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LIVE: Acting DNI testifies on whistleblower complaint before House Intelligence Cmte


  1. DormantIdeas NIQ Author

    the questions are designed to get him to perjure himself… as later some of the questions he responded no to, will be shown to be a LIE! They are setting him up! …and it is easy since he is a PHCKNG CRIMINAL!

  2. DormantIdeas NIQ Author

    remember Chris Stewart of Utah… a rat… who will lie to you!
    Mr Stewart, how about the 300 Trump lies on record from the beginning of his campaign of outrageous lie after lie and thru his time as president!!!

  3. Chaz Brookshire Author

    I know DUI lawyers who know more about law than this committee. No wonder we have an idiot president. This committee needs to get it's act together. People should realize by now, that in our current government, people's past mean nothing. It just goes to show how evil begets evil, and corrupts all who witness it.

  4. DormantIdeas NIQ Author

    The reason he keeps answering that the complaint is CREDIBLE is because they know the whistle blower provided PROOF that cannot be kept hidden… and that will come out later…

  5. DormantIdeas NIQ Author

    the rat went to the HEADrat to warn him of the incoming storm… rats scratch rats backs. ratTrump and ratMcGuire would look fine on the treason wall.

  6. DormantIdeas NIQ Author

    the delay was to give all the CRIMINALs time to rehearse every hook and cranny in the written law… the usual BS LAW mire the people is made to suffer… these bastards will spin this SHITE till it twists into dried feces candy!

  7. DormantIdeas NIQ Author

    he is getting NAILLLLLLLLLLLED by all the Democrats… while the FALSE republicans are avoiding to expose the flagrant CRIME!!!
    yes McGUIRE… go tell the perpetrator… since you are an accomplice! NASTY LIAR BASTARD!

  8. DormantIdeas NIQ Author

    McGuire – GUILTY of obstruction – GUILTY of cover-up – SENTENCE: treason wall!
    It is time the American people put these traitors to death, as the constitution requires!

  9. DormantIdeas NIQ Author

    SHT hit the fan and now the BS runs… Ukraine is not being helped by the U.S., UKRAINE was disrupted by the U.S. to control it, to squeeze it, to divide it, to occupy it, to slide the Rothschild JOO/FREEMASON CLAN(JOOmurika)'s BANKS in!
    yet we piss this SHITE that the U.S. is a friend, a helper, a savior!!! DISGUSTING!

  10. Dr. Jones Author

    A reason why there are mass shootings in places like El Paso could be due to green lighting. David Nunez use of key
    words gives the go ahead for mass shooters. Words and phrases cue and trigger fringe inspires to part take in making
    America great again strategies. Nunez said, "I would like to congratulate the Democrats for their latest role out of
    INFORMATION WARFARE against the president." Cesar Sayoc of Florida sent bombs specifically to political rivals
    in prevention of attacks on President Trump. In Nunez opening statement words like fake news, information warfare and
    leakers spark resentment and vitriol for Trump enthusiasts. Fake news gives the go head to attack media outlets.
    Information warfare means people can go online and plan attacks using social media. Leaker is labeling people as targets.
    There may be viewers of this hearing which will take action and possibly murder others because of what the
    congressman says.

  11. Mae Gary Author

    Maguire you failed to do your JOB like your boss, another one that needs to step down from his position walk away before you end up in PRISON trying to save 45s Ass

  12. Mr. Sotack Author

    Damn dirty democrats will stop at nothing in the hopes of ruining this great country, they are despicable beyond belief. They have fallen so far in the past few years it makes your head spin. These socialists will soon be calling themselves what they really are, communists. Their goal is total power and control over THEIR one party system. We the people must throw out these insurrectionist scum.

  13. Oliver Cowpland Author

    All earths “alien” life needs earth intact I hope you won’t go to war trump and knock back the planets a few billion years
    AGAIN ….is that your
    problem no ones shooting for you apparent politicians ???
    no war no oil trade think you can stop the earths cold state of fusion resolving earths problems ? Balls on that lightning 😂

  14. Ferenc Balla Author

    It is clear to all fairminded citizen, that the Intel community is infested with traitors to this country, they heavily invested in an illegal coup against the duly elected PRESIDENT of the United States of America. This individual IS NOT a whistleblower, but a stinking spy, spying on the PRESIDENT. The question is who sent this traitor.

  15. Ferenc Balla Author

    No wonder that Trump did beat the Republican field fo the nomination. The Republican party is a garbage, with spineless stupid morons as representatives of the people.

  16. adm 3rd Author

    Really have grown to hate these pos that think the American people are stupid! STOP WASTING OUR TAX DOLLARS AND DO YOUR FUCKING JOBS! Just think how many hungry people could have been fed or sick people medical care for the amount of money these asswipes have wasted! They should all lose their jobs!

  17. Marlena Maizar Author

    What Adam Schitt doesn’t get is that he is elected to make things better in his District….and from what I have seen in his district which is perilously close to LA is that rats, bubonic plague and typhus are no’s respecters of zip codes and unless they get a handle on the homeless crisis in LA that is going to quickly spread to his district which is a few scant miles to the east. This shit show is all to cover for the corruption of the DNC and the HRC loss in 2016. Also Adam is very close to Ed Buck know John and methhead and purveyorof young black men for sexual pleasure in LA.


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