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Meet Casanova, Hollywood’s Premier Party Robot: California Soul


  1. 777Dubliner Author

    Rebuild this! computers have upgraded and theres so much you can do to it now, i would totally build this and strap it with LEDs, bluetooth, display screens, and a automated pumping beer keg, people would rent the shit out of that!

  2. aquiles perez Author

    I got a Robot similar to Casanova made by Circus Playhouse. I came across on a search of similar robots or the story behind the one I purchased at an auction. Please reply with any feedback.

  3. Tucker's DJ Mixtape Podcast Author

    How much cocaine would it take to think that this was necessary in your party circa 1980-something? I'd only want it around if it could pack, hold, and light my crack pipe. Still, this MCA looking motherfucker is a genius for that People's Court move. 


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