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Marantz SR7007: Home Theater Receiver

Marantz SR7007 Simplicity and elegance characterize the SR7007. With the blue illuminated and iconic porthole
display, plus the drop-down door in all brushed aluminum front panel, the receiver
offers both style and comprehensive features. Including an Ethernet port, seven HDMI inputs,
three HDMI outputs, and playback of the latest hi-definition audio
formats. Three audio and video zones, networking, and
support for Bluetooth devices deliver the flexibility you need. Proprietary HDAM (Hyper-Dynamic Amplifier
Module) audio circuits, Current Feedback Technology, and seven fully-discrete,
125 watt amplifiers provide the crushing dynamics detail retrieval you demand. Marantz SR7007


  1. Camilo Varela Author

    I'm about to buy this product. The only question that I have is when using the AirPlay function, can I choose which zone do I want for to to be used on?

  2. Camilo Varela Author

    I know I can stream music. What I meant is, can I choose in which of the 3 zones that the 7007 has for my music to play?

    For example
    Zone 1: Home Theater
    Zone 2: Living room
    Zone 3: Dinner room

    Use the Airplay function for ir to play only on Zone 2

    Is that possible?

  3. Max_1972 Author

    I am about to buy this product.
    Have some question on SR7007:

    1) How does HDMI pass-through work in standby?!
    Can I choose one HDMI input to be redirected on one specific HDMI output when the device
    is in standby?! For Example when the device is in standby I can program
    (by a menu selection) the SR7007 to:
    – redirect HDMI Input 3 (Blu-Ray) on HDMI output Monitor 1
    – redirect HDMI Input 5 (Media Player) on HDMI output Monitor 2
    Is that correct?!

  4. Max_1972 Author

    Another question:
    2) Standby HDMI pass-through to work properly, needs the device connected to HDMI source (Blu-ray/Media Player) to have special requirements?!
    Or simply, if the HDMI pass-through function is enabled, during the standby what comes into HDMI input will be redirected to the selected HDMI output, and that’s that?!

  5. Bo Nicholson Author

    Just picked up the 7007…love it.  I had a rotel prior with a wireless universal remote that could control all devices from anywhere in the room. it doesn't seem the remote that came with the 7007 can do this? Or maybe I just don't know how to configure it. Also I downloaded the Marantz remote app, but I don't see how I can use it to change tv channels through the cable box.


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