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Mirapakay Telugu Full Movie – HD | Ravi Teja || Richa Gangopadhyay | Deeksha Seth | Harish Shankar

You sais you were from some
Telugu channel, right? Yes sir, from PTV. ls it okay to interview while
travelling in car? ACP sir, move little this side. You promises to catch a gangster
in 24 hours, right sir? Who is the gangster, sir? How come you get to know such
things faster than us, l don’t know how? l’ll tell you after confirmed. Why are you targeting Kittubhai, sir? How do you know l’m
targeting Kittubhai…? Who are you? Driver, stop the car. Why are you targeting Kittu bhai, sir?
– Who are you? By eliminating ACP Srinivas for trying
to control his activities, and by killing upcoming
competitors Nadiadwala brothers, Kittu bhai has got control over Delhi… Do your duty,
don’t bother about the outcome. l’ll decide who will get
how much and when. They gave me Bhagavad Gita
when l first went to jail, l read it. They say one must win at home
and then the world. l’ve won over the world,
now l’ve to concentrate on my home. l mean l’ve to concentrate on lndia. Anyway l’ve no love for my motherland,
l must have devotion on God atleast. What? Kill the bastard! ln our business,
fear is the principle. One who can’t terrorize others
can’t become a don. We don’t want your business. Delhi is ours, forget it. Your native place is Hyderabad, right? What are you doing in Delhi? Yes bhai, l’ve told that bastard. l’ll call you later. Wait dad, l’ll kill him and
pack his body to Delhi. Technology had advanced so much
that guns kill in seconds. That’s why no fear of death
or no value of life. What are you drinking
to boast so much? ln this profession place of birth
isn’t the native place. The place where you prove
yourself is native place. ln that way Hong Kong, Bangkok,
Mumbai, Delhi, all are my native places. Does anyone has any doubt
about my native place? l’ll clear it.
Others can mind their business. Boys, cut him into pieces
and feed to the fishes. Kittu, my brother must safely
return back to lndia. lf not you would’ve seen
what could happen, right? lf you want more clearly,
ACP Srinivas will tell you. Kittu, you and your men must
surrender in Delhi within 24 hours, if not… Dad, he gave us 24 hours time,
all l need is just 4 hours to reach Delhi. After this he’ll try to get control
over entire North lndia not just Delhi. So, every officer here has
been recruited to catch Kittu. You look after Bihar.
– Yes sir. You take care of UP. l’ll look after Delhi. We must catch Kittu bhai alive! So many VlP’s are in his kitty. So we must catch him alive. There’s information about Kittu having
links with Keshu of Chandni Chowk. We must if he’s really having links or
just using his name to threaten builders. He has a settlement tomorrow,
you must go on an undercover operation. Take Rishi also in your team. By the way, where’s Rishi? He’s training the new recruits, right? l know him as a kid. His guts, his speed… People used to call him
as Hot chilly in training. You and your imagination! What else than sir?
He’s an officer just for namesake. He’s a crook.
He’s after girls always. l don’t know how you imagined his entry, if my imagination is right, do you
know where will he be now?- Where? Look, he’s mischievous… Rub him and he’s a Firestone… He’s red hot chilly… Did l ask forAishwarya Rai? Did l seek Deepika Padukone? Do l deserve Katrina? All l need a girl who can pinch
my heart and make me go crazy… Don’t know where’s the girl
who will rock my life? Don’t know where’s the girl
with mesmeric eyes? Don’t know where’s the girl who can
share love and make me go mad all life? Who is she? Where is my love? lf you find her,
tell me the whereabouts… ln thejourney of life,
make her my life partner… l seek your love,
give me love, my love… Love is like cow dung. lf you keep it in a motif,
it’s becomes object of devotion. lf you mix it with water,
it’s used as cleanser. lf you hit it on wall,
it’ll become a cake. What l mean to say is nobody knows
how it’ll start and when it’ll end. The girl who will give me dreams… The girl who will brighten my home… The girl who will irritate
me every hour… Where is that girl? lf she gives her heart,
l’ll dance in the clouds… lf she kisses me,
l’ll draw motifs in the courtyard… lf she hugs me, l’ll cook for her… Where is she? Who is senior amongst us?
– You sir. But why does our boss always
believes that guy’s words only? Seniority is different from sincerity, right?
– What? Rishi is here, sir! Bloody womanizer!
Up to his antics on seeing a skirt! Learn from me… Why are you wearing glasses?
Want to dominate me? ls it the way to speak to a senior?
Can’t you ask like that? What bloody senior? You know how he had become seniorto me? No need of flashbacks.
Come to the point.- Go on. We’ve got information of
a deal in Chandni Chowk, gangster Keshu bhai is upto something. You be there as a panipuri seller, l’ll come to you as a customer
with Rayban glasses. Gupta, let’s stand together, let them decide who will be panipuri
seller and who will be customer with Rayban. l’m senior so l’m leading this mission. You’ll be the panipuri seller, that’s it. How is it? Why are you in this get up?
Unable to see it. When total plan is mine,
get ups don’t matter. Anyway l’m senior, can’t avoid it. lf you want the girl, come with money. This is Kittubhai’s order! See, he hasn’t come on time. When time’s good for anyone,
anytime is good time. Bloody! He has come here also
with a girl. That’s what you call timing! What bloody timing?
Watch my timing when l hold my gun. No use of having guns,
a police officer must’ve guts to. Anyway this disguise suits
you perfectly, if you work out well,
you can make Rs.1000 every day. l’ll tell our boss,
you take up thisjob seriously. Nobody knows what will happen and
when here suddenly, be alert. l can’t fight till there’s a strong emotion.
lt’s difficult to be alert. This emotion is enough to kick
the butts ofthose bastards. Take the vehicle. Leave the girl…leaver her! He killed him unnecessarily,
never cared my orders. He’s itching to get offthe duty. You must check not massage, bloody. He concentrates more on
beauty than duty, sir. How come you’re born so beautiful?
For me! This girl too! She isn’t here for a week now, so fast? Call me Rishi, no formality please. We struggle and he gets promotions. Hard work gets you promotions
not struggles. l know.
– Why would you weep like this then? lt seems you’re after girls
more than criminals. ls it true? Have you told him also?
Can’t you hold any secrets? You come and complain,
l must kill you first. ls it the way to behave with a senior? Not only me, infact he has
threatened to kill you also. You also! Gupta, please leave us for a second. Sir, l’m seniorto him.
Why are you asking me to leave first? You’re senior, so you go out first.
He’ll follow you. Then okay sir. You were an orphan, l raised you
and made you a police officer, are you threatening to kill me also? What other choice do l have? Married officers with children
get duty near women’s college. And bachelors like me get
cases, fights and encounters. Oh my god! What if l get killed?
What if l die a virgin? l’m asking you. What do you mean?
Remembered about your age now? Already my youth is gone. No chances now. Didn’t l do anything for you?
– What did you do? When youth of my age were
speeding on bikes, what did you give me to hold? What are you doing?
l’ll rip out your skin. March! When others were watching films like
‘Maine Pyar Kiya, HAHK, DDLJ, you know what films you showed me? How can you take it as difficulties? Yes, my autograph and
your sweet memories. l spent my teenage life
carrying out your orders. l don’t want irresponsible
officers like you. Suspend? Though little late, you’ve taken
the right decision, sir. How are you Kumar?
– l’m fine sir. l need a favour from you. What’s this sir? This job and
my life was given by you sir. Just order me sir. Our Rishi? Kumar, matter must be between us only.
