinema names. He has written such a
beautiful love letter. To hell with cinema.
Read ahead. Read ahead. Give it to me. Are the love
letters read in front of all? Let me read please. This worthless singer has
never written letters to me. Let it be. It’s a bad
thing to write and read too. The worst thing is this. Where the girls stay, someone
who writes love letter stays.. He should be thrown out immediately. Today, he has written to her. Tomorrow, he’ll
write to my daughter. Why? – Oh, yes. – Yes.
– Yes. – Why? – Yes? I’ll give you a tight slap.
– A stray dog bites everyone. Mother, don’t call me a dog. Why shouldn’t she? A dog only wags its tail
at every house for food. Oh, yes. The dog lies on the way. You should be thrashed up. Yes. Whipped by a hunter. Just like Dilip Kumar whipped Pran.. the movie, ‘Ram Aur Shyam.’ Why are you looking to that side? Dindayal or Ramdayal,
no one can save you. He considers him as his shield. Because he always
speaks in his favour. Come. Please come. Greetings, Mr. Ram, please go. So, you arrived to speak in
favour of your disciple Bhola. The one you consider as your son.. ..has written a love letter to me.
– Did you hear that? What innocence your
innocent Bhola has shown. Will you still love
this innocent guy? Tell me. One should surely love a cow. But if the same cow ruins the
garden and the surrounding.. ..then that cow
should be kicked out. We said it and now,
even he has said it. Now, throw out this wretched man. This evil man shouldn’t be
allowed to be here for a minute. Pick up your luggage. Get lost from here.
– No, no. Hey, no. Don’t give me such a big punishment. Silent. You wretched rogue. Get lost from here. All right, Mr. Deval. I am going. I am leaving this
locality like that orphan. The one who
doesn’t know who he has.. ..and where he will go? But before going, I just
want to say this much. Father, I have not
done anything wrong. It’s enough. Enough, Bhola. Now, just go from here. All right, Father. All right. Now, even you are asking
me to go away from here. I will not stay here, Father. I will not stay. Do one thing for me. My
brother is not present here. When he returns, tell him.. His naughty Bhola has
gone away from here. He has gone away forever. The coughing sound has
stopped all of a sudden. Grandfather has got
rid of cough forever. He is no more. Oh, God. Oh, God. How long will the dead
body lie in the house? A dead body. That too unidentified? Yes, I mean we should
hand it to some orphan. Oh, yes. Call Bhola. He is an orphan.
– Call him soon. Go. Go bring Bhola soon. Go. Bhola. Bhola. The grandfather who would
cough is no more. – Grandfather. Bhola, don’t commit
this mistake again. Oh, yes. We all have forgiven you. Now, there is no need
to leave this house. Go inside and look after the work. ‘Grandfather, I bid
goodbye to everyone.’ ‘But I forgot to
bid goodbye to you.’ ‘And you? You bid goodbye
to all and went forever?’ Father, I have to take
grandfather to cemetery. Four men are needed to
lead the death procession. What should I do now? Everyone has left. How will grandfather’s
funeral rites be performed? At least, four men are needed
to lead the death procession. Bhola, grandfather was a poor man. If he had been rich, all
these would have surrounded him. To lead his death procession. They
would have fought among themselves. But don’t worry. You need four men, right? I am equal to two. Father is here. You are here. Come on. Come. Father, my exams begin from today. Give me your blessings. Father, I think you
are still angry with me. Bhola, if a drop of poison
falls in a pot filled with milk.. spoils the entire milk. Father, I won’t hide
anything from you. I definitely wrote a
love letter, but Father.. There is no need to
give a clarification. The boys studying in
college concentrate on studies. A boy who concentrates on love
and affairs is never successful. I asked forgiveness for my mistake. Everyone forgave me too..
– Oh, yes, everyone forgave you. But why? They needed you. They needed your help to
pick up that orphaned dead body. That’s why they forgave you. But you can’t change
my thoughts so easily. Father, I am like a son to you. Bhola, I considered
you more than my son. That’s why I won’t forgive you. Father, I am telling the truth. If you won’t forgive me.. What’s the use of my staying here? I will go away from here. I will go away from this locality. Whether you go from
this locality or not.. But you go away from here.
– Father, at least listen to me.. I am going to give my exams. Before giving the first examination,
let me take your blessings. There is no need for this. Go take blessings from God. Don’t say that,
Father. Don’t say that. You are my God. If you won’t give
me your blessings.. ..I won’t be able to
write my exams well. I am getting late for my exams.
Father, please open the door. Open the door, Father. All right, Father. Don’t open the door. But today, I’ll definitely fall
at your feet and take blessings. Father. Father, give me your
blessings. I am your Bhola. Do you want that I
should fail in my exams? Father, if you give
me your blessings.. I’ll write such papers that
I’ll break all the records. Get up, Bhola. Get up, my dear. If you
won’t write your papers well.. Who else will write them? Oh, Father.
