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Madhu Malati | মধু মালতী | Bengali Romantic Movie | English Subtitle | Prosenjit, Rituparna

Oh no! Hey, what’s the matter? Shit! Why are you occupying
the whole road? Wait I’ll show you! Hey you, can’t you hear the horn? Does this road belong
to your father? No mother,
this road belong to the government. Mother?
Why do you call me your mother? You are like my daughter,
so I called you mother. Your daughter?
– What? Have you ever looked at yourself? Yes.. – Listen, my fate is not so bad that
I’ll become your daughter. What are you looking at being
so dumbstruck? Looking at me? I don’t have bad
body odour like you. I have the smell
of expensive perfume. Move away
or I’ll throw all your stuff. The road is narrow, please
wait for some time, I’ll move the.. ..cart away from your way. Impossible! Why should I wait
for you? Move, move I say.. I beg of you..
please don’t throw my stuff away. You scoundrel! How dare
you touch me with your dirty hand? You swine.. Do you know whose
hand you are holding? Yes, this is hand of an arrogant
daughter of a rich father.. ..which was about
to slap this poor man. You should know that the rich
people only doesn’t have hands.. ..poor people also have. Now if this hand slaps you, then
there is nobody around to save you. You rustic man..
you don’t know who I am? I don’t know who you are
or where you have come from.. ..but if you want
to stay in this village.. ..for some time then
change your behaviour.. ..otherwise this hand of a poor
man won’t spare you second time. Is that so? You wouldn’t have dared to say.. ..this if you come
to know who I am! I told you earlier that I don’t
want to know who you are, but.. case you want
to show your strength.. ..let me tell you
that my name is Madhu. Have you seen this musical
instrument? I play this and sing. Ask anyone of this village
and they’ll show you my house. Come on Rahim uncle.. Wait.. for your information,
I belong to the Zamindar family. Move.. Zamindar family? Are you going?
– What does he think of himself? Nobody heard what Madhu said,
except me. I’m your no. I am your number 1 follower. So nobody will come
to know about this incident. Are you scared Rahim uncle?
Don’t be. Zamindari system has been
abolished long time back.. Zamindar’s daughter
has no value now days. Reputation is like a
counterfeit coin Zamindar.. ..Asit Narayan’s blood
is flowing in you veins. So if someone insults
you and get away with..’s not possible that
he won’t have to shed blood. Yes.. yes.. Father, when I first
heard him talking like that.. ..I thought that whatever I had
heard about you earlier is not true.. ..and you have no
value in this village. You don’t know.. Zamindari might have been abolished
but still no one of this.. ..village dares to even wear
shoes in front of Asit Narayan. Yet some one of this village has really
dared to almost slap your daughter, father. You just tell me
his name and address.. I’ll bring him here and punish
so much that he’ll remember till death. No, you won’t have to do anything.. I just informed you about the
incident.. I’ll handle this myself. I’m your daughter.. I’ll make that loafer understand
that if he plays with fire.. ..he’ll get his hand burnt. Madhu has become
my cause of concern.. ..will the Asit Narayan
tolerate this insult? He won’t. Now Madhu will get in trouble. But Madhu didn’t do anything
wrong.. he said the truth. Nobody cares for
truth these days.. ..truth begets problems.. ..he should know that one can’t fight
with a crocodile while living in water! What have you done? You
fought with Zamindar’s daughter! What will happen now?
Where do I hide you? Why? Can’t you find a suitable place? Hide me in your heart then
nobody will find the trace of me. ‘I very much want to do that
Madhu but I am never being able.. tell you that.’ What happened? Oh.. nothing.. nothing.. Let me rather go and apologise to
the Zamindar’s daughter on your behalf. Why.. why will you apologise? Do you think that the Zamindar’s
daughter will kill me? Listen, do you think we are
cowards just because we are poor? Excessive courage invites problems,
do you understand? What will happen
if anything happens to you. What? Tell me what? I don’t know.. But I know.. What do you know? I know that if anything happens
to me then it will hurt you, right? Listen, nothing such
will happen to me.. ..which will hurt you. I forgot to tell you something.. I’ve brought something for you. What’s that? Come home sometime..
I’ll give that to you.. ..but I should go now
because it’s lunch time.. Otherwise elder brother
will be very annoyed. Parama.. Parama.. Parama.. What happened?
Why are you shouting? Can’t you talk a little sweetly? No I can’t. You beloved brother-in-law
never let’s me speak sweetly. Don’t forget that my beloved
brother-in-law is your brother.. ..and you can’t have
your meals without him. You scold me so badly
if he is little late. Today he needs scolding badly..
where is that scoundrel? You better drive him
away from the house.. Yes, today I’ll do that..
where is he? Call him.. Madhu. Madhu.. Madhu.. Hey elder brother,
why are you so excited? I’ve heard everything..
sister-in-law do one thing.. ..send me for a pilgrimage.. ..but don’t stop me
when I’ll determine to go. Why should I call you back? Do you think that we won’t
be able to live without you? Parama, tell him that we’ll
be quite okay without him. What happened, Madhu?
Have you made any mistake? Mistake? No..
– Haven’t you made a mistake? What have you told the
Zamindar’s daughter on the road? Zamindar’s daughter wanted to
slap Rahim uncle, so I protested. Why did you protest?
Don’t you know that we are poor.. ..we have no right to protest? If the Zamindar’s takes you
to his place and beat you badly,.. ..who’ll save you? Tell me who’ll save you? You scoundrel, do you know.. ..who are you to me and your
sister-in-law? Who are you to us? Why are you silent..
tell me.. tell me.. Your child.. Yes, you are our child.. We two childless couple
have brought you as a child. How will I make
you understand that.. ..if anybody hurts
you then it hurts both of us. How will I make
you understand that .. ..if you bleed then
our hearts also bleed. Madhu I can never make you understand
that it’s a sin to be born as poor. We can ask for mercy..
we can apologise. Protest doesn’t suit us. I don’t agree with
you elder brother. Can you say whether the colour
of blood is different in a.. ..poor man and a rich man’s body? If the colour of the blood is same.. ..then why should I let
the rich look down on us? The colour of a dog’s blood
is also red, so do you mean that.. ..a dog and a man will
eat from the same plate? Your elder brother’s
name is Sri Rama Chandra.. do you think
that your brother.. ..and the Zamindar will
eat from the same plate? You can disrespect
my elder brother.. ..but to me he is just
the Rama of Ramayana to me.. ..and sister-in-law is Sita. I’ve never seen the real Rama
and Sita but since I was born.. ..they are my parents. Did you hear that Kali? He is
comparing us with Rama and Sita. Will you still say that I’m childless? Then pay me back the money that you
had borrowed when your child was sick..’s been a long time.
How long will I wait? Give me some more time, Kali.. I can’t give you any more time. What if I die meanwhile?
All my money will be lost. I won’t be able to
give you any more time.. Just give me two months time..
I’ll pay back all your money.. Please have mercy.. You don’t have to ask for mercy.. These bangles of
mine is gold plated.. Take these sell them and you’ll,
get your money. No, sister-in-law..
no.. you can’t do this.. You wore this when you
got married to elder brother.. This is for the longer
life of him.. you can’t do this. A woman opens her bangles
only when her husband dies. Don’t say that Madhu..
don’t say that. I want to die before your brother.. Enough.. enough..
you don’t have to cry. But this is the last warning..
I can’t give you more time. I am telling you
this for the last time. Time has changed grandfather, what
grandmother used to buy with 2 paisa.. ..and apply on her feet.. .. that now has become lipstick
and the price is 1200 rupees. We apply that on our lips. Straight to the lips from the feet?
That’s strange.. Your modern generation
is very strange, Malati.. Please don’t call me Malati,
grandfather. It’s very much backdated..
instead you call me Mali. To you it’s backdated, but to
me it’s your grandmother’s memory. She had named you
Malati when you were.. .. born.. I used to
love your grandmother a lot. As long as you are here,
let me call you Malati.. I love your grandmother.
