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Minecraft The Movie! (Official Fake Trailer)

Hey guys! So after much request, I finally played Minecraft for the first time. And I know a lot of you out there that don’t like minecraft are probably gonna be like “Uh, Minecraft is for litte kids!” Well, it’s not! It’s for BIG kids TOO! And, yeah I’m not ashamed to admit it, I enjoyed playing it. Sure there’s no story line or objectives, and maybe it isn’t meant for people in their 20’s. In fact it’s so easy, a 5 year old could play it. And maybe it does have absolute worst graphics I’ve ever seen(true dat) in a game that is still around today, but…. I… I… Where was I going with this? But seriously the graphics are so bad though. I mean again, the gamplay’s great , it’s just that it’s 2015 and the characters look like this. I feel like just looking at them, I can tell what their voices sound like… Pretty normal. What? Were you excepting some kind of primitive caveman type of voice? (deep silly voice) That’s racist! Anyway! I played it, I liked it and I’m not afraid to admit it. I enjoy playing mine…sweeper! It’s so fun, what’s up man? Dude, I’m in the next room. I can hear you. Oh, sorry about that man. I’ll keep the minesweeper volume down… oh. That version doesn’t even have sound.(facepalm) Right… Minority Report the movie does and that’s what you probably what you heard me talking about… in the room next door. DVD’s still in the case. Because… I was going to watch it later after I finish watching my minor league football. Baseball. Baseball team play in the playoffs, which is being held in… Mineapolis, Minesota. See, where the Mineapolis Forty Miners.. Look! I don’t care if you play Minecraft, just keep it down. I’m sick, I’m trying to sleep…(poor sean 🙁 ) I’m not lying! I would love to be there with my fellow Forty Miners… but I have a torn… meniscus in my knee. And I can’t get it fixed because I have no min-ey. See? Whatever man, just keep it down alright? Yeah, whatever. As I was saying… For those of you that don’t get Minecraft at all and think it’s stupid… I was just like you until I played it. Now I understand. It’s actually pretty deep, it really makes you think about life. I mean, the graphics still suck but the gameplay is amazing and it has such deep meaning. And by the end of this video, you’ll see exactly why. With that being said, here’s my first Minecraft experience. In real life, in the form of a movie, a movie trailer. Not a real movie trailer, but a YouTube video skit trailer. Just take a look. I was spawned into this world. With nothing but the clothes on my back… and legs and feet. I actually wanted to be naked… but the clothes wouldn’t come off, so… whatevs.(OMG LOL XD) I discovered so many mysteries.(like why trees won’t fall down) So many things that were just physically impossible. But then again… who decides what impossible is in this world?(The creator of minecraft does) Not me. I never really believed in the gods. Mojang, Blizzard, EA, Valve. None of them. The ancient T.O.A.M., or Terms of Agreement Manuscript, had all the answers. But it was way too long, so I skipped it. And as the sun went down… There was still so many things I didn’t understand about this world. All I knew for sure, was that this entire day, this entire world was just… beautiful. It was perfect. It was… Mine. I had no idea… what was to come at night. (zombie groan) (dramatic music) Stic-stick calm. Stick calm. (more dramatic music) (faint zombie groan) (gasps in fright) (Badass music plays) (more zombie groans) (battle cry) (rocks smashing) (whoosh) (big rock smashing) I’ll continue to survive with no purpose. I will continue to exist. To not live. What is life without purpose? Why are we here? What were we spawned in this world to do? How did I know that I was going to be… Dude! Oh, hey! What-what’s up man? It’s just a game! Game? What game are you talking about? You were just playing Minecraft! Minecraft?! I don’t play Minecraft!(yes you do) That’s for little kids and the graphics are so bad in that game. I don’t even know why… Look, I don’t want to get into this again. Good! Because I want to watch my Forty Miners play. It’s the bottom of the ninth, bases loaded, we’re down three and… Whatever! Just keep it down, okay? Okay! I’m sick and tired, I’m trying to sleep…(again poor sean 🙁 ) How did I know I was going to be interrupted? These are all questions I’ll never know. But maybe… Just maybe… Maybe that’s okay… (am i the only one who wants to see this movie) Your graphics suck.(HOW DARE YOU Insult Ryan) TEEHEE! (bat hitting baseball) (crowd cheers) And it is all over folks! The Forty Miners take home the Miner League Championship! What an ending! Here’s Coach McGee with the post game interview. Coach, you have got to be going crazy. A grand slam to end the game. How are you feeling? You know, I can’t believe it myself. First off, I want to thank all the fans out there. I want to thank this team and you know what, most importantly… Our fellow Forty Miner who couldn’t be here right now, Ryan Higa.(also known as the best youtuber ever ) I hope you get well soon. Thanks a lot guys. This one’s for you, Ryan! Got to go! So, thank you guys again so much for watching! If you want to see bloopers and behind the scenes, click the one on the left. If you want to see the previous video, click the one on the right. Or if you want to watch me ACTUALLY play Minecraft for the first time, click the one on the bottom. It’s pretty… it’s-it’s pretty sad. I know a lot of you will make fun of me but check it out anyway!


  1. Can we get 1000 subs with Some videos Author

    Minecraft's graphics is bad because they want to have more people have more access to games for people who have a bad pc like I do.

  2. Hazy Fox Author

    BTW guys if you didn't know there was actually a game called "Minecraft Story Mode" is kinda like a game and a movie/story at the same time.Kinda tried to play it and there are a lot of seasons so yeah😐😐😐……….😓😓😓

  3. DXG Fire Author

    Me:I love Minecraft
    Me in 2019:Minecraft sucks fortnite is better
    Also me in 2019: ok I quit fortnite I’ll go back playing Minecraft AND BORDERLANDS 3

    Edit: the me in 2019 part was a joke pls don’t take this seriously


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