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“Lord, my boat moves,
but save me from the cold.” Come on, you are feeling cold,
with just two mugfuls! Shameless one, why
have you come here? You’ve no father, brother. Can’t
you see that a male is bathing. lf l had considered you a
stranger, l wouldn’t have come. You are bathing like a child.
Come, I’ll give you a bath. Hey, what are you doing?
I’m feeling tickled. Go. Do you think that I have
thorns on my hand? Whether you’ve thorns or flowers
I don’t feel comfortable, and… …you go from here.
– Is that so? Yes. – Then take this. And this. What are you doing? You’re a strange lady! Come, go in. What is this problem. Why is this nail not
entering the pole. Understood. It is a nail of the opposite pole.
Come, come, that is it. Satya, you’re finished! Lord, you too didn’t realise
the nail is of the other pole? You just keep staring.
Have you ever spoken? Hail Lord! Lord, my boat moves,
give me a place in the bus. Lord, my boat moves,
give me a place in the bus. Bus…bus.
Satya, you are finished. I have put the lock,
and kept the key inside. Now what will you do?
l will go from the rear ditch. Good, the thief’s door is left
open, else it would be a problem I took the lock, but forgot the keys. And if l don’t close the door,
l would be in a problem. Now the lock is put,
and the key is with me. C’mon, Satya. Gauri, walk slowly, Gauri.
Else Jaggu’s heart will stop. You black cat, you have again
crossed me. Move away. I feel pity on your youth. You
just go after that simpleton, … …and poor Satya, come to me. Take a vow on your father!
– Here. Which father will you take
a vow on? Oh God! Help me. Remember, if you again play
smart, l will eat you as well… …as your Satya alive. Wow, your hands have so much
strength! – Isn’t it? Just take my basket. – If you
say it, l will take you also. Give it to me. Don’t worry, no one has
seen you. Since l like you, I am leaving U.
But I’ll not leave your Satya. Gauri, what a tender one you
gave. The boxes started shaking. I have just slapped him. Next
time he blocks me,… …l will cut his nose. He says, Gauri l will give
you a chicken treat. Then eat that chicken. You
eat non-vegetarian food. You don’t understand, Satya.
He wants to marry me. That is better. What sort of a
chap is he. Go and get… … married quickly. What sort of a male are you,
you are asking your would be… …to marry someone else. Are you my would be wife?
– Yes. Then keep eating sweets in your
mind, this Satya will never marry You will not marry! Your
father will have to marry. See, l have brought
food for you in time. It is 3 o’clock!
– My god! It is 3 o’clock. lf you come late tomorrow,
I will release you. Since last 7 years you have been
saying it, once your stomach is .. …full, you will forgive me. Now l will not forgive. Now if
you’re late, it is goodbye to U. Relieve him, l will bring
food for you well in time. Have you seen your face? Your
nose hangs out like a cucumber. Look at yourself, swaying like
a ladyFinger plant. Am I a ladyFinger?
– Yes. Then you are a rotten seed.
– Then you are a brinjal. Then you are bitter gourd.
– Then you are rotten. Now look Gauri, if you behave
like this l will make tamarind… …paste out of you, and
lick you all up. Oh go on. Look sir, he eats your
tiffin everyday 8 gives the… … rest to you. What? – Yes. Everyday you make false
allegations. l will shove this… …rifle into your stomach. Satya, l have told you so many
times not to touch the rifles. Sir, if I don’t do it, then she
will not come under control. Quiet now. Both of you get out now. Where is your whip now? Gauri, even if l can’t touch this
rifle, l will get enrolled into … …police, but l will
not leave you alive. What will you get enrolled into
police for, to sweep or what? What have you made me into?
See sir, how she acts funny. l told you to get out.
– Yes, sir, I’m moving. I am not joking. I’ll become
a head constable. Marrying you. l will make Satya
into Sattu (dough). Keep dreaming. l will not
marry for seven generations. lf you don’t marry, will you make
mince meat of this 300 kilos? Not mince meat, l will
make money. Money. Money? What will
you do with money? I’ll buy a truck. Truck, what will
you buy a truck for? l will take all this in the truck,
and it will be the end of you. My god, after making so much of
money, you’ll still handle tiffins? Then go, then for 7 lives you
will not get even Rs. 100 note. Gauri! Greetings. – Greetings. Since last two months, rubble
is lying next to the road for… …repairs. But there is no
news of work. We face hardships… …even to move around. Write a report of this, and give
to my secretary. Everything will… …be alright.
– Very good. Say, how can l help you? We have kept a public meeting
in Navsari. It is on 7 July. … …we would request
you to chair the meeting. But…in July l am on a trip
to Rajasthan due to the famine. However, if the famine abates,
then my trip would be wasted. Look, talk to my
secretary and fix another date. All right.
– Okay. Hello Gauri.
– Hello madam! How is my Tara. It has been a
month, and l haven’t seen her. She’s fine. You know,
she stood first in her class. Really? – Yes. I’m so glad to hear that. At what time does she
get up in the morning? At 6 in the morning. – Alas,
my plane takes off at 5 30. All right. Give my love to her.
– Sure. Tara, get up. It is morning. Good morning. Hasn’t Mummy come?
– Mummy has gone to Jodhpur. Then go, l too will not get up. Don’t be adamant. Get up
and have your Horlicks. Since last one month I am
hearing this. Mummy has gone…. …to Jodhpur, she has gone to
Ahmedabad, she has gone to Delhi… Till she returns,
l will also not get up. Mummy will get very angry
if you don’t take horlicks. l will not drink! Tara. – Good morning, miss. What did you say?
– l said nothing Madam. You are lying, you said
you will not take Horlicks. l said, l will drink.
– Ok, then give to her. Naughty girl. Our doll will bathe! Our
Tara baby will wear…. …l will not put it on.
– Ok, put on this one. It is not good.
– Ok, then this one then. l will not wear!
– Then what will you wear? When Mummy brings a new frock
from Jodhpur, I will wear that. Look, don’t be stubborn, put on
any one of these frocks, please. Tara. – Yes, ma’am. What is the day today?
– It is Friday. Then on Friday this is the
frock you have to wear. Come then. Yes, ma’am. – Naughty girl. Praise be to the lord.-
Grandma O-Came in with shoes. Go out You spoiled my whole prayer.
Hail Lord Ram. Lady Sita… Lady Sita…
– Go away or else I’ll slap you. Yes, Shrivastava, tell us more.
What’s the news? – l wanted… Yes. Not now. We will see next month. Oh yes, all right. Yes, Shrivastava, tell us
more. What’s the news?- l wanted.. Hello. Yes, Mr. Srinivasan.
How are you? Yes. I’m all right. Yes. It’s quite all right. No problem. Yes. Thank you. Yes, Shrivastava, tell us more.
What’s the news? -l wanted.. . Hello. Why do you want me to repeat it
again and again. l told you, give.. …the papers to the solicitors.
We will see later. Just give them All right. Thank you. Yes, Shrivastava.. Just a minute. Tell the operator,
I do not want to be disturbed. Hello, this is Tara here.
Give the telephone to Daddy. Daddy is busy.
-I have to show him my report. He is busy.
-Tara, whom are you ringing up? To Daddy. – But why did
you not take my permission? l want his signature on my
card. Teacher has asked me. But why? l sign your
report card. Why disturb Daddy? l want to show Daddy my
marks. l came first in class. Shut up! Keep the phone down. Say, sorry. – Sorry. Go and have your food. When did you come?
– Just this morning. But how… …would l go without
meeting you and your wife? That is nice of you.
Have you met Lata? No, where is she? That I also do not
know, but just a minute… Miss Gomes. Please come here. I will just find out. We will have food together, and
we will talk of village life… Miss Gomes, where is my wife.
– Pardon? Where is Mrs. Dhanraj? –
Yesterday she came from Surat… …and then
Baroda. Perhaps she.. I just want to know
whether she is here or not. I do not know. – Then find out.
Meet her secretary and tell him.. …I want to meet my wife. Fix
an appointment. – Right sir. Tremendous! To meet your
wife, you have to ask others? I am busy in business, and you
know she is a MLA, and is …. …busy in
service to the people. Right then, l too will
go and meet her secretary. Hello. My mother is busy making tea for me. Tara. – Yes, miss. What have you written? – Dictation. Did l dictate this?
