1. Ekow Eshun Author

    Lets talk about facts
    He couldnt win in cavs first time
    He run to bosh and wade and won 2
    He run agn to cavs cos kyrie
    He was done wen kyrie left
    Facts he wants a better team
    Jordan stayed kobe stayed

  2. Christian Santos Author

    Michael Jordan is the real King.. Who is not needed superstar team mates to win championships… And not being swept in the finals.😁😂😅

  3. Art John Calvo Author

    since LeBron James brougth the Cavaliers to the Finals.. i follow his story..thats why im interested to watch the way he play… very awesome and greatness… hope i will see him soon in God perfect time

  4. Sam Nelson Author

    Does this mean Kawhi Leonard is the joker? Because he laughed his way to another ring and then took the mouth piece of the clips to fuck up the black king that is lbj.

  5. Mr DMENOR Author

    Why didn’t they end it with a laker jersey it would of been more perfect if they showed him going to lakers he’s still trying to prove something

  6. BillyC Absithe Author

    Compare MJ , The King, The Mamba and everyone..At the end of the day is PREFERENCES..Enjoy The King while he lasts..Because some of you lost the Mamba already

  7. devinchi hadley Author

    No hate but that shit ain’t the end show were lebron also lost 2 times in the finals and the show were he went to the lakers and show some lakers highlights

  8. Carlos I Sanchez Author

    This man have been through all the scrutiny and still won 3 titles, he has nothing else to prove if he brings a title to LA it just solidifies his legacy even more.

  9. NeoOneness Subliminals Author

    Great video! 👍 I bet most people missed the Bane mask that was on Stephen Curry's face around the 20 min mark lol. I had to go back and pause it. It was a Bane mask when he was to the left of Lebron viewing from our perspective. Go check and pause it.

    I know it was some black mask at least lol.

  10. Steven Brown Author

    God bless labron james and people can say what they want he is great.And he had so much pressure on him and the NBA keep doing you labron never understood everything you had to do but now I do.

  11. Clark Pedican Author

    This Video Seems to be Saying thank you LeBron for a Magnificent Era of NBA Ball but Bring on the Next Torch Bearer Zion Williamson. But really, Zion Williamson ain't Ready to Take on LeBron yet so this Video, is Much too Early. Zion Williamson needs at Least 4 to 5 Years to get to where LeBron is at Age 35 years. The 2 Players are Completely different, can't Wait to See just who Zion Williamson will want to Play as his Robin Character Teammate, so that he May stack up some NBA Titles. I really don't Understand why a Superstar like LeBron would decide to leave his Chosen City to go and Built a Franchise in another, thereby giving up all of those NBA Title Rings. If he had Stayed in Cleveland and Brought the Best NBA Players to Cleveland,like Jordan did in Chicago, there would be no Comparison between him and Jordan in regards to who is the Best NBA Player.


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