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Lucy TRAILER 1 (2014) – Luc Besson, Scarlett Johansson Movie HD

LUCY:What happened?What did you do to my stomach?(SIGH) What’s going on? MAN: We’ve merely slipped
in a package into your lower tummy and you’re going to transport
something very special to us. (BREATHING HEAVILY) (GROANING) (SCREAMING) -Hey.
-(GUN SHOTS) -LUCY: You speak English?
-No, no, no! -(GUN SHOT)
-You speak English? -Yes, yes.
-Take me to the hospital now. H-Hospital. Somebody put a bag of drugs
inside me. I need you to take it out. It’s leaking. SAMUEL:It is estimated most
human beings only use 10%
of their brain’s capacity.SAMUEL:
Imagine if we could access 100%.
Interesting things begin to happen.(PHONE RINGING) Yes? LUCY:Professor Norman,
my name is Lucy. I’ve read all
your research on the human brain.It’s a little rudimentary,
but you’re on the right track. Why, thank you. LUCY: I have access to 28%
of my cerebral capacity. I can feel every living thing. CAROLINE: Since when did you start
writing Chinese? Since an hour ago. PIERRE:
What happens when she reaches 100%? I have no idea. SAMUEL:All this knowledge.
You can unlock secrets that go beyond
our universe. I’m not even sure
mankind is ready for it.
(EXPLOSION) LUCY:It’s like all things that
make me human are fading away.


  1. d Author

    I wasted my time watching this. Like the antagonist really thought that they could take down Lucy with guns when she can do something to them without doing anything? Are they dumb? And Lucy is dumb too. Why did Lucy only hurt the antagonist's hands when you can kill him? Smh.

  2. TopBoyAnd Mugy4Eternity Author

    My partner wants me to watch this tonight it's on tonight and I'm really quite intrigued now I was thinking when he told me what movie is it and then I clicked on this preview damn! DAMN I totally understand the concept and truth behind the movie actors and actresses might be acting and sometimes words aren't spoken of one's true belief in what they see in movie I believe in what this movie is about can kind of get a gist already yeah I can't wait to watch this tonight! Mind blowing truth of existence

  3. GosaL Saab moji. Author

    पैसे की जगह मेरा ल** ले लो और बहुत वेबसाइट है यूट्यूब के इलावा यह चैनल तो वैसे ही चुटिया साला

  4. Ayaz Ahmed Author

    One of the best science fiction movie that has ever made it's amazingly directed visual effects are outstanding super hit story line


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