It reminds me of your grandmother. Okay.. I’ll give permission
only to you to call me Malati. Okay grandfather now you tell me.. What are the surprising
elements of this village? There are lots..
there is the soil.. There are good human
beings of this soil.. ..there is earthy music.. If you want I’ll call
a guy who sings wonderfully.. ..he will drive you
crazy with his music. His name is Madhu..
his music is as sweet as honey. “My musical instrument
of my crazy heart.” “My musical instrument
of my crazy heart.” “My musical instrument
of my crazy heart.” “It wants to love and wants the loved
one closer, god knows who is that.” “It’s the high and low
tides of this river called life!” “My musical instrument
of my crazy heart.” “My musical instrument
of my crazy heart.” “Nobody befriends with me or.. ..with the music of
my musical instrument.” “Seems like my mind wanders
looking for that address.” “Seems like my mind wanders
looking for that address.” “It’s the high and low
tides of this river called life!” “My musical instrument
of my crazy heart.” “My musical instrument
of my crazy heart.” “Will my mind find that person
whom I’m trying to find in.. ..this play house of few days.” “When will the flute
of love start playing.” “When will the flute
of love start playing.” “Won’t I be able to paint
the picture of love in this life?” “It’s the high and low
tides of this river called life!” “My musical instrument
of my crazy heart.” “It wants to love and wants the loved
one closer, god knows who is that.” “It’s the high and low
tides of this river called life!” “My musical instrument
of my crazy heart.” “My musical instrument
of my crazy heart.” “My musical instrument
of my crazy heart.” “My musical instrument
of my crazy heart.” Madhu.. Madhu.. Tell me..
– Take this money.. Tell your elder brother
to give it back to my father.. Just because we are poor
you are also doing favours to us! Believe me, it’s not a favour..
take it as a loan.. Give me back when you can.. I don’t want to pay off
a loan by taking another loan.. But how will you arrange
2000 rupees within 2 months? I’ll work.. I’ll do something.. I’ll arrange the money somehow.. Madhu.. Madam.. you?
Where are your body guards? Oh, I had forgotten that
your Zamindari days are over.. Listen, Madhu.. That day I felt bad,
but today it won’t happen.. You have changed me a lot Madhu.. You know Madhu.. ..before I met you I didn’t
used to like people like you. Then I met you and told
about you to my grandfather.. He said,” you have
come to the village.. learn to love
the people of the village”. I never thought about
this before but your.. ..and my grandfather’s words have
really changed my mind Madhu.. That’s why I’ve come
to you to beg apology.. That day I wanted to
slap the poor cart driver. Today I have come to you
to say sorry.. please forgive me. It’s okay..
it’s okay.. what are you doing? I am forgiving you..
are you happy now? No, not only that.. I have
heard your conversation, Madhu. I won’t give you
a loan of 2000 rupees.. You want to earn it .. If I arrange some work for you,
will you refuse, Madhu? If you refuse then I’ll think
that you still don’t believe.. ..that you have really changed me. I’ll ask my father to give
you a job.. will you do it? Of course I’ll work.. My elder brother has
taken loan because of me.. …I want to pay it back myself. Devi is very sentimental.. ..I refused to take her money and.. ..agreed to work,
so she became angry. Father, why do you need
so much money? For whom? What will you do with all
that money after your death? Why are you saying
all this daughter? I am saying all these because
Rama had taken a loan of only.. ..10000 rupees from you. But if that money creates
problem in my life.. ..or break my dream .. ..then I’ll burn all your
money in front of your eyes. What is all these.. Devi. I am not understanding anything.. Devi will have
problem in her life.. Her dreams will break..
she will burn my money.. What is all these.. I think that scoundrel
Madhu has said something to her. No, elder brother,
I am not going to listen to you.. I’ll definitely work in the
brick factory.. you have suffered. ..a lot for me..
please let me pay back Kali.. Okay.. but why will
you only pay back Kali? Pay me back all the
money that I have spent.. ..on you for your bringing up.. Is any child ever capable
to pay back their parents? Please don’t disagree with him..
let him work.. only used to say that
only music is not everything. Elder brother.. You had only said that
I am the Rama of Ramayana.. ..Rama went in exile because
of Bharata and Satrughna.. Elder brother, I don’t want to become
a brother like Bharata and Satrughna. I want to be a brother
like Lakshmana.. I want to share your
happiness and sorrow.. Please let me go to work. What happened..
why are you sitting here? Won’t you come for dinner? No.. I mean Madhu.. Is Madhu a kid that you’ll have
to have dinner with him always? Okay I agree that
I am waiting for Madhu.. But what are you waiting for?
You can have your dinner.. No.. I mean.. Actually till date we couldn’t make
out that who loves him most, you or me. Okay you tell me,
there are so many people who work.. ..don’t they come home
to have food on time? Work less..
you are working too hard.. this rate you’ll fall sick.. No sickness can make me weak. I have to somehow arrange
2000 rupees in 2 months. Sister-in-law, this is
this months salary.. keep it. Just because we need
money he is working so hard.. …doesn’t even come
home to have food on time. This is not done. You suffer yourself
and make us suffer as well. My father is responsible
for all these. If my father was not so cruel then
Madhu wouldn’t have to work so hard. There is so much difference
in Devi and her father. Who will say that these
two people have blood relations. Can’t you stay at home?
I’ll chain you down some day. You’ll need money to buy chain,
father.. ..and you don’t understand
anything other than money. You are blind with greed. Have you ever thought that
this money can trouble somebody. Hurt somebody. At times I wonder..
why was I born as your daughter? Okay daughter.. at times
you go to the temple to worship.. time when you’ll go there,
please pray.. that you are born
in a poor family next time.. ..then only you’ll understand
the value of money. Hey Madhu.. hello. What? Madam has asked you to met her..
– Why? How do I know that?
Come soon.. I’m going. I don’t do anything
unnecessarily grandfather.. ..I asked father to
give Madhu a job because.. ..that was necessary for me.. I have called Madhu to
our place because it’s necessary for me. This doesn’t seem
fair enough to me. You must be having some bad plans. I definitely have some plans
but I won’t tell you whether it.. good or bad. You yourself will come to know everything
when Madhu comes here, understand? Hey Devi, for whom are
you making this garland? You don’t have to know that.. ..I’ll make a garland
when I’ll feel like.. ..and tear it as
well when I feel like. Who are you that I’ll
have to tell you everything? You better go to madam
she has called you.. you better go to her. Why are you came here? You must have thought that
I’ll be jealous hearing that. Madam has given you a job
to pay back my father’s money.. madam is your best friend!
– What are you saying? Madam has given me a job
so madam is my best friend? No.. no this is not right. You know that me and I have
so much difference between us.. ..which I don’t have with you. Now don’t be sentimental
and give me your hand. – No. I want to give you something
which I wanted to give you.. ..that day close your eyes
and spread your hand won’t you? Okay now I understand.. ..that day I didn’t take your money.. ..that’s why you also don’t
want to take my gift.. right? No problem..
I had bought it for you. Now I’ll give it to madam. Why.. why will you
give my gift to madam? Give me. Devi, these pair of anklets
will suit you a lot.. ..and when you will
walk wearing these anklets. It’s sound will remind you of me. Then I must wear them.. ..let me see whether
it reminds me of you or not. “My mind has become
crazy hearing your name.” “My mind has become crazy but
how will I make you understand?” “The anklets always
calls Madhu, Madhu.” “They did magic on me but
how will I make you understand” “My mind has become
crazy hearing your name.” “My mind has become crazy but
how will I make you understand?” “When will that auspicious
day come I think in my mind.” “When will the day of longing end.” “When will that auspicious
day come I think in my mind.” “When will the day of longing end.” “I can’t sleep at night love,
I can’t sleep at night.. ..but how will I
make you understand?” “My mind has become
crazy hearing your name” “My mind has become crazy but
how will I make you understand?” “Look how the bees
play with the flowers” “My mind doesn’t stay
at home alone without you” “Look how the bees
play with the flowers” “My mind doesn’t stay
at home alone without you” “When will my love come to me,
when will he come?” “How will I make you understand” “My mind has become crazy but
how will I make you understand?” “My mind has become crazy but
how will I make you understand?” “The anklets always
calls Madhu, Madhu.” “They did magic on me but
how will I make you understand” “My mind has become
crazy hearing your name” “My mind has become crazy but
how will I make you understand?” Madam.. madam.. madam. Madhu.. you have come!
