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Melissa Gilbert Shares Her Struggles With Body Image In Hollywood | Megyn Kelly TODAY


  1. Ill Author

    Funny how she carries on and on about how bad plastic surgery is and then she way over does her make up LOL way too harsh, the lipstick the eyes LOL

  2. trini Author

    In Hollywood, there are so many younger actors fighting to get a leg up that the established ones are deathly afraid of losing their foothold, hence the age problem. If Hollywood doesn't want older actors then all actors must have a contingency plan for themselves.

  3. Vee Ardy Author

    I don't need no husband or audience to tell me whether I'm alright to look at or not. I decide whether to straighten my buckteeth and flat iron my hair or not.

  4. Valerie Kirk Author

    I love the freedom she has to just be herself and embrace her beauty. Does anyone else think she looks like Diane Keaton in this interview?

  5. Lilly Wiggles Author

    Beautiful woman, grew up watching Little House. (She looks so much more Beautiful "without" the Red lipstick.) 😉🙄🤗💞🌹🌹

  6. Diana Cox Author

    I don’t know just when this was, but Melissa, you look fantastic. I love your hair. Good for you to stand up for yourself and what you believe in….YOU! I loved Little House. It was such a wonderful family show. One my daughters could watch. So much of that kind of show is gone today 😢 I had no idea what you had to go through on Dancing With The Stars…you were great. Just wanted to let you know how loved you are. I hope this gets passed in to you. ❤️❤️❤️

  7. chong leong chua Author

    Her voice doesn't change much, just a little bit aged, I can still hear voice like the way she sounded when she was nine years old, incredible

  8. Almudena Carnero Author

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  9. Patricia Ridley Author

    I love you too much ❤️ Melissa Gilbert. My favorite actor.i love Little House on the prairie.and always wanted to meet u in person.hugs.

  10. UK Medic Author

    Everyone making comments about plastic surgery. Why do YOU care so much about what someone does with their body? That negativity is exactly why women feel pressured to look a certain way. Why are women so mean to each other? We all struggle with the same issues. I am almost 6ft tall and thin with a big chest and a small waist and i get accused of having some type of plastic surgery just about everyday from a female with low self esteem and its very sad. I wish we could just support each other. I tell women everyday that theyre beautiful.

  11. Jennifer W Author

    Love Melissa Gilbert. What's wrong with Hollywood? She's ten thousand times more beautiful then the bimbos with their faces and bodies pumped full of poison. Don't they realize how cheap and artificial they look when they do that? Aging gracefully is much lovelier. That goes for men, too.

  12. perempuan biasa Author

    she was ugly when she was a kid with bad teeth, but when she was a teenager she was so beautiful, i was impressed and jealous of her. And now at her age 54 years old I do not see her beauty anymore. How old she was when she lost her beauty exactly or what year was that? considering there are some other actress who are older than she is, but still beautiful without plastic surgery (I do not know for exactly just as they say or people say)

  13. Colleen Yousef Author

    Aww Melissa, you are an inspiration to women everywhere!
    I love your look, so fresh, natural & absolutely BEAUTIFUL!
    You go girl, blaze a trail…

  14. Andrea Sher Author

    This is actually comforting. Jamie Curtis did the very same thing! These women are very admirable. It’s refreshing to know, not all actresses and actors are plastic. Thank you for sharing your strength.

  15. Jane Eyre Author

    Playing victim. Look this is whiny and silly. No movie maker can pretend you still look 22 when you are nearing 50. It hurts but its life. Look at all the successful OLDER actors. Melissa you look great!

  16. tammyramey Author

    I like the way Megan said that, that it takes someone like Melissa to refuse all these cosmetic surgeries and everything else that goes along with it, to set a new standard. TRUE! And I LOVE Melissa! Laura Ingalls rules!!!!

  17. Gribouille Onaicram Author

    Melissa Gilbert 👍👍👍👌👌👌👏👏👏👏👏👏👏💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💞💞💞💞

  18. Shirley Bartolo Author

    Love Melissa Gilbert love what she stands for he im 60 I use stuff in the kitchen to look after my skin im not wealthy natural in all ways is the best

  19. Assunta Lagna Author

    Molto bella non so quante volte e volte ho visto La casa nella prateria ,,,,,,peccato non la trasmettono più Melissa ti adoro

  20. 007 007 Author

    I am French. I grow up with the little house in the prairie when I was a kid. Love this show. Cast and crew. Very good work on this show. This a real pleasure to see Melissa Gilbert. Thank you little house team for all this wonderfull stories.

  21. Lida Martin Author

    MELISSA GILBERT ,was perfect in little house on the Prairie, she gave such an intense performance it gave me a love for the real little House stories .I found out a lot about her real life ,so so interesting ,i keep all the information in my folder Brilliant !!!!!!

  22. Lisa Morrison Author

    Oddly, it is somewhat of a relief for me to hear her acknowledge her nose job. It was obvious when she did it but it was at a time when most people didn't admit to getting work done. It kind of made me sad that she felt the need to do it as she was already beautiful with her 'natural' nose. The fact that so much pressure was placed on her and other actors to look a certain way is extremely maddening. I'm so glad that she has gotten to a place of self-acceptance and that she has made a conscious choice to embrace her natural beauty. Personally, I think that her desire to be authentic and her newfound stance against cosmetic procedures only enhances her obvious beauty. Kudos Melissa Gilbert! I'm so happy for you

  23. oum maître riadh Author

    Pourquoi vous traduisez pas en français .ou sous titrer .ça m'intéresse .mais je comprends pas l'anglais .j'ai toujours suivi les épisodes de la maison de la prairie .J'ai rigolé et pleuré avec eux .a présent je voudrais bien connaître ce que les acteurs et actrices deviennent.Merci.

  24. Real Grammy Author

    The double standard, concerning men & women, absolutely infuriates me. It’s not only a celebrity thing. It’s true for us “regular folk” also. As far as Hollywood goes, obviously they except aging actors more than aging actresses. There are a handful of lucky ones – Helen Mirren, Meryl Streep, Sally Field – just to name a few. The double standard that bothers me the most is the weight issue. When a “Not Thin As A Rail” actress is a success, and the media takes notice, their coverage is always along these lines:
    “ Actress Jane Doe is taking Hollywood by storm, despite being considered overweight” or “Overweight actress Jane Doe is a hit with movie goers”. They NEVER describe an actor in those words.

  25. Vinz Quitain Author

    Oh goodness how we all love Melissa Gilbert from the times she's just a little Laura Ingalls up until now as an empowered Melissa! Oh wow! Michael Landon must be so proud!

  26. Tessie Author

    Oh Melissa, you are such a beautiful person-I saw it in your face when you were little and I still see it there today.So glad you got those implants out-that was love for your body! You didn’t need them or anything else!

  27. M Perry Author

    I like that Melissa Gilbert speaks openly about her feelings about the way Hollywood and society places on women to look good. I am 51 and I am seeing the changes in my body and my face. I am no longer slim as I was when I was 31 and had thick long hair and now it has thinned out and I do feel a little uncomfortable when I go out in the public, but I will learn to accept myself the way I am and this was a good commentary from Melissa Gilbert, so I will just learn from what she said. All of the comments on this board are great to read, so Bless you all for your comments.


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