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Mean Girls (1/10) Movie CLIP – Meeting the Plastics (2004) HD

I’m new. I just moved here
from africa. What?
I used to be home-schooled. Wait. What? My mom taught me at home–
no, no. I know what home-school is.
I’m not retarded. So you’ve actually never been
to a real school before? Shut up. Shut up. I didn’t say anything. Home-schooled. That’s really interesting.
Thanks. But you’re, like, really pretty. Thank you.
So you agree. What?
You think you’re really pretty. Oh, I don’t know– Oh, my god,
I love your bracelet. Where did you get it? Oh, my mom made it for me. It’s adorable.
Oh, it’s so fetch. What is “fetch”? Oh, it’s, like, slang.
From England. So if you’re from africa… Why are you white? Oh, my god, karen, You can’t just ask people
why they’re white. Could you give us some privacy
for, like, one second? Yeah, sure. (mouthing) (whispers inaudibly) Okay, you should just know
that we don’t do this a lot, So this is, like,
a really huge deal. We wanna invite you
to have lunch with us Every day for the rest
of the week. Oh, it’s okay–
coolness. So we’ll see you tomorrow. On wednesdays, we wear pink. Oh, my god!
Okay, you have to do it, okay?


  1. William Shalden Ambassing Author

    School Totalitarian rule #1: If an unknown, dangerous element has entered the system (Cady, the new girl), the Dictator must reel in said element to the system to prevent a future threat.

  2. rhonda howard Author

    "But you're like really pretty."

    Only Regina George can make that sound more like a threat than a compliment. Cady being "pretty" is not good at all when Regina is supposed to be the alpha female.

  3. Healeon Author

    Here because this movie is amazing. This movie was very realistic, showing how fitting in is like and trashtalking behind backs, and that nobody is really an antagonist at school, it just depends on how you view them. All the characters are quite likable.

  4. logan drawer Author

    So fetch….sooo…if your from Africa why are you….white……..oh hell nahhhh
    On wednesdays we wear pink…..😕😕😕😕😕😕😕😕

  5. Deathbat WWE Author

    I have a feeling that Bully was inspired by Mean Girls, i mean bully was released 2 years after Mean Girls in 2006, Jimmy and Cady both were new students in their respective schools and quickly rises to the top with Jimmy taking over as the king of the school and Cady took over Regina's place as queen bee, Jimmy was hated after that spray painting town hall mission and Cady was hated after they thought she pushed Regina on the bus, a school riots occur on both schools and finally in the end jimmy and cady both settled down to have a normal life and a happy ending…

  6. roxanna mavakanian Author

    Karen is so good at playing a ditzy girl its not even funny she mastered that role. We overlook her stupidity with Reginas cruelness And Gretchens desperate attempt to be cool and be Reginas number one.


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