I thought that you won’t come. You helped me a lot madam.. can’t happen that
you’ll call me and I won’t come.. ..tell me why did you call me? I’ll tell you.. just a minute, before
that there is something for you to drink. What are you pouring for me, madam? Take it.. drink it. But madam, this is wine..
you are asking me to have wine? I am not only asking you..
you must have. Sorry madam, I won’t have wine.
– You won’t drink? Look if you don’t drink
then I’ll scream loudly. And if I scream loudly
then everybody will come here. They will beat you..
hand you over to the police. What.. won’t you drink? Alright.. I’ll drink it. it feels great! Madhu, please tell me who
is more beautiful.. me or Devi? Shall I say..
you are more beautiful. Then tell me that you love me. I love you. Say it louder. I love you. Say it louder, Madhu. I love you.. love you.. love you. Molee. See father, this mean
fellow entered our house.. ..drank your wine and
now saying that he loves me. How dare he is? You mean..
how dare you enter my house.. ..drink my wine and tell
my daughter that you love her? Now tell me..
do you love my daughter? Leave him. Go.. go.. get out.. get lost. Now the Zamindar’s blood in you
has started showing it’s colour, Malati. But I’m sorry for you
that you couldn’t win.. ..a mere poor boy defeated
the daughter of a Zamindar. I took revenge grandfather..
why do you say that I have lost? Yes, you have lost..
without any fault Madhu tolerated.. ..your father’s whip
but he never said.. ..that you compelled
him to drink the wine.. created a drama
just to take revenge on him. Madhu kept his silence just.. make your false
drama a true one.. ..he favoured you..
favour.. He had pity on you. Stop it.. stop it grandfather. Stop laughing grandfather..
stop laughing.. please. Go. Madhu.. what happened Madhu? Tell me what has my Madhu done? Your brother has
crossed his limits.. ..he entered my house, drank my wine and
wanted to love my daughter. Warn your brother.
And explain him his status. Today I’m leaving him.. ..but if he ever does
this again I’ll kill him.. ..and send his dead body
to the crematorium.. I warn you. What happened Madhu..
what happened? Believe me sister-in-law,
I didn’t do anything.. ..this is that Zamindar’s
daughter’s conspiracy.. take revenge on me..
see how he has beaten me. They have beaten you! Elder brother..
elder brother, believe me. I didn’t do anything deliberately..
it was a conspiracy. Madhu, we have brought you up.. ..even if the whole
world disbelieves you. I and your sister-in-law
can never do that. Madam.. madam.. Do you have anything to say? On the first meeting we
didn’t have a conversation.. today I came to talk to you. I don’t have time to talk to you. Of course you don’t have time.. are very fair from outside.. ..but your inside is very dirty.
– Devi! You conspired against a simple,
good human being.. ..your father has whipped him. I feel like doing the same to you..
the scars might fade away. The scars might fade away. But the hatred that
has developed in.. ..Madhu’s mind will never
fade away.. Madhu hates you. He hates you. What did she say? Why didn’t you say
anything to that mean girl? She came to your house and
told you so harsh words and you.. ..listened to her! Get lost from here.. get lost. Father, take out all the money
you have.. I’ll burn them all. Otherwise you burn me
alive with your own hands.. Devi! Have you become mad,
daughter? Yes, I have become mad..
you have made me mad. Go to Ram’s place and see..
in order to repay your debt.. .. what has happened to Madhu.. ..they have whipped
my Madhu so badly. Why are you so
concerned about Madhu? Have you ever tried
to understand that? Have you ever tried
to understand my mind? You have ever thought that
I might have some desires.. have always looked at me. From a father’s point of view.. ..have you ever tried to understand
the heart of this motherless daughter? I have understood everything..
everything is clear to me now. My long time doubt is cleared now.. have disclosed
your feeling to me.. I’ll do what
I’m supposed to do. After that if you feel
that I don’t have heart.. ..then stop talking to me daughter.
Stop talking to me. ‘You are very fair from outside.. ..but your inside is very dirty.’ ‘You conspired against a simple,
good human being.. …your father has whipped him.. ‘I feel like doing the same to you.’ ‘But I’m sorry for you..
you couldn’t win.. you lost.. ..a mere poor boy defeated
the daughter of a Zamindar. ‘The scars might fade away.. ..but the hatred that has developed
in Madhu’s mind will never fade away. Madhu hates you.. he hates you.’ ‘You might have a lots of money.. ..but you have no right
to have Madhu’s love.’ ‘Just because there are a
few women like you in this world.. ..people say that women are mysterious. ”But besides those mysterious
women there are also good,.. ..loving and caring
women on this earth. ‘If you want to see them,
go and meet Madhu’s sister-in-law.’ Is it paining too much? How can a human being
beat another human.. such a merciless way? He’ll have to answer to the god..
what was Malati doing. She could have snatched
the whip from her father’s hand.. ..she could have protested. Sister-in-law,
they don’t know how to protest.. ..they only know how to take
revenge.. money and social status. ..have made them blind.. You are right.. we are blind.. ..inspite of having
eyes we are blind. We can’t even see the moon light. You.. how dare you come here. After beating Madhu
so mercilessly.. ..aren’t you ashamed to come here? Go.. go away.. go away from here. I.. I made a mistake. ..I have come with a lot of hope.. I..
have come to beg apology, sister-in-law. Apology? You deserve no mercy..
go.. go away. I won’t go away with my
wish unfulfilled.. you punish me. Beat me as Madhu was beaten. Enough! Stop creating scene..
you have created a lot of scene. Now go away from
here and spare us. Okay.. I’m going. The amount of blood that
has shed from Madhu’s body is.. ..the same amount of blood that has
shed from my heart. That you can’t see. I’ll shed my blood
and come back again.. …even then if you can’t have
mercy on me then at least pity me. ‘Without any fault Madhu
tolerated your father’s whip.. ..but he never said that you
compelled him to drink the wine.. created a drama
just to take revenge on him.’ ‘Madhu kept his silence.. ..just to make your
false drama a true one. ‘He had pity on you.’ ‘Stop it.. stop it grandfather..
stop laughing grandfather. Madhu! Madhu! Madhu! Sister-in-law. You.. you have come again..
what do you want? We are poor people.. we
don’t have anything to give you. You have all that the
rich people don’t have. You have love and compassion,
sister-in-law. Please call Madhu for once. I’ll talk to him for
a while and go away forever. I’ll never show my face to you. Madhu.. Madhu..
please go and talk to that girl. No, sister-in-law, I don’t want to
talk to that proud and arrogant girl. I’m telling you..
go and speak to her. Sister-in-law? Go.. go and speak to her. Here Madhu, this is the whip
with which my father has beaten.. so badly..
take it.. whip me even harder. Whip me.. whip me.. whip me Madhu. Whip me with all the
strength of your body. Take revenge on me..
take revenge.. hit me. No. If you can’t hit me
then forgive me Madhu. Take me closer to you..
I’ve never seen my mother. There is so much love
in this hut of yours. Please don’t deprive me of this..
look at my eyes, Madhu. There is only you.. I love
you Madhu.. I love you very much. Molee. Not Molee.. call me Malati. Malati. Yes, only your Malati..
