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Mary Poppins Returns | Official Trailer

♪♪ Michael Banks:
I honestly can’t remember why we kept most of this stuff
to begin with. Don’t you remember that kite? We used to love flying that
with Mother and Father. Michael Banks:
Those days are long behind me. As I live and breathe. I was flying the kite and it
got caught on a nanny. Mary… …Poppins. You came back. You seem hardly to have
aged at all. Really?! One never discusses a
woman’s age, Michael. Would have hoped I taught
you better. What brings you here after
all this time? Same thing that brought me
the first time: I have come to look after
the Banks children. Us? Oh yes, you too. Michael Banks:
We’re about to lose our home! Everything’s fallen to pieces
since your mother… I miss Mother. ♪♪ Nothing’s gone forever
only out of place. ♪♪ It’s a good thing you’ve come
along when you did Mary Poppins. How’d you do that? Do what? ♪♪ So you’ve been off filling the
childrens’ heads with stuff and nonsense. You’ve forgotten
what it’s like… to be a child. ♪♪ Everything is possible. Even the impossible. Off we go. ♪♪


  1. F Playz Author

    I mean they could of done better for example Micheal and his sister go on an adventure to find there nanny because their parent died and found this lost city in the clouds. How did they go in the clouds? They went because of Bert they found him and begged him to go. That’s my version. Like if agree 😉

  2. Avy DoggoLover Author


  3. Dave Liale Author

    No movie magic like the original. Seemed closed, unfunny and not directed well. Some scenes dragged and lingered too long while others seemed like second thoughts. I felt at times that I was watching a TV production. Some parts were B+ movie but others I could compare to the Star Wars Holiday Special. Towards the end I was just waiting for her to hurry up and leave and be done with it.

  4. Mudsville1 Author

    What if Mary Poppins returns used a digital young image od Julie Andrews in the entire movie the same way young Leia was done in Rogue One

  5. Richard Kiddle Author

    The trailer looked so promising but alas the finished product was abysmal. Not a single tune was memorable, story was deadly dull. Julie Andrews was very wise not to get involved with this mess. Honestly, watching it was like having teeth pulled only this film took a lot longer & was even more torturous.

  6. Zed Author

    Yes I'm old enough to have seen the original as a kid and thought Emily Blunt was great as Mary Poppins. Pretty special seeing Dick Van Dyke in his 90's dancing on a desk top and I teared up more than once watching it and being taken back to my childhood by this movie. Would have been great if Julie Andrews had done a cameo but I probably would've needed another couple of boxes of tissues if she had. Great to see these kinds of movies still being made.

  7. S. Garr. Author

    I did not care for this movie at all. Mary Poppins was more angelic, she glowed, showed wit, love, etc
    This new one couldn't light a candle to the original. This new one acted dry, smug, stuck up/snobbish, and stiff.

  8. Sophie Ellen Author

    I am a true fan of the original Mary Poppins and to that taste I saw this film as rather a complete remake rather than a sequel. It is completely different and I was very upset as I feel most people associate Mary Poppins with this version now rather than the spectacular original. First of all, Emily Blunt over pronounces the slightly posh and angelic voice that Julie Andrews has, and made it seem more laughable than realistic. Costuming was poor for the era that it was meant to be set in. The Jane and Micheal characters are completely different. Micheal was notably very tanned ( almost orange 😁) with blonde hair. Yet in this version he is very pale and has black hair! Jane was very giggly in the original and sweet yet in this one she is very sincere and when it says " Jane you are just as giggly as ever" I almost Chocked as she is so boring and dull in this sequel! As a sidenote I am not critiquing the ability of the actors at all as they are completing whatever the producers are telling them to. It is almost like the people who made this have never watched the original! Micheal turns out to have the snow globe when we know in fact from the original that Mary took it. For some reason Mary does a cockney accent in this which completely disregards her character which is posh and conserved. This film does have aspects that are good such as Jack, an excellent character who imitates a very opposite character to Bert. Dick van dyke entered and made me feel like the film was really starting but this was at the very end, which was quite disappointing as I had some hope for it. Not sure about the topsy turvy song it is just a bit over the top odd. Something I was quite surprised was to see a villain! Obviously to develop a film into a sequel something like this could be great for storylining but I feel like the original is all about innocence and all about freedom of imagination(not scary at all) that putting in a villain that people are scared of ruins it. If you really want to see the true Mary Poppins don't watch this film. As a stand alone film it is very good and would recommend it, but because it is meant to be a sequel and thus you have to mention the original, that is why believe it is so poor because it is utterly different. Of course others will have different views. Please don't be rude to me as this is just my personal opinion.