Father, I had got scared. That will I get
your blessings or not? No, Bhola, my
blessings are always with you. You write such papers,
such papers that.. You just break the pen. Go. Go soon. You are getting late. But Bhola.. Bhola.. Always be in my heart. You always stay here. Father. Bhola.
– Oh, Father. Bhola, you have my blessings. The disputes which occur in
love don’t exist for long. Oh, Father.
– Bhola. Bhola. Oh, Bhola. Go Bhola. – Yes. – You are
getting late. Go Bhola. Go. “Oh, Kanha (Lord Krishna)..” “I will not leave your hand
till we reach across the shore.” “I will not leave your hand
till we reach across the shore.” “I will not leave your side
till the end of the world.” “I will fill your
parting with moon and stars.” “I am that lover who’ll turn
stone into wax.” – Oh, my God. “I’ll fill love in the
hearts of the ones who hate.” Dear, shut off this noise. You know I don’t like such songs. Whether you like it or not.
I am listening to my choice. “I’ll fill love in the
hearts of the ones who hate.” Did you hear that? Hey, you’ll fill hatred in
the heart of your lover too. Try to understand. I have to practice singing. You are practicing since years. Did you get any benefit till today? I didn’t benefit, but
I am going to benefit. Just wait and watch. How I’ll sing and how the
people are flabbergasted. Malhaar, Maalgaut,
Bahaar (Form of ragas). I know. I know. When you sing Maagaut, the sound.. ..of the goods train is heard. When you start singing Bahaar.. The people start going out.
– Shut up. If people didn’t like my singing.. How I had been
offered the programme.. sing at Saraswati
Mandal (organisation) tomorrow? It’s your programme tomorrow?
– Yes. I am going to get Rs.500 in cash.
Look. Rs.200 in advance. Oh, God. Let me see
how a 100 rupee note is. No. It is fine in my pocket. Engine of a goods train. Now, sit and utter that sound. “In my opposite flat,
lives a paying guest.” “In my opposite flat,
lives a paying guest.” “I regret my heart is bowled
over by this paying guest.” “In my opposite flat,
lives a paying guest.” “Just don’t ask what
sort of wife I have got.” “Just don’t ask what
sort of wife I have got.” “I am left out hungry and thirsty.” “I am left out hungry and thirsty.” “She eats milk and cream.” “Just don’t ask what type I..” “Just don’t ask what type..” “Just don’t ask what
sort of wife I have got.” “This is a false complaint.” “This is a false allegation.” “He is a true husband.” “In spite of being auctioned..” “He signs all property
in his wife’s name.” “The one who borrows
money from his wife..” “What will he love his wife?” “The one who borrows
money from his wife..” “What will he love his wife?” “The money makes a jingling sound.” “The money makes a jingling sound.” “Everyone dances to its tune.” “Whether married
ones or bachelors..” “The money makes a jingling sound.” “Jingling, jingling.” “Jingling, jingling.” “Oh, my dream boy,
when will you leave?” “When will your music stop,
when will you leave?” “I won’t stop you from leaving.
When will you leave?” “Go away. Go away.” “Go away. Go away.” “I am walking the deer’s gait.” “I am walking the deer’s gait.” “Tearing away my shirt.” “Tearing away my shirt, I
have made it my handkerchief.” “I am walking the deer’s gait.” “Oh, my darling beloved,
my darling.” “Eat this betel leaf,
please don’t get angry.” “I will never sing a
filmy song again.” “You never yell and
cry like this again.” “I will never sing a
filmy song again.” “You never yell and
cry like this again.” “Oh, my darling beloved,
my darling.” “My Prince, go to sleep,
go to sleep.” Moti, look there, Bhola is going. It’s the last day
of the exams today. If we allow him to write the
paper today, he’ll pass the exams. I wasn’t allowed to copy.
I must do something. Idea.
– Idea? – Come on. Bhola, what happened? Brother. Brother, I
was going to the college. A few men came to me and
told me not to appear for exams. I said, “I’ll go.” Then
they beat me up badly. Do you know who they were? I’ll go
to the police station right now. No, Brother. It is important that I go for exams.
Now, only half an hour is left. But I can’t get up. Bhola, you will have to write
the answers with your hands. Not with feet. Come on, get up. My legs are very badly injured. I say, get up.
– Brother. – You shut up. Get up.
– I can’t. – Get up.. Don’t worry, Bhola.
You’ll appear for the exams. Definitely. I’ll take
you there on my shoulders. Come on. Oh, God. We’re in trouble.
– What happened? I had told them that they
should threaten Bhola and.. ..terrorise him so that he
would not appear for the exam. But they have broken his leg. Oh. What will happen now? Now, don’t talk about
this to anyone. Keep quiet. Doctor, thanks a lot. Bhola, come on, let’s go. Come. Brother.