I am only your Malati. I only want to
live as your Malati. “We are two flowers
blooming from a single stem.” “You are the high and low tides
and I’m the bank of the river.” “We are two flowers
blooming from a single stem.” “You are the high and low tides
and I’m the bank of the river.” “I am your bracelet,
I am your earrings.” “We are two flowers
blooming from a single stem.” “You are the high and low tides
and I’m the bank of the river.” “You are my life, whenever
you go out of sight my mind.. ..becomes restless.” “You are my life, whenever
you go out of sight my mind.. ..becomes restless.” “You are my hope, you are my love.” “You are my hope, you are my love.” “My heart becomes
restless in your love.” “We are two flowers
blooming from a single stem.” “You are the high and low tides
and I’m the bank of the river.” “I am your bracelet,
I am your earrings.” “We are two flowers
blooming from a single stem.” “You are the high and low tides
and I’m the bank of the river.” “You are my music, you
filled my heart with your music.” “You are my music, you
filled my heart with your music.” “You are my flute
as the flute of Radha.” “You are my flute
as the flute of Radha.” “My mind is restless
with your love.” “We are two flowers
blooming from a single stem.” “You are the high and low tides
and I’m the bank of the river.” “I am your bracelet,
I am your earrings.” “We are two flowers
blooming from a single stem.” “You are the high and low tides
and I’m the bank of the river.” “You are the high and low tides
and I’m the bank of the river.” Grandfather, I want to be Malati. I want to wipe out the arrogant
and proud nature of Molee. Really! Are you really saying that? I mean it grandfather. Or maybe you are trying
to make me fool, granddaughter. No.. not granddaughter.. Malati. Did you hear that wife.. did
you hear what Malati is saying. Malati..
you are my long lost Malati. Come.. come.. sit beside me. Let me see your
grandmother in you. Grandfather, this way you
won’t find grandmother in me. Give me grandmother’s saree..
I’ll deck as grandmother. You want to wear a saree?
– Yes. You want to deck
as your grandmother? Yes grandfather..
yes.. Malati is reborn for Madhu. Madhu? You. I love Madhu, grandfather. I’ve become Malati just for Madhu,
grandfather. Now we won’t live without
each other, grandfather. Parama, you have made a
big mistake by accepting Malati.. ..this relationship
of Madhu and Malati.. .. will lead to nowhere. Malati’s father will
never accept this relation. You’ll have to pay a
big price for your mistake. I am not afraid..
if you are by my side. I have this strong
belief that nobody.. ..not even Malati’s father.. ..can stop Madhu and
Malati love each other. Madhu if any hand tries to
snatch me away from you.. ..will you break the hand? That’s for sure.. ..but if your father snatches
you from me what will you do? Not only father.. ..even if Yama, the god of death.. ..comes to snatch you away from me. I’ll fight with him and bring
you back from the clutch of death. Madam.. madam..
mosquitoes are biting me. How long should
I sit here on guard? Now you go home..
it’s too late now. Go home and save your guard
from mosquito bite.. let’s go. Here you are madam Malati.., your secret
love mission is over.. ..has Madhu left
from the love bower? Yes, grandfather..
with a lot of effort. You know grandfather,
I never knew before.. ..that there is so
much happiness in love. Then let me give
you a piece of advice.. is not always a bed of roses..
it has thorns as well.. You know, grandfather.. sorrow
will never be able to touch me. If sorrow ever comes in my life.. ..I’ll hold Madhu tightly
close to my heart. Sorrow won’t be able to touch me..
right grandfather? There must be lots of fun in love. Somehow I also must fall in love. Oh saint.. Holy soul. Shut up..
you all spoilt my meditation.. far I’ve united
thousands of pair.. ..different kinds of love. You are right o holy saint. Listen all you followers..
I have a condition. What condition, Holy spirit? If anybody else touch the
metal tablet that I’ll give, then.. ..there will be no action. But oh saint, I want a
double action metal tablet.. Who will not pay you? I don’t know. I’ll pay you in cash.. Father.. I want to fall in love.. Father.
– Father. Mother has asked you to
come inside and have lunch. She is so beautiful..
she is so juicy. Go and tell your mother
that today I’ll be late. Today I have too many followers. Listen. Tell me the name and address
of the girl you have chosen. I’ll give such a tablet
that as soon as you.. ..touch that to her body,
she’ll become crazy for you. Name and address?
I don’t know.. just now I saw her. Oh saint,
give me a strong metal tablet. I’ll charge more. How much? 500 rupees..
1000 rupees.. 2000 rupees. You seem to be a great follower..
give me 2000 rupees. Here is your 2000 rupees, and
here is a soap have a proper bath. Here is your 2000 rupees,
shave your beard also. Here is 2000 rupees for you. Go. Direct action. Take this you’ll get
whoever you want. There is no such strength which.. ..can create problem in your love. Really, o holy spirit?
Whoever I like.. I’m thirsty.. Can I get a glass of water?
– Of course.. of course. Sundari, please give my
new follower a glass of water. Okay father. Go. Shall I..
– Go.. don’t be afraid. I’ve come.. I’ve come. Here. Here is your water. You.. you are very beautiful. This metal tablet belongs to you. Where were you my love?
I was impatient to see you. I was impatient as well. I can’t live without you.
I will come with you. You are my love, you are my life..
I won’t live without you. You are mine,
my love, you are mine. Look there.. …he is romancing with your daughter
with the help of your metal tablet. I feel better. You scoundrel.. how dare you. You are romancing
with my daughter.. ..with the help of my metal tablet. I’ll teach you a lesson. Your father is coming..
let’s go away from here. You scoundrel..
leave my daughter’s hand. Don’t be so cruel o holy spirit. Father we are born for each other. Your father is here.
Leave me. Let’s go, my love..
– Let’s go .. bye father-in-law. Shut up! He fled away with
my only daughter. I’ll never do this
stupid business anymore. If you dig a hole for others, then
you yourself get buried in that hole. I think I won’t live for long. I love my Madhu since
my child hood days. I can’t even think of anyone else. Then why delay. Go and tell this to Madhu before
he falls in love with someone else. Madhu is mine. Otherwise he wouldn’t have
brought this pair of anklets.. ..he has said that the ankles will
remind me of him. Then don’t delay. Ask your father to talk to
Madhu’s brother and sister-in-law. “In this small chamber of my heart,
I’ll tie his heart that.. ..too without any string.” “In this small chamber of my heart,
I’ll tie his heart that.. ..too without any string.” “I’ll tie his heart
that too without any string.” “I’ll tie his heart
that too without any string.” “You are the flute of my heart..” “You are the full
moon in my heart’s sky.” “You are the flute of my heart..” “You are the full
moon in my heart’s sky.” “You are my joyous smile.” “I’ll spend my life with you.” “I’ll tie his heart
that too without any string.” “I’ll tie his heart
that too without any string.” “In this small
chamber of my heart.. ..I’ll tie his heart
that too without any string.” “I’ll tie his heart
that too without any string.” “I’ll tie his heart
that too without any string.” “You are the high tide
that rages in the river of love.” “You are the calming effect
in the chamber of flowers.” “You are the high tide
that rages in the river of love.” “You are the calming effect
in the chamber of flowers.” “My eyes..” “My happy abode will
fall apart without you.” “I’ll tie his heart
that too without any string.” “I’ll tie his heart
that too without any string.” “In this small
chamber of my heart..” “I’ll tie his heart
that too without any string.” “I’ll tie his heart
that too without any string.” “I’ll tie his heart
that too without any string.” “I’ll tie his heart
that too without any string.” Ram.
– Kali, come in. come in. You’ve done the right thing by coming
here. I was planning to meet you today. Why?
– I was thinking of returning the money. No. No. I haven’t come
here to take my money. I’ve come here to have sweets. There is no good news
which deserves a treat. Nothing has happened
yet but it’ll soon happen. Do, you know what
my daughter Devi says? She says that I don’t
want her to fulfill her dreams. She complains that I don’t
care for the motherless girl. I.. I’ve come here
to stop her complaints. What are you saying, Kali?
I don’t understand. You can’t understand?
– No. – Why? You and sister-in-law
should know this first. Ram, I know you all
love my daughter Devi. The girl that you all like.. ..I’ve come here
to hand her over to you. Please give her shelter here. I could never understand the
feelings of my motherless daughter. When I found out that it isn’t my
money that will make Devi happy.. ..but she’ll be happier if
she comes to your house as a bride. Don’t deprive her
of this happiness. Kali da, listen to something, you..
