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Legion (2/10) Movie CLIP – Granny’s Got Teeth (2010) HD

Oh, thank you, dear! How far along are you? – Ah! Just about there. – The father must be very proud! – Ah, I wouldn’t know. – He’s —
– Out of sight, out of mind. – I see. So, I take it your not married? – No.
– That’s too bad! – Well yeah, I prefer it that way. I don’t need a man telling me what to do! – Well, what about the baby? – I got it under control. – But it’s gonna burn! – What’d you just say? – I said, “your fucking baby’s gonna’ burn!” – Go to Hell, lady! – Fucking Jesus, freak. – What happened? [Hearty chuckling] – All those little babies are gonna’ burn! – Woah, woah! – Heh, Gladus, uh– – SHUT UP, YOU STUPID FUCKING CUNT. ALL YOU DO IS COMPLAIN, COMPLAIN, COMPLAIN! – What?! – What!!
– No, [???]– What- what did you just say?!
– Harrod, nono, don’t- – Don’t. Don’t!
– Nononono. I don’t – I don’t know who the Hell you think you are. But, I’d like you to apologize to my wife– – HOWARD!! – What?! [Death sound] – YOU’RE ALL GONNA’ FUCKING DIE! – The FUCK, man?! [Screaming] – SHOOT HER, JIM! – Heheheh, you will never save her! – SHOOT THE BITCH!!! SHOOT HER!!!


  1. Luke J Author

    SO GOD DAMN FUNNY!! Best part of this is that the filmmakers seemed to have thought they were making something genuinely terrifying/disturbing lmfao when she started climbing on the ceiling

  2. Bryan Awkwardson Author

    I know I´m quite alone with my opinion, but I think that movie was underrated when it came out and didn´t get the attention it deserved. Many people don´t like the movie, but I think it´s much better than it´s reputation.


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