– Yes. I completed my paper
with much difficulty. Don’t worry too much. God willing,
you will be successful. Sit. Wait. I will
be back in a moment. Bhola, haven’t you
eaten since morning? Wait. Bhola is here. I am Bhola here. Brother. I’m Bhola here. Sher Singh. What is this? I came to get food for Bhola. Take it, Bhola. Come on, eat it. I didn’t remember.. ..that you haven’t
eaten since morning. Today, I’ll feed you. Look, the food is hot
and there is a nice aroma. Have it.
– No. I don’t like it. What is it that you don’t like? Brother, until now, you never
bowed your head before anyone. But today, for me, you
went to someone else’s house.. ..and you begged for
food saying Bhola is here. I’m Bhola here. I don’t like it. What is bad about it? I don’t want my brother to
become the beggar Bhola. Why not? Brother, if you say what
I say, it is not proper. And if I say what you say,
even then it would not be proper. Why don’t you like it, tell me? It’s not proper. – I say,
you must tell me the reason. No, Brother.
– Tell me. You naughty boy.
– What? So, I had said it
would not be proper. Naughty boy. – Mr. Jeevan, I
have passed. I have passed. Very good, Bhola. – Please
forgive me, but I have passed. Why do you tell it to them, Bhola? They are too tired to look for
their number in the newspaper. Uncle. Uncle, I have passed.
– You have passed. Good. Mother, I have passed B.A. exam. Yes, I heard you. Gauri. I have passed. I
have passed with first class. Yes, Gauri. Uncle. I have passed. Very good. Bhola, very good. Bhola, your hard work has paid off. Uncle, I could do it
with your blessings. Oh, Bhola.
– Brother. Oh, great. Bhola, you
passed with first class? Yes, Brother. If you hadn’t
taken me on your shoulder.. Forget it. With God’s blessings,
you have achieved this great success. Now, I should talk to
you with great respect. I should not call you Bhola. – Then
how would you address me? As Gola? Look, now, you
have passed B.A. exam. While I do not even
know the alphabets. Now, I should call you, Mr.
Bhola. No, honourable Mr. Bhola. Look, I don’t like Mr.
Bhola or Mr. Gola. You must call me just Bhola.
And also naughty boy. No.
– Won’t you say it? Never. – What if I
made you say naughty boy? Are you challenging me? You are a kid as compared to me. For seven lives, I’ll call you..
No. I won’t say it. Forget about seven lives.
I take an oath on God. I’ll make you call me naughty
boy in this same birth of mine. I’ll see.
– I’ll see too. I’ll see.
– I’ll see too. I’ll see.
– Brother. – Yes. Please call me a
naughty boy just once. No. I won’t. Bhola. Dear, Bhola.
– Yes, Mother. I’m very happy that
you’ve passed the exam. Actually, it is due to
your blessing, Mother. You have passed
because I fed you nice food. Now, run and bring
vegetables from the market. I’ll bring it, Mother. You go inside, how can you
go when it is so hot outside? Yes, only Bhola can go
when it is so hot outside. Brother. Mother, I’ll surely go. But first, I’ll go to
the professor’s house. And I’ll take his blessings. First, the vegetable and
only then the blessings. Oh, Mother, I’ll
need just five minutes. Thereafter, I’ll bring the
vegetable and everything else. Why? The moment you
crossed the shore..’ve forgotten the boat. Have
you forgotten that I gave you food? As if you gave him
desserts and sweet dishes. Bhola, you are not
anybody’s servant. Bhola, go get the vegetable. Bhola, today you
have passed B.A. exam. Now, appear like a worthy man. Bhola, I say go and bring vegetable. Bhola, I say go to the professor. Bhola, bring the vegetable.
– Go to the professor. He is trying to do some good work,
but you are spoiling him. What kind of man you are? What kind of woman you are? Hey. Why are you crying? As you have seen, these people.. ..won’t allow Bhola
even a little rest. How much more work
can that poor man do? But why do you bother
so much about Bhola? When I look at Bhola,
I feel sorry for him. When I see him working
so much, I feel very bad. And Bhola is a good boy. And so
he does everything he is told. If there was someone
else in his place.. ..he would have put
them to their place. Brother, the God who created frog.. ..why did the same God
create a snake to eat him? Look, I’m a simple and
straightforward man. My intelligence is like my nature. But I’ll tell you, the
same God who created a snake.. ..created a snake-charmer to
make him dance to his tune. I knew you would do well. I’m very happy today,
Bhola. I’m really very happy. Daddy, you had seen this same
advertisement for Bhola, right? Yes, my son. Good
that you reminded me. Bhola, send an
application to the address in it. It’s a job of an officer.
You’ll definitely get it. Because you have stood
first in the university. Sir, I can’t forget the help you
extended to me for my lifetime. Bhola, this is not a
palm of a common man. There is a special line on your
hand. Your fate is waiting for you. You’ll be a great man, Bhola. You.. Do you stay in this tenement? Yes, sure. Who are you?
– I? Yes.
– I’ll tell you. A man. Indian. From
Hoshiarpur district. From village Porwal.