– No. No, sister-in-law. I won’t listen to anything. If I’ve misbehaved
with you all for money. Then forgive me. But now I want to respect
the feelings of my daughter. Listen, explain everything to him.
– Tell me. There is no girl like
Devi in this village. It’s very happy news that she’ll
come to our house as a bride. But, if you had come
two days with this proposal.. ..then you wouldn’t have
to go back empty handed. Madhu loves Malati,
the daughter of landlord’s family. Now you say how can
we break Malati’s heart.. ..and bring Devi home as his bride? Don’t worry,
I’ll explain everything to Devi. You don’t have to do it. I’ve understood everything. You all want to raise your status.. getting Madhu married
into landlord’s family. You want to change your fate. Shame! Shame!
You are so greedy for money. Come on, tell me how much
money you want, I’ll give you. No! No! Kali, what are you saying? I maybe poor but I can’t
sell my younger brother.. ..who is like my child
to change my fortune. I never wished for such
a thing and I still don’t wish it. Don’t speak of great things. If you aren’t greedy then just
compare your and Mr. Asit’s status. I know that there is a
huge gap between their status. But Kali, you know that.. doesn’t care
for financial status. You can take yourself for example.
You are very rich. Why have you brought the proposal
of Madhu’s marriage with Devi? That’s because you want
to respect Devi’s feelings. We too have the same reason.. ..and want to respect
Madhu’s feelings. Respecting these
feelings doesn’t mean.. ..selling my brother
or changing my fate. – Stop it. Ram, listen to me carefully. I had come here with lots of hope. You’ve set Kalicharan’s
mind on fire. Okay. Okay, I’ll wait and watch.. your brother
Madhu can be happy.. ..after snatching
away my sister’s love. You too listen to me. As long as I’m alive.. one can snatch
away Madhu’s love from him. No one can snatch
his love from him. No one can snatch his love away. I had told you that Ram da
and sister-in-law love me a lot. They shower lot of affection on me. Father, don’t be sad. I.. I’m not going
far away after marriage. I’ll come daily to meet you. Father, after seeing
you so sad today.. ..I realize that you
really love me a lot. Yes dear, I love you a lot. And I’ll prove my love for you. For you, my dear daughter.. ..I’ll set Madhu and
Malati’s love life on fire. Devi, if Madhu wants to make
you cry and be happy with Malati.. ..then I’ll snatch
away his happiness. Father,
father, what are you saying? Does it mean that Madhu.. Madhu doesn’t love you but Malati. Madhu has shattered
the dreams that you had. You had dreamt of a
happy abode with Madhu.. ..but Madhu wants to build
that abode with Malati and not you. Who is Malati, father? Who is she
who wants snatched my Madhu? She is the landlord’s daughter. No. No, daughter. Don’t cry. Don’t cry. Try to strengthen your mind.
Strengthen your mind. I assure you..’ve loved Madhu.. ..I’ll take revenge from Madhu. And my revenge will.. ..shatter Madhu and
Malati’s life like a storm. ‘Devi, this pair of anklets
will look very good on your feet.’ ‘When you’ll walk wearing
these anklets, it’s sound..’ ‘..will continuously
remind you of me.’ Madam.. Devi, you?
– Yes. Don’t worry, madam. I haven’t come here
to misbehave with you today. If my words had hurt
you the other day.. ..then please forgive me. What are you saying, Devi? If you and brother
didn’t taunt me that day.. ..then how could the transformation
from Molly to Malati happen? I’m indebted to you, Devi. You’ve transformed me into Malati. It’s because of you that instead of
hating Madhu I started loving him. Tell me, Devi.. can I help you
for this great favor? You don’t have to give me anything. I’ve brought a gift for you. Please accept my gift, madam. No. Give it to me. Not in your hands. Sit down. What’s this?
What are you doing, Devi? Madam, my love had
given me these anklets. At that time I didn’t
know he would be mine. So, when I got to know that
he is the love of your life.. ..when I found out
that he loves you.. ..I came here to give
these anklets to you. Madhu, Madhu is
my childhood friend. When you’ll walk
wearing these anklets.. ..their tinkling sound will remind
you, will remind you of Madhu. Bye, madam.
– Devi! Devi! Devi, listen to me.
Listen to me. I.. I’m in love. Do you know
who the girl is? She is Malati Oh! You won’t know her.
She is the landlord’s daughter. Actually, I didn’t realize
how and when I fell in love. Well, well, tell me
if love happens like this. Tell me. Have I ever been in love? Did anyone love me
that I can help you? That’s right but
why are you crying. If you’ve eyes you
are bound to shed tears. I’ll go now. Stop! Stop! Where are you anklets? I’ve opened them. Why?
– You lied to me. You had said that the sound of
the anklets will remind me of you. It didn’t remind me of
you even for a single day. I didn’t miss you a single day. That’s why, that’s why I’ve
opened them. I’ve opened them. Do you know Madhu,
Devi has gifted me these anklets? I’m missing you since
the time I’ve worn them. And my crazy heart is saying.. “Waves have lashed, waves have lashed,
waves have lashed my heart.” “Waves have lashed, waves have lashed,
waves have lashed my heart.” “Waves of love have
lashed my heart.” “Waves have lashed, waves have lashed,
waves have lashed my heart.” “Waves of love have
lashed my heart.” “Friend,
I’m sleepless because I’m love.” “Love has infested my heart.” “Friend,
I’m sleepless because I’m love.” “Love has infested my heart.” “Friend, he has woven
a magic on my heart.” “He has used black
magic to make me crazy.” “He has used black
magic to make me crazy.” “Waves have lashed, waves have lashed,
waves have lashed my heart.” “Waves of love have
lashed my heart.” “Friend, my soul bird troubles me.” “It can’t stay at home,
it doesn’t listen to restrictions.” “Friend, my soul bird troubles me.” “It can’t stay at home,
it doesn’t listen to restrictions.” “Friend has jumped in the river
of my heart to swim across it.” “He has tied her up with strings.” “He has tied her up with strings.” “Waves have lashed, waves have lashed,
waves have lashed my heart.” “Waves of love have
lashed my heart.” “Waves have lashed, waves have lashed,
waves have lashed my heart.” “Waves of love have
lashed my heart.” “He has used black
magic to make me crazy.” “He has tied her up with strings.” Devi. Devi. I knew, I knew you would come,
Madhu. I knew it. I knew that my tears
made you feel that.. ..I love you. Believe me, I was joking with you. Actually, I was testing
if my tears can bring you to me. You are still acting with me, Devi. No, Madhu. No. You are my childhood friend. If I loved you then
I would’ve told you. Listen to me, Madhu. Love Malati in the manner
that your love becomes an example. I’ll do so but you
had really scared me. One shouldn’t fall in
love if one has a weak heart. One must have a courageous
heart to fall in love. Remember one more thing, Madhu. If you die, die with Malati,
if you live, live with Malati. Devi, I hope I can
make your words come true. I hope I can live with
Malati throughout my life. I hope that if I
die I die with Malati. Who.. Oh, my Malati..
your anklets are sounding sweetly. Don’t stand Malati.. please walk.. I want to hear your anklet’s sound. Grandfather, you like the
sound of anklet very much, right? I used to like long time back. Grandfather,
did my mother used to wear anklets? She wanted to.. but your
father didn’t let her wear. To your father the nautch girls’.. ..anklets used to sound sweeter. Grandfather if father asks me.. remove the
anklets from my feet. He can’t do that.. If he does that then I’ll
say that I bought them for you. Don’t forget this when
father comes back from Kolkata. Mallick,
You are my long time friend.. I stay at your place
whenever I come to Kolkata. You must be knowing
that Molee is my only child. She will inherit all my property. Few days back Molee has returned to the
village from her maternal uncle’s place. She is brought up in city.. I want to get her
married to a good guy. But the problem is with my father..
since last few days Molee. .. has started to dress
like typical village woman.. ..she has started
wearing saris and all. I want to be the
owner of your property. You don’t know that your father.. .. had once whipped me badly.. ..accused me of being a characterless
guy and drove me out of the village. You reminded me those
whips once again..’ What are you thinking Mallick? I’m thinking that I know a
guy who will be suitable for Molee. But when your father
will come to know about.. ..the name of the grooms father,
he might disapprove. Mallick, the daughter is mine.. You tell me who is
the prospective groom? My son.. he stays in America..
