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Logan Paul’s movie is worse than you can imagine


  1. AftermathRV Author

    ii gotta be honest i laughed at the 911 joke because it was cassey fucking nicetat delivering it.

    hey i mean i guess the best thing i can say is that he tried. most people dont try, they just think they can do better if they would.

  2. SoxsammyX0x Author

    Was going to take u to Twitter. But no. Logan Paul is my friend. I will be back to make fun of u on Twitter. See u soon after I dig around in your closet. 🤮

  3. リカルドミロス Author

    This is basically American Pie meets Fred: the movie. It's not even putting a bad thing and a good one together, it's like mixing shit with vomit

  4. tHomas Livingston •‿• Author

    Airplanes is an actual great movie, please watch it.
    I died laughing during all parts of the movie.
    Please watch it.
    Please watch the movie Airplanes.
    It is haha funny movie but with good jokes.

  5. Mark Vo Author

    They managed to get the hide yo kids guy and the fhitp guy? Either they were promised good money or they’re sadly into or blind to what dumb shit Logan Paul’s done. No amount of money would be worth my dignity.

  6. shimada3 1010 Author

    Wtf was going through the director/Logan's head when they came up with the brilliant idea to swear like 500 times in front of kids who are under the age of 10

  7. BlitzKrieg Airsoft UK Author

    I didn't notice the "911 reasons" the first time around, I understand dark humour and they have the right to say what they want but I found it in very poor taste coming from a film made by "family friendly" YouTubers.

  8. Kate Gorham Author

    As an Australian, I was also really offended by their bullshit representation of Australia. It's Rebel Wilson all over again. We don't want to be associated with them!


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