Station Dehlapur. Grandfather Bhagat Singh,
Father Raj Singh. And my name is Sher Singh. Which Singh are you? I’m not some Singh, I came
from Singapore. – Singapore? Yes. I heard that there is
an orphan boy staying here. Bhola?
– Yes, Bhola. Yes, yes, Bhola. Where is Bhola? I came here looking for him. Tell me, what is your problem? What can I say?
Bhola is my son. My son. Bhola is your son? I can’t believe it. He is an orphan. No, not at all. He is not
an orphan. I’m his father. When Bhola was six years of age,
I had no means of livelihood. I was fed up of my poverty and
I left my young son in Mumbai. I went to Singapore to make money. Now, I’ve a lot of money. Such money is useless. Your
son lives like a beggar here. But the father made lot of money
and enjoyed life in Singapore. To hell with such a father. No. Please don’t say that. At that time, the
poverty had made me helpless. I could not look after
the needs of my son. But today, I can purchase
many such tenements and.. ..transfer them in the
name of my son, Bhola. But what proof do you have
that you are Bhola’s father? How can you say this? Can a father not
recognise his own son? Yes, and there is a black
marking on Bhola’s shoulder. What you call as a mole. Our Bhola has a black
mole on his shoulder. Yes, it means Bhola is my son. So, it means my
Bhola is a millionaire. Not simply a millionaire,
he is a billionaire. But where is he now? He has gone to meet the professor. He will come in the afternoon,
and then you can meet him. Yes. I’ll go to the bank and
I’ll bring a lot of money for him. I’m indebted to you people
staying in these tenements. You people have raised my
young son from his childhood. For this, I’ll pay Rs.1 lakh.. everyone living
in these tenements. Really. I take an oath on Bhola. I’ll go to the bank and bring money. Bhola is a millionaire now. No, my Bhola is a billionaire now. “Listen to a wonderful story.” “There was an orphan boy.” “Today, he is a wealthy man.” “Till recently, he was a pauper.” “This world is a stage.” “This world is a stage.” “Now, he is poor,
now he is wealthy.” “This world is a stage.” “Someone who was hungry yesterday..” “ eating desserts today.” “This world is a stage.” “This world is a stage.” “This stranger world
changes its colour all the time.” “This world has three names.” “It keeps on
changing it all the time.” “This world has three names.” “It keeps on
changing it all the time.” “Why should we
bother about such men?” “Everywhere, the
money is worshipped.” “Whether it is Patiala or Mumbai.” “Yes, my dear.” “This world is a stage.” “Now, he is poor,
now, he is wealthy.” “This world is a stage.” “This world is a stage.” “Someone asked me
who your relative is?” “I laughed and said to him..” “What can I say?” “I laughed and said to him..” “What can I say?” “The one who is rich
doesn’t recognise me.” “The one who is poor, I
do not recognise him.” “The whole world is selfish..” “..and insane..” “This world.” “This world is a stage.” “Now, he is poor,
now, he is wealthy.” “This world is a stage.” “This world is a stage.” “My friends would say..” “My husband would be a wealthy man.” “My husband would be a wealthy man.” “Who would be that lucky man?” “Who will get married to me?” “I listen to all these talks.” “And I want to tell you..” “Listen, this world is a stage.” “Now, he is poor,
now, he is wealthy.” “This world is a stage.” “This world is a stage.” “Someone who was hungry yesterday..” “ eating desserts today.” “This world is a stage.” “This world is a stage.” “This world is a stage.” “This world is a stage.” Mother, I’m going to the market. If you want something, tell me. Oh. How can you go when
it is so hot out there? If you want anything,
I’ll bring it for you. Sit here. Look, I’ve
brought a briefcase for you. Oh, Mother, what use
do I have for this bag? The things get spoiled
in your old wooden bag. Dear, don’t feel bad if I,
your mother, scolded you before. Mother’s anger is actually her love. I know it well, Mother. And listen to me, dear.
Many people talk nicely.. ..but they criticise
you behind your back. If they get an opportunity,
they will rob you. Keep your things inside this
and keep the key safely with you. But Mother, what if someone
takes away the whole suitcase? You come up with
some wonderful jokes. Oh. But remember what I
had told you just now. The world is very bad. Don’t
fall pray to anyone’s sweet talk. My dear prince Bhola. Prince Bhola. Where has this tune come from? Prince.
– Yes. Take this alarm watch. What will I do
with this alarm watch? Time is money. Every
moment is precious. What?
– Precious. And so, I and your
sister Jayashree.. ..have given this to you as a gift. What is going on? I’m
getting so many gifts today. Whose face did I see
early in the morning today? Did I look at myself in the mirror? What happened? Well, how do I tell you.. Nowadays, I don’t get
angry at whatever you say. I like you so much. What? I’ll go. Mr. Bhola.
– Yes. Mr. Bhola.
