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Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood (Season 5) | Official Super Trailer | VH1

♪♪ Whoa I bet you’re wondering how
I knew. How I knew? I stand here in the pursuit
of justice for any woman who has
been exploited by a man. I thought the ass the bigger
the career it’s been a consistent thing of seeing doctors in and out. I just want to be healthy Why would you tell the world
that my sister was having our
baby? You guys can see the baby when
she gets here but me I’m done. Done with what?
Everything. Hun have a great day. Come see
me when you drop that demon seed Maybe I’ll show you
how to be a good mother too. Monique, Monique. ♪ A person who is supposed to be
a part of our family accused my son of cheating
when he’s not. Show me the receipts.
You [bleep] him didn’t you? Did you do that?


  1. Mrs Douglas Author

    A1 running dowb that table like spiderman😂 then the newbie tryna fight tiara cause she said she was out lmao guess she want to add more cat to the meow i mean litter..Please let moniece touch princess VH1 its long over due

  2. Sharon Pope Author

    I like the way A1 told her off I did not and do not miss K Michelle she needs to be on Love and Hip Hop I think she needs the money

  3. C Mare V Author

    these women have no self control. always wanna get turnt up because somebody talking about you. what u put out same come back 2 u. None of them can hold water always running back an telling

  4. Shronda Smith Author

    These people are way too old for all this fighting and drama, k Michelle I thought had gotten herself together and was engaged. These people must really need money to get on t.v and act like this drama, drama and more drama very sad life is too short to waist time fighting everyone needs to growup, keep their mouths closed and mind their own business.

  5. Vanessa Shaw Author

    Wow! This is what we've become? Sellouts? Loud? Vulgar? Exaggeratesd cotton candy weave wearing marginally talented desperate to be famous ay any cost females without an ounce of self control or class? Zero integrity? No respect for themselves or their spouses or orher Black sistah's? Now I see where the young impressionable sistah's get their inspiration. I am sickened.

  6. fitandfabulous Author

    And the award for best actress goes to Princess…for pretending shes surprised with Ray Js behaviour!! Smh. #WeAllKnew #NobodyIsSurprised

  7. toniiah Author

    Don't know how I found myself in this Youtube hole. This sht is so funny but I feel like I laughed away some brain cells. The acting is hilarious. But Brandy, man, why you playin yourself? Agree with everyone saying this is soo beneath her.

  8. Random D Author

    food stamps, booty shots, infidelity, exploitation, trashy mamma's, stolen credit cards, moms throwing chairs, fake amigos, three some, flopped albums, demon seeds, husbands and side chicks. These people can't talk about nobody… I mean NOBODY!

  9. Tiffy Monroe Author

    I can rewind A1 jumping on that table over and over.. And still not understand how the hell he got his Bruce Leroy ass up there lol like that

  10. Blue Aoc Author

    This how much white people hate us theyll pay black people to make a fool of our people white people are the devil the bible is talking about king james 1611

  11. GorgeouslyReal T.V. Author

    She doesn't even look the same. Who did her nose job?!!! God is good cause she was able to get that stuff out.

    Ppl need to stop dying to look fake…

  12. Andrea Brantley Author

    ; K Michelle is Horrible!… She be real mad about nothing.. and she verbally abuses people for lil or nothing. (I don't know if ya girl was really creeping, or not but even if she was, Why K so mad?!… She's using any excuse to disrespect a person.. Not Cool!

  13. Michelle Lambert-Heard Author

    So disappointed in you Kimberly! Ever thought about NOT telling your friends business? Wow! Tick for tack, that's all these shows have going. I WANT you to just sing and go on with your life. You don't need that ratchetness! I pray you will be fine as far as your health is concerned. I WANT to see you succeed and I know you CAN do it. God bless and keep you. I will always want to hear your music!

  14. Angela brookes Author

    Tierra Mari is so beautiful she has to know this. Princess talk a lot trying to fight while prego omg Kimburlee girl stop. Brooke you a hot azz mess and im here for it this show a live mess bruh haha Rayj acting like a gossip newspaper haha wish I was in London while they was in London!!!!

  15. Michael Griffin Author

    I'm not being funny to A1 but for one I wouldn't blame your wife to go with the oxtail and rice and peas because you know you're not doing things like a man are you let's be real now painting your nails going to the nail salon you know is doing that you're out of breath look at safari body is well over nice is well nice let's be real look at his lips got pink sexy lips I mean let's be honest your wife is one of those type of girl a one that oh I don't do this I don't do that but really and truly you do do it you just don't want it to come out so your fans and 75% of the world will look at you and start to judge you it's funny to me when you're when you were together with your husband aka a one you never had a belly but all of a sudden you had a belly or maybe is just a story line because you and your husband not been no I'm not being a b** I'm not being disrespectful I'm just being honest you guys do need a storyline because you guys don't bring anything together nothing boring that's all you guys just bring boring you no like so you do need a story line so maybe that is your story line you know because this is what I don't understand with love and Hip Hop like everything's seems to be 75% fake and other race 20% real this is what I like with black ink 95% is real and 5% as fake or maybe 100% as real like I can't understand with wife you going to do a show just The One Show do you know the mean and 4 are one now you need to go and jump like that in the gym while running up jumping across the table and you still didn't get to him what's the point and for me it makes you look kinda stupid because for you to go and fight when you don't know the full story none of them is not saying anything so you know for somebody that is married you should know what your wife is capable of this is why I don't understand if I'm going to marry a man or a woman I should know with that person that im married what you're really like because it seems to me you only know 50% of her and other rest of 50% you don't know and your wife Lyrica she act like she don't do this and she don't do that well a person that underneath your nose is the one that do the most the one them that say they don't is those one that do the most out of every single body before you run across the table or jump across a table no the first facts befor make yourself look like an idiot and national TV A1 you are a black man you say your smart but you don't act smart

  16. Basilia DelCristo Author

    These people are a joke & a mess. Everyone fucking everyone so all those std's are being shared! My biggest issue is the women crying wolf. Tryna get a bag playing a victim that you made yourself to be smh real victims are out here with nothing & no support! That pos was no victim if she going back for more. Fucktards

  17. Fernando Luisi Author

    A1 girl ain't worth Jake. Then she tryed to say I was there for you when you had nothing and on food stamps what does that have to do with you cheating. I can't stand the these chicks try to turn thibgs around when they cheat straight garbage a man is going to show u your women is trash be mad at the girl not the dude.


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