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Lincoln’s Picture And Heart Gets Broken 💔 | The Bachelorette US

Let’s do for sex I got married It’s only fair. Yeah. I know. I guys I’m gonna take my wife and try not to break anything, please Nice What come on like it’s a group date it’s a group date bro, we have not gotten to sit down as a group Lincoln literally cheated today and now he’s taking advantage of every opportunity to take her from everyone that pisses me off. I think Tonight was the best Just focus on literally before it comes to some like I have to win this competition and I don’t sound our cheese But I already told your face, you know, you bring out the best in me every time you know, we do anything Let me ask you this cuz you said a lot today. Did I bring out the best in you? What do you think it is that brings out the best in you you make me feel comfortable and it’s very cliche I’m sure everyone stays there but I can be myself and I think when I’m myself Which most people are they’re the best and I generally believe as long as you are who you are which you always are You would always get nothing but the best for me. Well, we’re okay hold that fax. I have something for you. Okay, so Don’t know I damn right I’m sitting right here One thing that I’m really interested in tonight. Does that Rose? Do you fellas think Lincoln’s gonna get it? I just can’t see her personality meshing with him He’s over the top and just talking in circles and always needing to get the last word Yeah, it’s just I’ve never seen that before Lincoln just doesn’t come off real I think he’s just trying to be somebody over the top and not truly who he actually is and you know I don’t have time for that. All right ready? To roll our wedding photo That’s a picture of Me and my future wife, yep. Yes. I know. We look great together. I know I know You look great. The date was amazing, but my face was covered in more than cake You deserve a better case than what I gave you. So now that I’m all cleaned out Okay, I think I could do a lot better. Let me make it up to you. Okay? Kisum Becca is like flying to the moon under wings of a Pegasus while dancing with unicorns on the pot of gold That’s what it’s like to kiss back and more Hey guys. Hello a Little photo from Becca wedding picture. I’m officially off the market guys Cross the road gosh, the Rose, bro Maybe we shouldn’t keep that up there. We really shouldn’t keep that up Lincoln so childish, you know, you wouldn’t put the picture away of him and Becca we get it, you know You’ve won the competition and you won the obstacle course, but it’s only gonna hurt him She looks so beautiful like I don’t know what to do with you Wait, what was that? Well, uh, you know like a solution. Oh Hey How do you want to go out there stupid you want to brag about anything? We know what happened. We were there Yeah, I get it. We all saw the photo finish But to kind of dangle it in front of all of our faces and kind of prop it up just over the top with it I don’t go anyway, okay, I’ll be right back. I mean he was definitely a disrespectful It’s a good little dangle in our face man. Yeah if I you know how to picture I don’t know how we’re bringing out here. That’s why I’m saying I don’t even know what it is I don’t even know ice picture still out here, man Like that I don’t like that thing up now man get that I don’t know why you do that Why do you even have a dangling in our face like that? It’s only your faces facing the other way doesn’t matter It’s still out though Most and I put a picture up there to face that way stop in your face, but I mean, it’s Wide oh, I miss I’m where am I gonna put in my pockets? No, but you don’t have to kind of hang it out in front of all of us and Make that picture. What if you kind of put it just kind of back here? All right Kind of throw it back there. I don’t need a look at that. I Was just kind of over it There’s really no need to talking to this picture all night and dangle in front of all of our faces For yourself man put that somewhere else man. We’re not trying to see that. I know I’m not I Don’t know why you keep doing that and just kind of annoy all of us and I had to do something Let’s give this out here. There’s no one wants to see this man Send it Oh It’s a deer daddy here for good it’s been sent What good Was that big Lincoln continue to dangle this image of him and Becca together in front of us? You know how to just get it out of there. I was just over it I know I spoke for the rest of the group. They were over it as well. Will we a picture? It’s not these classes. And what do you think? I’m gonna get up and fight you and make a scene No, I was raised better than that my mom would kill me if I liked that like You know that teacher meant a lot to me and it’s something I was looking forward to showing my mom The picture is broken. My heart is broken. I know I don’t deserve this. What kind of person does that you know? Connor gets frustrated when Lincoln flaunts his “wedding photo” to the group and throws it away. Check out more from Becca Kufrin and the men on The Bachelorette Season 14 by subscribing to our YouTube channel.


  1. Kate Aldacosta Author

    Yeah Lincoln was being annoying and I think the picture didn’t need to be put up like that. But THROWING his picture????? That’s pretty nasty and childish. Because should stay away from both those guys

  2. Rink Lhamu Author

    yes ,you did the right thing to lincon.Only a lerson in the situation can understand the irritation.Lincon seems fake,total fake😡😡

  3. Alisha C Author

    The same guy calling Lincoln childish from bragging about the picture, childishly tosses it in the pool. If anything this was a real test to his character. In real life is he going to allow small things to emotionally trigger him and react in a negative way? Thats what I would be questioning. Lincoln was disrespectful for parading the pic around the other guys like that. I dont like that side to him either but Conner should have never reacted like that towards him.

  4. Rosa Mystica Author

    how do these girls do it? kiss-kiss-kiss every damn dude and bug in a span of time, you don't know where …ughhh lemme stop. guess I will never get this show

  5. Marissa Howard Author

    Honestly, it’s the Bachelorette. There is going to be drama. But Lincoln was a total ass, he cheated his way to win and then basically was showing off. I would have done the same thing as Connor.

  6. captain_ivan_89 Author

    People give a lot of shit to Connor, but come on, BOTH of them came off badly the entire night. Yes, Connor obviously should've handled it differently, because that put him in a bad spot for a little bit. BUT, Lincoln was kinda asking for it. It seemed very childish for him to be bragging about that damn photo. His attitude was like a child bragging and showing off a new toy to the other kids. Kissing the picture and even tattling to Becca. "At The End of the Day," both guys were childish and it's laughable that this "Picture Drama" became a thing.

  7. Rey S. Author

    Anyone who loves love and romance could see the beauty of that moment between Lincoln and Becca, the gift had sentimental value because it was from becca and if they end up together, the first gift she gave him would've been destroyed by jealous Connor. I melted when he described kissing her!! Thats how a guy should feel everytime he kisses a women he is pursuing.

  8. LeMarais88 Author

    Connor is such a jealous little boy. Hope Becca says goodbye to him sooner than later. Felt bad for Lincoln. It was a gift to Lincoln from Becca and Connor had no right to destroy it.

  9. D'Anna C Author

    Exemplary of what Connor would do to Becca's heart. Fling it and laugh as it shattered…

    Remember, she was in the photo too.

    How DARE you touch another man's things?
    This boy grew up emulating behavior like that. Civil people don't behave that way.

    Lincoln didn't flinch.
    Class act

  10. Telki That Aussie girl Author

    While I don't like what Connor did, Lincoln I thought was rubbing it in too much also. But I would not trust Connor after that because of his temper

  11. jaida Author

    lincoln was so irritating. i’m with connor on this one. jordan sucks, and leo’s weird. nobody else except colton is anything special. i’m rooting for colton.

  12. leilanx89 Author

    I get why some of the guys were a little pissed, but if Connor is going to get upset about Becca and another guy, then maybe he shouldn't be on The Bachelorette


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