– Yes. When you read love letters,
your eyes get strained. So? – So, I brought
a table lamp for you. And look, I even
brought sweet for you. I prepared it myself. Your life
will be as sweet as this sweet. Mr. Bhola. I was upset to
read your letter last time. Please don’t feel bad about it. But nowadays, I read that
letter 20 times everyday. – Really? Mr. Bhola, please don’t
look at me in this manner. What is the matter?
– I feel shy. When you see a young man,
you forget everything. You saw this young man
and came here to him. No one is there to look after you. Bhola.
– Yes, Mother. I brought a cup of tea for you. Why have you come here
now?-Shut up. I’m Bhola’s friend. Bhola.
– Uncle. Look, what I’ve brought for you. A fan. Switch it on and take good rest. Take it. Be careful. It is very heavy. It is very costly. Singapore. Uncle, what about Singapore? Singapore. My dear. Bhola, the tea is getting cold. Drink it.
– Just food is not enough. Mr. Bhola is a graduate, but
he has to sleep on the ground. Mr. Jeevan, are
you going outstation? No, Mr. Bhola, I’ve
brought this quilt for you. Oh.
– So that you can sleep in comfort. But Mr. Bhola, I
gave you this quilt. I don’t want to publicise it. Renu. Have you met Mr. Bhola? Yes. Renu came and went away. Okay. Okay. I’ll
take your leave now. Drink it, my dear. Bhola. Don’t drink the tea.
It’s not good for your health. Drink Horlicks (energy drink).
Here’s the health drink. Horlicks. And hot water for you. Whenever you want, mix it
with Horlicks and drink it. Sister, why are you
taking the trouble? Bhola has drunk healthy tea. Dear Bhola, you should not
take food from any derelict. Oh. You call me a derelict.
Are you a queen? Yes, I’m a queen.
– Bhola, drink this healthy drink. Bhola, don’t drink it.
– Bhola, drink it. Bhola don’t. – Drink it. – No.
– You must drink it. – No. Oh.
– Help. Bhola can’t breathe. Bhola can’t breathe.
– Bhola can’t breathe. Give Bhola some water. Bhola, have some water. –
Here’s the water. – I’m coming, son. Water.
– Water. Wait, I’ll give him.
– I’ll give him water. Take from me. – I’ll give him water. Who are you to give water to Bhola? Bhola is my son.
– Shut up. Don’t try to teach me.
– Shut up. Why do people fight like animals? Hey, what are you
doing inside the house? Go out and talk to Bhola. But the other day, you said
you’ll break my legs if I went out. But today, you are asking me
to go out and talk to Bhola. You have no sense. You are stupid. Am I stupid? Will you go or not? No. Not at all. Hey, Bhola. You have
become a king from a pauper. What is the matter? Brother, I do not
know what the matter is. I only know that I
have become a millionaire. Oh. Millionaire?
– Yes. A millionaire. Brother, take Rs.50. What for? Brother, now, your
Bhola is no more a pauper.. ..but he has become wealthy. By the way, I have
used your watch a lot. Thank you for that. Now, I do not want
this watch for free. Hey, you son of a millionaire. You are weighing a gift
given with love with your money? Brother, a person can
buy love, affection.. ..everything with money. Take Rs.50. Bhola.
– Keep Rs.50. You dare to do this. Crook.. You crook. You crook. Brother, say it. You crook. Come on, Brother. Say it.
– I won’t say it. I understood, you
want to make me angry.. ..and you want me
to say crook.. yes.. You want me to say that. No,
I will not say that. Brother, just once.
– I will never say it. Bhola, what is all this? Brother, I have become lucky.
I have become a millionaire. I have got all the happiness.
– Great. Great. But I did not get one thing.
– What is that? Sleep. Peaceful sleep. Oh, Bhola, this is
the miracle of money. When you get money,
you lose your peace. You lose your sleep. But Brother, these
people are very strange. They start hovering around
you once you have money. Just see, what all gifts the people
from the shanty have given me. It is really surprising. In
one day, all have started.. ..respecting you so much. Wow. But Brother, you have
not given me anything. Why? Has your father given all this? All these gifts are given by me. You haven’t given me. The people from the
shanty have given me. That too after seeing the
face of my wealthy father. Which wealthy father? Brother, even I do not know it. But I have heard that he
has come from Singapore. He is elegantly dressed up. He has come from Singapore. He is elegantly dressed up. Wait. Bhola, do you know who is he?
– Who is he? Your father from Singapore. What?
– Yes, Bhola. The people who wear a
suit are not usually.. ..the millionaire from Singapore. He is not your father
but he is my cleaner.. My cleaner, Jaggu. He plays the role of
Majnu’s father in dramas. I told him to become
Bhola’s father one day. I will see who comes to trouble you. How did he say it? Hey, you. Hey, you
people from the shanty. Come out of your rooms. Look. Your millionaire
from Singapore has arrived. The one who was going
to give all of you.. ..Rs.1 lakh each. Come. Come and take Rs.1 lakh. Come, Jagya, there are Re.1
notes filled in the truck. Come on, Jagya. Horlicks gives you more strength. Horlicks gives you more strength. Horlicks gives you more strength. Horlicks..