– Okay sir. Are you come late again? How can a suspended officer come on time? l’m here, that’s great. What’s your grouse? You want colourful
life without the uniform, right? l don’t mean colourful life,
l said there must be colour in life. When you don’t have interest
in thejob you do, do thejob that interests you. Shall we do one thing?
– Go ahead. Will you join as a lecturer in a college? College? Super! Women’s college?
– No, co-education. Okay, half good. College, half good…
– Don’t get excited. l didn’t suspend you really,
you’re on duty in the college. On duty? That’s the crunch.
What’s my duty there? First earn a god name in the college. Get yourself known as best lecturer. Everyone in college must
trust and love you. Our mission starts after that. l’ll tell you later
what to do and when to do. Take your own time, don’t rush,
l’m always on bloody duty. By then, me and my college,
feelings, emotions, romance, now that’s my autograph
and my sweet memories. You’ve saved your life
by not suspending me. Saved my life? Had you suspended me really,
l’d planned to kill you. One of my old students Kumar
is in Hyderabad… l’m coming! Hey, stop it! Why are you watching unmoved?
Give me a hand. l thought l’ve almost
missed the train. But l’ll not miss it. l mean l didn’t miss holding your hand.
– Thanks you very much. Thank God, she’s not wearing toe rings. Upper berth, can talk to her happily. l was a good sprinter in younger days,
so l caught the train. Why didn’t you give me your hand? Hand? l really didn’t give it, right? That’s what l’m asking,
why didn’t you give it? Why did you give to that girl?
– She’s a girl, right? That’s why. Anyway you got into the train, right?
Why are you fighting now? Anyway only violin suits us
not violence. Shut up! you fool.
l got late in finding you. ls it program or cabaret
to come early? You’ll not play in the next program. Can you hear me? l’m in the train. Why is he staring at her? He’s raping hervisually. What? Mahi, l forgot to tell you, train left platform
and l missed it, but suddenly… What’s your name? A man known as Rishi held my hand
and pulled me into the train. You must thank him, right?
Will you? Thank him. Mahi, speak.
– l’ll speak. Mahi means Maheshwari, your friend? Mahesh, my boy friend. Thanks for helping my fiance. Thank you very much.
– l said welcome, right? How many times will you thank me?
– Why are you getting irritated? l’m on a journey,
l’ve so many irritants here. Mustn’t you tell me you’ve a boy friend? Shouldn’t l be informed about it, right? Children! Shall we start our practice? Shut up! Why are you singing that song?
Situation song? Will you call this classical
singing like a crow? lf l hearyour voice before
reaching Hyderabad, l’ll break your back and
smash yourface. Why are you giggling?
Go up and sleep. You sleep on the upper berth,
l can’t climb, l’ve arthritis. Climb up and down few times,
it’ll give you relief. Sleep up! You’ve built the home very beautifully,
do principals to have side income? Nothing like that, bank loan,
l’ve to pay heavy monthly installments. lf home is fantastic,
loan will be heavy. That’s the rule. Brother is very fast.
– That’s what keeps me up, sister. Okay, you freshen up,
l’ll fix up lunch. This is the pent house you’ll
reside from now. How is it? Why will it not be good?
We grew up in orphanage. This is bonus to us. That’s okay, in which subject
you’ve good grip? Grip or command?
Don’t you know about my marks? l had to work very hard tojust pass. You select a subject for me,
how about English? My foot! Poems and poetry are same. l can understand your English knowledge. Forget about it, Hindi lecturer post
is vacant, you know Hindi? Tsunami! Tidal wave!
You’ll get washed away! Till now l was rooted in North lndia. God! l wish boss’ mission is
accomplished quickly. lt’s very difficult to tolerate him. God brings to my memory,
is there any colourful temple nearby? Colourful temple? l mean a temple which is visited
by a lot of girls. There are more girls in
this temple than lamps. How long will you be like that?
Give me your hand. lf a girl falls on me, l should be
feeling heavy but l feel light. lf l ever marry,
l must marry a girl like her. ls yourfather fine, Vinamra?
– He’s fine sir. Vinamra! Fine! Keep this lamp near Nandi. Hello! God is that side!
– Right? Goddess is there! Move out! Had a good glimpse?
Why don’t you offer me little offering? Stop! ls your name Radha?
No? You’re trying to talk to me
using this as ruse. l got it. Got it, right? l’m trying to talk to you,
why am l doing so? Shall l tell you? When l saw you for the first time… ls it love at first sight?
l don’t believe in such things. Don’t believe it,
anyway who’s dating you? Please take down my number. Will you give your number to girls? lt’s wrong if l ask a girl’s number,
is it wrong to give my number? lf l call you and if you don’t
answer it, l’ll feel bad. But if you’ve my number…
– l’ll never call you. You may not call today but may call
tomorrow, or day after that. What’s all this nonsense?
– Positive thinking. So, please take it down. l didn’t hear it.
– l too didn’t say. Since you don’t believe in
love at first sight, never again show up yourselfto me. lf you show up second time,
l’ll tie the knot with you. l’m here! What’s that dress? Tucked in.
– Why tuck? For good look. Where the hell are you man? He’s new Hindi lecturer,
where’s his time table? He’s speaking English so fluently,
who is he? Ali, our college attender. l told you to call yesterday,
why didn’t you do it? Can’t you atleast call me, dear? New Hindi lecturer. You say new, is he fresh? New means brand new,
not even had ribbon cut. That’s fantastic! l’ll go to the class now. He’s Amma Subrahmanyam, Telugu lecturer. Greetings. Look dear… Speak in one language sir.
lt’s confusing, please. They don’t study Telugu properly,
who will study Hindi? They know Telugu,
that’s why not interested much, they don’t know Hindi,
so they’ll show interest. l think my students would be
waiting for me. Not that side, this side please.
– Thanks please. Oh! He’s great guns…in Hindi. ls your real name Ali orAl Pacino?
– My real name is Ali, my father used to vulcanize cycle tubes
in Vizag Jagadamba centre, he wanted me to do the samejob, l said no to him and became Al Pacino. But how come you speak very good English. You must have been campus topper, right? You got it right. But why are you ringing bells here? l’m a topper only in English,
but failed in all other subjects. What happened? You’re getting so irritated,
who is he? Name Dhula Nageshwara Rao. What should he do?
He must get students to play, right? l’ll play with everyone here. ln just one word,
he can irritate even saints. Enough ofthe introduction,
what brings you here? l want to fix marriage of my nephew
with your Economics lecturer’s daughter. l wanted to meet him. Fix the marriage quickly,
you may not get her if delayed. ls she going to America? America? She has eloped to
Amalapuram with their driver. Unable to hold the girl in home,
forget all that, by the way what’s your nephew doing? He too is a drill master like you. Any drill masterwould like to
start careerwith new ball, not with a punctured ball, right? He got it right. Why are you having doubts?
Your Hindi lecturer post is confirmed. He’s very sharp who is he? Don’t call him informally,
he’s new Hindi lecturer. Hindi lecturer?
