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Mauka Mauka | India vs Pakistan | Asia Cup 2018 | V Seven Pictures

Papa !!! I told you We will snatch the trophy…. Just like we snatched freedom What are you doing here? To put Burj Khalifa in… what?? No No…To visit Burj… Why are you roaming naked?? Just routine security check….. Routine check or the checking like your prime minister went through…. Keep you laughs going… remember the entire world laughed when we made you cry a year back.. you are wrong One year ninety days and 14 hours… Wow.. counting days?? Keep it going.. and we shall keep counting the trophies… Heard of reverse counting?? What?? 5…4…3…2…1 Hey… hello… whats this nonsense… is this the way you will take your revenge?? I know how to take my revenge… You will not be able to do it…. you cannot take revenge will see If i wont play then how will you take your revenge These security guyswont let me go.. what do you mean? I carried the AK47 bag instead of cricket kit Help me just once for god’s sake.. will never ask a favor again Will surely help you.. even when god punishes you i will help you escape because only I have the right to punish you… Please give my towel, there are women inside the room


  1. V Seven Pictures Author

    Any pakistani here in comment section? Please dont stop commenting 😀 😀 …Hello…..where are you all? CT 17 account still not settled 😀 ….Padh kar bhi comment nahi kar rahe ho yaar 😀 😀

  2. vikas pawar Author

    उन्होंने 1 एड क्या बनाया आपने तो उनकी खोलकर मारनी शुरू कर दी भाई जय हिंद

  3. mohdyaqub khan Author

    I have seen many Pakistanis in usa airport for routine checkup. Its our passport value that make us proud all over world. Love you india

  4. Raju Kalu Author

    Bhai india ka character kisi or se karao ye bilkul bhi india me fit nahi hota kitni bakwas or wahyaad acting karta hai nepal bhi suit nahi hota hai uspe pakistan wala bhi isse achi acting kar lega india ki

  5. DP S Author

    What a punch line..
    Bhagawan bhi jb tujhe (PAK) ko saza de raha hoga to tujhe usse bhi churaunga, kyuki tujhe (PAK) ko saza dene ka haq kewal Hindustan ka hai….

  6. Niaz Niaz Author

    its just drama some people getting remuneration free like kedarjadav he performed only in india some matches even in world cup not bowling or batting dhoni he has some special target khohli u shound understand if he is there u will never gonna win any title please .today how he played please notice if he is playing chennai he can play better than this right time to think we are playing hard hitting cricket but 1 six in our innings short boundary😂😂😂😂😂really nice stats

  7. murad ahamed Author

    We know India is number 1 ranking team. they got top class batsman an baller doing these kind of things you just disrespect and mock don't have to prove anything to anyone you guys are best. please be respectful to other nation ..they too play for their country !! Not only india… thanks 😊

  8. Siddharth kumar Author

    i am here after 1992 euphoria of pakistan is over and nz defeated by eng. pakistan ab 2023 mein matching matching khelna

  9. Ahmad Shaheen Author

    We Afghani coming back to sub continent for RULE again … we are the real Fathers of Mahan India .
    پاکستانی بھائیوں تک چھوٹا نہ کریں ھم افغانی ہیں جواب دینے ۔۔۔ پاکستان کا نمک نہیں کھایا مگر ۔۔۔۔ مسلمانی اور پٹھانی جذبہ ھے ۔

  10. Hammad Zain Author

    Kia hua kiu nhi ate lahore me nashta krne kiu 1965 bhot dra ta ho ga na ,ye to trailer tha film to battle of hindustan me release kre ge ,jb tk chill kro


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