– Bhola. Since the time I have
given you this clock.. ..Jaya.. my wife,
she keeps screaming. I will throw this clock on her face. Throw it on her face.
– Yes, on her face.. Beware if you ever
write a love letter to me. And you eat sweet free of cost. Singapore? Hey, you fraud. You are not going anywhere,
are you? – No. Then I will take my suitcase away. Hey, millionaire. Rubbish. Bhola, I am going out of town. I am taking away the Horlicks. I am taking away the Horlicks. Horlicks. Get up. Gradually, everything disappeared. Oh, Bhola. My dear. Get up. Tell me, Bhola. Where did all these things vanish.. ..the moment I went away? They went back where
they had come from. Don’t worry, look what
I have brought for you. A ticket for Delhi. Brother, ticket is fine. But first, you tell me
why did you play such.. ..a bitter mischief with me? Oh, Bhola, not with you.
I played this mischief.. ..with the people from this shanty. My dear, this is my principle. To lure a greedy person
and make him do your bidding. And to fool by falsely praising him. This is what an intelligent
person has said, understood? I don’t want to know anything. But first, tell me what
was the necessity to.. this charade with me? I did not plan this charade. This was planned by Gauri. I just supported her. Gauri?
– Yes, yes, Gauri. Gauri. Yes. I wanted to make
you a king for a day. I wanted everyone to serve you. Brother Sher Khan supported me. I wanted to exact revenge. I wanted to exact revenge
against each and every person. Today, after seeing
everyone was serving you.. I realised that the
world is made up of fools. If I would have known
this earlier then I.. ..I would have never come out
from the mental asylum. Never. Gauri, you did the right thing.
Absolutely the right thing. Okay, so you have taken revenge. What? Look how they fooled us?
– Yes. I will teach her a lesson. Aunt. Come out. Why are you calling out to aunt? She too is deceived. You are all the same. Just the same. Hey, you. You did all this? You deceived your mother too? Tell me. Now why are you quiet? What answer will she
give you. She is crazy. Yes, mad.
– Mad. Absolutely insane. Stop this nonsense.
Who is mad? Gauri is mad? I will say all of you
are mad to think that.. ..I am a son of a millionaire. Did anyone of you try
to find out whether.. ..this is true or false? No. As soon as you
heard millionaire.. all started
hovering around me. You all started
serving me and buttering me. Till now, you all
would humiliate me. But today, all
started respecting me. Now, look at her. ‘Madam sweet’. All of a sudden, she
started loving me. She started feeding me sweets. Looking into my eyes, oh,
I am feeling shy. And Mother, suddenly
you started feeling.. ..very affectionate towards me. And you brother. You are a very fine man. You would laugh at
whatever I would say, isn’t it? And you madam, you
would look after my health. “Drink Horlicks. Horlicks.” I say not Gauri, but
all of you are mad. You all are insane and selfish. You all have screamed and shouted.. ..and called Gauri as mad. And Gauri has proved that you
all are mad without saying.. ..anything and keeping silent. Now, tell me. Who is mad? You all are mad or
Gauri is mad? Tell me. Very good, Bhola, very good. You are great. Bhola, you have shown us
very nicely how crazy we were. You all are still here? Go. Go. Father. Father. Jeevan. My dear, what is the matter? Father, forget whatever
has happened in the past. Actually it was our mistake. We used to think that Gauri is mad.. ..but in reality we
turned out to be fools. Father, now, I am
ready to marry Gauri. My dear, whatever you are saying,
is that the truth? My dear, say it once again. Look here, whatever I say,
I say it only once. And I say it very clearly. Then my dear, why are
you standing outside? Come in and have a cup of tea. Forget tea, we will straight
away have the wedding feast. You start the wedding preparations. But my dear..
– No, no. You should not utter.. ..a single word about dowry. Okay, Father. Bhola. Bhola. My dear,
I have come here to.. ..give you a good news. Jeevan is ready to marry Gauri now. Yes my dear, and you
are responsible for that. Because you proved in
front of everyone that.. Gauri is not insane
but she is absolutely sane. My dear, today because of you.. ..Gauri is going
to start a new life. She is going to start
a new life, my dear. Bhola, you are not an
ordinary man for us.. ..but you are a messiah. May God bless you, my dear. May he always keep you happy. My dear, did you hear,
Jeevan is ready to marry you. He came here himself. I felt so relieved. Why are you laughing? You felt relieved and I am restless. What nonsense are you talking? Mother, do not shout. If I
marry I will marry only Bhola. What? What did you say?
Say it again? I will beat you up. Mother. What do you want? Listen. Are you listening? Are you listening to me?
– Yes, tell me. Gauri is creating new problems.
