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Mario Kart: The Movie – Official Trailer [HD]

In a world where winning is everything. One man had it all, then walked away. Hey you’re Mario, the racer! No, I’m-a just a plumber. A former champion, hitting rock bottom. Luigi ever since Mario’s retirement from Go Karting, you’ve dominated
the sport. What do you have to say? I’m-a Luigi, number one! Only to be called back to race, one last time. (Screeching wheels) (Crash) Awahahaha (Medical Beeping) He had a star and he knocked me right off the course. Luigi, who-a did this to you-a? Wario… Mario? Is there-a racing in heaven? Awaa. (Sustained beep) (Lightning Crash) (Maniacal Wario Laughter) Now, past his prime. He’ll have to
find a way to beat the odds. Aren’t you a little too old to be racing? (Unintelligible Yoshi Sounds) Yahoo! That’s a good one! It’s a story of loyalty. And love. Mario, Mario. I haven’t seen you in years. Peach, why-a are you racing in the Grand Prix? It’s-a too dangerous. When one love leaves, another must takes its place. Mario trust me, winning won’t bring back your brother. Daisy, this is-a something I gotta do. For me. (Engines revving) (Race starting beep) (Beep) (Hearts beating) (Beep) (Engines reving) I want to know why you left, Mario! When I first-a started-a racing. I had-a nothing to lose. But then-a I fell-a in love with you. (Donkey Kong Sounds) Awowowowo Mario, this is your son. Baby Mario. Mama mia! He’s-a beautiful! (Emotional swelling music) It’s-a me. Mario! Mario Kart The Movie… Coming Soon.


  1. isak Author

    Fuck Wario (inwatched thus 10 times a day and had no idea wtf they said (i’m swedish) hubut WHEN WILL THE MOVIE COME OUT it’s BEEN A DECADE

  2. Yanai Lopez Author

    Frrfrgkmwtbgenr gbrhbhhhhhhhn n n nnnn grerttgghhbbbvfddsseeeerrrrtty uno p tuujkjjukkyyyujm,m,, 445678999090"'llksaXg dnbqbhhhg,,ll,k,,mhjk

  3. Muhteşem Siyanür Author

    Me when i was 6: OmG I cAn'T wAiT!!!!!

    Me when i am 16: omg there was a trailer of a movie about mario kart. Lets see the movie

    Then: … they tricked us.


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