1. Skiddy cat Author

    We used to own a Falcon GT with a 400 hp V8 under the bonnet, with the low restriction Sports Exhaust country drives for us was like a roll of thunder thunder chasing the Wind

  2. Raylee Author

    Saw these guys in concert at Bethel Woods recently and they were awesome!!!
    They played the set they did at the 1994 Woodstock concert and it was freaking amazing!

  3. warren Stephens Author

    Alternative rock for the Win! While the clip is shot in a home environment, ED envisioned it taking place in a hospital, The band dedicated the song to a high school friend, Barbara Lewis, who was killed by a drunk driver in 1993 it taking place in a hospital, where all these simultaneous deaths and
    births are going on, one family mourning the loss of a woman while a
    screaming baby emerges from a young mother in another room. Nobody's
    dying in the act of childbirth, as some viewers think. What you're
    seeing is actually a happy ending based on a kind of transference of
    life "The story of a…connection between an old lady dying and a new mother at the moment of giving birth." Class! Song<3

  4. Joseph Pennington Author

    I was really screwed up after the loss of my up born daughter. I would sit and drink meself sstupid.The amazing women ended up joining the U.s. navy. Life has been good.great song

  5. StepfordWifeRebel1 Author

    Who the hell in charge of Captions? Get someone who can actually Translate good grief. Sick of seeing beautiful songs with Captions that literally trash it. You Tube get your captions team overhauled Seriously.😡

  6. Gordon Averageguy Author

    As I drove my two day old daughter home from the hospital, this song played on my radio for the first time. I stared at the radio as the words came out. "Wept" is the correct word.

  7. Kristie Kirby Author

    My dad died in 2007 at the age of 52 I always think of him because he loved this song he had awsome. Taste in music I miss him so much till we meet again love you dad!

  8. Colleen Wendland Author

    Such a moving song . While in labor , in the hospital with my children, I always prayed for those taking their last breath, while my babies were taking their first breath. It always made me think they breathe their life into them , and it enlightens me 🙏🏻💜💙🌹

  9. Jamal John Santana Author

    Read post again. Pretty clever stuff. Yea I wish I could compete with Harry Potter. He's just too impressive tho. Honestly, you prob wanna stay with him now cuz, a lot guys out there ain't gonna be interested knowing you've let that kind of guy touch you. Pretty gross honestly, should've listened to father and not Connor. Only saying this cuz of happening and door posts.

  10. Jamal John Santana Author

    Said from the start it was the oldest two who was the smart ones. They'd never in a million years let that tatted up degenearte touch them. Millenials for the win.

  11. Michelle Amar Author

    Today was the first time in approximately 26years that I have listened to this song… my cousin died, while giving birth, around the time this song came out and the words were just too much for me to take. Any time this song came on the radio, or at a party, wherever… I would change the song or leave the room… I lost my cousin and her baby girl that day, neither of them survived… I still miss her and the chance I never got to see that baby girl grow up… She had two sons before and this was the little girl she prayed for… but God has other plans… he just needed these two angels by His side… I do love the song and like I said, it's been a long time… thank you LIVE.

  12. Jamal John Santana Author

    Not so clever now are you goof. Could say more. Could say nothing. But what's the point. Just want her to be happy. All I've tried to do in these weeks past even with most of my mind gone.

  13. Jamal John Santana Author

    I sorry Lizzie. I consider it an incredible honor that you'd be interested in me on any level for any amount of time. I know what a special woman you are and how talented you are. When James C says you're talented like that it means a lot, that's amazing. You're too good and innocent for this world. And any man you like is a good man and a good man is hard to find. Do what you do and I hope if nothing else your skin is extra thick after all this, you're a really cool person and I adore you.

  14. Amimarie Tomaino Author

    Pretty much, a hot body with a mediocer face. Still pretty though. You were therapy, too. All for good natural sex. YouTube could be adult them in a way. Sorry, if it offends.

  15. Liberty and Justice Author

    Seeing a precious baby held and kissed to this music brings me to tears! We are not mistakes. We are not accidents. We are not products of "chance." YOU are special, YOU precious and YOU treasured by your Creator! He is waiting for you to open up and accept Him. Seek Jesus right now and accept Him into your heart. Become a new creation in Him! 🤗

  16. Jasmine Smith Author

    I lost two perfect angels. I saw they spirit's as they left my body. Curly blonde hair, identical boys. Their spirit's were so big. I was under spiritual attacks. They used majic and were relentless. How do you fight off an almost invisible force? I must admit,relief not to hear their screams in my ear. No more than a month old. I reached for them. Staff Sergeant will never know the warriors he took from me. I saw perfection in two beings. I wasn't strong enough to save my two Supermen. They wings were so big but it was all just a dream. If it were real, imagine, Two huge spirited perfect angel bloods. Michael's ceiling,in flesh. It was just a dream.

  17. brian jones Author

    I was born in 1972 how bout you ? When lightening crashes I want to go back to my friends in 1995 They are all gone now every single one… but this song still can make a soul shiver,

  18. Noelle Pratt Author

    Took me too many years to fully appreciate this song. Or, maybe I’m appreciating the way it’s meant to be appreciated … more as time goes on.

  19. George Gordner Author

    All the commercials with people that are doing well in the stock market and I can't get the start and help I need. Anyone of them is welcome to come by my place, where I am, show me how to make the money they all are talking and telling me about. Show me the way, help me in a real way I can touch. I can't do it for myself, I have tried more than once and failed. Help me with some start up money, make that money make money and then take a honest reasonable fair cut and I'm game. Otherwise, you waste a lot of my time with your commercials.

  20. Bambang Sulistyo Author

    Baby born in to the world 1975 the hair go on the rock musik cause(the name is baby the one" in to the world)who are you in to the world programe? Tanks

  21. Rose Author

    Anyone in October… 2019… This song describes what happened on the day my nephew was born, my grandma died… 0.0… in the same hospital… down the hall…

  22. iamthebyron Author

    I still remember the first time I ever heard this song. My dad was driving me to a little league game and it came on the radio. I was hooked instantly. 25 years later it's still one of my favorites.

  23. warren Stephens Author

    “The heart has the most powerful electromagnetic field within the human energy field and there are more nerves going from the heart to the brain than going the other way. The latter is indicative of a sparkling truth that has been long forgotten – the brain is not the focus for intelligence within the body – the heart is.”“This ´world´ began to forget it was Oneness, like a dream forgetting it is the dreamer. With this amnesia came the phenomenon we call fear, an expression of All Possibility that cannot manifest within the balance of Oneness. Fear only comes with the illusion of division and separation when consciousness perceives itself as part and not the whole. Fear is the shadow of illusory disconnection.”


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