I have never said this before. But if you say then.. ..I can ask Rajesh
to come back from America. That will be wonderful. Mallick, I want my daughter
to get married to your son. If you are saying then I’ll
ask Rajesh to come back to India. Hello, Mr. Mallick.. how are you?
– Good. Tell me do I have to murder anyone? No.. this time no murder. This time you have to fall in love..
– Love? Yes.. This time you’ll disguise as my son
who has returned from America. I’ll send you to Palashpur’s
Asit Narayan Chowdhury’s house.. …there is a princess
in that house. I’ll get you married
to that princess. What are you saying?
– Yes.. If you do the job perfectly
then you’ll get the princes along.. ..with the kingdom. Really? Yes.. then we’ll both will have
50-50 share of the property. What say? It’s a game of princess
and the kingdom.. can be rest assured..
your work will be done. Impossible.
If what you are saying is true.. ..then I’ll strangle
Molee to death. Molee can never go
to that house as a bride. Remember this Mr. Asit.. ..if somehow the incident
happens then you’ll be disgraced.. front of the villagers. Is Asit uncle at home? I am Asit Chowdhury. I am Rajesh Mallick. My father Soumen Mallick
has send me to you. Nice to meet you sir. Actually I’m brought up in
America so think that there is no.. ..point that one should
make their hand dirty by.. ..touching someone’s feet
in order to greet someone. Did you mind?
– No.. I didn’t. But you came at such a time
when I’m in some kind of trouble. No tension uncle..
I’m like your son. I’ll solve all your problems. Bhola.. Bhola. Bhola’s here.. tell me, sir. Are you coming straight from the zoo?
– What do you mean? I’ve heard that strange
looking animals.. you stay in the zoo. Shut up.. do you know who he is..
he is my friend’s son. He has come from America. He has come here to marry Molee..
– Okay.. what? Rajesh, change your clothes
before you meet Molee. If she sees you in these
clothes then she might not like. No problem, uncle. Hey you.. Yes..
– What are you listening? Go and call Molee.. go. Here I am.. I want to stay beside
you in this house.. ..and share your work,
sister-in-law. Why? Can’t you find the crazy one?
Listen.. hold him tight. Otherwise he might fly away. Sister-in-law, please ask
elder brother to talk to my father. I’ll tell him when he
comes back home today.. okay? I came to say that only..
to madam.. not to you. Come home soon..
a monkey has come to your house.. ..from the zoo.. come fast..
you’ll have to tame him. Monkey? Yes.. come soon..
you yourself will get to see. Bye sister-in-law..
tell Madhu that I’ll come later. Come..
– Let’s go. Molly darling you are beautiful. I never even dreamt that you’ll
come in the life of a murderer like me. Who are you..
why did you kiss my photograph? Today I’ve kissed your photographer..
tomorrow I’ll kiss you.. Hold it.. – Molee.. before hitting
Rajesh did you know who he is? You don’t need to know
about a uncivilised person. Rajesh, please don’t mind..
you go to your room. I’ll talk to Molee. Okay. Molee, who has asked you
to wear this kind of dress? Grandfather.. why? Grandmother and mother
also used to wear sari. And moreover it’s the most suitable
dress for a village girl.. You are not a mere village girl.. ..don’t forget that you
were brought up in London. You live in this village. My mother and grandmother
also lived in this village. I was born in this village. I just can’t forget all that. I was not at home
just for few days.. ..and you have changed so much.
Who is this Madhu? He lives in this village..
I think you must be knowing him. What’s your relation with him? You have the right to know
this father.. I.. I love Madhu. Molee! I don’t like the name Molee,
father.. please call me Malati. So the name Malati
suits with Madhu! You are not wrong, father. You don’t have the maturity to know
what is right and what is wrong, Molee. Otherwise you wouldn’t
have loved a guy like Madhu. Father.. If you judge Madhu
in terms of money.. ..then of course they are poor. But you don’t have the treasure.. .. what they have. Madhu has a sister-in-law like
Parama whose heart is that of a mother. This is what we don’t
have in this house. Madhu has an elder brother
like Ram whose heart is.. wide as the sky..
which you don’t have, father. Don’t judge things by emotion. Emotion us like the
high tide of a river.. ..when it comes it sweeps
away everything with it. But when it’s low tide
it snatches away a lot of things. I won’t let you lose anything
because of silly sentiments. You are my daughter. As I have the right to love you
so I have the right to scold you. I don’t disagree, father. But if you pressurise me,
I won’t agree with that.. …that’s why I’m telling you. Tell that wild animal to leave
this house at once whom you’ve.. ..brought in this house
in order to marry me. You also get it from me..
you are going to marry Rajesh. Not Madhu.. Sister-in-law.. Malati.. you. Sister-in-law,
I’ve come to tell you. My father is forcing me to get married
to a wild person whom I don’t like. Please ask Madhu to marry
tonight only in the temple. You go back home Malati..
you shouldn’t have come here now. I didn’t have any other way..
you don’t know my father. He’ll kill all my
dreams if I go back home. I won’t live without Madhu. Malati, I’ve asked
you to go back home. Please don’t ask her to
go back home, elder brother. I also won’t be able
to live without her. Malati must go back home. Elder brother, you have
given me a lot without asking. This time I am begging you. Please don’t ask Malati to go back. Crazy boy. I’m not asking Malati in
order to detach you from her.. ..and what are you
talking about begging. Why should you beg. Rather I’ll go to her father
and beg her from him for you. Elder brother. Impossible, father. I can offer something to the poor.. ..but I can’t just sell
the prestige of my family. Control your temper..
– I am requesting you, father. Please don’t make impossible requests.
I won’t be able to fulfil them. If you are not being able to keep
your father’s impossible requests.. ..then why should I fulfil my
father’s impossible request? – Molee. If you can’t respect
your father then why should I? How dare you talk
to your father like that? Rajesh.
– Yes, uncle. Go and lock her upstairs. No. Leave me.
– Come with me. What are you doing?
Have you gone mad, Asit? Please don’t say anything, father. It’s because of you
Molee wants to be Malati. But I won’t let her become that. Sir, Madhu’s brother has come..
he wants to meet you. Father, go back to your room. Asit..
– Father. Call him in.
– Okay. Listen.. ask him to
carry his shoes in his hand. Come inside. But sir has asked you to
carry your shoes in your hand. Hello, sir..
– What do you want? I have come to beg
something from you. What else can you poor
people ask other than money? How much do you want? 8 thousand rupees..
10 thousand rupees.. – No. I haven’t come here
to ask for money. I’ve come here to ask
for Malati for my Madhu. They love each other. You mean thing..
I must praise your courage. You want to make the
daughter of Asit Narayan.. ..the bride of your family! Yes I want. And if you don’t get them married then
I promise to get them married myself. Rajesh, whip this scoundrel
and drive him out of this house. I also want to see
how he keeps his promise. Come.. come with me..
– No.. no, father. Elder brother, please take
me along with you.. leave me. Leave me.
– Come.. come with me. Leave me.. take me away from here..
take me along with you. Parama.. Madhu. Elder brother.. elder brother..
who did this to you? Who has shed this
blood from your body? This is not blood Madhu. This is the vermillion
you wanted to apply on Malati’s.. ..forehead during marriage.
It’s not blood. Elder brother? If you are like my child, then
I want you to pay for this blood. Go to Malati’s place
and bring her here. I want to see you applying.. ..this blood as vermillion
on her forehead. Go.. go, Madhu.. go.
– Yes, elder brother. I didn’t want all these. Parama, I had told you earlier
that you’ll have to pay high.. ..price for Madhu
and Malati’s love. Now you get ready for that. Malati.. Malati. Madhu.. Madhu.. I’m here. Malati. Madhu.. they have captivated me. Malati, I’ll take you
to my elder brother.. come. Come with me. Leave her hand or I’ll cut it. Madhu, this scoundrel has
beaten your brother like a dog. You have raised your
hand on my brother. I’ll break your hand. You have your hand on my brother..
my saint like brother. Grandfather.. grandfather. Asit, let Malati go..