Are you teaching me respect? Can you abuse principal
with wildest epithets? Let’s settle it there. Aim at him and leave me, please. Did you see? That’s my punch power. l’ll squeeze out with my tongue. l do like people who punch. But if you punch me,
l’ll break your teeth. May be only your tongue is irritates,
but l’m an embodiment of irritation. Watch your words
before saying punch lines. l feel like l’ve seen
this back and that walk. How could l get caught again? lf l ever marry,
l’ll marry only you, Vinny. Flowers are bright… Auspicious hour… Beckons… O my dear, my heart is yours… l love you…
l’ve gone mad because ofyou… O my dear, why are you rushing? What’s this attack?
l can’t take it from you… l’m dancing with you
holding your hand… Let’s tie the knot,
no need of auspicious time… lt’s pushing me to go ahead and
no need of marriage band too… Hearts are united and no need
to fix auspicious day and time… New man on the block
who moved my heart… Expert in dating,
can l say no to your call? Girl with rhythm,
one who has joined my love chorus… When a beauty like you tempts me,
how can l resist myself? The story took a new turn… With great insights… Heart warming tale… First love ofthe heart… Every cell yearns for you
with never ending thoughts… Despair ofthe night,
can l take on you? Passionate girl,
damsel of pleasure… Beauty the world not knows…
shall l come for you? You’re manly and intelligent… You’re beautiful and smart… Will you romance me? Shall l romance you? Happy birthday to Anna! Brother must get shocked
for our arrangements. What a trafficjam you’ve created! Why there’s a trafficjam?
What’s the problem Today is brother’s happy birthday. Brother must come,
he must cut the cake, only then you can move from here. Brother, a man is coming. Why are you celebrating
on road instead of home? lsn’t it wrong?
Clear out everything. lf l get angry, l’ll cut your throat
before brother cuts the cake. Don’t care about this,
he held my hand now, in few minutes he’ll hold my legs. Are you joking? Leave my hand, it may break… lf l leave, will you run away? l’ll go back.
– Will you? Go! Why are you making that gesture? l bought expensive ones
to attend college, keep safely don’t use it. Stop it…stop it l say… Stop…stop l say…
why don’t you stop it? Will you occupy roads also? Never again celebrate
functions on road. Tell your brother to
celebrate it in home. l’m not your master,
you must think like that, you all are not my students,
l must think so, we must be close like good friends. Can l call you informally then? You wanted us to feel friendly,
so we called you like that. You can, carry on. Come on call me.
– Sir that is… l’m asking you, call me.
Come on. No need ofsir, just sorry is enough.
Sit down. Why didn’t you call him informally? Few people have power in eyes,
we mustn’t take chances even ifthey give. Bloody coward. The point is, it’s boring to see the
same class room, so arranged it here. New acquaintances and new lessons
will give you new energy. lf you get bored here,
go to canteen, if canteen is boring,
go to music hall, if you get bored there…
– What ifwe get bored with the campus? l’ll throw you out ofthe college. You will send. lfwe let you have your say,
you’ll send us also out ofthe college. What was my mistake sir? This is world poet Ravindranth’s concept, did you hear about Shanthiniketan? Did you learn about an open air school? Did you atleast see the
cover page ofTagore’s ‘Geethanjali’? Oh God! Squeezed it!
What a grip on the subject! We know Manirathnam’s ‘Geethanjali’
and Chiranjeevi’s ‘Tagore’, what’s this Tagore’s ‘Geethanjali’?
Hearing it for the first time, buddy. l don’t about that but
he’s taking class to entire college. Though some may think like that
l’m working here with commitment. How could he hear it? Won’t he hear if you say
in Saikumar’s bass voice? Did you have any fight
with Shankaranna’s men? l did but didn’t inquire
the details, who is he? Shankaranna is chairman ofthis college,
he has called you, if you want to be in this college, if you want to complete boss’s mission, you mustn’t cross swords
with Shankaranna. You’re tying my hands and
gagging my mouth with mission. Everyone will get their due
once l know the mission. Calm down!
Brotherwill kill him anyway, come. Do you’ve license?
– License? l’ll not encourage drivers
without license. l’m ready to get murdered but
don’t want to die in an accident. You go ahead, l’ll follow you. What if he escapes from behind? Yes, you go ahead, we’ll follow you. Bloody idiot! Did you ever
go to the school? l don’t know his house,
how can l lead? What shall we do then? Sir…?
– Brother… lf you’re a teacher in that college,
l’m the chairman. Not only that college,
this city is mine. How dare you beat my men? Don’t you know the difference
between powerful and weak? l don’t know.
l don’t know sir. Did you join the college without
knowing who is the chairman? Really l don’t now sir,
l know Shankar is college chairman, but l don’t know you’re that
Shankar, sir. l don’t know. Didn’t you tell him? You’re our brother, right?
That’s what we told l’m.- Then? Sir, brother is common noun, Shankaranna is proper noun,
it means noun, if brothers sprout out in every street,
how many can we remember? anyway you commit mistakes, atleast please don’t commit
grammatical mistakes, come to me every day, l’ll teach you. Fools…idiots! l’m getting late, can l go now?
l’m getting late to class. Bye sir. You said brother and damaged
Shankar sir’s respect. Fools! Why did you spare him, brother?
– Shut up! Always call me brother… lt’s reverberating like in films. Did you hear him?
How respectfully he called me as sir? Really l don’t know sir. l don’t know sir.
l didn’t knew sir. Bye sir. My mother Ellamma wanted to hear
someone call me as sir, her bad luck,
she died without hearing it. Did you hearthat mother?
He called me sweetly as sir. Nothing can beat home food! lf you marry quickly,
you can have food like this every day. Between us, l’m on that only, sister. You’re always on that but
it must work out, right? The girl is beautiful,
that’s why love is getting delayed. She’ll say yes in near future. You mean, have you seen
the girl already? l’m seeing her everyday,
studies in my college, her name is Vinamra. That girl?
– ls she your relative? She’s very disciplined.
– Beautiful and charming too. She’s Vishwanadha Shastri’s daughter. Not only that she’s my future wife too. Only education and music is herworld. But hereafter she’s my world.
– She’s your student, it’s wrong. By chance my lover has come
as my student, not the other way
l don’t love my student. Am l a lecturer?
l’m here on my boss’ mission. He too loved and married
as his student in college. You’ve my full support.
Have a blast! Don’t talk, Guru will be here now. Guru is coming, keep quiet.
Greetings Guruji. God bless you children. Why are you staring?
Keep it in rhythm. lf you’re thirsty, have water.
Not that holy water. Children! Shall we start the first
lesson in the holy place of God? Okay Guruji! What? Adi rhythm and Anandabhairavi raaga. Same rhythm and raaga for
the past 30 years. Start! Great! Did you hear me?
Did you hear me singing? Who are you?
You sang greatjust like Balu. Please forgive me, did l sing like Balu? Balu sings like me. My name is Hrishikesha.
– Hindi lecturer in my college. Hindi? My foot! Uncle, l met him already in train. Do you know how cheaply
he talked about us? Come on, tell him. l think he’s not that man. Well said.
You’ve mistaken me for another man. lf Hindi is my profession,
music is my identity. My grandpa Sanganabhatla Manikya Shastri,
a great musician, he called me in his last days, learn music from Vishwanadha Shastri
atleast for a day in your life, only then your life will have
meaning and purpose and died. l’ve come this far to meet
that great musician. The scholar must be
somewhere here only. The scholar you’re looking
for is my uncle.- ls he? Uncle! Please bless me.
– Get up. Uncle? ls he uncle? lsn’t he your uncle?
Aren’t you my elder brother? Uncle, atleast for a day… not just a day, come and
learn wheneveryou’re free. Grandpa, Vishwanadha Shastri has
accepted me as his disciple. Come, let’s start the work.
l mean the start the lesson. Come dear. How can l sing like Balu?
Balu himself sang it. l know my uncle has no common sense
and you don’t have music sense. He grabbed it.
– You told the truth in hurry. Uncle, he’ll get it… You’ll never trust me, right?
How can he sing so well? Listen! Stop…children…stop… l changed the side, uncle.
