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Message from Hollywood Mayor Josh Levy regarding Hurricane Irma

hi I’m Hollywood mayor Josh levy as you
can expect various city departments are right now preparing the city for
hurricane Irma and right now I want to encourage you to take precautions as
well to prepare yourself your family your homes and your businesses to be
safe in the upcoming storm you and your families should be prepared to be
self-sufficient for three to five days take this time now to review your
hurricane plan and stock up on supplies and protect your property
city officials myself included continue to monitor hurricane Irma which as you
know is a very strong and dangerous storm you can visit the city’s website
at a sand evacuation routes on the website the city is in
communication with local state and federal resources to prepare for
hurricane Irma as your mayor I urge you to take this storm seriously be prepared
to take the steps necessary to safeguard yourself your family and your property

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