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Like A Boss – Official Trailer (2020) – Paramount Pictures

♪♪ – [Mia] Why is dream sex way better than real sex? – Because they come when you want them to. – Girl, that is so true! When I’m done, they done, hello! ♪♪ – You ever think about
all the stuff we’ve done, and wonder how we did not die? (women screaming) – That’s not her real hair?! – It’s a cultural thing! – We are two, badass
queens like those bitches who raised Wonder Woman. We’ve worked our asses off. We’ve opened up our own store. We’re winning! – We’re $493,000 in debt. – What the… ♪♪ -Mel Paige and Mia Carter, I’m Claire Luna. I am going to invest 1.7
million dollars on you. – We would love a million dollars. – But in my experience,
business and friendship don’t always mix. – You don’t have to worry
your pretty little head. – My head is not little. It’s just that my breasts are humongous. ♪♪ If you wanna be a business woman, you’re gonna have to act like a boss. You have to fire him. – What? – Don’t hate me, hate Mel. It was her idea. – [Mel] What? (women bickering) – Hey, hey! Witness my tragic moment. ♪♪ – Claire Luna is introducing a new product at her launch party. – She just wants to steal our ideas. – We gon’ break this bitch’s back. (women groan) – Yours are made of stone! – Baby, I own you. – Y’all don’t get Claire
Luna down here right now, I’m gonna jump! – She’s crazy. She will jump. (woman screams) – I’m so glad, I be plankin’. I’m sorry, white lady,
if I die on you today! You gon’ give us our company back. ♪♪ (throat clearing) ♪♪ – I punched that bitch in the face. – I would marry you if I was into coochie. – Ghost peppers. They are very spicy. Just a little sliver goes a long way. – Your peppers are really hot. Burns so bad, it hurts! (woman screams) – Take some bread. It’ll soak it all up. – Oh, that’s a lot of carbs. – Here you go, honey. It’s goat’s milk so it’ll coat the throat. (Mia gags) ♪♪


  1. PoppyCorn144 Author

    The Billy Porter scene alone makes me wanna watch this on Netflix – one scene is not prying the £24 outta my wallet that a cinema visit costs.

  2. Jazze with a E Author

    0:54 – 0:55 My head is not little, it is that my breast are humongous
    Well, she definitely aint wrong
    (im a female btw, and Salma Hayek is A Queen and she One of the most Beautiful celebrities ever)

  3. Mr. benen12 Author

    Paramount Paramount Paramount Paramount Paramount ! The fuck and why? You…… WHY? "Like a boss" DO you even know…. what your talking about….. stop using dead memes as a means of trying to make money….. please paramount

  4. I Am Individuality Author

    Hollywood has officially ran out of talented writers, producers, actors etc. Regurgitating old movies, copying social media drama, trying to be “woke” and pandering in their content. Always political never entertaining. The typical fatty falls down type of movies with the feminist movement. This generation of movies is absolutely not worth watching. Definitely not putting out anything that will be considered a classic like movies prior to 2000. Also, it would be nice if we could stop with the race focusing. Like just say “lady” instead of “white lady”. It’s unnecessary and racist. There’s really no point in it. Unless the audience are complete morons and cannot see the women is white. This is Hollywood pandering at its finest and white people need to start speaking up and out about the constant white shaming, white guilt and white distinctions on everything. It’s so hypocritical. If you don’t want your ethnicity called out then don’t be calling others ethnicity out. It’s like elementary age kids are more intelligent when it comes to race than adults. They don’t see it. They don’t care but these supposedly grown ass adults are too caught up. Ridiculous.

  5. Zenkiea Author

    This film looks absolutely horrible! Is it at all necessary that they must defame black women by choosing an actress that’s a stereotypical Aunta Mama character type? Throwing weaves out the window and speaking Ebonics? This is complete garbage!

  6. Retrovibes Author

    Thanks Paramount! And Rose Byrne, who's been around long enough, has the talent and could be a real actress by now, and instead chose to be in garbage movies like this.

  7. Broderic Kartholl Author

    It's the girl in Insidious! Dope. I have the first 3 movies from Insidious. Insidious 5 all they way! Not the best, but nothing beats the original.

  8. Nerayo Tsehaye Author

    Tiffany we #Eritreans are proud of You, but U r in ze wrong track. Please first check out of the dirty game of dictator regime in Eritrea. You need to know more about Eritrea, Eritrean people and the regime, be well informed about the situation in Eritrea before u take action.All what you heared may not be right, please ask the people in both side not in one side to be well informed about the people of Eritrea, the goveronment of Eritrea and the peace and democracy in Eritrea. Gd luck n i wish all ze best

  9. Janet Reyes Author

    Paramount Pictures can you please do the final trailer of Sonic the Hedgehog movie 2019 don't forget to put on Peanuts worldwide logo and Sonic team Studios but you already fixed Sonic and bring Tails and Knuckles and Amy Rose and put on in theaters November 8th in RealD 3D and IMAX 3D when you put on The Final Countdown from Europe plz

  10. Josh L Author

    I feel like Tiffany Haddish plays the same crazy character in every movie just like a handful of comedian actors in the business (Kevin Hart, Adam Sandler, etc). Like A Boss, I’ll be seein’ ya in the $3 movie bin at my local Walmart next year. 👋


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