– Reverse it. Don’t give me options. l’ll serve food fyou’re hungry… lf you’re tired,
l’ll give oil massage… lf you’re in mood,
l’ll kiss you…O my dear… Stop…children…stop… Stop… Take your chunni. Brother, this time l’ll do it. This time also l’ll do it. Stop…stop…
Won’t you greet your seniors? Where’s the respect? Where’s the sir? Take offyour hands. l’ll put hands on you later.
Wait. Where? Where is the sir?
Where is the sir? Sir is here! New Hindi lecturer. Are you ragging her? Till now students,
l’ll rag lecturers now. Say good morning. Go back! Should l say good morning to you? Not only if you indulge in ragging,
if you even dare think about it, l’ll peel out your skin. lf anyone ofyou support this, l’ll have you booked under these
sections and get arrested, mind it. Bloody ragging! Go to your class. What are you watching from there?
Go to your class. What?
– How do you know about the sections? Law…l studied law for 3 years
and quit feeling bored. Go to your class. My dear brothers and my dear girls. He’s no ordinary man. Hindi is our national language. How come we speak Telugu
in our state, right? Bloody fool! National language
doesn’t mean state language. l’ll not teach you Hindi.
– Then, why should we be here? You’re great.
– Right.- Sit down. Sit down.
– We are going out. l meant you to sit down. Sit down. You can learn any language
if you speak every day. lf you speak with me,
you can learn the language. You understand me, right Vinamraji? lt’s Vinamra P not G. Panditaradhyula Vinamra.
Full name.- ls it? Now, let’s learn small sentences. First, l’ve fallen in love. Please say it in Telugu. Love Pigeons, a super hit in Telugu.
– Your bloody grave! The meaning is l’ve fallen in love. What’s this? Hindi master is
focusing too much on you. What’s the matter?
– Nothing ofthat sort. Anyway he’s cool! He’s always energetic like
Red bull wine. How do l know?
l didn’t observe him so closely. Got them perfectly.
– What shall l do with them? Do whatsoever you want to, boy.
l’m behind you. l’m behind you. Why didn’t you take Rishi’s
numberwhen he gave? lt would’ve been useful
in such situations. Why should l note it down
when l can remember it? You’re great! Who are you calling now?
Who is he? Big gun? Big shot? Great man?
Leader? Who is he? He’s all ofthem together.
He’ll come, see him. Catch her boys! Stop! l can’t fight without strong
emotion and anger. But they called me on phone,
they’ve great expectations, they may think l’m not giving
minimum security also, let’s have a fight.
Fight severely! Who will you beat?
We are Shankaranna’s men. Will you beat us?
Come on beat him. Hello sir, they’re taking me away. Sir… Master sir… Leave me. Today’s planetary movements
are really bad. May be left home in inauspicious time. You took a big risk.
l don’t know how to thank you. Why don’t you come to my home
for lunch some day? Mashed pulse, pickle,
clarified butter, buttermilk sauce… not just take risk,
l’ll do anything foryou. l used to get real bad ideas
on seeing any girl. But when l saw you for the first time,
l saw clearly our marriage. l saw it. You don’t need to tell
your decision right now, but please tell me before
tomorrow morning. But such decisions in life… Never be haste in deciding
such things in life. But please tell me before
tomorrow morning. lf you feel embarrassed to tell, if you really like me, come to
college tomorrow in green dress. l’ll take it as green signal
to my love. Tomorrow morning… What the hell are you saying, man? Did you really tell him my name? l told him brother.
– What did he say? He was speaking nonsense like hero
of Puri Jagannadh’s film. Shouldn’t you tell him brother is
powerful villain ofVV Vinayak’s film, fool? l thought oftelling him, but l thought he may have powerful
flashback like hero of Rajamouli’s film. l’ve understood one thing clearly, you’ve stopped working
and started watching films, have become film buffs, idiots! Call that Hindi teacher,
today l’ll fire him. No need, l’m here.
– Have you come? Come. Order me brother,
l’ll hack him right now here. Shut up!
Last time you said you didn’t know, but this time he told you
my name, right? Why did you then beat my boys? l didn’t believe them.
– What? l didn’t believe them sir. How come you didn’t believe them? He told me, it wasn’t his fault, how could l think your boys
would tease college girls? Recently l got into an auto
at Prasad lmax and went to Punjagutta, he asked me Rs.300, when l asked him, why?
He said l’m Shankaranna’s man. What’s this sir? Every Tom, Dick and Harry
is using your name. Every man working underyou is using
your name but are useless to you, sir. This is truth. Let’s dismiss them and
recruit new staff, sir. Let’s give all ofthem
identity cards with your photo. Let’s do business in corporate style. All have started relaxing.
Growing big tummies. Okay then, l’ll take leave now.
– Getting late to class? He’s the only one intelligent here.
Don’t dismiss him, sir. Oh my God! She has agreed. l’m coming Vinny. Thanks for wearing green dress. l strongly believe you
were born for me. Oh thanks, he has opened up. l forgot myself on seeing you
for the first time. Did you trample and crush these
feelings in your heart till now? Thief!
ls it dream or real? Dream…a dream that will
never come true. Please don’t waste yourfeelings. What’s going on here?
– Oh no, this pain in neck is here. l don’t have to tell you
any of my feelings. No problem, keep the feelings
to yourselves. l’ll share my feelings with your
husband today evening in the club. Respect! This respect should’ve
been shown before l said that. Keep the cell on, your husband
may call at any time. Got it? Got it nice?
Always expressing it overtly. Say that in your style.
Lost words? ls it wrong to move socially
with colleagues? Moving socially doesn’t mean so close. Not that…
– Please go. Mind your work please. Hello…Master… You needn’t have to tell me anything, you haven’t come in green dress, you don’t have any place
for me in your heat, everything else is waste. l don’t have green dress. What did you say now?
– l don’t have green dress. But l’ve lot of love for you. Why didn’t you buy a green dress
yesterday itselfto save my tension? ls dress only enough? How can l get matching chunni,
bangles, earrings overnight? How can you know the problems ofwomen? We’ve so many. Anyway it would’ve ended up
as cherished memory all the life. Do you want me orthe green dress? Who wants the green dress?
l want you only. ls it really love? What’s that? Not infatuation, right? Though this is college for
infatuation and attraction, l’m not a teenager, Vinny,
this is sincere love, l’ve decided, you too decide it. l’ve decided last night itself. ls it?
– But l’ve not yet decided. Both you come to my office. He’s an orphan.
l’ve to arrange his marriage. Please talk to your parents and… Before it goes to her parents,
we’ve to do some plain speaking. No, before you do that,
she may change her mind, it’ll start new background
music for you. l want to talk to her
for 5 minutes, afterthat talk to anyone
for any long time. Please come inside. Thank God, my marriage is cancelled. What are you saying? Won’t you believe it?
Ask her if you’ve any doubt. Why are you feeling shy?
Please come out. Yes, our marriage is cancelled. Your dialogue and expression is
not matching. What’s all this? You go. Excuse me…foryou too. l got her. This side light blue wall paper. Love birds must hang over here. Red roses here. Entire room must be filled
with romance. Little expensive. Take everything. lt must be shattering. That’s it. l’ll do it. What’s this decoration?
What’s going on here? Who is coming now?
