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Making of The Dhaakad Girls | Dangal | In Cinemas Dec 23

We had briefed Kripaji… “While you may not be able to turn them
into complete wrestlers, but in six months train them in a way that when they wrestle,
it doesn’t look fake.” When you’re learning anything
for the first time, you get into a completely
different world altogether. When I started training,
every morning after waking up, We felt, “Why did we even wake up?
Why didn’t we just die!” That’s how much
our body would ache. We would wrestle six days a week. It wasn’t alternate days. It was six days a week,
for almost 8-9 months. For the first few months, we would never tell anyone
if we were in pain, so that they don’t throw
us out of the movie. What if they said, “You can’t wrestle,
you are not that strong.” “Sorry, we can’t have you in the film!” While we toned down the intensity, we have followed the same regimen as that of the Indian Women’s wrestling team. When Zaira was selected… I felt she was so weak
that she couldn’t even train So I asked them,
“How will she wrestle?” “She is very weak!” I would not move an inch at home. No exercise,
no walking, nothing! And suddenly I was told
that I had to wrestle. Suhani Bhatnagar was little but her enthusiasm
was worth watching. I would like to like say this about Sanya… While her wrestling bouts in the film are
about 30 seconds to a minute at best, she was told to train for 7-9 months, just like Geeta. She never questioned us. She worked really hard on her wrestling which is barely there for a minute in the film. In the beginning I wondered if they could do it. We start preparations 4-6 months
before the shoot. I hoped that they don’t tire out
during that time itself. I would say,
“No-no…they will do it.” Even I knew that I wasn’t wrestling well. During training I would feel
that Zaira is a little weak. And I was worried if her
scenes would come out well. Because she has some
really important scenes. When it was time to shoot, I was worried about
Zaira’s wrestling scenes looking weak. I don’t know how,
but my very first take went well. And she proved everyone wrong! As soon as the camera would roll she would fight like a lioness. I mean…the energy she used to fight with, would surprise me as well. And I would say, “what an amazing girl!” She hid this from all of us. Fatima has the most amount of
wrestling in the film. And it was a huge
responsibility on her. There’s been a fracture. It’s been around 1-2 months. The bone has taken a hit.
Three bones. Three bones, which form a joint. Because that joint was stretched. The doctor says that it will take her
at least 3 weeks. And maybe even 6 weeks! One obviously feels bad that the entire crew has
to come back just because of you. So I felt quite terrible. The kind of bravery Fatima has shown in overcoming her
physical limitations, and still managing to look
like a tigress on screen. Wonderful! And this way their fitness level increased. They became stronger. Their stamina increased. Their flexibility improved, as well as their coordination. And eventually, they became technically sound wrestlers. Even though they were in immense pain, they turned up and fought until they could. In barely a few months,
the girls managed to wrestle in a way… where everyone said
they look like international wrestlers. And these four girls managed that! Action!


  1. Basanti Padhi Author

    Zaira done it with full energy….
    Even she not we can also do

  2. Aayushi Singh Author

    I was imagining the last scene of the movie after which geeta wins gold medal and she lifted another girl and scored 5 points.After watching this imagine how fatima had done that scene

  3. Atiq Rehman Author

    Outstanding work done by these 4 girls dangal ki practice bohat muskil hai and apne baal it e chote cut karwana kisi larki ke Lia I think kafi mushkil hai mere Lia to bohat hai well done by all of u

  4. The Chubs Author

    Liza soberano left the group 😥 frm: philip.. look at fatima sanna, first comer artist very professional and you finger injury left darna.. lol

  5. Raveena Suvarna Author

    Hats off to all four girls in the 'dangal' movie , They really worked so hard 😇There pain,struggle and dedication towards movie made 'dangal' BLOCKBUSTER and yaa Aamir sir was awesome in the movie😙😚😍😘😗🤗😇💘💞💝

  6. Hanida Aulia Author

    I know why this movie very very very bestt. There a gergous actor in this movie. I love this movie so muchhh. I'm crying when watch the movie

  7. Jayas Kumar Author

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  8. Guys Grabe Grabe Guys Author

    wow just wow amazing preparation and dedication for the movies no wonder that y it end up totally amazing movie! salute!
    btw we have a review about bollywood industry one of our topic is dangal!
    here's the link of our channel

  9. Vite Rose Author

    Justttt wow….amir khan and ideas he come up with are really out of anyones else imagination…..there is one and only one amir khaaaan….lots of love from pakistan..

  10. Charisse Ibanez Author

    I'm from Philippines and I am a fan of watching bollywood movies especially Aamir Khan's movies. This is a great movie and I feel amaze with all the cast. Two thumbs up and great job ladies👍👍

  11. Altaf Sana Author

    Zara really hard woring bcause Ause dekh ke lagta he kabhi koi khel hi nahi khela hoga fir bhi itna A6a kiya Awesome And you Looking so cutie 🥰🥰🥰🤩


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