You know what you’ve written? You wrote,
my father is reading newspaper.. ..and my mother has gone to Jodhpur. Silence. Tara, You’re a clever student
Then why did you write this? What is there to cry about?
Just correct your mistake. Ok, you may go home now. Madam! Why did you bring so much on
your head. You should have … …taken a rickshaw. Isn’t this two legged rickshaw
good enough? When Sharda gets …married, and lots of stuff
comes, we will take rickshaw Let the good day come. She
doesn’t allow the word… …marriage even
to be mentioned. She is too fanciful. On her lips
is no,no, but at heart is yes,yes. Just try and discuss with her.
– You are right. I am going to the bank, 8 work.
-Wait, have something to eat. No. l am getting late.
– Sharda, first eat something. A ghost enters an empty
stomach. I’ll do your bank work. lf it was a Rs.5 purchase l
would have given it to you. l have to deposit Rs.700
l-. You will not understand. l am a bit stupid. But not a
thief. l will not run away… …with your Rs.700. You are unnecessarily
misunderstanding me. l wondered if you would
be able to do the job. lf l can feed the police
superintendent at station,… …you mean l cannot
deposit Rs. 700 in the bank? Is your bank bigger
than the police station? Sharda, l can be hanged, but
l will never cheat on money Ok, here is the pass
book, and here is the money. Count it. It is Rs.
700. Ok, let me have food. Full Rs. 700! She means l
cannot count? It is Rs. 700. Is this the place
where money is deposited? Thank you. Sir, what is written here?
– Please spit here. You mean first we have to
spit and then deposit the money? l don’t know, l
just read it for you. Let me find out, who made
this law of spitting first. Just do your work, if you ask
these bank people will get angry. l will spit as instructed. Have
you also come to deposit money? Yes.
– Then spit! There you are! – What is
this? Don’t keep money like this. You might get robbed.
Keep it properly. Like this. See l have Rs. 700. l
have hidden it here. Where do you deposit
money in this bank? l have also to
deposit. Come along with me. Deposit it here.
– Here? You know what is written here.
Money is deposited in this box. Do you have a pass book?
– No sir, l have a note book. That is the one. Now open it.
Take out the money. Put it in… Wait. It’s 700.
– Is it. Close it. And put it inside. Yes. No, l am not such a idiot.
First you put, and then l will. Here it goes.
-Now l will put. What will happen now?
-The money has been deposited. Let’s go. Such a small thing! And
Sharda made such a noise about it! Come let us go.
– Money has been deposited. Just wait. Wait.
– What is this? Sitting here, you keep stock of
so many sins. Before eating… …sacred water must be
sprinkled before you eat. Satya, there must be
many tiffin distributors.. But none can be a
bigger tiffinbox than you. l maybe a tiffinbox. But this
tiffinbox has deposited Rs.700… …in the bank today. And to do
that you need an educated man. Rs.700? But whose money was it? Shardadevi’s. With my own
hands l deposited it in the bank. How did you do it. – It is
simple. Go to the bank… …spit there, and…
– Spit? Yes, you know why, so that the
world should know that money… …is a mere illusion.
-Leave all this. How did you deposit the money? That is what l am telling you.
First l spit, then inside there is… …a box. l put the bank
book and the money in the box. What?
– Has there been a mistake? Idiot. Come sir, I am not lying. l will show you. This is the box.
l first spit outside, and then put… …money inside here. l swear by
god, l put the money in the … …bank book and put it in here. Here is the bank book. But there is no money inside. Problem, l had put the
money here inside only. Why didn’t you ask him.
– l asked a bigger man than him. He too put his money here.
His money also must have gone. Somebody must have broken
the lock and taken the money. Money has been stolen. From a
bank? How can money be stolen.. I’ll get my Rs.700 back!
You with the specs. – Shut up! For Rs.700 he is lying.
– Quiet. Manager, please note down his
complaint and send it to me. Definitely. Come now. – Where can l go
now? Till the thief is caught… …and the money is recovered, l
can’t show my face to anybody. The money belonged to Sharda. It
was her school fees. If this … …money is not found, her
life will be destroyed 8 blemished Sir, find the money,
or else l will die. I’ll kill myself.
Get me the money, sir. Tara, my mother has told
me to bring you with me Your mother will love me also?
– Yes. Come then, let us go. Have you seen Tara?
– Tara has gone. Gone. What will happen now? From all corners of our
country, we hear only one complaint. Our children are not in our
control. Our youth is unwilling… …to march along with us.
They do not want to listen to us. Halt. Have we tried to understand them?
– That is my mother l will go.
– I say, they just want love. What Motilal gave to Jawaharlal
Nehru? So give them such love. So that in our nation, there will
be thousands of Jawaharlal 8… …a thousand Indira
Gandhi’s. Hail India. Mother! Mother! Hail madam Sharda! Hail madam Sharda! Hail madam Sharda! Hail madam Sharda!’ Hail madam Sharda! Hail madam Sharda! Lord, everything has gone wrong.
Satya is finished. All the money is gone. When Sharda asks me,
what should l tell her? She will call me a thief.
Lord, what should l do? lf this is your reply,
l have understood. l will do what you want.
l am going from this world. l am going from this world Lord, l am going. Look after
the hut. Don’t remember me and cry Satya, Satya. Whole life, you did not speak
with me. Now that l am dying… …you are speaking. But l will
die as where will l get Rs. 700? Satya! – Who is it, you
don’t even let me die in peace. Who is it?
– Here. Who are you, Lali?
How did you come here? My name is not Lali, l am
Naintara. What is your name? Just now you were saying
Satya, Now you are asking my name? How did you come
to know my name? It is written here.
– Is that my name? Then whose is it?
– l thought the kids made … …a photo of an animal
running away with my tiffins. You are stupid- The
whole world calls me stupid. They are right, for l am getting
wet and you are not taking me in. Satya, you’re finished! Sorry dear, come in. See this
is my house – Is this your house? Does it look like a shop to you?
– But why is it all leaking? In a poor man’s house, if
not water, will it leak honey? What is poor?
– Poor is something great. Very cheap. Throw a penny,
and you can collect dozens. But talk less. Take off your
clothes or else you’ll catch cold. Hold it, what will l
wear. l have no other frock. Put on my frock. Just a minute. Your house is all broken, and
water comes from everywhere. And why have you hung this rope? Put on these clothes.
-Tell me, why the rope? This rope? To
climb into the skies. You can climb into the skies? My whole clan is in the
skies. l am the only… …shameless wretch
here. l will soon be there. How? – l have to tell
you everything. By hanging! You will hang yourself? How else will l
go up? By walking? But why do you want to go up? Where have you come from? Will
you not let me die in peace? You talk too much,
but you never thought I may be hungry. Satya, you’re finished. What will l feed you? Wait.
l will get you something. Wear this. Here drink this.
– What is this? Coffee? Not Coffee or Toffee.
It is Soya. Drink it. What is Soya?
– What to say, Soya is Soya. But what is it? – By drinking
this my ancestors reached heaven. Then l too will reach there
– Don’t say that. Drink. This was quite tasty. Now rain has stopped, and
you had your food. Now go home. No, l won’t go home.
– Why not? Your parents must be worried.
They would be searching for you. My parents do not have time.
They are always busy. What do you mean? – They
always have some important work. l too have important work.
– Like what? Is there anything more
important than dying? l will not let you die.
-How will you not let me? Go home now.
– No, no, no. Are you a girl, or a
bagful of problems? Satya, l like you very
much. Don’t you like me? No, don’t make a fool
of me. Go now. – No. Why won’t you leave? Go away! How will you not go. Go! Forgive me god,
I am a bit late in coming. I’ll reach in a few minutes. Satya! – Satya, you’re finished! You have come again? -l
tell you to take out the rope. You stay here in this shack then.
Lord, l will come the other way. Satya! – Now what? Lord, l am coming,
by the waterway. Don’t give me too much
trouble in water. -Satya! Satya. – Hail, Lord! Satya! You are laughing? You don’t know how to die even. l will show you how
to commit suicide. No, little one,
don’t do such a thing. Come up then.
