MEGATRON Transformer Is Super Mean!!! | Universal Studios Hollywood USH 2014 V#122 HSKY HD

that is the Transformer I think one of the Transformers is about to come out here is a schedule it’s one o’clock so it’s going to be Megatron I don’t know, I’m scare of Megatron cause you know, Megatron is mean! so there you go you can only see three Optmus Prime, Bumble Bee and Megatron so that’s it Maybe I’ll get in line, Oh he’s about to come out! Megatron has escaped, Megatron has escaped! does anyone have eyes on NDU 1 he’s moving towards the east bay stop him, do not let him out those doors he’s transforming [ growl ] coward Optimus, we meet yet again stop with all this humas… citizens of prepare yourself for the apocalyptic rein or terror for your nefarious nightmare has struck upon the fold I will unleash a burning legion Decepticon terror upon all you Autobot supporters your stalk will be min I will battle Optimus Prime until he is no more wretched galaxies and chaotic conquerers prepare to surrender to your lead prepare to surrendor to Megatron [ boo ] listen up you bubbling boof where I am standing is my platform no point of you humans to cross it even one foot or digit to cross this white line, I will crush you vengence you can not comprehend if you are autobot, you have two options you may die, or you may die slowly the choice is yours Decepticon peep, bring forward my first victim have you come to join me? thumbs up, that’s all you offer your lord? you should escape back you look like a racoon with that streak in your hair join me raise your fist, all heil megatron! hold still where are you off to? what sort of present do you offer me woman? this male is much to feable you call that a bread? shave it more, it will grow more ha ha ha ha ha !! are you prepared to join my decepticon army child? yes, he is ! your glorious together! I’m not kind Yeah!! [ woman yells ] Hey can you hold this I’m recording It’s on record? yeah it’s already record, but you can tap that to take pictures What do you bring me in the suitcase? say hi to somebody? We’re making a movie! We’re making a movie! Excellent this trooper is 20 seconds away from death if I don’t find out whats in the suitcase! What’s in your bag? regular stuff, like my clothes and stuff inspect it Did you take a picture? click it oh yes, you have to pump up the camera do you? you human soldiers, I wish no more messages to be given, burn the camera now! ha ha ha burn the camera so mean

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