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Learning to Trust God | Group Kid Vid Cinema

Thanks for watching Lifetree Kids! This is Cole! He’s 12 years old. Today, we’re heading out to the country to
spend some time with Cole’s family on their ranch. My favorite thing to do with my brothers is
basically the same thing to do with my dad. It’s hunting and fishing and working around
here and stuff like that. About a mile from the ranch is Cole and Carson’s
favorite fishing hole. It only takes a couple minutes and Cole catches
a 19 inch rainbow trout! How cool is that? But Cole and Carson have to get back to the
ranch. Dad’s got a lot of work for them to do. On a daily basis, I might have a list of things
that need to be done, whether it is checking for calves. There’s, ya know, moving cows from one pasture to
the next. They help me with fencing. You name it, they do it. It’s pretty much nonstop for them. Cole does a lot of work on the ranch with
his dad and brothers. It takes a lot of help to work on a ranch,
but Cole’s family needed to rely on God when his dad got really sick a couple of years
ago. Before Keith got sick, he was a healthy, strong,
normal kind of guy. Definitely the strong leader of our family,
and just a great role model for our kids like he is today. And then after he got real sick, that’s when
he went into the hospital. I’d lost 50 pounds. I weighed about 150 pounds, and I woke up
one morning and the side of my face was paralyzed. At first, I didn’t really–I just thought
it was something small. But then, it started getting pretty serious. I was diagnosed with Wegner’s Granulomatosis. I was pretty knocked out. I was having trouble even functioning at that
point, just physically. Keith went from being a strong, healthy, normal
kind of guy with three young boys following him to quickly being unable to barely do more
than get out of bed during the day. I thought that maybe my dad was going to die
and we’d just be on our own maybe. When his dad was sick, Cole’s mom taught him
a Bible verse to help comfort him. “To be joyful always, pray continually, give thanks in all circumstances for this is God’s will for you in Christ Jesus.” 1 Thessalonians 5:16-18. She taught us that verse. She said it every time we drove to go to the
hospital. The road to recovery started basically as
soon as they diagnosed me. The doctor that I saw wasn’t afraid of the
disease. He’d been on studies for it and he said, ya
know, this isn’t no big deal. We can get you through this. It took about 5 months for my facial paralysis
to go away. It probably took me 5 to 6 months to start gaining some weight back and gaining a little bit of strength. But it was a good year before I was functioning
very well. Keith is doing wonderful right now. He has made a miraculous come back. We just thank God every day for the turn around
in his life and in his health. And even the doctors are amazed at the progress. If I had a friend and they had someone that
was sick or dying or just not very well, I would just tell them to trust in God and know
that he will lead you through it. It was a great lesson for the boys and I,
that we could always trust God not even knowing what the outcome would be, that he would be
there for us in many different ways. You’re watching Lifetree Kids. Check out some of our others videos right
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