– Ok, l will come up. You made me nervous. You can die, but not me? Don’t talk like that. – Then
tell me why were you doing it. What to tell you. Because of me,
Sharda lost Rs 700l-. Now l … …cannot even show my face. Such small thing. Is your life
worth Rs.700? My father has … …so much of wealth, but we will
not get a good person like Satya. There are so many servants in
the house, 8 you couldn’t look… …after one girl? For what
do you draw your salaries. What are you gaping at? Search for
her in all corners of the city Miss Daniel, where were you?
She is your responsibility. Yes sir, but the
driver needs to be fired. What is my fault? – Why
didn’t you reach school on time? l reached in time. Sir,
Baby left school before time. Where is she then? Search for her
and find her. Else I’ll fire… …each and everyone. l wonder on which footpath
is my daughter, or in which… …corner is she crying. Oh Lord Ram, please
protect our little daughter. Miss Gomes, put an ad in
papers with her photo.. Whoever brings her here,
will get an award of Rs 1000l- Now go to sleep. Why do you say
Bachua, call me Naintara. In my language
Bachua is a daughter. But l am not your daughter. Then what are you?
– l am your friend. What a big friend have l
got. Now friend, go and sleep. First play the radio.
– In such a big shack, where… …to get a radio?
– Don’t you even have a radio? l have a radio, but its
speaker has fungus in it. What speaker and
fungus, l don’t see anything. Are you interested in the mango,
or where did the seed come from Close your eyes, and
Tara will hear the radio. “Go to sleep, Tara.” “Go to sleep, Tara.” “One gypsy has come in the
street selling toys and dreams.” “Go to sleep, Tara” “One gypsy has come in the
street selling toys and dreams.” “Go to sleep, Tara.” “Go to sleep, Tara.” “Let us join together,
let us run a train to have fun” “Let us join together,
let us run a train to have fun” “Let us make a carnival,
and create a bit of stir.” “You are alone, and
l am also alone.” “You are without support,
and so am l.” “Sleep Tara.” “Sleep Tara.” “O God!” “O God!” “l feel lonely in this
house alone everyday.” “l feel lonely in this
house alone everyday.” “But today you have come to this
poor man’s house and it all…” “..looks like a fair. This cottage
looks taller and grander to me.” “Go to sleep Tara.” “Go to sleep Tara.” “I used to complain earlier,
but now I’m singing lullaby.” “I used to complain earlier,
but now I’m singing lullaby.” “From a noose l made a
cradle, and now l sing a lullaby.” “With your innocence and laughter,
you’ve changed the world for me.” “Go to sleep Tara.” “A gypsy has come to the street
with toys and beautiful dreams.” “Go to sleep Tara.” “Go to sleep Tara.” “A cup of milk, some sugar in it.” “The baby is making fun.” “A cup of milk, some sugar in it.” “The baby is making fun” “A cup of milk, some sugar in it.” “The baby is making fun” “With toys and dreams, one
gypsy has come into the street” “One gypsy has come into the street” Satya! Hey Fatso, Where is Satya? We have reached home. Satya, you’re finished! What a big house. Looks as if
it is a cow-shed housing … …some 200
-300 buffaloes. Tell me how many
people stay here? – 4. That is all? How do they find
each other here. There is no… …ditch, nor no hole, where
does the breeze come from. There is a air
-conditioner. – What Condition? You will not understand. Tara, where did you go?
Whole night, we were so worried. First reward Satya, he
has brought me here. Who are you? Where did you find her. We searched the entire city.
– Sir… All this, l will tell you
later. First give reward to Satya. Yes, yes,…look your
mother has also come. Where were you, my little
one. We were so worried. You also go out so
much, l too get worried. l go out for work. You have come! How did you
go without my permission? l will punish you. Why are you scolding
the girl. Talk to me. Shut up! You dirty fellow. We are grateful to you.
You brought Tara here. Here is your reward. l didn’t bring her
here. She brought me here. This is your reward, take it. Strange, how can l take an
honest award for untruth. l have to answer the Lord also. Satya, take the
reward, l am telling you. Take it, just to
keep Tara happy. l feel so nervous,
seeing so much of money. Return Rs.700 to Sharda 8 300 to
repair your cottage. Finished! Then you won’t be nervous. Put it in this cloth. It does
not look good for us poor to… …take so much money. Come, let’s go upstairs. This
girl has really troubled us a lot. Bye! What a donkey! Mother, why are you
calling me a donkey? Doesn’t a donkey lift loads.
– But even parents lift the children. So are they donkeys? Don’t waste time.
Take out the money. lf police see you,
they will put you in jail. You’re right. These rich people don’t
understand. Do me a favor. Take this money.
– Give. Bye. – Bless you. Mother!
– Yes? – Don’t tell anybody. Sharda, l have been
looted, l am finished. Either cry, or talk.
What has gone wrong? How can I say? The bank people’s intentions
have become bad, They have… …taken the Rs.700 of yours. You had deposited the money!
– Did l? The bankers posted the
pass book that was lost. Book.. Is it written in the book, that
Satya has deposited the money? Yes. Now l understood. That banker
got scared due to our threat l had told inspector to give
him one or two, he will admit. You are completely mad! Not me, the Inspector is mad.
He was saying the money was … …taken by some thief. Inspector, a
wonderful thing has happened. That day after our threats, the
banker has deposited the money… …in the bank. And Sharda has
also got the bank book where … …it is written the Satya has
deposited the money in the bank. That money was deposited by
the Inspector from his own pocket No.. Sir. Sir. Is it true? Why did
you do such a thing? Or else you would
have been in jail. So what? Sir, please cut Rs
1 .5 every month from my salary. Don’t be fool, is Rs.
700 more valuable than you? No. If not 1.5
take Rs 2 per month. Satya, do you know how
many years it will take to… …make up Rs. 700
with Rs. 2.00 per month. So what if not in this birth,
l will return in my next birth. Satya, you will remain stupid. l am asking and you are
not bothering to reply. Mother.
– What? Whenever l talk of marriage, you
go somewhere else, or you hide… …behind a newspaper. But what will l do by
getting married so early. You are not a baby, people of
your age are fathers of 2- 4 kids. They are all fools. Yes, you are the only wise man,
who doesn’t listen to his mother. Very bad, sir. In police service, in the company
of criminals you will spoil your… …habits. Listen to
mother, and get married quickly. You are right, which good
people come there who can… …make him understand. All dirty people come there.
When l go to feed him, l hold… …my breath, and not
leave it till l come out. Next time you come, l will put
you straight inside the jail. You may put me in jail, but
free mother from this house jail. Look till there is a wife
inside a house it is nothing more… …than a brick kiln. lf l do get married as you say,
and suppose mother too has to… …look after her, then?
– Then? Today’s women are no more
simple and devoted. Got it? l will take the responsibility.
She will be simple and devoted. Did you hear all this? Yes, Satya. Whenever l talk of
marriage, he makes some excuse …and walks out. l wonder how much can he be
blamed. The world has gone… …topsy turvy. – Then
shouldn’t people get married? Even cows buffaloes get
married. Sir too will get married.. There is a girl, l have in
mind. But there is one condition. l will take a pair of
silver bracelets from you. Today itself I’ll
get them for you. Not today, but on the
day sir gets married. This is sir’s tiffin,
and this one of Shardadevi. What a beautiful pair. But
Satya, you are a bigger tiffinbox! How will you make
them meet? Idea! Gauri! Gauri! – What is it? l have some work with you.
– What problem is there now. Suppose there is
a boy and a girl. Nonsense, how can there be a
boy and girl without marriage. You are again being shameless.
There is a young boy and a girl. How can we make them
dance like peacocks? The mind’s peacock has
already started dancing. Tell me, how will they fall in love? “Whenever l see you, boy,
the mind starts dancing.” “Whenever l see you, boy,
the mind starts dancing.” “Whenever l see you, boy,
the mind starts dancing.” “Whenever l see you, boy,
the mind starts dancing.” “Why does it happen, Laila?” “Why does it happen, Laila?” “That the mind starts dancing.” “That the mind starts dancing.” “Take my arms into
yours and become mine.” Don’t tease ones going on
the way, go away, you naughty. “The sky is spread over the
earth like that the mind is dancing” “My heart is making
sound with excitement” “My heart is making
sound with excitement” “What do you mean, explain to
me in a way l can understand” There is joy and delight
when there is love, my beloved “How’ll l know as this
is my first love….” “My heart is making
sound with excitement” “My heart is making
sound with excitement” “l have broken ties with
the world and united with you.” “But why does the heart
roars with excitement.” “You don’t know that the heart
is on fire, when one is touched.” “My heart is making
sound with excitement” “Whenever l see you, boy.
