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LBCC – Theater Students to Perform at 2017 American College Theater Festival

Hi there I’m Anthony Carreiro and if you’ve seen any of these before you might recognize this set this is a set from a play that we did almost a year ago the name of the play is really really and sometimes when we do a play here at long beach city college we enter them into a festival competition from the kennedy center called the Kennedy Center American College Theatre Festival we indeed last April April 2015 invited the Kennedy Center to come and watch this play and a rather amazing thing happened which is that this play one the Kennedy Center regional award we are in a five-state region and they see hundreds of plays and they invite five plays to come to their annual regional testable this year the festival of nations Arizona and this is the first time in long beach city college had a play win this award this award is a competition among all the colleges in that five-state region that enter into the festival that includes two year colleges and four-year colleges so here we are competing with many other community colleges as well as colleges like UCLA UC Irvine Calif State Long Beach bulletin so it’s a pretty great honor we’re pretty excited about it but the challenge was we had to rebuild this entire set in less than a month we had actually kept some partisan so that helped but we had to rebuild it in a way that we can now fold this entire setup put it in a truck drive it 300 miles reset the entire set in one day performance twice and taking down one day later that’s a pretty big challenge in this amazing technical crew here at long beach city college are headed by nate stuff all he’s just an amazing technical director is making this happen I also had to get all of the actors tacked together and it’s been awhile since we’ve all been here and many of them are off doing other projects working on other things and i had to say can you all kind of stopped everything come back rehearsed this play and now it again and of course every single act of every single crew person that was involved jumped right on board this is this is a great honor for long beach city college but more to testament to how amazing our students are here and and this is really what it’s all about it’s about giving students opportunities these students works really hard on this play eight months later they find out that they’ve won an award they have to go back and do it again and now we’re going to future much larger audience that will be somewhere up the thousands of 1,500 students from all over the five-state region coming to see coming to be involved with the Kennedy Center American college students sensible and coming to see this place so we’re going to do two productions in the middle of februari we have one week in mesa arizona don’t we also go to many workshops and conferences will be networking a lot of people are going to come see this play and then the the people that invited display will have a little talk back and the students will win an award for being the best playing a five-state region so that’s why we’re talking about Vince and I’m just sharing this with everybody because i’m really really proud of the students and I i got that in there really really I’m really really proud of the students in all the work they’ve done in the name of the play is really really by Paul down too late so I’m Tony carreiro i’m the director that people know this is what happens in long beach city college thanks

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