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Matthew McConaughey Says Hollywood Should Embrace Donald Trump | Splash News TV

Get this… Matthew McConaughey wants Hollywood to come
around and finally embrace Donald Trump. The Oscar winner was sitting down with the
BBC when he admitted that Trump’s meteoric rise to power is as divisive of an inauguration
as there has ever been. But when asked by the interviewer if Hollywood’s
elite should give the Trump a break… he said they don’t have a choice, he they’re
president now. He added that it’s time Hollywood shake
hands with the fact that Trump is now in power and be constructive with him over the next
four years. Then he said those who most strongly disagree
with his principles and the things he said and done, it’s time to think about how constructive
they can be because Donald is the man in the oval office. McConaughey made the declaration while promoting
his new film, Gold, in which he plays a businessman who discovers the precious metal in the jungles
of Indonesia.


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  2. D J Author

    Alright, alright, alright. Once a Texan – always a Texan. You can come back McConaughey, we forgive you. Now stay away from cucks, that shit is infectious.


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