-Why does this happen, Laila?” “The heart roars with delight” “The heart roars with delight” “Lord, my boat sails, make
me clean up the utensils.” Now how has my mother
-in- law returned from? Am l your mother in law?
-Yes. You are everything to me. But how have you come,
is the school closed? Yes, it is closed. And l
have come to teach you. Come. Wait. yes, what will l do
by studying. Nobody will… …appoint me a village headman. Are you not ashamed? You are so
big and can’t write your name… …and l will
teach you everyday now. Satya, you’re finished! Now this small girl
wants to become my teacher. Tara, what are you
doing here? Let us go home. Mummy daddy don’t
allow me, so l came here. Satya is my friend. Your mother and governess
will get mad at me again. Come. Shut up. l said, l will
come. Go and wait for me. Go! Little one, you speak
English very well. – Shut up. Sit down properly and
repeat after me. A, AA. Little one, aren’t you
going to teach me English? First learn your
mother tongue. Say A, AA. Satya, who told you to
crow like a cock. Say Ah, AA. Now you are
bleating like a goat. Satya, l am fed up. What
type of a man you are? Little one, I’ll not
make a mistake now. Say A,AA.
– A. AA. Very good, Take this
and give me your hand. But why? Shut up, do as master tells you. Ok, master, what is to be done? Ah, make a line
from top to bottom. Draw a line, draw a straight
line…that is AA. Now you write. How to do it. Twist on top,
twist down below, put a line…. …and then draw
a straight line. Put a line here!
– Oops, l had forgotten. But if you extend these
lines, it becomes a betel leaf! Stupid, this is a letter.
You have a lot to learn. Then master, do l
give you any fees? You already gave me a lot,
so there is nothing to give. But l must give you something! Say that properly. – Strange!
I can’t speak in my dialects. Shut up, l am not your
teacher. l am your friend! To gain knowledge, l must
offer some compensation! Ok, then give me a
chocolate everyday. That is all, just one. l have
already brought it yesterday. Here is Teachers fees!
-Here’s students compensation! You are a nice fellow, stupid.
– What fellow, and stupid? Teacher, you are laughing! Sharda, hurry up your bath,
there is so much of work left. Where are my bangles,
l had left them here. Where was the
necessity of taking them out? Were they of gold? – Yes.
-They surely must be stolen. l will file a
report with the police. No need, they must
be somewhere here. No, who else but me comes into
this house, it is a question… …of honor, l
will file a complaint. Satya. Are you sure you
kept the bangles here? Yes, l am very sure. Did they grow wings
that they flew away. l don’t know mother.
– You don’t know anything. You can’t look after anything.
How will you look after your… …widowed mother. l keep
telling you, get married Sharda. You will be happy, and l
can also be peaceful in life. Mother!
– I’m fed up. Shardadevi, l met the
Inspector. Here he comes. Greetings. – Greetings. The vehicle has got stuck here
only. Won’t you say something? Please sit down. – Thank you.
Satya told me your bangles … …have been stolen.
– Yes. Our Inspector is a great man.
When he goes in his jeep, it… …looks as if a king is going.
– Shut up. l brought you here, and you
are telling me to shut up?-Quiet! Ok, l will shut up, but
atleast you people talk something! Were your bangles of gold?
– Yes. What could be their weight?
– Don’t talk of weight like… …a goldsmith. Talk
of relevant matters. You again spoke? – Why not? Our
Inspector sir is going to …. ..become a
commissioner in a few months. Really? – Yes. Congratulations.
– This chap is mad, tell me. Do you suspect anybody? No, nobody besides Satya
has come to the house. Forget that, talk something else.
Our Shardadevi is very educated. She has passed BA, but
she hasn’t lit a lamp l will get some
tea for you people Do you know the punishment
for committing a theft- No.? You will be under hard
labor for six months! Why are you trying to
explain to me. What will you gain? Now quietly take out the
bangles. -How can l take them out? Will you take them out or….?
– Here they are! Give it there. Here is your
property, and there is your thief. Be careful of him.
Otherwise he is not a bad chap…. …but his intentions are very
dangerous. l will take leave. Sir, sir….
– What is all this? After ruining my plan
you are questioning me. What is all this!
– Have you found the bangles? Yes, they have been found,
but the real jewel has gone. What do you mean? Trust my luck, l fixed a drama
of theft so that bride and… …bridegroom to meet. But she
got so serious of the theft… …that other
things were sidelined. l thought l will eat sweets,
but my face is again blackened. Give me soap so that
l can wash myself. Satya, you will not change.
– But l will not give up. l have made a wish. Next time l
come, l will bring your bride. Take offering. What mother, you keep
talking of marriage. What is it? – Nothing,
mother. Give the offerings. Here. Come. Gauri, l arranged a meeting
between sir and Sharda, but… …it hasn’t achieved much. l hope the meeting took place.
– Yes it did. Then they must have talked. – That
is the problem, no talk or chat. They must have spoken.
– How? Between their eyes!
– Do eyes also talk? He must have looked into
her eyes. Now do one work. Get two letters written from
the postman. Send his letter… … to her and hers to him. You mean Sharda’s letter to Sir,
and Sirs to….Gauri, you are a … …genius. Stand for
elections next year. The bell has rung,
it is time for lunch. Coming.
– l said the food will get cold! l told you l am not hungry.
-Today you eat without hunger. See how hot the puris are. lf you want to save a poor
life, meet me at 5 in Garden. lf you want me, meet me at
5 in the Company Garden. What is this?
– Looks like a letter. l am asking how did this
letter come in my tiffin? I don’t know. l am asking you,
why did you get it? lf l can get tiffin for 50
people, can’t l get Sharda’s letter. Stop screaming.
– l will close this door also. Sir, should l close the windows
also? – First close your mouth. How can l? Since you went to
that house, Sharda is bedridden… …and keeps crying. Mother
says someone has cast an evil eye. What nonsense do you talk?
-Her mother says, perhaps… …you have cast some spell.
– l haven’t even seen her properly That is why perhaps
she is sick. – What? It is a question of a spell.
How it effects, god knows. Listen to me, take a chilly and
some salt and reach Sharda’s… …house. Take out the spell on
Sharda, else blame will be on you Write, Sunita’s doll is very
beautiful. Sunita will arrange… …the doll’s marriage. Sunita will arrange
the doll’s marriage. Today at 5 o’clock
in the company garden. l will not come. Come give it to me. What have you written? Sunita will get the doll
married. l will not come. Did l dictate this?
– Yes, miss. So today at 5 o’clock
in the company garden. Today l am not well,
study by yourself, Ok? What is it? – It is something
important, you must go through it Leave it here, l
am not well today. Gauri, these
people haven’t come. They will come.
– Your letter has gone waste! l told you they will
come. Let us have a bet. lf they come, then l will
straight away marry you. And if they don’t, then? You straight away marry me!
– Agreed!….What? Trapped you!
– Again you started! I’ll hit you. See they have come. Greetings. – Greetings. Tell me, your culprit is in
front of you. – l beg your pardon? Speak up, you had called me.
– Had l called you? Forget the shyness, when you
wrote your heart out, then… …why feel shy? – But l
came here reading your letter! My letter? That is funny. –
You are being funny. Calling… …me here, you are
putting the blame on me? l am going.
– Listen. The fault is neither yours nor
mine. It is the lord above, who… …understood our liking for
each other 8 called us here. Isn’t this the truth? “Start such a song, my
companion, which we can…” “Start such a song, my
companion, which we can…” “…continue to
sing for a life time.” “Start such a song, my
companion, which we can…” “Start such a song, my
companion, which we can…” “…continue to sing for a life time.” “Start such a song.” “After meeting, these hearts
won’t part even for a moment.” “After meeting, these hearts
won’t part even for a moment.” “After coming, these wonderful
days and nights shouldn’t go.” “After coming, these wonderful
days and nights shouldn’t go.” “Let the seasons keep changing.” “Start such a song, my
companion, which we can sing…” “…continue to sing
for a a life time.” “Start such a song.” “The body is a lamp, and
the breath is the wick.” “The body is a lamp, and
the breath is the wick.” “We will live like the stars.