– Problems? She says she will marry only Bhola. When I tried to
make her understand.. ..she took the utensil in her hand. No, one way what she
says is also right. Why don’t we get
her married to Bhola? Have you too gone crazy? Can you compare Jeevan with Bhola? He has a good job, a good salary. Why do you want to
reject a good proposal? Do not worry, I will meet
Bhola and I will tell him.. explain everything to Gauri. This is right. “Come, my melodies are
calling out to you.” “My melodies.” Till today, I would sing
songs and call out to you. But today you.. you.. Yes, Gauri. Today, I sang
a song to call out to you. Because today is a
day to make decisions. I too was waiting for this day. Today, I am very happy. I am very happy that you have
decided to come to a decision. Gauri, take this, bangles. Oh. Bangles. I love bangles a lot. And this rose flower. Which smiles like you. I love this too a lot. Bhola, you only pin this in my hair. What is the matter today? Today,
you have brought.. ..all those things
that I love a lot. Gauri. Gauri, I wish that
you look very, very beautiful. Why Bhola? Why is that? Because it’s our last meeting today. Gauri, forget me forever. You forget our love. Bhola. What are you saying? Gauri, our love
forcibly brought us together. But now.. it is time for separation. Separation. How could you say that? Because I have a habit
of facing disappointment. My dreams get shattered
before they are fulfilled. Bhola, I do not like these words.. ..of disappointment and dejection. But what your father
thinks that is good. Jeevan has a good job.
He earns a good salary. He can give you all
the luxuries of life. What can I give you? For me, it is difficult to
earn even a one time meal. Just because my father said.. are talking
to me so ruthlessly? Gauri, shall I say something?
– Tell me. In the battle between
the good and the bad.. ..the good always
emerges victorious. In true and false, the
truth is the winner. But in the battle
between love and hunger.. ..the hunger always is victorious. The one who has fed me till today. If he comes in
front of me and begs.. ..then how can I refuse him? It is my duty to
fulfil your father’s wishes. Gauri, forget me. I beg
of you, please forget me. How can I forget you? You were the one to save me
from humiliation and disgrace. I saved you, that is why I
should desire to marry you? How can that be possible? A bridge on a river
helps a traveller to.. ..cross on the other side,
but he stays where he is. He cannot desire to go along with
the traveller on the other side. Is this your final decision? Yes, Gauri, I am going to
Delhi in search of a job. You marry Jeevan and
live a happy life. Okay, then you too will
have to promise me one thing. What? Only that I too
should marry some girl.. ..and settle down in life? No, Bhola. No. If I am
compelled to forget you.. ..even then you do not forget me. The place that you have
for me in your heart.. other girl can take
that place. Never, Bhola, never. Hey, did you listen?
– What is it? Come here. Aunt Leela is very smart.
She is quietly getting Gauri.. ..married to Jeevan. Look, an invitation card. Wedding.
– Yes. – Let it be. Let it be. But have you noticed something?
– What? For the first time, there is
a wedding in this shanty.. ..and Bhola is not here,
he has gone to Delhi. You do not
understand such a small thing? Aunt was waiting for
this moment when Bhola.. ..goes from here and
she gets Gauri married. Really?
– Yes. – But why? Looks like there was some
affair between Bhola and Gauri. Affair?
– Yes. – Oh, my God. Hey, talk softly. Whether
there was an affair or not. What have we got to do with that? I am worried what gift
should we give in this wedding. Idea. Like a gift, we will keep
Pappu for a while on their lap. That is fine.
– That is done? Jaya, I am seriously
worried and you are joking. Okay, do this..
– Yes, tell me what to do? You do not attend the
wedding and do not sing there. That will be your biggest present. Understood. Understood. Bring the bride. I will get her immediately. Jaya.
– What? Looking at this ambience,
I remembered our wedding. You would look so beautiful then?
– And now? Now? Now too you look beautiful.
– Yes. Be careful. Sit down.
– I want some water. Someone please get water. Quickly. Yes, now, sit down. Groom, get up. I say get up. What nonsense is this? Father, what is all this? Gauri, my dear, what is all this? I want to talk to the groom. Why you? That day you
called me crazy and demanded.. ..Rs.15000, isn’t it? But now where am I
demanding any money? At that time you
had demanded or not? Yes, yes, I had demanded, so what? But if you would have
said that this girl is mad.. ..I will not marry you.. Then I would have
accepted you as a decent man. But you.. if at that time
we would have given you.. ..Rs.15000, you were
ready to marry a mad girl. You are mad. Mad after money. Now, I say that if
you give me Rs.15000.. ..only then will I marry you. What did you say? – Tell me, are
you willing to give me Rs.15000? Great. Tit for tat. Dear Gauri, what are you doing? No one should interfere between us. Tell me, are you
willing to marry me? This is not a wedding,
this is disaster. This is my insult. I will definitely
avenge my humiliation. Father. Why are you
reading the paper? Just see what is going on here. The wedding is over? Come,
we will go to have food. Not to eat food, but
we are humiliated. What did you say, we are humiliated? Mr. Dindayal, I will
file a defamation suit. And I will take my revenge.