    I got bored so fast, thank God I didn’t spend money to see this, it went straight to Netflix lol they could’ve CGI the hell out of Mary Poppins to have Julie Andrews play the part…THEY HAVE THE TECHNOLOGY TO DO IT!!!!!!

  10. Makena Johnson Author


  11. Karly G Author

    I’m not a fan of musical movies. 👎🏼👎🏼👎🏼 I watched the first hour and uggg. I had to skip the movie almost all the way to the end.

  12. CroatAndNettles Author

    In my view, the return was nowhere near as good the original. There is nothing wrong with the cast, but the plot is silly, the music second-rate, and the production weighted down by far too many of the junk cartoon / special effects bits Disney now produces. No one should have let Rob Marshall interfere with and nearly spoil the wonderful legacy of Mary Poppins.

  13. Mary Dra Author

    I love Mary Poppins so hard… i was at the Musical in Stuttgart and IT was wonderful … I❤️all the films and i can all the Songs sing a alone … 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

  14. DJ B3AST Author

    Ermm.. I think i'll just stick to the old Mary Poppins. Was quite disappointment tbh. If there's going to be remakes of movies, then do it with the same people from before, It's more interesting and excited to see how much they've changed and how their acting has changed.
    Some of them are not present anymore, R.I.P to the legends.

  15. Amanda St John Author

    Watching this now, and I find myself totally a mess! I’ve got tears in my eyes because I’m so happy that Marry Poppins IS BACK!! I feel like a little girl who is lucky enough to see her again. As I live and breath…. 💗

  16. jennifer rosier Author

    Absolutely Loved the movie… Emily Blunt makes a great Modern Mary Poppins

    Only one things though… sad to say The Songs are a bit forgettable…. there’s nothing like “A spoon Full of Sugar” OR “Supercalifragalisti…….”

    But all in all great film & loved seeing Sir Dick Van Dyke 🥰

  17. The Sensational One Author

    Man this was awesome! Read some dry review on this movie on Netflix totally awesome!! Emily Blunt is one awesome little lady! She brings back that poise Julie Andrews has haha
    I cried ten minutes into it realizing the Banks kids are now grown up!! I first saw the original at age 8 in the late 90s. The 2D rocks and even the CGI just feels like letting yourself feel a kid again man!!! God bless you Mary Poppins!

  18. Emerson Sanders Author

    I watched it with my Mom and it was so great, touching, heartwarming and hopeful. Really the scenes got our hearts ♥ nothing is ever really gone just out of place 👩☂

  19. Bartholomew Smutz Author

    Glad I waited to watch this on Netflix because I only made it about an hour into the film. None of the songs actually worked in my opinion. The acting was fine but the songs in Mary Poppins returns doesn't even come close to being as good as the original Mary Poppins.

  20. Japannigga _ Author

    Since marvel is owned by disney…everything kinda look like mary poppins…thats bad

    I was expecting the avengers and hulk to be BRUTAL and BLOODY…but yondu kinda turned everyone in the avengers into like MARY GODDAMN POPPINS… DRAX was not even Brutal or violent…or even bloody…because of…..marry poppins???

    I was like "WHO THE HELL IS MARRY POPPINS????" the hulk turned LESS BRUTAL and LESS BLOODY in avengers endgame…thats dissapointing

  21. Johm Keylime Author

    NEWS:Apparently they are making a “Mary Poppins 3” according to numerous websites. If they are, it wouldn’t be hard since Travers made 8 books on it. Fingers crossed. Who knows what possible adventures we may come across in the future.

  22. Anya Delo Santos Author

    why do everytime i watch an Emily Blunt Movie, Meryl Streep is there, also vice versa, i watch a Meryl Streep movie Emily Blunt is there

  23. Dragoslav Nestorović Author

    This is outrageous! New movie standards require that Mary Poppins should be MALE with BLACK SKIN colour! I was hoping that Shaquille O'Neil would accept the role of her….

  24. Robbie Knight Author

    AWFUL terrible film. Actors were bad, no real imagination or magic. Mary Poppins was the worst, she turned into a snobby stuck up cow!! nothing like the real Mary Poppins. Accents were all wrong. Bored the hell out of me. The original was a true masterpiece, it captured the London era and was realistic.

  25. allen francisco Author

    i remember this when i was 7 yrs old…brings back memories. specialy the kite song. me and my cousins. always playing outside and flying a kite.

  26. Danielsf2006 Author

    I've watched the first movie when I was younger on tv with my aunt and my older cousin at loge and beginning this year I got a spectacular collection book with the first 4 books and I just saw the movie it was so lovely and emotional the music the cast and the movie rated 8474772958477775849i475747/10


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