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Meet The Actors Who Play ‘Harry And Meghan’ In Lifetime Movie | TODAY


  1. Loresha Bryan Author

    Okay so am calling it from now even though it will take years to happen. PRINCE GEORGE WILL MARRY A BLACK WOMAN. Am telling y'all its going to happen.

  2. JoJo Pemb Author

    Wow, whoever did the casting for this did an awesome job. I was watching the clip and thought that was actually them until I realized that little Prince George isn’t that tall lol

  3. Clarisa AntiAgingDermatology Author

    Both of them Gorgeous people!! She is not ashamed to show she biracial by wearing her beautiful curly hair.. She looks much more real and beautiful than Meghan..

  4. savvysearch Author

    From the clip, she is so perfectly cast. The mannerisms were dead-on without being a caricature. I almost mistook Kate Middleton as well. I’m still not going to watch it though, it looks horrible. This is something for royal watchers only.

  5. shawn preston Author

    Meghan's hair texture is actually more kinky and coarse than how the actress, Parisa, has her hair now. I wonder if Meghan will wear her natural hair out in public…I hear she hates it and likes getting Dominican blowouts, which makes it long and straighter.

  6. ceceoo3 Author

    They look just like them. Aww I loved the movie, watching it again right now lol. It was fantastic and I admit I was a little teary at the end lol

  7. Shipwreck Author

    Just seen the movie it was cute. Both were great and they seem cool outside their roles . Happy for everyone all around great story

  8. Reckless Savage Author

    The actress Parisa Fitz-Henley is stunning! Its nice that she is half Caribbean/white too and gets to play the actress Meghan Markle because they both have similar heritage.

  9. Debbie Harden Author

    Thank you for this interview. I loved this movie!! I watched it at just about every time it aired. Hoping Hallmark Channel will air it (since Meghan has been in some of their movies).

  10. Jalen Anderson Author

    why did they do this? i love lifetime and they did good with casting but everyone knows lifetime BUTCHERS real stories.

  11. Sandy Reeves Author

    Harry question why are you playing down what mm that you asked her as just a joke or something to that affect I have watched you looking like a dog in heat! So how can you down play it as just to fool her I kind of think that you said what you said and lied to England and your Grandmother especially your Grandmother have you no remorse for your actions and I feel you need and should be made to make an emotional speech that that girl that you thrust upon everybody deserves an answer! You did everything that you and she did with no care given to the people to bring back what ever trust and disrespect that you dumped and duped your family with disrespect Would think that you should give the family and the people around the world Imho what you did is disgusting and embarrassing! I feel really sad for your grandmother who loves you so much and mm yelling to her racial what ever and I never thought that that was the case at all because mm is out of control and you can't
    Handle her and unless that is not squashed even if you put locks on every door and window she will still go out looking for someone else she wants to screw for she finds men and does with them when because you are married it should be you that she does this with not going out looking for other men looking for men that will screw her and that is what you will have to put up with for as long as she is married to you or anyone else! I think it makes her feel that she has the control of other men and it makes her feel more powerful as you are old hat now as far as she is concerned and you are the next one to be dumped by her like as they say love them and leave them! She is a Pro when it comes to that and I am interested in hearing her first husband to get the true story of why she split with him!
    You do remember what your Grandmother said about your kids that she won't accept the kids that you have with her and you realize why she said that and their was some man that reamed your Grandmother for accepting mm and he was not a happy camper! He was livid about mm and I know that you run and complain to her whenever puts mm In a hate and you tell everyone that you are unhappy about the titles were put on her and I’m telling you that you know that your grandmother has broken many protocols to make mm and you happy but you weren't happy with her titles what do you and her think that she should have everything when she is not deserving being in the royals! But the mm and you don't think that she should have a better name or whatever she wants and you make yourself looking like a little puppy dog, don't you ever feel that your Grandmother should just hand everything you want about all the things that you and mm should think about what you and her ask of her you are not the only ones in the royal family and Eugenie has to keep changing her plans for the two of you! She has been waiting and waiting to get married but the two most spoilt brats in the family and I think that you don,t deserve anything really! So no sympathy for poor mm for not getting this or getting that! You two sound like you think should be given everything! You know why when the two of you were together for almost two years why when she had all that time did she not take the opportunity for learning to be more royal? Because she was not planning herself to follow the rules! You knew she was a dirty girl and she goes out lord knows how many times a week looking for hunks that will screw her and you are enabling her to do that and you slug down booze to try and forget what she is doing that you know what she is doing and you know that by getting her accepted! But you were so wanting this trash of a girl is all out for what she wants! Sorry but the only reAson she married you was to make her more famous she is using you and she is taking the spot light away from you purposely because she doesn’t,t like when someone else does something and she feels so sorry for herself Harry it's getting sickening! She always wants attention and doesn't want anybody stepping in her way! Why does she always wanting a competition ie how much money does Kate get she asked you about George and

  12. Tiana Simms-Russell Author

    This movie was everything and the fact that she's black actually maybe mixed but Jamaicam for sure me too but I loved her acting her sass everything I love Meghan and Harry

  13. Tru Testimony Author

    I can't tell Princess Meghan from gotdamn Meghan actor…Sheesh the look is dead on and her acting was surpurb..Sooo fine..Also this young man was lovely as Prince Harry..They can make a career out of just being the decoys every where they need them to be throw folks off on location🤣🤣🤣


    How do u marry ur distant cousin..🤔…Royal families usually marry way down the bloodline..Just weird..Meghan will want for nothing and Harry is the most realest person..Harry more modern…Lol

  15. Rita Sallie Author

    I enjoyed the movie immensely, but I hated those head dips and weird pauses in the middle of dialogue that the actress did throughout

  16. I Brownie Author

    The lady that plays Megan is stunning, absolutely gorgeous… I saw the movie which was amazing I don't think no one else could compare to their portrayal of this lovely couple 👏🌹

  17. Lady Gemini Author

    This movie will always be special for me. I was a fan of "Suits' from
    the beginning, so I knew of the Duchess before the couple even met. A
    friend of mine was a crew member and helped me in as an extra. I had
    such a great time. I met so many wonderful people, and had the time of
    my life. It was a lot of fun, and I have so many great memories.


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