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Max & Ruby: Ruby Gets the Picture / Ruby’s Birdie / Max Plays Catch – Ep.55

♪ ♪ Max and Ruby ♪ ♪ Ruby and Max ♪ ♪ ♪ Max and Ruby ♪ ♪ Ruby and Max ♪ ♪ ♪ Max and Ruby ♪ ♪ ♪ Ruby and her little
brother, Max ♪ ♪ ♪ Max and Ruby ♪ [laughter] ♪ ♪ Stick! ♪ I’m sure there are lots of other
sticks that’ll be perfect for your flipping
chicks to flip onto. ♪ Stick! Oh, sorry Max. Louise and I are on a
very important mission. Today’s the day we
try to earn our Bunny Scout Insect
Expert Badge! Right, Bunny Scout Louise? Right, Bunny Scout Ruby! I’ve got my camera all ready! And I’ve got my Insect
Expert Guidebook! You see, Max, to earn our Bunny
Scout Insect Expert Badge, Louise and I have to find the
most unusual looking insect in the garden… And take a picture of it
for Bunny Scout Leader! Stick! Okay. You go look for your stick,
and we’ll look for the most unusual insect. Good luck, Max. ♪ Stick! ♪ (gasp!) (giggles) ♪ Ah …
Ruby? Yes, Louise? How will we know when we find
an unusual looking insect? Because it’ll look… unusual… You mean, like something
we’ve never seen before? Exactly. We’ll know it when
we see it because we’ve never
seen it before! Like… something likethat? Like what? Louise,
you did it! You found an unusual
looking insect! Yay! We’re gonna get our Bunny
Scout Inspect Expert Badges! Shhh!
We don’t want to scare it away. Oh!
Right, Ruby. According to my Insect
Expert Guidebook, the bug you’ve found is
called a Horned Beetle. Wow! I think Bunny Scout Leader
will be very happy. Iknowshe will! You’re better at taking
pictures than I am Ruby.. Are you sure, Louise? We’re a team!
Right Bunny Scout Rubby? Right, Bunny Scout Louise! Oh, this looks good…… One… Two… — Stick! OH! Max, what are you doing?! Good for you, Max. I guess you
found a new stick. Louise and I just found
what we’re looking for, too: A horned beetle! Right. I was just about
to take its picture, so could you move, please? ♪ (gasp!) Our Horned Beetle –
where did it go? I can’t see it anywhere. It’s gone, Ruby. Now we’re going to have to find
unusual looking insect! Come on Louise.
Let’s keep looking. ♪ Whatisit? According to my Insect Expert
Guidebook, it’s acentipede. It has ahundredlegs! Wow! How unuuusual! Hurry Ruby! Take its picture
before it moves! Okay.
Here goes. Huh? Stick! Max! Iknowyou have a stick –
and it’s a verynicestick – but I’m trying to take
a picture of a centipede. Now, if you’ll just
let me take its picture.. Eeeek!
– Ahhhh! HUH! The Camera was
Facing the wrong way! ♪ Awwwwwwww. Stick! Max, Bunny Scout Leader
is coming here soon and westill
don’t have a picture. (gasp!)
Ruby! Pass me the camera! There’s a really beautiful
butterfly on your head! Thereis? (gasp!) Come on. Let’s follow it and wait for
it to land somewhere else. I’m right with you,
Louise! ♪ Stick! Not now Max. ♪ Don’t let it out of
your sight, Ruby! I’m trying not to,
Louise! ♪ I think it’s looking
for a place to rest! Now’s our chance! My Guidebook says it’s a Spotted
Swallow-Tail Butterfly: “VERY UNUSUAL” Perfect for earning our Bunny
Scout Insect Expert Badge! Quick, take its picture! STICK! [Camera Flash] Max!
I know it’s your stick. But we’re not
looking for a stick, we’re looking for a
very unusual insect! And you’ve
certainly found one! Hello,
Bunny Scout Leader. Well, we did Bunny Scout
Leader, but instead of taking a picture of a
Spotted Swallow Tail butterfly, all I got was
a picture of Max’s stick! I know Ruby! It’s the stick
I’m talking about. The stick? (gasp!/surprised reactions) What is that? It’s called a
Walking Stick! It’s a bug that looks
just like a stick! Walking Sticks are one of the
most unusual looking insects anywhere! You mean…? Congratulations, girls: you’ve earned your Bunny Scout
Insect Expert badges – for finding the most
looking insect any Bunny Scout
has ever photographed! We didn’t do it alone. In fact, we couldn’t
have done it atall, without
Max and his — Walking Stick! ♪ Launch! ♪ Does it look straight
to you, Ruby? Perfectly straight,
Louise. (giggles)
Perfect! Then it’s time to break our
badminton record! (unsure)
Do you think we can? We’ve never hit the birdie
over the net ten times
in a row before. (confident) I know. We’ll have
to concentrate very hard. Remember the key to great
badminton playing is to keep your eye
on the birdie! (giggling) It’s funny that it’s
called a birdie, isn’t it? Some people call
it a shuttlecock. ♪ Let’s call ours a birdie! (giggles) Ready to break our record? Ready! ♪ One! Two-woooooops. Sorry, Ruby. I kept my eye
on the birdie – all the way up
into the tree! (cheerfully)
That’s okay, Louise. We’ve got lots more. Rocket in position. Ready to launch. Launch! Countdown to rocket launch!
Three … Two … One! Two! Three! Blastoff! (excited)
Launch! Five! Six! WOAH! It’s hard to keep
your eye on the birdie when there’s a rocket
shooting at you! (small chuckle)
You’re right about that, Louise. Oh Max! Launch. (patiently)
That was averynice launch. But Louise and I are trying
to break our badminton record. We need to get ten hits without