– My dreams. My life…my fantasies…
everything will be here. A new life is going to knock my door. l’m preparing to welcome it. l must know what did you
both discuss yesterday. Master, humans are oftwo types, one, are people like me
who know to romance, two, are people like you
who don’t know to romance. Stop that nonsense and
come to the point. This rushing to the point
is so unromantic. Okay listen. When you were waiting outside,
me and my Vinny inside. Do you know how happy l’m today? But ifwe marry before l cherish
that happiness, it’ll be all over. Before a week, we’ll have
our first fight too. Fight? Why would we fight?
l don’t agree with you. See, you’re disagreeing with me
before our marriage, what ifwe are married?
What could be your reply? What are you trying to tell now? We must enjoy this
feeling of love, Vinny. Love mustn’t be like an ad, it must go for many months,
if possible for years like TV soaps, drink tender coconut water
with two straws, watch repeatedly the same movie
again and again, walk on the beach holding
each other’s hands. There’s no beach in
Hyderabad, right? You mustn’t catch the location,
catch the emotion. Talking sweet nothings
on phone all the night, spending days in parks, and you start getting
low grades in college, from college blackboard
to bathroom walls, our names, rumours, gossips… lt’s very thrilling to think also. l’m scared.
Would all this happen? Though this may not happen,
we’ll surely marry, if it happens, it’ll be poetry,
what do you say Vinny? l don’t know what to say?
But l really like you so much. l’ll bear any difficulty
willingly foryou. See, how you too started to speak
in rhyme afterfalling in love. So, for the present our
marriage is cancelled.- Okay. Poor mad girl!
She agreed your plan. Don’t knowwhat will happen? Nothing will happen,
my romance will start from tomorrow. You go, l’ll come later. Why? Come with us.
– Please go. Looks like you’ve come very early.
– You’re late, go to the class. Oh God! Sir is fire! This is what l want, you avoiding
your friends on seeing me, and they talk about us, and assume that there’s
something between us, l’m going mad thinking about all this.
– Really? Today in class l’ll ask any doubts
and you must say yes, and then say l don’t want to disturb
class so l’ll come the staff room. l’ll say okay, l’ll go first
and then you’ll follow me, after that college will
be agog with rumours, rumours and gossips all around campus! l’m little scared. Am l not scared orwhat?
l’ll got first. You come behind me….
come…come… This is charming hymn but
the hymn to break it is harsh. Today in class l’ll ask any doubts
and you must say yes, Have the last benches heard me? l’m asking you again. Sir, you’ve taught the lesson so well,
we’ve no doubts. But since you’re stressing it
too much, we’ve other doubts Would anyone have doubts
in Hindi too, sir? lf you go we’ve lot
to catch up. Come buddy, let’s go to canteen. l told you to ask doubt,
what happened to you? l got nervous. lnfact l could hear my pounding heart
in the silent classroom. You heard it, right? lsn’t my pulse pounding? We must enjoy when nobody is here.
– ls it? Heart will not pound like this always. Enjoy it. lf you don’t mind… Go…go… How long l’ve been
waiting forthis day? Did Kittubhai send money? Let’s discuss it at home, son. Hasn’t that bastard not
sent the money yet? When l got hit by a bullet on my leg,
he left me on the road like a dog, l got myselftreated secretly
for a month. That’s okay, but how is
the wound now, son? Crossing 3 states and many towns,
l’ve reached home. Whatever it is,
l’m happy you’re home. We put life at risk to do business, and he’s making money using us, l’m warning you for the last time, if you do any deal with Kittu,
l’ll kill you first. How can you say like that son, Linga? For instance there are two types
ofstudents in our college, students who sit in the
front and back benches, what do the front bench students do? They think of progress only, when they get an opportunity,
they settle down in abroad, like our Kittu,
next is the back benchers they don’t do anything, they threaten locals and
make a living here only, l mean people like us, son, l know Kittu as a kid, when l asked Kittu,
shall we pickpocket? he used to say let’s loot a bank,
that’s his range. You’ll never get sense in this life. Neither l’m bencher like you
nor front bencher like Kittu, l’m the type who will take
the teacher’s seat by force. Seat…l want the seat. l don’t know why boys feel happy
and pride to take girls on bike, but it’s more happy to ride
on a girl’s bike. ls it necessary to hold me like that?
– lf l don’t hold, l’ll fall down. l may fall down if you hold me like that.
– You’ve already fallen, right? Oh God! l think it’ll rain.
– Let it rain, let’s get wet. No way, we’ll catch cold
ifwe get wet in rain. Later on can’t blow noses. Moreover it’s very difficult
to practice music with cold. My father will scold me.
– Please, let’s get wet. You’ve all wild fantasies. Ordinary girls are not enough foryou. A specially designed girl
by God must come down for you. l’ll come… l’ll come like gentle breeze… Hi sister! Eat! Come. Who is she?
– Anjali, my father’s student. Come… Come…come… Get down…get down from the car. l must be asking you that. What’s that speed in lanes?
Are you driving on road or people? Where’s your license?
Where’s your RC book? Get it. Anyway l didn’t hit anyone, right?
– What if you’d hit someone? Why were you going at so great speed? lt must be driven like that only. lt’s fun only when you drive it fast.
– Fun to drive fast, right? Do you want me to show my fun?
May l? Watch now! You’re a girl so you’re saved! lf you go over speed again, this time
l’ll stop with breaking windowpane. Come to Delhi immediately.
– Now? Catch the next flight. Okay. Why did you call me urgently? Time to start our mission
in Hyderabad. What’s that? This is the girl forwhom
you went to Hyderabad. l knew she’ll bejoining that college,
l sent you there in advance. Hereafter your mission
and target is Vaishali. Your duty and yourjob,
everything is Vaishali. Who is she?
– Kittubhai’s daughter. We’ll be able to catch Kittu
through her only. You must get close to the girl,
l don’t care how you do it, hereafteryou must be focused
on that girl only, what are you thinking?
About the mission? Can l tell you a proverb?
– Go ahead. While a wife was mourning
death of her husband, it seems her paramour wanted
to go to Ooty to enjoy. You call me to Qutub Minar
and give me missions. lt has become a habit to you. Stop your nonsense and
start concentrating on Vaishali. Tell me whatever you want… Tell me…tell me l say…tell me.
– For the present l need a coffee. Getting information that
she’s coming to Delhi, ACP Srinivas joined hands with
Kittu’s enemies and lost his life. Vaishali may be Kittubhai’s weakness,
but we must use her as a weapon, and catch Kittubhai, l don’t say this is the
only way to catch Kittubhai, but this is the best choice
among the options we have. You must go to Hyderabad with Rishi.
You must be with Rishi only. He? Anyway l don’t need
a driver in Hyderabad. l’m using a bike. l’m not coming to drive your car,
but to keep you in right direction. Oh no, everyone is becoming a director. You’ll come there, right? l don’t know how you do it,
you mustn’t spare him. Bloody girl! What does she think of us? Does she think are we her
dad’s henchmen? Don’t shout, she’s at loggerheads
with her dad. The girl is a big headache to him.
– What headache? Why did you go to Delhi? They’re playing with me
using you as pawn. Ask me whateveryou want,
l’ll get it foryou. l must roam as l wish and
go to college like other girls. Like other girls…
– What other girls? Don’t you want films and Nobel Prize?
You can’t be like other girls. Why not? l’ll run away again.
– Go…go away. Somebody will you, go and die. Death is better than this miserable life. Why somebody else?
l’ll kill you myself. Vaishu, go in. No use ifshe goes in. Let’s send herto Hyderabad.