– No. I’ve tolerated enough of
your unjust behaviour silently. Let her go or I’ll
kill you with this gun. Father..
– Shut up. Come.. come..
Madhu take her away.. go. I’ll see who stops you. Parama.. Madhu hasn’t
come back with Malati. I’m having problem to breath. Elder brother..
I’ve brought Malati.. come. Malati. Elder brother. Elder brother, in front of
you I’m applying your blood on.. ..Malati’s forehead. Be happy.. Elder brother. No! Elder brother. No.. no. Sister-in-law, in order to.. ..make me wear vermillion
you wiped yours. You wiped yours. You wiped yours. Rajesh, won’t you be able to bring
back Molee to me from that mean family? Don’t worry, uncle.. If required I’ll bring
hooligans from Kolkata.. ..but I won’t let Malati
live happily with Madhu. I see.. Asit,
Malati has destroyed your pride. Madhu has proved that the
strength of love is the greatest.. ..strength in this world. Love never bows down in front
of any evil power and it will.. ..never bow down ever. Madhu and Malati proved it again. Good. I don’t believe all
these stupid dramatic dialogues. I’ll get Malati
married to Rajesh only. Madhu don’t stay here..
take Malati and go somewhere else. No, sister-in-law, we can’t leave
you in danger like this and go away. My father will kill
you if he gets you alone. What has happened
to me has happened. But you two have to live..
go far away from here. Madam.. madam..
you go away from here. Sir and that foreigner dog
is coming with police to catch you. Madhu.. please go away with Malati. No, we won’t go sister-in-law..
we won’t go. I am telling you, go now..
– No.. sister-in-law we won’t go. Madhu.. go.
– No.. sister-in-law Where is Molee? I’ve hidden her. Where have you hidden her?
Tell me where is Molee? You want to know? Inside my heart. If you can then cut my heart
and take away Madhu and Malati. What happened.. why are you silent? Mr. Asit I think instead of
wasting time we should look for.. ..them somewhere else..
where will they escape? Devi.. Who.. Madhu..
at this hour.. in my room? Devi.. I married Malati today.. My elder brother died
because of her father. I have heard. Her father is coming
with men to catch us. Will you let us stay
in your room for tonight? Great.. wonderful..
this is the way human mind works. I was waiting for this day. Now I’ll be able to take revenge. Revenge? What revenge?
You are my friend, Devi. No, I’m your enemy..
you have given my love to Malati. I wanted to stay in your
heart but now Malati stays there. That means what you told
me that day.. – I told you a lie. I told you a lie in order
to get an opportunity like this. We.. It’s my good fortune
and your bad fortune that.. have entered that
enemy’s room to take shelter. Devi, open the door, we’ll go away. Why so hurry? How can you
go before the purpose is fulfilled. Madhu. Has Madhu and Molee come here?
– Who Madhu? I used to love one Madhu but
Malati snatched him away from me. I am talking about that Madhu only. It would have been wonderful
if they had come here. Then I would have
handed them over to you.. ..and taken revenge.. you go. If I get any news about
them then I’ll let you know. Let’s go. Did you think that I’ll
really hand you over to them? Devi, do you really love Madhu? No.. no. I just did a little bit
of acting to scare you and Madhu. Why are you looking at me that way? Now you must be thinking
why there is tears in my eyes. Actually it’s the
tars of happiness.. Hey, what happened? I’m very happy to
see you two love birds. Tonight is the first
night of your marriage. Two will spend your first night
in my room. You two go to bed. I’ll sit outside and be on guard. Devi, who are you? Your friend..
your childhood friend. I think Devi really
loves you, Madhu. Madhu ditched you
and married Malati. ..and you gave them
shelter in your room? Yes, I gave them shelter.. but I
haven’t lost. Rather I am a winner. Father you don’t know.
I am so happy today. Father my Madhu is spending his first
conjugal night along with his bride. It might be happiness
for you but not for me. I’ll go and give this news to
Mr. Asit at once. Father. Don’t be afraid.. before
my father gives this news to Asit.. ..I’ll help you cross
the river and escape. Thanks for giving
me the news, Kali. I want to see the end of Madhu. You will see..
of course you’ll see. You’ll get to see ho
I punish that mean Madhu. I’ll teach him a good lesson
for playing with my prestige. Hey Madhu..
it’s bad.. it’s really bad. What’s bad? Your father is going to
your house along with master and.. ..police to look
for Madhu and madam. What a disaster. If they don’t find me at
home then they will come at this.. of this river. You better go home
and take care of that side. I’ll hide them in such a place
that nobody will come to know. Where are they? Definitely my rascal daughter
has gone to hide them somewhere. Tell me.. tell me..
where have you hidden them? How do you think that
I’ll disclose their hideout? Even if you don’t tell your father,
you have to tell me. Officer. You have to come to
the police station with us. I am not a thief that I’ll
go to the police station with you. Don’t fuss.. come with us..
– Mr. Asit what are you doing? You’ll get to know what I’m doing. I want to see how long she won’t
tell us Madhu and Malati’s address. Let’s go. Great.. wonderful..
what a great sub inspector you are! Wearing the uniform of law.. .. you are supporting injustice. I just want to say that instead of
arresting the man because of whom. What are saying? My husband died
and I became a widow.. have arrested an
innocent girl. We are poor. We don’t have anybody
to support us except you.. ..but if you get sold to the rich people
then to whom shall we ask for help? You tell me.. is love a crime. Do you want to be the slave
of those people who try to.. ..destroy pure love. And if you think you are right.. ..then arrest me
too along with Devi. Send me to jail..
You’ll get a promotion for that. Your love has no comparison, Devi..
it has no comparison. Father. Devi. Let’s go, uncle.. let’s go. Yes.. let’s go. This is your hideout..
did you like it? Nobody will come to know except
the person who stays upstairs. Madam it seems that you haven’t had
anything to eat for a long time. Wait here.. let me see if I can
arrange some food. You.. how will you arrange food? Don’t you remember, madam that
your Bhola has a girl friend now. My Sundari..
we’ll definitely do something.. Sit down. Parama I wanted to create
problem in your life.. ..but instead I myself suffered. I wanted Madhu and
Malati to get arrested.. ..but instead of
that police arrested my Devi. Sister-in-law..
sister-in-law.. sister-in-law. The sub inspector released you!
– Yes Parama.. After you left police station,
your words brought some kind.. ..of transformation in me. I could realise my fault
so I brought back Devi to you. And not as a police officer..
but as a human being.. .. my respect for a lady
like you has grown many times. Devi.. Come, dear.
– Father.. – Devi. I’m feeling bad for you, Malati. You are used to sleep in a
soft comfortable bed in a palace.. ..and here you don’t
even have a mat to sleep on. With you it’s thousand times
better than any comfortable bed. Now please go to sleep. And you.. won’t you sleep? I’ll sleep with
my head on your bosom. Here I’ll sleep more comfortably
than any other comfortable bed. “O beloved please don’t think
anymore, now I’ve become yours..” “..and will stay
by your side ever after.” “O beloved please don’t think
anymore, now I’ve become yours..” “..and will stay
by your side ever after.” “You are my dream, the best
time of my life starts from now,..” “..we’ll remain
each other’s forever.” “What will I do with a comfortable bed,
it’s better here.” “There is a big sky above the head,
there is so much light.” “What will I do with a comfortable bed,
it’s better here.” “There is a big sky above the head,
there is so much light.” “The love birds
say that you are mine.” “You are my dream, the best
time of my life starts from now,..” “..we’ll remain
each other’s forever.” “O beloved please don’t think
anymore, now I’ve become yours..” “..and will stay
by your side ever after.” “If sorrow creeps in,
we’ll share it with each other.” “I will wipe all your
sorrow with these two hands.” “If sorrow creeps in,
we’ll share it with each other.” “I will wipe all your
sorrow with these two hands.” “This small hut of love
is only yours and mine.” “O beloved please don’t think
anymore, now I’ve become yours..” “..and will stay
by your side ever after.” “You are my dream, the best
time of my life starts from now,..” “..we’ll remain
each other’s forever.” “I will stay by
your side ever after.” ” We’ll remain each
other’s forever.” Leave me. Devi, if you don’t tell
me Madhu and Malati’s address.. ..then in front of your
eyes I’ll strip her off. Please don’t insult sister-in-law. Then tell me the address. No, Devi.. no..
don’t tell them their address. No sister-in-law, Madhu has given
me the responsibility to look after you. I can’t let any
mishap happen to you. Listen, I have told Madhu
and Malati to go to Kajaldanga. They are in Kajaldanga now. Kajaldanga. Can you tell me where is Madhu? First talk about reward. If you tell me you’ll be rewarded. He may be somewhere around.