At night we will twinkle like them.” “We will live like the stars.
At night we will twinkle like them.” Start such a song, my
companion which we can sing… …for a life time. Start such a song. Say Ka, Kha. Get
up! Say Ka, Kha. Ka, Kha. Ga, Gha.
– Ga, Ga. How are you saying
it. Speak properly. Ka, Kha. – Hearing you say Ka,
Kha, l remembered you have not… …eaten my offerings. This is Teachers Offerings.
– And this is for the student. You are a chocolate, stupid.
– Thank you. Sit down. Where are you going?
– No where. Don’t act smart. – Okay. Then start, Ka, Kha.
– Ka, Kha. Ga, Gha.
– l am trapped. Ga, Gha. Speak loudly.. Satya, where are you
going, your house is locked. l locked up and got out
early in the morning. – Why? That teacher of mine…
– You mean Tara? Yes. She keeps hitting me,
and l am getting fed up. Now l know why the kids
skip school. If the teacher… …hits the students,
how will they ever study. Satya! Gauri, how did your
voice become so thin? Satya! Oh God, the teacher!
– You want to run away from me! Put me down immediately.
– Just a minute. Gauri, how did this girl
come into your basket. Repeat after me. Ka, Kha. Teacher, is this
road a place to study. Yes. It is. Say now Ka, kha.
– Ka, Khaa. Why are you laughing?
Study with him. Say A, Aaa. Goddess, please get off my
basket and teach him. I’m going. This girl is very rude.
– She is quite a rooster. You! Say Pa, Bha…
– Ba, Bhaa. What is police
doing? Let us go and see. Left, right. Left, right. Satya. – Yes, dear? These police people look so
good. If you join police… …you will look the best. How will a tiffin man become a
police man? l got fed up telling… …sir to take me into police. Work hard, and keep a firm
resolve. You will certainly … …become a policeman. Alright, If little one says, l will
certainly one day don the uniform …of a policeman,
and do left right. Daddy, today is parents day,
you will have to come with me. Today?
– Yes. Today l have to go to the
factory. You go with mummy. She has gone out, and will
come in the evening.- l forgot. Do one thing. Go
with the governess. Is governess my mummy? Don’t say like that.
Take governess is in place of mummy. Miss Daniel. Today is Tara’s
parents’ day in school. I’m busy. You accompany her. Sure. Come. Wait her. I’ll just dress up. Okay. – Okay? Why should I take you?
I’ll take Satya along. Chairman. Brothers and sisters,
we’re grateful to you.. .as you’ve come with
your children to the school. I’m sure the children must be.. ..discussing their teachers at home. My teacher is good. She is bad. She is pretty. She is ugly.
She has a crocked nose, etcetera. So from them hear what they
think of you and their mothers. ‘Teacher takes fees,
but one who teaches free is a mother.’ ‘When I laugh, she laughs.
When I cry she cries.’ ‘That is a mother.’ ‘When daddy returns drunk,
she cries silently.’ ‘That is a mother.’ ‘Daddy goes to office
and she is off to cinema.’ ‘That is a mother.’ ‘She doesn’t sleep with me,
but with dad. That is a mother.’ “I’ve seen my mother..” “I’ve seen my mother..” “..but I have not seen her love.” “I’ve seen my mother..” “..but I have not seen her love.” “I’ve seen flowers..” “I’ve seen flowers..” “..but never seen a garland.” “I’ve seen my mother..” “..but I have not seen her love.” “I’ve seen my mother.” “I’ve my mother’s
picture in the house..” “I’ve my mother’s
picture in the house..” “..but I don’t have the fortune..” “ embrace her when I am scared.” “She won’t sing a lullaby
to put me to bed.” “For what my heart pines..” “For what my heart pines..” “..I’ve not seen such a love.” “I’ve seen my mother..” “..but I have not seen her love.” “I’ve seen my mother.” “By the way,
my mother is very loving.” “By the way,
my mother is very loving.” “But she doesn’t have any time.” “She has a big name
and her work is also big.” “She is a mother,
but a leader of the masses too.” “Which doesn’t have
my mother’s snap..” “..I’ve not seen such a newspaper.” “I’ve seen my mother..” “..but I have not seen her love.” “I’ve seen my mother.” “She looks very sweet and innocent.” “She looks very sweet and innocent.” “Yesterday she asked the maid,
how is the baby?” “My mother is truthful and kind.” “It is not her fault
as she is not in her senses.” “She has seen the world..” “She has seen the world..” “..but hasn’t seen the family.” “I’ve seen my mother..” “..but I have not seen her love.” “I’ve seen flowers..” “I’ve seen flowers..” “..but never seen a garland.” “I’ve seen my mother.” Now I’ll request our chairman
to give away the prizes. Baby Geeta. First in Class. Baby Tara. First in Class. You come first in studies too!
You really sang very well. I would like to meet your parents.
Call them. Where are your parents? Come. – No, dear. Listen. Come. Welcome, sir. Pleased to meet you. You’ve made a mistake, sir. No, I haven’t. I pray all
parents are like you in this country. Fool! I told you to go to school
with the kid. Where were you? What to do, sir? When I went to change,
Tara fled. – How? How did that delivery man reach there? I too was shocked to see him. When I reached there,
he was on the stage with garland.. ..pretending to be her dad. Everybody was clapping. I told you earlier that
he is conspiring something big. Oh God! What will others think? – Dad. Dad! Dad! Dad! Mother, look how many prizes I got! It was great fun, sir.
Baby got the most prizes. What is it? Why are you looking angry? What have I done? – You don’t know! Daddy! Why are you
hitting my friend, Satya? Miss Daniel. – Yes, sir? Take her away. – Come on, baby. Satya! – Child! Silly girl! I’ll teach you to behave. You dare call me a governess. Go and sit there. And don’t try to come out.
I’ll break your bones. Go and sit there for some time. If you want you can kill me.
You’re big people. But tell me what has
this poor man done wrong? You’re poor!
You took my place in Tara’s school! I didn’t go myself.
Baby forcibly took me there. I didn’t even sit on a chair,
but stood in a corner. Don’t blabber.
You’re trying to fool us, crook. I’m stupid, but I’m not a crook. Don’t argue with him,
but hand him over to the police. No, sir. I apologize. If I’ve erred, punish me.
But don’t call the police. Listen, kicks and not mere
words can straighten him out. Drive him out or else
he will spoil Tara’s life. You’ve a mother’s heart.
If loving a baby is a crime.. ..I’m a culprit. All of you can hit me. Quiet and get out.
Don’t ever try to meet Tara again. No, sir. Give me some
other severe punishment. I can’t bear this. I’ve no one besides God. No relatives. No family. Tara came like an angel in my hut. She put my life in order. Don’t snatch her away.
I’ll not be able to live without her. Stop all this nonsense.
Guard, throw him out. Come out.
– Don’t do this, sir. Come quietly. – Child! Come on. – Dear Tara. Sir, forgive me. Let me meet her. Satya! – Child! Get out of here.
– Child! Satya! Child! Tara! – Satya! Gauri, what is this?
– Today is festival of colour. Don’t put colour on me.
I’ll not celebrate this festival. Whose death are you mourning? I had already decided, without Tara,
I’ll not celebrate this festival. And meeting her is out of question. You harp about Tara all the time.
Am I nobody? Why do you chew my brains?
Go and celebrate the festival. Satya – Child! You duffer,
only Gauri will come of use to you! I got her from the school.