– lf she goes out, we’ll be in danger. Shankaranna is there,
he runs a college. Though far away, she’ll be
under our control. Send her afterfew days. That’s the matter, son. l had asked for oranges long back,
not yet been delivered, uncle. l’ll send it dear. Bloody bitch! We must look after
and serve like maids too. After she has juice,
wipe her mouth also. That teacher is great,
l’ll felicitate him. Good response! She needs it. Son, if not for her,
chew away that anger for yourfather. Do it. Bring him out. He’ll talk his way out,
don’t listen to him. Finish him, brother.
– Tell him Lingam is here. l’ll say Lingam sir. l’ll hack him today,
l’ll show him what my power is. lf anyone dares to cross
Vaishali’s path… Will you shut your boasting mouth? Leave him.
– Brother? Don’t blow small issues into big
and make Vaishali popular there. Murder must end the problem,
it must start a problem. No brother… Vaishali is not my daughter anymore,
she’s your girl, make it appear like that she’s
in no way connected to me. l’ll do as you say. Leave the teacher and come back. Back off? Are you mad or something?
Why? Kittubhai called me just now.
he wanted me to spare him. Kittubhai, my foot Kittubhai,
do we’ve to follow his orders? l’ve decided to kill him
and l must do it. Who should l kill now, tell me? Come home and kill me.
Hack me. Bloody life! Every boy in town
is threatening me. Brother, he’s here.
– Tell him to go. Why?
– l told you. Leave him. lfwe call and spare him,
he may think we are mad. Ask him something and
tell him to leave. Do you’ve two fifty notes? Did you all come together
for this silly change? l mean for change. Would we come for change?
We stopped by on an urgent work. Venkat sir, sir is…
– Lingam sir. Shankar sir’s son. Our chairman’s son!
Greetings sir. l came to your home twice
but didn’t meet you. Do you live in America?
Softwarejob? Brother, he’s abusing you. First start the vehicle. of late people are coming home
for change also. Are you relaxing?
Do it, now that l’m here. Leave Vaishali to me. As senior l’ll plan and
as junioryou follow it. l’ll get closer to Vaishali slowly, and you’ll watch it from distance, l’ll lead the mission single handedly,
you’ll watch it shell shocked. Okay. Okay, l said, right? Were you talking over phone till now? Yes? l told you yesterday also. l’m talking to you only. Please hold on the line. What’s your problem? Didn’t you hear anything
l just told you? lf you want to tell me anything,
that’s wishing. lf you want me to hear it,
it’s greed. Man can have wishes but not greed. Tell me. Can’t you speak coolly? father! Are people using land line phones? Can’t you buy a mobile Vinny? Father doesn’t like it. You needn’t have to tell your father. ,lf you’ve a mobile, we can have
it at anytime anywhere. Try to understand me. Wait a minute. Motherjust passed me.
Talk to me. No more talking, only action. l’m buying you a mobile,
you’re keeping it secretly. My friend Gupta from Delhi. Recession, he lostjob,
he’s here to find a newjob. Think so. Who is he speaking English so well? He’s Al Pacino, our college attender. He runs errands for me.
– Attender? He speaks English much better than you. Be ware of him. How am l to tell you?
– Say as you wish. lfwe go to watch ‘Om Shanthi Om’ film,
we’ll watch Deepika Padukone, but he watches Shahrukh Khan. lfwe’re watching ‘Ghajini’ film,
we’ll watch Asin, but he watches desirously Aamir. Of late heroes are developing it,
what’s that? For him it’s sex pack! Rhythm man! Unable to catch the high pitch.
He’ll never update. What are you singing, Charukesa? Guru is singing in low pitch
and you’re singing in high pitch. Without singing properly,
are you re-mixing it? Did l sing so well? Please forgive me sir,
l had little work here, l heard his voice and
walked in without permission. No problem, you too haven’t
practiced for long, sit down. No need of coffee or tea now.
– Nobody is offering you coffee or tea, he wants tojoin the students
and practice music lessons. lt’s not a big deal,
dear get him a coffee. Vinamra is making gestures…
– She’s on a vow ofsilence today. Still here?
lnauspicious time will set in. Greetings aunt.
– Aunt? lf you’re my elder brother,
won’t she be my aunt too? He mixes with people so easily, right? Wait, l’ll send you a coffee.
– Okay aunt. You get going.
– l’m going. Have coffee and go. lf possible, l’ll have
breakfast too, uncle. l think he’ll start with coffee and
end with giving daughter in marriage. How would l know about
pitches in music? You may be singing perfectly, but in the eyes of Guru,
you’re bad chilli and l’m hot chilli. l know l’ll never miss the rhythm. You’re missing the rhythm. What’s that?
– You only. Coffee is here, l’ll have it. Vow ofsilence? What’s this silent hearts?
Coffee is good. Am l good? Not silent hearts but ready to
take off celestial flight. ls he pilot or passenger? Keep it inside.
Give me a missed call. What are you looking at? There’s something inside
Vinny’s jacket. l want to see it but
unable to see it. Greetings.
How’s the business, principal? l mean he’s asking
how is the college running? Fine. Good. Her name is Vaishali,
l’d already told you, right? She’s like my daughter, you needn’t have to greet anyone here, Oh, all the teachers are here,
are you all fine? Nice, how are you? Madam? What’s that address?
Do l look like a kid? Call me Anna, Shankaranna. ls she your daughter?
– Any doubt? Look at her, she’s replica
of Shankaranna. Lady Shankaranna. Hold yourtongue. Decide now he or me will
stay in this college. You. This college is yours. Hey teacher.
Your game is over, come down. Hey Hindi, you’re dismissed, get out. Principal, get the paper, l’ll sign it. l can’t dismiss without any valid reason. You want reason? Would you like to stay or go with him? Decide now. l’ll get ready the papers. l didn’t know she was your…
– l heard you till now. l’ll not listen anymore.
Go away. How many times l had told you? l’m your senior,
observe me and learn. You never listened to me. Watch out, l’ll trap Vaishali in a week, and catch Kittubhai in a month. Anyway you’re going to Delhi, tell boss to keep
my promotion papers ready. Bye.
– You’ll not come back, right? Sorry bye. What? My days in this city is over. 4Don’t worry about him,
hereafter only we two here. Don’t worry, l’ll pay you. No need now, come after 6 pm. l came here to say good bye
to my students. l’ll leave in 5 minutes. l can’t stay even 5 seconds
in the place where you are. l’m not in a mood to attend class. Look, they dismissed me for asking
her not to drive carfast. l’m leaving this college.
l’m not sad for that. But l’m sad for leaving you all. You cracked jokes on me
but l gave you good marks. You criticized me but
l showed affection on you. l wholeheartedly wish you all
to reach top positions in life. Tomorrow when Giri becomes
an lAS officer, when Praveen becomes an lPS officer, ifthey see me somewhere on the road, but please don’t forget to ask me,
in Hindi, how are you sir? How are you doing, sir? How can we forget sir? We’ll not have entertainment
without you sir. We’ll miss you sir. You don’t decide like that.
Be like this always. But please don’t agitate or
picket to re-instate me. We’ll picket sir! l’m saying not to get emotional, Giri. What are you trying to say now?
Will you fight Shankaranna for my sake? Yes. We are going to Shankaranna’s house,
you’re also coming with us. Come. Listen to me…listen to me… How can they listen?
They’ll not listen to anyone now. Re-instate Hindi lecturer! Super! You needed this! Chairman, come out! Today l’ll finish that teacher. Peace…cool down, please listen,
chairman will hear you. What’s this commotion, teacher? l’m also telling them not
to resort to fight. Aren’t you responsible
for this picket? lt was for me but l didn’t incite them. l wanted to leave the town,
l’m ready with bag also. ls it? Then, tell them to
withdraw picketing. l can stop the anger but
not affection, sir. Why are you creating trouble?