– Let’s go and look for them. Malati.. Malati.. You’ve applied vermillion.. ..vermillion which
that mean and poor bought. I’ll wipe that vermillion and marry
you once again with Rajesh. Hindu woman gets married
once only, father. And she wipes it only
when her husband dies.. Do whatever you can but you
won’t be able to wipe it, father. You can’t.. – There is no such thing
that Asit Narayan Chowdhury can’t do. Rajesh..
– Yes, uncle. Hold her tightly.. I’ll wipe
the vermillion from her forehead. Listen, father..
it’ll be no good captivating me. You can burn my dead body.. ..but you’ll never be able to
separate Madhu from Malati.. you can’t. Madhu. Sister-in-law..
I want to go to Malati. Madhu, I’m scared. Don’t be scared sister-in-law. If your blessings are with me
then no one can do any harm to me. This body has no value without
life, and Malati is my life. Alright, I’ll also go with you. Madhu, Malati is the
bride of this family. I’ll go with you
and bring her back home. Let’s go. Rajesh, I never learnt to lose. We must finish Madhu by tonight.. ..or he’ll again take
away Malati from here. Don’t worry so much, uncle. Tonight will be the
last night in Madhu’s life.. No.. no.. no body of
you will touch Madhu.. father. Father, your daughter is
begging Madhu’s life from you. Well, you can save his life. If you ask him to leave this
village and if you marry Rajesh. Okay.. Madhu will leave
this village father.. – Malati. Oh Rajesh where are we going
for honeymoon after marriage? London.. right? Yes darling.. I’ll take
you where ever you want to go. Malati.. Madhu.. you have come
in a very auspicious moment.. I’m getting married to Rajesh. I’ll send you the invitation card..
you must come. What are you saying, Malati..
you are a married woman. You have a husband. That was false..
I took revenge on him. I don’t have anything
to do with Madhu. Malati.. you played
with a human being’s life. It was a game for you, what was
my fault why did you play with my life? I’m poor.. is that my fault? But listen to one
thing very clearly. The women of our country still believe in
their vermillion and their conch bangles.. ..they still believe that their heaven
is under their husband’s feet. But, if my love is true.. You’ll understand
your mistake some day. You’ll come back to me someday..
come on sister-in-law. Father.. I’ve driven out Madhu,
father.. he’ll hate me. He’ll hate me father. Come on sister-in-law.
We should leave this village. We’ll suffer a lot if we stay here. Leaving.. why? Devi, Malati has severed
all relations with Madhu. What are you saying sister-in-law? It’s true Devi. Devi, you were so close to me
but I never understood your love. I made you cry so
I also couldn’t laugh. Rajesh you are going
to get married after one day.. ..and then you’ll inherit
all the property of Asit Narayan. It’s all your favour.. Otherwise how will a criminal like me
get princes along with the kingdom? You haven’t got them yet..
now sign these papers. I’ll become the 50% owner
of Asit Narayan’s property. Of course I’ll sign. Or you’ll think that
Rajesh is a betrayer. Betrayer.. you stabbed me..
what do you think.. ..will Asit Narayan will
ever marry his daughter with you.. ..if I’m not there? Of course he’ll do that. And then I’ll frame your
death in such a manner that every.. will think that Madhu. .. has killed my father..
Madhu will be hanged. And my road will be clear. And this is how you kill two
birds with one arrow. Grandfather.. grandfather
can you bring me some poison. Stop it..
– I want to die. Stop it..
– I want to die, grandfather. Stop it..
– I want to die. Shut up..
– Malati.. Malati. Grandfather ask this
man to gout of my sight. I am afraid of this man. He has snatched away all my
happiness.. he breaths out poison. Malati. What else do you have to say,
father. You have said everything..
only thing left is.. marry your friend’s son Rajesh..
tell me, father you have to tell me. You don’t have to marry anyone. I didn’t know that Rajesh
is not Mallick’s son. Mallick.. which Mallick? That Mallick whom I had beaten
and driven out of this village? Yes, father. Asit.. you were almost
spoiling daughter-in-law’s life. I’ll finish you today. Stop it grandfather.. there
is no point doing all this now. The harm is already done. Bring me my gun.. bring me my gun. I’ll kill both Mallick and
that criminal Rajesh like dogs. Rajesh has killed Mallick, father. I couldn’t understand before.. It was a plan Mallick
did all these in order to.. ..get my property
he had told me a lie.. ..that Rajesh was his son.
I made a mistake. There is only one way
to rectify this mistake. You yourself have to unite
Madhu and Malati once again. I’ll do as you say, father. Malati I spoilt your life
because of my false pride. Tomorrow I myself
will take you to Madhu. Go daughter-in-law.. go..
– Father! Take it, sir. Rajesh,
I heard it with my own ears. Asit is taking Malati to Madhu. I won’t let the princess and
the kingdom slip from my clutch. Asit Narayan,
do whatever you can.. ..but Madhu will never get Malati. Never.. Madhu.. Madhu. They are going away..
– Call Madhu.. call him back. Madhu.. Madhu.. come back, Madhu. Whatever I’ve said was all false,
Madhu.. all false. Madhu, bring back the boat. Madhu let’s go back.. please. No, sister-in-law.. Madhu.. I don’t know how to swim. If you don’t come back,
I’ll jump into the river. Madhu, I’ve come to apologise.. I’ve brought back Malati to you. Madhu, please bring
back the boat.. please. Madhu, take the boat back..
I’m telling you take it back. No, sister-in-law..
I won’t do that. Madhu, come back. You are not come back? Malati.. Help.. help.. save me..
– Won’t Madhu save Malati? Madam..
– Help me.. help me. Madhu, if you don’t save Malati,
then I’ll dive into the water. No sister-in-law.. no.. I’m going. Father.. father, Malati is safe..
– Madhu. Come.. come.. I won’t let Madhu and Malati unite. I’ll make Madhu into
pieces and throw him in water. Hit him.. hit him. This is so dirty! Come with me.. come..
– Help.. leave me. Come with me. Come with me. Hey, let’s go. Put on the hand cuff. Devi.. why did you do this, Devi? Someone is trying to
snatch away my Madhu’s Malati.. will I let it happen Madhu? You don’t want any one
snatch away your Madhu’s Malati. You love him so much! No, madam.. I couldn’t love him..
he is your love. What is dream to us,
you have come down from.. ..that palace to the ground..
just for my friend Madhu. Yes, Devi.. you are a true friend..
I am also your friend. But I’m a selfish friend..
who only knows to receive. But doesn’t give
away anything in return. No, Madhu.. no..
you have given me a lot. If I am not hanged then
how will I live do you know? I’ll live with your memories. Devi, I have nothing to give you. There was Madhu but
you have given him to me. I have something very small
to give you.. will you take it? Of course, madam. Devi.. my daughter..
how will I live without you. Don’t worry father..
Madhu is there.. madam is there. Sister-in-law is there..
they all will look after you father. Devi, I want to
give you this anklet.. No, madam.. no..
please keep it with you. At times the sound of the anklet
will remind you that there was.. ..someone named Devi,
who loved you very much.. bye. Bye Madhu.. father..
– Devi.


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