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margot robbie as sharon tate “once upon a time in hollywood” makeup tutorial

take me out to California take me out to
California hey it’s Jackie and welcome back to my channel
for today’s video I wanted to celebrate the new release of Once Upon a Time in
Hollywood and recreate Margot Robbie’s look as Sharon Tate I went and saw it in
film I’ve never seen a movie in theaters in film so that was kind of
cool but as I was watching the full 2 hours and 40 minutes I was waiting for a
bolder sharon look to recreate just because like I loved the 60s every 60s
look at that I’ve done has been quite bold but they definitely kept Sharon’s
look more natural in the movie and I decided to recreate this look and I did
take it just a little bit more out there with a cut crease because I just wanted
to throw in more sixties in there so hopefully you liked my take on the look
and if you do what make sure you give it a thumbs up and subscribe for more
beauty videos you might see I have some merch now I’ve been working on that forever and I finally made it go live so we have this really cute phone
case which I have been using and I love it and then if you want to see all the
other products on me I will be posting pictures to my Instagram so I hope you
guys are excited I really love the quality especially this phone case and
the mug so I got more info about that in probably my next video but I did want to
let you guys know about it and lets get started, I’ve got my wig on which was a
hassle I had to cut it and I have no experience cutting hair so I’m sorry if
it looks very wig like I tried my best to make it Sharon esque and my favorite
skin product for an even skin post breakout is the Tatcha silk canvas it is
pricey but I really love it and I’m applying it over a patch here and then
on my cheeks where my pores are a bit bigger and I love the benefit hello
happy foundation I’ve used that one for so long and we have a new bottle here so
new packaging and I chose to use shade 3 I am changing my skin tone to be more
warm like Margot’s and this look is very sunny so I mixed in this bronze
illuminator from Bobbi Brown it’s super glowy I wish I use a little bit less
because it is a bit sticky of consistency I do love it I use it all
the time I just mixed a little too much in usually I put it on before my
foundation but anyways I did really like the end result and I’m using some
benefit hoola caramel like I have in so many videos and I’m beginning to add
some definition to the cheekbones under the jawline Margot Robbie’s jaw is much
more structured and square than mine so I’m trying to bring out you know the
corners of my own jaw being a little heavy-handed under the jawline and then
under the cheekbones to make that section in between pop more and also
adding this bronzer up the cheeks where the Sun would hit like the picture here
and also on the forehead really just dusted a little bit of this all over and
then moving on to the nose contour I’ve done this nose contour before and while
my recreation photos in the past might have been a bit more like Margot from
afar I always wish that I went more subtle with it in those tutorials so
this time I’m going really light-handed adding the diamond-like shape up top and
then a rounded thinner tip with a bit of shading here and there on the nostrils
using the kevyn sculpting powder on a small brush then I’m just using my
finger to really dab this into the foundation so it looks more natural and
you might have noticed that I didn’t highlight with concealer just to keep
the look again more natural on the skin plus adding in quite a bit of bronzer
will have the untouched areas look highlighted as it is adding some cream blush this is one by
two-faced and I still love the peachy sense from their whole like peachy lines
so good I just love it for brows as always I’m using the benefit precisely
my brow but this time in shade 2.5 to better match the blonde hair and my
brows are so big so they’re not gonna be the same as Margo’s as Sharon I did try
to tone them down and follow a similar shape with a higher head than mine and
then slight arch and shorter tail and then for shadows first up we want a
matte light shadow on the brow bone this will pop more if you don’t have any
stray hairs like I do and then the palette I’m using is Too Faced natural
lust I know the makeup artist used viz art eyeshadow slim Pro palette in
neutral mattes there’s an article about it so I’ll have that link down below but
you can use any palette with neutral mattes
I took a light taupe and planned out the exaggerated crease out into a V and then with a slightly a more deep
browny taupe I created a rounded crease again still exaggerated and in a bit
more of a precise line and I also tapered this down a little bit to clean
it up I’m using benefits of brightening eye pencil this is super easy to make
the look clean and 60s without a ton of products
I also added this pencil in the inner corner and then on the waterline
Margot’s eyes are quite a bit smaller than mine but since Sharon Tate has
these big deep set round eyes I thought I’d go with more of my natural shape
anyway and to tone down the cut crease instead of a bold slight shadow shade
like in some of my previous 60s looks I added a muted pink Sacha champagne