Go back to classes. Let’s decide later. Go back to classes. But please don’t say you’ll sit down
here picketing till l’m re-instated. All ofsit down here. Battery is low.
– College is on boil. Students are striking to
take back Hindi teacher. lf matter gets serious,
l’ll get bad name. Yourfather Kittubhai told me
to forget this matter. l’ll do as you say, just order me. He had insulted me in public,
tell him to say sorry in public. That’s all, right? Done. Teacher, you must say sorry to her.
Only then we’ll compromise. Why should master say sorry
for her mistake? We’ll not accept.
– We’ll not accept. lf a sorry from me can take you back
to class, l’ll say sorry 10 times. Okay. He overacts. Enough, go back to
class room and teach. Why did you come back?
Missed the train? Joined the college again.
– Joined again? How? Tell me. l too want to share with you. Few hours earlier… l got back my job with
fans co-operation. What great drama you’d played! You knew this would happen, right? Why did you act like
leaving with bag? For feel, you need rehearsal
for good drama. You believed me and
it boosted my confidence. Now Vaishali will feel the heat… Don’t look at me angrily… Don’t kill me… May l beg falling at your feet? May l fall on you? l’m saying sorry once again… What would you lose if you
give me a smile, O shrew? May your anger go to hell?
Cool down O dear… lt’ll suit your face… You don’t have that much… So much anger in your
beautiful eyes isn’t good… lf you stretch anything till
it breaks, you’ll be the loser… At times compromise with
situations and cool down… lf you get angry for silly things,
you’ll never be happy in life… Somebody has fooled saying
beauty will last forever… Don’t trust it… ln this ebullient youth,
no need offew people… Don’t let them… O my dear… Look how your lips turned red
abusing others… Listen to me, don’t torture
with frowning face… We’ve only one life… Don’t torture it… 0lf you don’t mix with people,
your life will be a burden… lf you live within a circle ofyour own,
won’t the society ignore you? No use if you yearn for it later… lf you blindfold and say world is dark,
no use…you useless fool… At times l get this thought,
are you listening me? At times… Why are you all leaving the class? Won’t you listen my lesson? Why are you leaving the class en masse? Stop…stop l say… What’s this? why are they avoiding you? Sit down…sit down l say. This is exam,
won’t you let her take exam also? Sit down, take your seat. Buddy! Do they give full marks
in Hindi too? Just because we didn’t get,
how can we say they won’t? May be. You write, l’ll listen. Stop! What happened?
Did l do anything wrong? Why those marks?
What’s that? lt won’t be good if l give
30 for 25 marks. l just scribbled lines on it,
l didn’t write anything. l know, l feared l may get
dismissed again if l fail you. Fear…all ofyou fear me.
lf not scare me. l’m quitting this college.
All ofyou be happy. This is not right.
what are you saying? lt’ll be a disaster. You hate yourselftoo much.
You know that? l’m saying that’s not right. Quotations are good in
books not in life. We must win over some people
with love not with hatred. Love…love…love the college, love the campus,
love your classmates, love your teacher, share your problem with me, l’ll listen to you and
be a good friend to you. We had a fight,
why are you telling me all this? What’s your idea? Though this world discards you,
don’t forget l’m there to catch you. You knowwhat an English poet said
about Guru and disciple relationship? lfthere’s grammar mistake
forgive me, if you think meaning itself
is wrong, forget me. l think l heard…
– Take good wherever it may be. You can’t avoid, don’t think too much.
Let’s go to the class. But they all… They wanted me when you
said no to me, now l say l want you,
they can’t say no. l’ll convince them, come. Where are you going away? Sit down. Why are you behaving like this?
Why are you ignoring that girl? Friends, keep her away, avoid her. lf she enters class, walk out. Why are you hating her?
What was her mistake? She committed the mistake
and made me say sorry. Hereafter all ofyou must hate her. Do you know how sad she is? She must feel bad and
be ashamed of her behaviour. All her arrogance, proud must
come down to earth with this. Let bygones be bygones. Be friendly with her. Do you atleast know
what you’re saying sir? Not only me, you too try
to understand her. Recently you had…
– Forget what l said and what she did, Not that sir…
– This is fate. When he’s not bothered,
why should we? This is final. l’ll practice with him
and trap Vaishali. lsn’t sir here? l’ll come later. What sir? Try to understand my feelings.
– What feelings? l’m new, l don’t deny it.
– What’s this? lt’s new in the beginning.
– What will be new? After that it’ll be great.
– Me? Whose love should he feel? Always spoke in the wheel offun. You came at the right time sir. Few seconds late and
l would be in trouble. l would’ve lost my honour. How are you able to bear him, sir? He can’t take chances with me,
l’ll smash him. l’ll take care of him, you go. l beg you. l’m telling you… Why is he here? l’m telling you, it’s impossible
for herto feel your love. Why? Why wouldn’t she feel? Anyway who are you tell me that? l’m Vaishu’s childhood lover,
we’re lovers from childhood days. lsn’t it Vaishu? Oh God! What a great acting! How can you be lovers suddenly? But still l don’t believe it,
l’m seniorto you. l mean l came to the park before you. Shall l call Shankaranna?
He’ll settle the matter in seconds. What did l tell you?
Win over people with love. How am l to make you believe me?
Tell me how? May you get disintegrated!
How dare you kiss my love! He’ll never come afteryou in life. Anyway you’ve to reduce it.
– What?- Your beauty. lf you’re so beautiful,
men would chase you. Father is getting felicitated,
you remember it, right? l’ll be there in 15 minutes,
are you there? l’m coming. l came to pub getting bored. l don’t have any company.
Why don’t you come now? lf l go the felicitation function, classical vocals, music, halfsaris,
fragrant incense sticks, but if l go to pub, midis, shorts, loud music,
cigarette smell, liquor. Let’s go to the pub. Why hasn’t he come back yet? Why is he calling me now? lf you want to make this song
as your caller tune, press star and then nine, Rs.15 for song and
Rs.30 a month. For you it’s Rs.20. Why the song caller tune isn’t playing? He’ll not leave me. Your callerwill directed
to customer care executive. Please wait. Customer care?
His phone too is crazy like him. What a breeze! How nice it would be to
ride on a bike now! You don’t have that chance, right?
– Car has AC. Travelling in car with AC is comfort,
riding bike in open air
is happiness. Comfort is different from happiness. Come, let me feel that happiness. How nicely they felicitated you!
lt was a visual treat! They didn’t give golden shield
to feel elated, it’s bronze. A shawl to wipe it clean. Artistes seek honour not wealth. They clapped happily,
that has made me happy. lf you’re hungry,
we’ll clap from tomorrow. Taxi meter is running, come. Will you teach music on
devotional channel twice a day, one of my friend works there,
he promised good payment too. Once in a week you must
teach a film song. You must trust music and
Goddess of learning not sell it. Not only his songs
his words too is routine. Looks like the song is good,
raise the volume. We can’t sing anyway,
we’ll listen atleast. Jasmine is laughing… l like the girl friend… l got the chance luckily… Great romance with girl friend… Till l satisfy you… l like your bike ride. You’ll not miss it anymore. l mean if you want a bike ride,
give me a call. l’ll park the bike and come. How is it? lt looks like moon among thorny bushes. You don’t fit among these men, right? l grew up amidst worse men. People atleast fear me here,
there l’ve to fear others. Who is Shankaranna to you?
