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Learn English with Movies – The Shape of Water | Improve Your English Conversation Skills!


  1. 村上発 Author

    Now I have known that English is a very rhythmical language, diferent from my native language Japanese. I am too old now, so it is too difficult for me to leran right and natural pronunciation, but I must try it, must try to speak as Americans do. I must try to speak like the way American people speak, so that I come to understand what they say.

  2. Kainan Lee Author

    Hi Rachel, your new movie is awesome.I have a question about we'll and we will.I remembered that in we'll should be shwa in to 'wal ' but How about ' we will '?should I shwa two words into ' wi wal '? or just say two words clearly? Thanks

  3. Tuber Naked Author

    Hello there. I got a pronunciation problem. I always feel like native speakers speak "double n" when they say words like "Anna" "on a…."
    "in a ….". So should I say "in a…" like“ ɪ-nə" or "ɪn-nə"?And…your videos are interesting

  4. Wilson Rossi Junior Author

    Hey, Rachel! Could you talk a little bit more about that "popcorn quality of the voice" thing – when the vocal chords are not strongly used? Great video as usual!!!!

  5. ira duskstar Author

    Love your channel, no english teacher has ever taught me how to speak like an English teacher before, this is just what i need, please make more videos 😍

  6. Mohamed Hassan Author

    Hi Rachel, I really would like to thank you for your great videos and I would like to tell you that ben Frankin method is really useful.

  7. saeid rostami Author

    Hey Rachel. How is it going, What is the name of the site when you enter a sentence all the videos related in youtube are shown

  8. Learn English With Angry Teacher Author

    Great video! Here're also some tips on how to learn FAST and don't forget to SUBSCRIBE to my channel:

  9. I Love PencilDrawing Author

    Wowwww Rachel, you're really the best. When I listed to the conversation at the end of the video with your explanation, I felt like I'm already chewing it like a cake, awesome (`-`)

  10. william moreno Author

    Hey Rachel. Thanks so much for sharing this great video analasis. It's been a while I haven't made comments on your videos but I have never missed any of your videos on Tuesdays. Wish ya all the best!

  11. Tran Phuong Author

    You should add the number to the video 's name, how easy it is to find the video that we have learned and practice again. And I wish U would make videos by the topic of ielts speaking or about a certain sentence structurere. Repeating many times will help us can use it in many different circumstances. I dont see the connection between the videos learn with movies. ( I know these videos focus on pronunciation) . Yeah, this is my wish. ^^ . Btw, I love your voice, Thanks a lot for your helpful videos.

  12. Turk C Author

    thanks rachel:) Is choosing dialoges from different accent styles in a movie possible for you ? like movie with south accent or movie with LA accent etc. thanks so much:)

  13. Arslan Amanov Author

    Hi dear professor, I really want to learn from you in English, but I don't know how to start and how to work, I also don't understand much, I need your help. please help me, I need to prepare for TOEFL.

  14. Alireza Iranniya Author

    Dear Teacher,
    Like always , you are amazing in teaching english to us as non natives with your brilliant creativity. Your products are way too good. I really enjoy them as I go through them and I realize how thoughtful and energetic you are to make such clips for us.
    Good job

  15. STtsy Yang Author

    Hi my teacher, could you please record a lesson about how to pronounce the words like “ mute, mutual, cube” etc? I’m really confused about the u, how to pronounce it as American accent? It’s oo or ju? Thanks so much

  16. HalfofMyInnerme Author

    @Rachel's English. At 15:52, the sentence you are explaining reads: "Now does this mean that." By looking at the Benjamin Franklin exercise markings, I noticed there is no mark on the word "mean." But, I could swear that when I say it, there is little stress at the beginning of the word, I also feel that in that context "mean" is an important word that needs to be stressed somehow. Just my feelings! Love your amazing channel and your great-done videos.

  17. Tellal Jugurtha Author
    could you do a Ben Franklin exercise with the video link above please. thank you

  18. Gloria Victory Author

    You're doing terrific Job Ma'am. And i'm so much in love with the Current topic 'Learn English with movies' Your method of teaching is one of a kind. Thank you so much for the great effort ma

  19. Hefzy Khalaf Bakry Rajeh Author

    Wowwww Rachel, you're really the best. When I listned to the conversation at the end of the video with your explanation, I felt like I'm already chewing it like a cake, awesome

  20. Al Guste Author

    I am honestly learning a lot of tricks from your classes and I am understanding a lot but, if they speak to me quickly I may get all the words but I lose the idea!

  21. Booh Yaah Author

    Hi Rachel! What is the best way to learn the IPA? Should I focus in just one sound for a week (for exemple) until I have muscle memory? Should I practice the sound isolated? In some sources says that I should learn each sound with just one word, do you agree with this? After I practice the sound with that specific word over and over again, will I be able to use automatically that sound in other words (with that sound)?

  22. Athena w/ Musical Author

    Hi, Rachel. Thank you so much for another great video!😃 I have a question. Hope you'll reply. 🙏

    As in the video, "probably" is pronounced as /pɹɑbli/. I found out that this kind of reduction also occurs whenever a Schwa ə is followed by the l or the ɹ sound, and then followed by a vowel or a dipthong. Is that really the case?
    For example, how should the following words be pronounced?

    average /'ævəɹɪdʒ/ or /'ævɹɪdʒ/
    chocolate /'tʃɑkəlɪt/ or /ˈtʃɑklɪt/
    contrary /ˈkɑntɹəɹi/ or /ˈkɑntɹi/
    documentary /-təɹi/ or /-tɹi/
    every /'ɛvəɹi/ or /'ɛvɹy/
    favorite /'feɪvəɹət/ or /'feɪvɹət/
    library /'laɪbəɹi/ or /'laɪbɹi/
    literature /'lɪtəɹətʃəɹ/ or /'lɪtɹətʃəɹ/
    lottery /'lɑtəɹi/ or /'lɑtɹi/
    memory /mɛməɹi/ or /mɛmɹi/
    natural /'nætʃʊɹəl/ or /'nætʃɹəl/
    restaurant /ˈɹɛs.təˌɹɑnt/ or /ˈɹɛs.tɹɑnt/
    separate /'sɛpəɹət/ or /'sɛpɹət/
    several /'sɛvəɹəl/ or /'sɛvɹəl/
    slavery /'sleɪvəɹi/ or /'sleɪvɹi/
    temperature /ˈtɛmpəɹətʃəɹ/ or /ˈtɛmpɹətʃəɹ/
    temporary /-pəɹəɹi/ or /-pɹəɹi/
    territory /ˈtɛɹɪˌtɔɹi/ or /ˈtɛɹɪtəɹi/ or ˈtɛɹɪtɹi/ ?

    Is there any other situation when this kind of reduction happens? Is there any rule for this kind of reduction? Thank you so much!🙏😀

  23. Vadsvol Tube Author

    hey, your the best teacher and i use some cool rules that you said to talk to my american cousin and he talk to me without getting annoyed

  24. 정현준 Author

    Hi Rachel! Could you let me know what does “breaking the law just talking about it” mean? It is difficult for me to understand this line i think because there is not verb. Help me!😫😫

  25. Rachel's English Author

    🤓Want to move beyond fluency to CONFIDENT SPOKEN ENGLISH? 👀
    I know the way! 😮
    💥See you in class 💥

  26. Monica Rui Author

    I understand the way Americans talks much better now after watching ur vedios ! Can’t thanks you more Rachel!! you saved my English and give me confidence!


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