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Lana Del Rey and Joan Baez, Diamonds & Rust (live), Greek Theater, Berkeley, CA, Oct. 6, 2019 (HD)

And so we’re going to do Diamonds & Rust together And it’s your very own Joan Baez. Hello children So my granddaughter, who doesn’t get impressed by very much had dinner with us last night, with Lana and her sister Chuck. And she just said, “Gosh, she’s so nice.” “She’s so down to earth. She’s a real person.” And real lucky. Now, I don’t know. What do we think, Joan? Are we…are you going to treat us… Am I up to the task? Can we have her treat us to one more? Thank you. Thank you. Yeah? Well, let’s do it then. Can I have that guitar back? Thank you. She, speaking of generous spirits, is the loveliest person Yes. I’m lucky enough to have run this song four times today with Joan. What are you going to sing for us? I’ll sing a Dylan song. Don’t Think Twice. Don’t Think Twice. Thank you. Ain’t every day we’re in San Francisco.


  1. Sam Daniele Author

    Absolutely Beautiful…
    Two unique bless-Ed Angels…
    Such feeling, such compassion, such vibrancy, emotion, feminine beauty, respect between artists & + audience appreciation…
    Just magik.all…

    What more could u ask for?!!!!…

  2. Donald Duck Author

    Fuck yeah!!Lana absolutely deserves singing with Joan Baez,and i love how she's being modest showing her respect for this legend! So pure you are,Lana,bless you!Joan Baez we love you!

  3. Tim Bracken Author

    Thanks for watching my video. I am gathering everything I shot at this concert in a YouTube playlist: . I have more songs left to upload, but so far they are: Ultraviolence, Norman Fucking Rockwell, Born To Die, California / Blue Jeans, For Free, Diamonds & Rust, Don't Think Twice It's Alright, Chelsea Hotel #2, and Doin' Time. Enjoy!

  4. Albert Triumph Author

    i see someone who needs credibility through trusted artists.
    Well …. less trusted now, of course.
    At least, the zim didn't fall for this "credibilize the talentless" operation.


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