– Come, child. Won’t you celebrate
the festival? – No. No? – Never. “Nandlala, let us play
holi as it is all merry.” “Nandlala, let us play
holi as it is all merry.” “Brijbala has become wet and
Radha was coloured in midway.” “Nandlala, let us play
holi it is all merry here.” “Nandlala, let us play
holi it is all merry here.” “To put color on fair cheeks,
has come one with the flute!” “Nandlala, let us play
holi and it is all merry.” “l will smash the pots
and will not leave them.” “l will smash the pots
and will not leave them.” “You will run in front,
I’ll run behind you.” “l will smash the pots
l will not leave them.” “If you are Radha, then
I am Mathura’s Bala.” “How are you fair,
when l am black?” “Nandlala, let us play
holi and it is all merry.” “We will play holi,
with one with anklets” “We will play holi,
with one with anklets” “We are not scared of
any one’s scoldings” “We will play holi,
with one with trinklets.” “How has this mad
one, come after me…” “…my glass bangles are broken
and ear ring has also fallen” “Nandlala, let us play
Holi it is all merry” “Nandlala, let us play
Holi it is all merry” “Nandlala, let us play
holi it is all merry.” “Nandlala, let us play
holi it is all merry.” “Nandlala, let us play
holi it is all merry.” “Nandlala, let us play
holi it is all merry.” “Our own as well as
strangers have mixed in one color.” “Our own as well as
strangers have mixed in one color.” “Then, how can one
recognise one another?” “There are many
mixed in one color.” “Whoever came in front of us,
we haven’t differentiated.” “We put a garland of
love, even on our enemies.” “Nandlala, let us play
holi it is all merry.” “We are sons of the same
mother earth, says this merry man.” “He is one mad person who
doesn’t keep differences at heart.” “Nandlala, let us play
holi it is all merry.” “Nandlala, let us play
holi it is all merry.” Sir, this lady has
lost her necklace in a bus. I’ve brought the suspects along. Please sit down. Constable. – Yes, sir? I see! You’re from Swastika gang. Boss! What is all this, Jaggu? Boss, police. – Who was he? Prasad. – Prasad again? Has the work been done? – Yes. Where is the stuff? – I’m dying. Take it out! Boss! You. What is it? I’ve brought some good news. Our owner will not be at home.
– You mean Mr. Dhanraj. Yes, the path is clear.
I’ll wait for you tonight. Well done! Jaggu! – I heard. Meaning? – Yes, inspector! You’ve already thought of a plan. Certainly. – Good. Come and watch the famous
drama of our company, ‘Police.’ Watch powerful acting
of our famous actors. Melodious songs and exciting dance. We’re here. Start now. If you don’t start,
at least let us hear songs. – Yes. Gauri, don’t be indecent! Move your leg, shameless! I won’t. – If you don’t, I’ll leave. Why are you after him? Come this side. Make your sister sit. I don’t have any.
I’m the only son of my parents. Then sit with your father. Oh God!
– Forgive me, son. Stupid director,
why don’t you start the play. What can I do? Look here. Mirza, what is this?
– I’m not in mood today. Go away. We don’t want to watch the drama,
return our money. – Yes! Oh my god! Now they
are throwing stones! Keep quiet! What is the use of
making so much noise? Things do get delayed at times. He is also their man. Beat him! Take this egg! Don’t be insolent! I eat vegetarian food.
Why are you throwing eggs at me? Whoever has given this egg,
please take it back. Brothers, till this curtain
does not rise, I’ll start. When a man drinks first sip of liquor,
he stands like a tiger. When he takes a second sip of liquor,
he wobbles like a fox. And when he takes a third,
he goes into the drain like a pig. Director, the real hero
is here. Let us catch him. Are you enjoying? – Yes. I’ll entertain you more. Satya! Why are you shouting? Are we all dead? You’re not dead yet, but will soon be. No, I’ll not act in a drama company.
I’m not a dancer. We beg of you. Please.
Save our company. You’ll make me wear a police uniform? I swear in this uniform
you’ll look so nice.. The real actor will regret! – Yes. Enough! For this uniform
I’m ready to become an actor. Give it to me.
– It’s nice. Where is the cap? What do I have to do now? The show is about to start. Sit quietly in the letter
box and hear the crooks plans. And grab the letter
from inside. Got it? But will I be able to
get inside the box? – Why not? Look. Open the box
and get inside like this. Have you seen my imagination?
– Understood. Now you watch the drama. The drama has started. Mangu, you? I’ll post this letter
and then we’ll go. Okay. Drop the letter. But where. – In the letter box. But the letter box is not there. I am sure the wining number
will be five. Listen to me. Wait. Let me post this letter. Thank you. If the opening number is five,
closing will be three. What happened? Has the Govt started making
limbs for the letter boxes? Limbs? – Yes, the box took
out its hand and took the letter. Letter? That’s why I say
not to drink during the day. – No. Now what to do?
People are putting letters here. Where should I drop them? Here brother, here is your property.
Despatch it. “Lord, I’m under your shelter.
Take me to my beloved.” Sir, look. There is the letter box. Dog! Move aside. What happened? Constable, one letter
box has come running this side. Letter box? – Yes. In which you put letters? – Yes. Are you taking some drugs?
How can a letterbox move? There was a man in the box. – Man? Yes? – Let’s catch him. Rogue! Robbing the govt? Come out! I’ll open it.
If he comes out, nab him. Okay.
– Ready? It’s empty. There is a drama company there.
Take the box there. Go. – Okay. Why should I make him suffer loss? Take care. Please forgive me, brother. I erred. – Constable, forgive us. Please forgive me.
– Constable, forgive us. You forgive me. If it was somebody else,
I would’ve been in trouble. Forgive us. Constable, we’ve erred.
We were riding double. Forgive us.
– You were riding double? Yes. – Help me. – Okay. You’ve broken law. Now you’ll not be
able to ride even single. Why have you done? Deflated the trye? Now if you talk too much,
I’ll deflate you too. Go now. – Okay. Got saved! We’ve come to search
the house. – What? You mean, raid? – Yes. We’ve information that
your boss smuggles gold. Inspector, do you’ve a search warrant? Show him the search warrant. You want to see search warrant? – Yes. Take this. No problem, Miss Gomes. Want to check search warrant? Can’t you see? Satya? – Gauri. Where did you run away from the drama?
And police.. There is something fishy
going on here. Listen. Why have you come here? Girl, we’re from the police. With whose permission have you come? Don’t touch anything here. The stupid owner’s
girl is very shrewd! How dare you abuse my father! Move! Lock her upstairs. – Daddy! You hit me. Oh God! You’ve punched me! Blood! I’ll not spare you. Knife! This is called wrestling. You too come along. Stop boxing!
Wrestle with me if you’re brave. Come. Hail Lord Hanuman! I won’t spare you! You too! This is called knock-out! Come. Arrest them! Get lost. Bravo! Keep going! Bravo! Keep going! “Lord, my boat moves.” “Help me.” Oh my god! Inspector, what is happening here? Sir, goons of Swastika gang,
disguised as police.. ..wanted to loot your house. My God! Then? But we got information
on time and we came here. Some dacoits are
nabbed while some fled. Anyway, it’s our duty to nab them. Just check your losses. Tara. Where is my daughter? – Daddy. Daddy.
– My daughter, how are you? I too fought with the robbers Well done, my brave girl! I’ll leave now.
Check your losses and inform me. Okay. Thank you.
– Goodnight. Inspector. What happened to you? What is this? Come, baby. My sweet baby. Say goodnight to daddy. Good night, daddy. – Good night. Satya, where did
you disappear suddenly? Tara’s father came.
So I got scared and got out. Don’t you know what
a great job you’ve done? I’ve recommended you
for the post of a policeman. We caught a big gang
because of your bravery. But I did not benefit anything.
I thought I’ll show this.. ..uniform to Tara! No problem. I’ll go now. Wearing this costume
you want to meet Tara. Wait. God willing you will
soon get the real uniform. Then go with pride to Tara. You’re right, sir.
Bye. I’ll go home now. First remove this uniform.
– How can I? Should I return naked? Constable, get some clothes for him. You’ll gain nothing
by losing your temper. Don’t worry even if
our men have been caught. They will return after some time. Till then inspector
Prasad will walk with pride. Don’t you trust me. If I’ve your blessings,
there won’t be Prasad or his pride. I swear, Jaggu.
I want to strangle him. I still can’t understand
how did he reach there? How did that delivery man
reach there in police uniform? Thanks for reminding me.
I’ve to settle scores with him. I’ll do both these jobs together. Mother! Mother! Satya, congrats.