I will not spare them. Mr. Makhan Lal, file a
defamation case later. First, teach your son and
daughter to speak properly. And take what is left
and go away from here. Why are all of you standing here? The marriage is not
going to take place. Go.
– Hey, all of you, listen, listen. Wait all of you. Till today, you must have
only heard the stories of.. ..the bravery of Indian girls. You must have read them in books. But today, see it yourselves.. Well done, my dear. Enough. Enough. That is enough now. Come on, Father. And
all of you too go home. Yes, yes, all of you
go from here. Come on. My dear Gauri, what have you done? What have you done? Father, why are you
looking at me like this? Or are you thinking that
I have again gone crazy? No, Father, I am fine.
I am absolutely fine. My dear, all that you have done.. have done it in your sanity. Yes father, to teach
these greedy people a lesson. Isn’t it right?
– Yes, my dear. I already had a
certificate of being insane. By acting like an insane person.. ..I have taught
all of them a lesson. I.. Did I make any mistake? No, my dear. You have
not committed any mistake. My dear, you have not
committed any mistake. Father, do not beat me.
– What are you doing? Stop this. You are raising your
hand on your daughter? Are you in your senses? Sher Singh, I am in my senses. But it is better if
a girl like her dies. I have suffered so
many difficulties for her. She has become a burden for me. Just because I am her father,
I am tolerating all this. You do not forget what all
our girls have to suffer. Whatever sorrows come their way,
they quietly bear it. I saw her love. She loves her
principles more than her father. I am telling you the
truth the day she dies.. ..I will live peacefully. You wretched girl. Now, I will not allow you
to raise your hand on her. If she is a burden for
you then I am willing to.. ..shoulder her burden. I will make her tie Rakhi (thread
symbolising brother-sister bond). I will make her my sister. Sher Singh.
– Yes, Manohar Lal. Your daughter is very fortunate. I will get my sister
married in some wealthy family. I will get her
married to some prince. You all could not
understand my Bhola. You thought he was useless. Now, you just watch.
He has gone to Delhi. He will return as
a renowned officer. And now, whatever you say I will
get my sister married to Bhola. Sher Singh, till today, we would.. ..bow down in
front of your strength. And today, we bow down in
front of your intelligence. Brother, please do not embarrass me. I am a simple human being. My intelligence is like me. Sher Singh.
– And you do not worry. Just watch in what
stately way my boy will return. Bhola has come. Everyone’s Bhola has come. Brother, Bhola has come. Bhola come, you have a
very long life, come. Bhola.
– Mother. – My Bhola has come. Hey, Bhola, it is you?
– Are you fine? Just see his personality. Father.
– God bless you. Hey, Bhola.
– Brother. My brave lad has returned. Oh, Bhola, what is your salary? Rs.1000. What? Ten hundred rupee notes? Not for a year but for a month. Great. Great. He is a brave lad. Bhola, what are you
looking here and there? I was looking out for Gauri, it’s
Gauri’s wedding today, isn’t it? I have brought a gift for her. I will give her this
gift in front of you all. Wait. Are you going to give a gift? Come, Sister, come. Before you give a gift,
I will give you a gift. Brother, what
happened to Gauri’s wedding? Like the engagement, the
wedding too is broken. What? – Bhola, I want to be
relieved of my responsibility.. ..after handing over the
possession to the rightful person. Take her, take care of her. No, Brother. You are
putting me in a dilemma. Hey, what dilemma? There I got married to a girl. Registered marriage. Bhola, you took my advice
to fall in love with her. And you fell in love with her. And now, you have become a
renowned officer in Delhi. After earning so much money,
you forgot your love. Shame on you. Brother, you are
misunderstanding me. Bhola, I had told you that the
place that is created for me.. ..will not be taken
by any other girl. I had told you that, isn’t it? Yes, Gauri, you had told me that. But you had not told me in this way. Listen, Gauri, whatever
had to happen has happened. Now, all of you please forgive me. Mother, please accept
my happiness as yours. Father, please bless me and my wife. She has come along with me. Listen. Pushpa, come. This is our family. Take father’s blessings. Do not feel shy,
Pushpa. Take his blessings. What nonsense is this?
Take his blessings. I am Vivek. Bhola, you are great. Your mischief has stunned all of us. You rogue. Brother, there you said it.
Now, you gave me your blessings. To hear the word
‘rogue’ I did this drama. You! – No, no.. This blessing is for one thing. But I will give you
many blessings like these. You rogue. You rogue. You rogue. Come on, now,
quickly sit on the dais.. ..otherwise the
auspicious time will pass away. No, Brother, I will not
go on to the dais. – Why? If Bhola gets married then
that will be under the staircase.. Hey. Under the staircase? Okay, as you wish. What do I care! “The alleys are
decorated with golden festoons.” “The alleys are
decorated with golden festoons.” “They are decorated with
golden and beautiful garlands.” “They are decorated with
golden and beautiful garlands.”


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