shadow now under the bottom lashes start with a warm Brown near the tear duct and
fade out about halfway and then fade to the crease shade and add a bit of gray
on the very outer corner you can always cut down on the amount of shadow shades
you use I’m just utilising this awesome Too Faced palette and with the grey I
chose to slightly shade that the outer and inner lid for extra roundness like
Sharon and here’s some of my other in scope photos that I was looking at
finishing up the other eye and with a very precise brush you can add in more
of a matte gray to the outer and inner bit of the line and soften up the rest
of the shadows for a blend of soft and 60s I didn’t see a lot of liner on the
lash line throughout the movie at all but I did add some black before a pair
of neutral outer corner lashes to help blend them in and then I added some super cool mascara
this is also from two-faced and it’s such a massive mascara and wand which is
just fun to use kept them kind of chunky and added just a tiny bit of mascara to
the bottom lashes lipstick time in the first Margot Robbie look I did which was
the wolf of wallstreet video I use one of these other benefit double the lip
lipstick so I think I was just drawn to them again and the shade I chose is
criminally coral it’s a mix of a nude and peach there’s a nude part on the top
like a lip liner and then it goes to more of a peach for just exactly what I
was going for I do have similar lips to Margot with a
fuller bottom lip so I didn’t go in line before and change the shape really but I
do love adding a bit of taupe shadow on a brush to the outer corners for more
dimension to the lips plus this looks really natural and is just easier than
using lip liner sometimes and looking at this photo where the lip looks more nude
you can add in a shadow highlight or another nude lipstick in the middle lots
of options but I did like having a more of a coral base like this picture of
Sharon finally there was a gorgeous
natural-looking highlight that really picked up the light I’m using the
Charlotte Tilbury if you do light one on the cheeks more than the cheekbones chin
and nose on the tip and then following the diamond shape on either side rather
than down the middle this adds a nice structure to the nose at like Margot and this was totally for fun but in the movie we saw glimpses of Sharon Tate
being very colorful wearing lots of head scarves I do have a full collection of
scarfs but none of them what were long and Huff like hers but I still wanted to
see what it would look like tighter on my head like when Sharon was in the
convertible keeping her blowout in place also big glasses super fun all of this I
got from H&M and then the white skirt is forever 21 and all I needed was a pair
of go-go boots if I was going to use this for a costume so I’ll have some of
those linked down below if you’re shopping I hope you enjoyed this Margot
Robbie as a Sharon Tate tutorial and if you did make sure you give it a thumbs
up and subscribe for more beauty videos also if you do what never happens when I
film anywhoooo if you do decide to purchase any of my merch be sure to tag me and
tell me about it I’d love to know your thoughts I made it really girly and fun
for this first round of merch and I do have some more design ideas so
definitely let me know feedback and what else was I going to say oh I’ll
definitely feature you so if you’re wearing any of my March and you take a
photo I would love to showcase it your look in my videos it’s just like I
normally do it with your recreations so here are a couple of your equations that
I have been loving so thank you for sending those in and also I have a vlog
channel if you want to keep up with me on there too but I’m telling you to
check out way too many things so I’m just gonna go but um I’ll see you in my
next video hey guys so about filming and I get like
major anxiety even though like no one knows who I am was like what the hell
I’m doing but like I hate being out in public ahhhh


  1. Khin May Author

    Ariana grande “boyfriend” makeup please.. when I first saw Ari’s makeup in that video , I was like I can’t wait to see Jackie’s makeup transformation of her❤️❤️

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    Absolutely adore this look! Literally every time there is a new film I’m like I wonder when Jackie will have a recreation video up ❤️

  3. Ava Fitzgerald Author

    Can you give us your best drugstore recommendations? Also I love the bronzed look but I’m very pale and always turn out looking orange so if you have any recommendations for that too? 😂

  4. Alessandra Jackson Author

    Sharon's husband actually told her to not wear makeup unless she was on set or at a shoot. He was really controlling, so she often wore little to no makeup

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    Because you have been doing a lot of 60's tutorials. That I'm in love with. Would you please consider doing an I dream of Jeannie makeup tutorial.

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    gosh your videos are always so amazing! I was stunned with this look! your vintage inspired videos are my fav, maybe you could do some 70s/80s look for the summer??? <3

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