I’ve fixed Prasad’s engagement. Hail Lord. I already knew it. Satya’s work is never half done,
but the congrats is so dry, why? No, I’ve filled this
box with lots of sweets. First eat it and then give
it to Prasad and his colleagues. Neither sir nor I will eat first.
First we’ll distribute. It’s a question of our honour. If there is less, we’ll be disgraced. Bye, aunt. Lord, my boat moves forward.
Let it reach the far bank. Lord, my boat moves forward.
Let it beach the far bank. Lord, my boat moves forward.
Let it beach the far bank. Lord, my boat moves forward.
Let it beach the far bank. Lord, my boat moves forward.
Let it beach the far bank. “Desmond has a barrow
in the market place.” “Molly is the singer in a band.” “Desmond says to Molly,
Girl, I like your face..” “..and Molly says this
as she takes him by the hand.” “Ob-la-di, ob-la-da, life goes!” “La-la-la, how the life goes on.” “Ob-la-di, ob-la-da, life goes on!” “La-la-la, how the life goes on.” “Desmond takes a trolly
to the jeweller’s store.” “Buys a twenty carat golden ring.” “Takes it back to Molly
waiting at the door..” “..and as he gives it
to her she begins to sing.” “Ob-la-di, ob-la-da, life goes on!” Satya. – Child! Why don’t you come home, Satya?
Why are you here? Your father hit me last time. I don’t come to your
place fearing him. I don’t like when you don’t come. I can’t even study.
Okay, you come here everyday. Fine. I’ll surely do that. Sit down. Today is a very happy day.
Look, what I’ve brought for you. Here is sweet.
– What is this sweet for? Our inspector is getting married. So everyone will get treat. So I thought you should get it too. Have some.
– Teacher will get angry if I eat now. Eat it during lunch hour.
I’ll pack it. Here. Okay, I’ll go now. Bye. – Bye, child. Bye. Come one, come all.
Have some sweets. It’s for free. You know what day it is today?
Today is a happy day. Sir is getting engaged. – Quiet! I won’t keep quiet
even if you shout at me. It’s time to eat. I’m busy right now.
Keep the box inside. Forget everything else.
Aunt told me to call everybody.. ..and distribute the sweets. Okay, I’ll distribute it. Go now. But she said, ‘Satya you
take two sweets.’ – So take them. How can I?
First smile, it is a happy occasion. Then give me sweets
with your own hands. You’ll not listen. Sir, it is a happy occasion.
It doesn’t come everyday. Thanks. – Go now. – Congrats. Okay, Satya. Enjoy the treat now. Satya. Today you’re sitting with sweets! Don’t cast an evil eye.
You too have it. Where have you got it from? It is Mr. Prasad’s engagement sweets. If that is so, I’ll not eat!
– But why? I will eat sweets
only during our marriage. Then you can’t eat sweets
for the next 400 years. Go away! What have you done?
You neither ate nor let me eat. It is soiled now. She has cast an evil eye. 1430. Come here. Sir has told us to eat together.
Come on. Today is a happy occasion.
Eat heartily. Its sir’s engagement. Please start. Listen. Distribute these
amongst the prisoners. Hold him. Lock him up. Order food from the
hotel for everybody. – Okay. Rashmi, Rani, Bimla! Come fast. What is it? – Something. Eat these sweets.
– So much noise for so little. These are not ordinary sweets.
Satya has brought them. That delivery man?
– Yes, he is a very good man. Good men wear pant and shirt,
but he puts on loincloth and shirt. You can see in our books.
Great men wear such clothes. But he is also dirty. You call Satya dirty.
Return my sweets. Take it. Who will eat
such dirty sweets? Let’s go. Go then, I’ll eat it myself. Go ahead. Those who call my Satya
dirty are dirty. I’ll eat it. Tara! Tara! Come, inspector. – What is it? Aunt, I’ve made silver bracelets. Beautiful! Satya will be very happy to see them. Satya, you fulfilled your vow.
Let me fulfil mine. Let me put these bracelets. You’re embarrassed. You don’t have to feel
shy in front of me. Turn around. What is this?
Handcuffs in Satya’s hands? Son, what is all this? Why
don’t you speak. Say something. Mother, it’s serious. Satya has to go. – No. Wait! Where are you taking him?
Has he robbed or looted someone. What has he done? Sir, please stop them.
– I am helpless. Satya is accused of
mixing poison in the sweets. No! No! Sir, it is all lies. Do you think I can poison you? Will I ever attempt to kill Tara? At times the law gets blindfolded.. ..but God sees everything. Don’t worry,
everything will be all right. Aunt. Now there is nothing to worry.
Tara is out of danger. You called me at the right time.
The girl is out of danger. Thank you, doctor. But remember, the girl
must get complete rest. – Yes. Get the bag. I used to think him to be a simpleton. We warned him not to meet
Tara so he took revenge like this. He put her life in danger. Child Tara. Sir, how is Tara? I hope she is all right. She is critical, but she is saved. She is saved! She is saved! God bless you, sir. You gave me a new
life by giving this news. Once Tara recovers,
you can even hang me. Don’t worry, Satya.
You’ll be free soon. Sir, I have no one to worry for. I regret that I’ll not
be able to see you as a groom. Why not? I’ve decided not to
marry until you’re free. Don’t make this mistake. Now if you don’t marry,
people will defame Sharda. I can’t even say that. But people will call her unlucky. But.. – No ifs and buts. Now her honour is in your hand. You must marry Sharda now
else I’ll kill myself. – Satya. What are you doing? Please agree to what I say. Okay, Satya. As you say! God bless you. You’ve invited everyone. See to it that nobody is left. Yes, l have given invitation to all. Why are you boasting? You’ve not invited me! Satya – No, sir. Not like this.
Invite me with a smile. ‘I’m getting married to Sharda.
Satya, you must come.’ Say it, sir. I’m getting married to Sharda. Satya, you must come. Satya. Satya. Satya. Tara, my child. Talk to your mother. Satya. Satya’s name is on her lips. We’ve imprisoned him
yet she didn’t forget him. You’ve got Satya imprisoned. But why? He poisoned you!
– What are you saying, mother? Child!
– Daddy, all this is a lie. Satya did not poison me. He is a very good person. Yes, he is better than daddy. Please call Satya. I want to meet him. Now please keep quiet. Satya has told you to sleep. Really, mom? Did Satya say that? – Yes, child. Then I’ll sleep. Satya. Sir. May God bless the couple! Sir, you have done me a great favor. I have seen you
now as a bridegroom. Satya, we got married
to keep you happy. After taking mother’s blessings,
we’ve come straight to you. Mother has sent sweets for you. I’ll feed you with my own hands. Ma’am Sharda. Sir. Lord, bless the couple with children. Satya, blind law has imprisoned you.. ..but God’s justice will
very soon prove you innocent. Don’t pray for me. Pray for Tara’s speedy recovery. So that she can play again. Your thoughts are so noble.. ..and your soul so great! Don’t praise me. It is your greatness. Sir, quickly take the bride from here. It doesn’t look good for
a bride to be here. Go, sir. Inspector! Gauri. What is the matter? What is it? Really? – Yes. Drink friends. Enjoy Jaggu’s treat. Learn from me to kill
2 birds with one stone. Gauri, you! Come here! “Drink!” “Drink a little from my
intoxicating eyes, and live, my love!” “Drink! Drink a little from my
intoxicating eyes, and live, my love!” “Drink!” “The clouds of my
beauty are raining…” “The clouds of my
beauty are raining…” “Then why are you pining in thirst…” “My rosy eyes are asking…” “My rosy eyes are asking…” “My intoxicating lips
are also asking you…” “Drink, drink a little from
my intoxicating eyes, and live.” “Drink!” “A mind is like
overflowing alcohol and…” “A mind is like
overflowing alcohol and…” “…the intoxication of
love is unique, my beloved!” “See my stride which
can leave you gaping…” “My beautiful eyes
are also telling you…” “Drink, drink from my intoxicating
eyes, and live, my dear love. “Drink, drink…” Gauri, now don’t agonise me
more.- Go away, don’t talk. Drinks have gone to your head. Liquor goes to the heads of eunuchs.