letting the birdie fall on the ground. Or land in the tree. So if you just wait till
we break our record, then you can launch
your rocket, okay? Thanks Max. (ever the cheerleader)
Okay, let’s start again. ♪ Launch… ♪ Three! Four! Five! Ah!
Oh no! ♪ (reasoning with him)
Max, could you please keep your rocket and
airplane on the ground? ♪ (sigh) ♪ Thanks, I knew
you’d understand. Don’t worry Max, the more
we play the better we get. We’re going to break that
record in no time! ♪ Launch. Three! Four! Five! We’re half way there! ♪ Launch! Ohhhhh, not again! ♪ (controlled) I believe this
belongs to you, Max. Ruby and I are sooo close
to breaking our record. (realizing)
Close. That’s the problem. You’re too close. Come on, Max. If you play over here, you can
play with anything you want. There.
That should be far enough. Have fun, Max! It’s okay, Louise Max’s toys
won’t interrupt us again. That’s good. I know!
I’m running out of energy. Andwe’rerunning
out of birdies! Then we’d better
makethisone count. This is our last chance. Let’s go! One! Two! Three! ♪ LAUNCH! Seven! Eight! We’re almost there, Ruby! Nine! ♪ Aaaaah! Keep your eye on the
birdie– er, BIRDIES,! I’m trying! There are so many of them! ♪ Ohhh. I completely lost count! I didn’t! I counted sixteen hits! Sixteen?
Really? Uh huh!
You know what that means? It means we didn’t just
break our record — we broke it by a LOT! ♪ And it was all
thanks to Max’s… Launch! ♪ (Humming) Which table do
these go on, Ruby? Ahh! Catch! I can’t play catch
with you, Max. Grandma’s garden party is today,
and Louise and I are helping while Grandma’s
upstairs getting ready. Don’t worry,
I’ve got a surprise for you. Hey, Ruby.
Hey Louise. Hey, Max.Hi, Roger!
(giggles) I asked Roger to come play
with Max while you and I help Grandma. Good idea, Ruby! Uh huh. Grandma’s guests
will be here soon, and we have to get
everything set out. We still have to put out
sandwiches and the punch … And the most important
thing of all… Grandma’s Famous Five
Fruit Fiesta Flan! Yum!
(giggles) So if you two could
play over there, we can finish
helping Grandma. Uh huh.
Ready for a game of catch, Max? ♪ (happy)
CATCH! (chuckle) All right!
Come on. Setting out the plates and
cutlery is kind of like decorating the table,
if you do it right. And we know how to do
it right, right Ruby? Right Louise! (giggle) Don’t forget to put a fork
on top of those napkins. Why? (slightly muffled)
Oh! That’s why! (laugh) Okay, Max. Here’s a few pointers
on how to play catch. First, always try to catch
the ball in the pocket of your glove. The pocket’s this
spot right here. Got it? Catch! Okay, here you go. Nice try Max. Just Hold your glove
a little lower. Don’t block your
view of the ball. Right. You need to be able to see
where the ball’s falling so you can get underneath it
and catch it. Catch. huh, huh. Ok here we go! Catch. You’re catching on. Now I’ll try a harder one. This is another one of Grandma’s
specialties: Sandwich pyramids. I hope they still
look like pyramids when we get them to the table. Waaah! huh! Whew! (excited)
Catch! (patiently) I’m glad you’re
having fun playing with Roger. But maybe you two could play farther from Grandma’s
garden party, okay? Uh huh.
C’mon. Thanks Roger. The guests will be
arriving any minute. We’d better hurry. (giggles) That’s a little far,
don’t you think? (confident)
Catch! Okay.
But remember what I said. Keep your eye on the ball,
and get under it as it drops. Okay, ready? It isn’t easy to hurry with
a punch bowl full of punch! Or with punch glasses! Whoa! Aaaah! wheew… (relieved)
That sure was close. (giggles) Catch! You want everything to go
smoothly for the garden party, right? Well her guests are
about to arrive, and Louise and I still have to
bring out Grandma’s Famous Five Fruit Fiesta Flan! If anything happened to that, her guests would be very
disappointed. So would we! So maybe you two should play
on theotherside of the fence. Just to be safe. Uh huh. Thanks. We’d better Hurry! And now for the
Main attraction! How’s it going down there,
Ruby? Fine, Grandma. We’ve got it all under control. I don’t know what I would
have done without your help! [Knock at door] Oh!
There’s my first guest. Time to put the flan out, girls! Grandma’s Famous Five
Fruit Fiesta Flan! (giggle) This is our most
important job of the day. Everybunny’s coming to the party
just to have a taste of this! I think this is a two-bunny job! And I’m your second bunny! Perfect! Catch! Way over there?
Are you sure? (firm resolve)
CATCH. Okay. Just remember to
stay under it. A little further… Almost there… YAY!
(Cheers and claps) And no signs of
any bouncing balls! It looks perfect! Right this way everyone. ♪ Uh oh… huh? ♪Whoa!That’show to get
under the ball! What just happened? Ruby! That was spectacular! You just saved my
Famous Five Fruit Fiesta Flan with your amazing– CATCH!


  1. Yul Nepomuceno Author

    ruby and louise carry for surprise and max and rogger play and the cake was fall into cake and when ruby catch the ball
    the cake was safe


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