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Mad Lib Theater with Sarah Jessica Parker


  1. Isilife Author

    My favorite Mad Lib Theater is the one with Benedict Cumberbatch. He is such a natural. And everything fell so well together in his sequence. But I found this one with Sarah J.P hilarious too! Actually I liked all the Mad Lib Theaters I watched up to now (also the Tom Cruise one for example or the one with Chris Pratt)

  2. Levi Grenier Author

    Jimmy needs lighten the fuck up. you can always tell he gets annoyed at the dumbest shit. like its a comedy have fun and stop being a baby. a spoiled baby. still love you lol

  3. Brooke Stop Author

    I always loved her but she’s all over the place when she was answering the questions. Repeating herself numerous times… oh my. 🤦🏼‍♀️


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