This man here is a son of Man. To me a woman’s
dynamism brings color for me. Your youth, has
totally imbalanced me. Till now why had you
roasted my heart like a kabab. Quiet, did you ever peep
into my heart. Since long I have been
pining to be with you. What a fool am I? I thought all this
while that you’ve gone.. ..crazy for that delivery man. Fool, that’s a trick. Don’t you know all this
was to make you jealous? Really? – Yes. If you really cared for Gauri.. would’ve cut Satya into
pieces and packed him in his boxes. I swear. I’ve fixed that Satya. Don’t just boast!
– I don’t boast. I mixed poison in his sweets. Two birds with one stone! One was that delivery man
and the other was inspector Prasad. Yes, with his luck Prasad escaped. But our good fortune got
that delivery man arrested. Come here, my sweetheart. Give me some love. Get away, killer. I’ll fix you. Sir! Inspector, you can’t escape now.
– Hands up! Throw the knife. Throw it! Okay. I’ll escape
your clutches. – Move! Listen, Gauri.
You can’t hide from me for long. Get out! Come! Come! Sir, keys. Come, Satya. The real culprit has been nabbed.
You can go now. Sir, can I meet Tara? – Yes. Bye. – Satya. I’ve got you out of jail.
Talk to me first. Gauri, leave my hand.
I’m getting late. – Satya! Did you see, sir?
He freed his hand and left. He is heartless. You’re no less.
You too are quite bossy. Not bossy. I only talk tough. I’m like a coconut.
Hard from outside and soft inside. I act this way to protect myself? I stay alone amongst hooligans. No parents, no relatives. I consider only Satya my own,
but he doesn’t care for me. Sir, how long should I keep suffering? You’ve come here again.
– How is Tara? You spared no efforts to kill her. It is God’s grace that she survived. I’ll meet her for some time. What? Have you forgotten
the beating you got that day? No, sir. I’ll leave. Get lost! Child! Tara, open your eyes. Look. Satya has come. Satya? – Yes, child. Where were you for so many days? Child, that.. Don’t worry about me. How are you? Now that you’re here I’ll
be fine soon. – Get well soon. But I did not mix
poison in the sweets. I was trapped by some
people as I am poor. I know that, stupid.
Can you ever poison me? You’re better than my daddy. I’m very scared of your daddy. If he sees me here,
he will beat me up. If you become a policeman,
you’ll not be scared of anyone. Okay. I’ll become a policeman
not for me, but for you. Okay? Miss Daniel. I’ll go now. You sleep. Laxmi, did someone come here? No, sir. Come, sir. – Hello, inspector. Here is your man. I’ve brought a locket
which belongs to him. While leaving,
he left it on the window. I want him to be arrested for theft. No, sir. You can abuse me,
but don’t call me a thief. I went to meet Tara
and not to commit theft. You’re worse than a thief. If you had stolen 100,000
rupees from my house.. ..I would’ve still forgiven you. But you’ve looted everything. You’ve snatched my
only daughter’s love. Don’t use such big words. My only offence is
that I can’t forget Tara. I love her dearly. I have enough wealth to.. the whole city if I want. But today I beg of you.. ..please return my
daughter’s love to me. Don’t say that. You’re Tara’s father. Don’t beg a poor
man and embarrass him. Then promise that you’ll not
meet her again. You’ll forget her. No. I can’t forget her. But I promise I’ll not meet her again. But what will be the use?
Who will make her understand? She can’t stay without me. She will come to my hut. There is one way. Tell her Satya drowned in the river. Give her my locket. She will believe you. She knows I can’t swim. She will surely cry,
but don’t scold her. Explain to her with love. She will forget Satya in some days. She is just a child. Mom. – Yes, child? Satya hasn’t come. When will he come? Tell me. Now he will not come.
Satya is dead. – Dead? While bathing in the river he drowned. Dead? Satya is dead! Daddy! Yes, he did not know
how to swim so he drowned. Look. He left this locket for you. Satya died. Tara. – Oh Lord! Tara! – Tara! Call the doctor quickly! Tara. – Tara. Tara!
– Satya. What is it? Why are you shouting? What law have I broken? I haven’t even gone to meet Tara. I was only thinking about her.
Is it also a crime? Inspector has ordered
us to fetch you. – Okay. Lock me in prison.
This will be better. If I stay out, I won’t be able
to stop myself from meeting Tara. Once in jail,
I’ll out of this dilemma. Come on. Doctor? I’ve tried my level best,
but now it is all in God’s hands. What are you saying? There must be some cure,
some medicine! Sir, don’t lose hope. We’re trying. I’m responsible. For fame,
I gave false love to the world.. ..but left my daughter
in the care of expensive toys. She wanted her mother’s love,
which I could never give her. Never! Leave me, I know where to go. After imprisoning me once,
you’ve made a habit out of it. There is no need to lock.
I’ll stay here for life. Satya! Where are you looking?
I’m inside. What are you doing inside? After sending two constables,
you’re asking me. I didn’t call you
to lock you up. – Then? The government has
made you a policeman. Government has.. I’ve become a policeman?
Sir, I’ve become a policeman. Come on, salute. – Salutations! Stomach in and hands up. Sir, where is my uniform? Get the uniform. – Get it quick. Here. – The lord be praised! First l will meet my master,
salute her, and do left right! Satya. Come. – May I come in? l hope you will not
ask me to Get out. l will show my police dress
to my master and then go away. l will never come again. Sir, l am now a real policeman. Govt has given me this dress. Master’s dream is fulfilled. Seeing me in this dress,
she will be very happy. Sir, just give me two minutes.
Thereafter I’ll never return. I touch your feet. Go up, today,
nobody will stop you. Child Tara. Master. Today, you’ll not even reply? Okay. Then I too will not
come in front of you. No reply! Understood,
since I didn’t come for many days.. ..she is annoyed with me. Today I’ll recite a lesson
which will make you jump with joy. Should I? P for police. C for constable. U for uniform. And S for Satya. What has happened to Tara? Aunt? Madam? What happened to her? Sir, what is all this? She was cured? I killed my daughter. I knew how much she loved you.. ..yet I told her you’re dead. Child! Now her life is in God’s hands. If that is true,
then she will be saved. God is with me in my hut. I’ll pray for her life. What have I asked God till now? Only two morsels
and a pair of clothes? If God doesn’t answer my prayer.. ..I’ll get angry with God. I’ll take him out of my hut.
I’ll never talk to him. Child, I beg of you. Get up. Wake up! Open your eyes. Look, today your dream has come true. I’ve become a real policeman. Look, I have a uniform and a cap. Look, I have a whistle too. Child! Master, open your eyes. Look, I salute you. I can even march.
Look at me. Left. Right. Left. Right. Left. Right. Left. Right. Left. Right. Left. Right. Wake up, Tara. Look at me, child. Look at me, child. “Wake up, Tara.” “Wake up, Tara.” “Wake up, Tara.” “The toys and beautiful dreams,
are broken and one gypsy…” “…is crying in the lane.” “Please wake up Tara.” “Please wake up Tara.” “Let us go to a carnival..” “..let us make noise
and have some fun.” “Why don’t you speak,
and open your eyes.” “I have called your
name a hundred times.” “Awaken Tara.” “Awaken Tara.” “The world is big,
and my shack is small.” “But in the small shack,
how happy was my little doll.” “With your small feet, come with me.” “Of what use is this tall building.” “Awaken Tara. Awaken my Tara” “Awaken Tara. Awaken my Tara.” Child. Satya. – Yes, speak, tell me. You did not die! No, l did not, see l
am here in front of you. You have become a policeman? Yes, l am really a policeman.
See! l can salute now. Daddy, Mummy.
– Yes, daughter. Satya. Okay dear.
– Satya, will you listen to us? Just tell me, madam. Why don’t you stay with us. I too don’t feel like leaving
little Tara, but what to do… …beating me, she made me a
policeman. Now l will have… …to stay in police quarters only. You will not get the quarters. I salute you.
But why will l not get the quarters. Quarters is only for married men. If you want quarters, get married Marriage?
– Yes, marriage. Now do not delay. See l have
already prepared the bride. Gauri. Satya, if you want a
daughter like Tara, get married. Gauri, do you give your word…
– Go, move.. Satya, after marriage don’t
forget us. Keep meeting me. I will certainly meet you. When you go to school,
l will be the traffic Cop. I will stop the traffic and meet you. Like this, like this. After that all of you, go like this.

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