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Meet SHAZAM! – In Theaters April 5

– Woman: There’s a foster couple outside, Mr. Batson. – I can take care of myself.
– Give these people a chance. ‘Cause that’s
what they’re giving you. – Billy is a foster kid who’s
been in and out of foster homes. – Woman: This is Billy Batson. – He’s a really good kid
who wants the best, who sticks up for the other kids. – Hey. Man, sorry about that. – Zachary: And because he is pure of heart… – Wizard: Billy Baston. – …he’s transported to this wizard… – I choose you as champion. – …who endows him
with this power of Shazam. – Shazam. – He has this power
of just saying one word… …and turning into a superhero. – Aah! Aah!
– It’s me– Billy. – What is happening? – First he goes to see
his friend Freddy. – You’re the only person I know
that knows anything about this Caped Crusader stuff.
– What are your super powers? – Super powers?
Dude, I don’t even know how to pee in this thing. – Freddy is a superhero fanatic. And so when he finds out that Billy is a superhero, he’s like, “I know
exactly what to do.” – Freddy:
You’ve got super strength. – Freddy is like, “Okay, we have
to test your abilities. And, of course, they’re gonna film it. – Waah! – You okay?
Why aren’t you talking? [ groaning ] – I feel like any kid who gains
the power of being an adult is gonna be like, “You should do
things only adults can do.” Duh. – I’d like to purchase some
of your finest beer, please. Ahh! That tastes
like actual vomit. – What kid doesn’t wanna be
a superhero? – Exact–What adult
doesn’t wanna be a superhero? – Yeah, what person or kid
doesn’t wanna be a superhero? – I’m still waiting.
– Shazam! – Shazam is one of a very few
superhero characters that is genuinely stoked
to be a superhero. – Your phone’s charged.
Your phone’s charged. – What the hell! – More often than not,
you’ve got a character who is begrudgingly pulled
into this, and everybody needs them,
and they’re like, “Ohh. I have to save the world again.” Billy Batson is stoked. – You’re like a bad guy, right? – I just get to show up on set
and be like, “I get to do this? I get to fly around
and fight bad guys?” – You have bullet immunity! – You’re dead. [ imitating weapon sounds ] – Shazam!


  1. Bdn Dl Author

    I don't usually see DCEU movies since after I saw the monstrosity that is Batman vs Superman, but I saw Aquaman and liked it. And looking at the tone for this movie, i may actually see it

  2. Dark Night Author

    Roll call attendance in class(superhero version)
    Bats:present(in growling voice)
    T:iron man
    Im:present(robotic jarvis voice)
    T:cap America
    Cap:present(stands uptight and salutes the teacher)
    T:captain marvel
    Captain marvel:present*3
    T to og captain marvel:uhh, sorry, but u can't be in this class, u r not in the required quota.
    T to shazam:good, u haven't forgotten ur true identity, even if stupid fools made u forget it, I appreciate that.
    T to brie larson craparvel:SIT….. UR…… ASS……. DOWN…… BIIIIIIITCH!!!!!!!
    (Whole class erupts in laughter) 😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁

  3. Denver 96 Author

    I remember when the teaser came out I was so skeptical and even thought this might not work at all even though David F. Sandberg is at the helm. Man what a complete 180° turnaround. The more TV spots I see the more excited I get for this movie.
    Everyone's asking for another trailer. Frankly, I don't need one. My faith is renewed.

  4. Leliana Widi Author

    This movie is not for non-dreamers
    This movie is not for realists
    This movie is not for those who don't really care about a story of a family

    But i'm not one of them. This movie is literally a gift to me who is a dreamer, full of imagination, also a daughter and a sister who loves my family.
    Thank you WB and Mr Pony, i'm waiting for april faithfully

  5. TechNStuff Author

    Mavel fan boys- His Muscle Look soo Fake. wahh wahh wahh !
    Us – At Least We got the Real Captain Marvel.
    * Marvel Fan boys Kermits Swercide***

  6. homelessmoon Author

    Warner Cunts, I am not watching Shazam or any other movie from you guys until @

    You fuck ups destroyed Superman, Batman in Justice League and wasted Henry Cavill and Ben Affleck

    Most of all, you fucked over Zack Snyder who made MOS, the best comic movie ever.

    Release The Fucking Snyder Cut NOW!

  7. Taurus Dragon Author

    Somebody(me) need to be fasting and save money because the cinema is calling!!!! Too many good movies come out for the first half of the year already!

  8. Jose Magallon Author

    I think it would be funny to see them joke about the name of Captain Marvel. Like Deadpool for example
    Ryan: ……Captain Deadpool 😲 nah just Deadpool 🤨

  9. Overkill Maximus Author

    This will bomb. They killed Captain Marvel…oh sorry Shazam. Made him look like a tool, and the padded outfit is the worst I've seen in many years. What a waste of a great character.

  10. hoibsh Author

    Thing I like about SHAZAM — whoa, dig those caps — is that he's a down-to-earth superhero. He doesn't have the unreal naivity of Superman or the grim gravitas of Batman. He's the guy that will take the time to help u with your homework.

  11. Premji M Pradeep Author

    Guys please make a Indian super hero movie with a Bollywood star….DC can win india by this movie…..#From a die hard DC fan

  12. BatmanFan777 Author

    Hey stupid Warner Bros i hope you better listen this is Not funny anymore how you are trying to make Dc Heroes everything Endless what is a deal with Robert Pattinson did he really ask he wanted to be Batman for this to Nuke down your company all of your Fans will against you and i hope they will sue you for this time to Fired him who trying to make The Batman Movie your fans will worship you if you will Not save your Company


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