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Laxmikant Berde Biography | Comedian of Marathi Cinemas

The showman of acting
will start the show. First Marathi drama.
– Then Marathi Cinema. And he’ll become the superstar
of Hindi cinema. Hey, what are you doing?
I will fall. Everybody called him
by the name Lakshya. Hindi film industry believed him
as close friend of Prem.. ..named Manohar and people
knew him by the name Laxmikant Berde. So much happened. One broke his 2 teeth.
I’ll break the rest 30 tomorrow. One broke his ribs. I thrashed one to pulp
that his face turned blue. He got saved
as I was there to save him. ‘He was born on 3rd November 1954’. ‘He was interested in acting and
he was mostly seen in stage dramas.. the same time he would participate
in the Mumbai Ganpati festival’. Yes, enough of rehearsals.
We’ll do direct shows now. During the same Ganpati festival
in Mumbai he participated.. the show held by
Konkanasth Vaishya Samaj, Girgaum. He was awarded several times
in school and college dramas. I don’t speak Hindi so fluently,
but I am good in speaking Marathi. If Marathi works, then I
will finish all the work in a jiffy. Later he started his acting career
with the ‘Mumbai Marathi Sahitya Sang’. It was my father’s wish
that I study MBBS. But hereafter,
I will live as I please. I don’t want to become a doctor,
but I want to become an actor. In 80’s he played tremendous roles. In Purushotam Berde’s stage play
‘Tour Tour’ he played a tremendous role. His comedy was appreciated
but nobody could believe.. ..that Laxmikant Berde
will be well-known one day. He would leave such an impression
which nobody can imagine. If I act wholeheartedly,
everything will be alright. In the beginning he was seen
in Marathi movies and serials. He acted in the first Marathi movie
named ‘Lek Chalali Sasarla’. I have not hold your
hands to leave it. The only formality left now
is taking God’s blessings. I got a girl,
now I have to find a job. He was later seen in the
Doordarshan serials like ‘Gajara’.. which he mimicked very well
and everybody was in love with it. Hello! Hello! In the year 1985 he acted in
Mahesh Kothare’s movie ‘De Dana Dan’.. which he played
a supporting role.. ..and later he was seen in the movie
‘Dhoom Dhadaka’ with Ashok Saraf.. ..both the movies were hit. His comedy was liked by everyone
and it won people’s heart. The world hasn’t turned
upside down, right? Ants didn’t swallow
Meru Mountain, right? Monkeys didn’t swallow
the ocean, right? What else can go wrong? Applauds! Ashok Saraf and
Laxmikant berde’s partnership.. ..was also known as Ashok-Lakshya. And it was known as
the Ashok-Lakshya regime. Everything went on as planned, right? ‘He was well-known as Prem’s friend in
the Hindi movie, ‘Maine Pyaar Kiya’. Salman khan and Sooraj Barjatya were also
also starting their career at the same time. He gained so much
fame from that film.. ..that Salman Khan
who was known as Prem.. ..and his friend was recognized
as Laxmikant Berde’. This couple did wonders in
the movie ‘Hum Aapke Hain Kaun’. Their comedy is remembered
in the movies ‘Saajan’ and ‘Beta’. At the same time he
acted in Marathi serials. He got a good name
which any actor looks for. Dr. Kashinath Ghanekar,
Dr. Shriram Lagu and Dr. Jabaar Patel.. ..and Doctor…
– Laxmikant Khare. Thank you. Laxmikant Berde suffered such
a disease, which made audience cry. This wonderful artist breathe his last
on 16th December, 2004. “How should a human be?
Human being should be like him.” “God lover, helpful, sacrificial,
and caring towards his family.” “The one who shows you good path
and tells the truth.” “How should a human be?
Human being should be like him.” Before he passed away he
started his production company.. ..named after his son
Abhinay arts production house. Your comedy timing is good.
I’ll get you a role in other dramas. Many few people know that
he was a good guitar player. In the history of Indian cinema.. ..Laxmikant Berde’s comedy
will be remembered for ages. What are you doing? I’ll fall.


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