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Malayalam Actor Nivin Pauly | About his Engineering Days, Failures, Films & Love | Part-1

Thejus Engineering College, How are you..? It is a difficult process to speak on mike… After coming here, I am thinking about my own college days… About 5-8 years ago, I was also passed out from a college like this… But, I used to spend most of the time on the back side… When My Batch Union got elected, I supported them, like the people standing on front and, in next batch we spent time on the back side like you guys… When I came on stage, a couple of guys with Mundu came a gave me a rose… I liked it a lot!!! I don’t know who he is, but he had long hairs and beards… I am extremely happy to come here, I can feel the required energy from a college… For all the activities in a college, A College Union is must… So, for this years’ college union my best wishes to all who elected the college union… Let all the activities you take up, be successful by god’s grace… I have a small thing to say… I usually say this when I go to a college, this is from my life experiences… Here, different students from different branches and courses might be studying… whatever you are doing, whichever section be it, try to learn to follow whatever your heart says… ‘You should listen to your mind’, which is my small advice to you all… Because everyone possess dreams to being at different positions… People might surrender to some obligations, and study like many of them here… I suggest you to stop and follow your heart… Take risks in life! Ride the Unridden! Chase your dreams, you will reach them once… This is what, I had to say… Once again, thank you to… The Management, Teachers and Principal To invite me to the college and to see you all… You may ask anything! “Thattathin Marayathu” is one of your famous films… there is one popular dialogue in it… Everyone has heard many times, Could you please deliver it again before us… Its better to stand, delivering that dialogue… Lets do it, right…? (Dialogues) How many supply’s/back papers did you have in B. Tech…??? I had a total of 3 back papers… Isn’t it enough..??? 2 Practical and 1 Theory, that I… I did clear it by 7th semester… What are your views on ‘Love at first sight’…??? Thats a good things…. Don’t let yourself get hit… Your’s is a Love Story, which we all know… Can you tell us, how did you propose her..???


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