Where are your parents? l don’t have mother,
she died when l was little girl, Shankaranna is my dad’s friend. Where is your daddy? What does he do? l don’t like to talk about my dad. We’ll talk when you’re comfortable. Son, listen to me. Can’t you understand though
l’m telling it clearly? Kittubhai is taken money
from Ratan Lal for a deal. How can you say no to him? No, l’ll not do, l’ll not
follow Kittubhai’s orders. My business is mine,
let me see what can he do. Shut up son, if Kittu hears this
he’ll kill you and me too. Are you a man really?
Was l really born to you? No use to fear and
die in his hands… l’ll kill you myself and
send you to heaven. l’ll kill you… Leave him…will you kill him? Why are you here? Why are you here at this hour? Vaishali’s car gave trouble,
l came to drop her home. What’s this anger?
Will you kill your own father? What would happen to all
of us if he dies? What are you guys? Planning to share
their wealth ifthey die in fight. Why are you watching the fight?
Can’t you stop them? Did you hear him son? Others are more affectionate
on me than you my own son. You keep quite sir, l’ll not take
it easy if you scold Linga sir. Does he have to follow you always?
You’re playing his game too. To keep the promise he gave you,
to make you win the game, he has been losing for
the past 30 years, sir. He’s not here for 3 months
but talks about 30 years. can’t you understand those
innocent eyes? That’s all sir. Linga sir’s pistol is still
in your hands only sir. When will you understand him sir? Do you know what had happened?
– You don’t need to tell. You sit down, l’ll tell you.
– Me?- Sit. Defy your high command and finalize
deal with Kishan Lal, Ratan’s brother. No way, ifwe do like that
Kittubhai will kill us l don’t give it a damn, l had killed
ACP Srinivas on Delhi road. Nobody even touched me.
He knows about me well. No police man can touch me. Excellent Linga sir. Your son is equal to 100 Kittubhais. You must be proud of him
and not scared, sir. lf you feel l’m going
overboard, l’m sorry. Okay then, l’ll take leave.
l’m getting late. Do you’ve classes at night too? l need to prepare at night to teach
the class next morning, right? Who is it? Salim bhai? l’m your friend speaking, your brother is joining hands with
Shankaranna to approach Kittubhai, you meet Shankaranna’s son Linga and
offer huge money, yourjob is done. Who are you?
– You want my name or information? l want the property. Did l wake you up? No problem, today sir is
taking class here. Sounds are inevitable.
– Let’s adjust, buddy.- Okay. lf gentle breeze blows… And if it brings rain along with… lf every drop of rain blooms
like a pearl… Dance to the tune, body is a top… Dance your way to heart… Sing your life… Youth is the colour of life… Dancing salsa in rain is
fun and great… Dance is intoxicating… Roaming at nights and
dancing in day time. What happened? Why are you dancing with her?
Why are you holding her close? She was singing some western song… You were after classical till yesterday
but now shifted to western suddenly. Beat was similar to Michael Jackson.. May be…may be MJ was a great singer, but l’m saying Thiagaraju is senior, can’t you understand that? l got it, Vinny.
You’re first and then she. Why she after me?
Don’t talk to me. dancing in college and
saying sorry on phone. l’ll switch offthe phone. lf l switch if off, howwould
l know the number of calls he made? l’ll keep it in vibrator mode. l’m dying with hunger here,
will you bring or shall l go to hotel? l’m coming. Don’t know… Little. Enough… Are you not feeling dear?
– l’m fine father. What happened to you? l’m fine, but there’s something
in Vinamra’s jacket, uncle Grown up yet don’t know
what to talk. Eat. She’s hiding something from me,
let me search this room. l’ll find it. Oh! She’s having a cell phone.
Who is paying the bill? Good, he loves me very much. lf you get angry…
– l can’t bear it. What are you doing here? She’s running family here. ls he coming now or
staying here only? But whatever it is,
l’ve caught them red handed. Why didn’t you pick
my phone calls, dear? Please go away,
somebody may see us. Who will see us? lfanyone sees us, it must be Charukesa. What if sees? l’ve already seen you. Even if he sees, he can’t tell anyone. Why not? Why he can’t tell because he must
tell first why he was in your room. Oh no! But still l’ll dare
and tell them. He may think he’ll dare
and tell them. lf he tells there’ll be fight
and then we’ll get married. Then, l’ll not tell them. He can’t tell even if
l hold you like this. Hold her. He can’t tell even if
l touch you like this. Touch her. He can’t tell even if l kiss you. Parrot…come my parrot… My heart is beating… My heart is breaking out… Because love and madness are
one and the same… l’m sleepless and
my body is going berserk… O my dear…my sweetheart… Shall we shake up the world? Shall we blast the love bombs
anywhere at anytime? Let’s create the love cyclone
to shatterthis world… And induce love Tsunamis… Let’s rock this world
with song, dance and fun… Let’s put up our banners
in bus stands… Let’s hoist our flags of our love… Let’s paint the town red
with our love… Let’s put up our hoardings
on Ring road… l must say l love you to you…
You must say no to me… l must tell your uncle… He must come to warn me… Must chat in Facebook…
Arrange meeting through Twitter… Only we must remain in Orkut… You must ride the bike with me… Onlookers must turn
red with jealousy… People who watch us must
go crazy and lose out… Let’s publish our photos
in newspapers… Let’s have a blast in college… Let’s run scrolls on TV channels… Let’s unite in public… Send many messages…
cross all the hurdles… Phone should ring at midnights…
meet you early next morning… Meet everyday…
have silly fights… Send many greetings… Knowing about this,
your father must abuse me wildly… And create a scene… You must put a love tent before my home,
agitate for my love and tale me away… Let’s have fun in streets… Let’s rock in bazaars… Let’s get fame with this… you meet Shankaranna’s son Linga and
offer huge money, yourjob is done. Who are you?
– You want my name or information? l want property. We may be in trouble if Kittubhai
gets to know this. Who is Kittubhai? Who is he? Days offearing Kittubhais is over.
My foot Kittubhai. You?! Got courage knowing
l’m Hindi lecturer. How dare you kill a police officer? Watch now, how a police officer
will kill. Who are you?
– Name is Rishi. Nickname in department is Chilli. Why no response?
– Vow ofsilence. Shirt is very good. This double action is
becoming a problem. Today’s lesson is forgiveness.
l mean forgiving. You can call it as pardon too. Who is it? Who did that?
Who laughed now? lf you’re not interested,
get out of my class. Don’t disturb the class. Come, let’s go. You’re great!
-Yes. Why are you leaving the class? Will you leave the class if l say?
Sit in your seats. Cell! How many times l’ve told
you to switch off phones in class? Why is it still ringing?
– lt’s yours that’s ringing. Rewind whatever l said earlier. Rewind it. Why did you call me?
– l’m getting bored sir. Come, let’s go out.
– Out? How? Bunk the class.
– Bunk? lt’s my childhood wish
to bunk college. lt’s okay if students bunk,
can lecturers also do it? You can sir, it’s not wrong. Then okay, let this period get over. l’ll tell after this class. l’ve a doubt. l suspect her. Not now sir. l’ll come to the staff room,
explain to me there. l don’t want the class to
be disturbed for my sake. l’ll ask if you’ve any doubts in class, before l say anything, l don’t want the class to
be disturbed for my sake. Say l’ll come to the staff room,
explain to me there. What happened? Yourvow ofsilence is killing me. What happened? Why are you worried if
she asks a duet? Will she take away master from you? What’s wrong in it?
Did you see her? She’s hot like Tangri kebab. You’re like withered coriander leaves. Even as a girl she makes me squeal. And men surely would go crazy. You tale vows of silence,
and she’s tempting him, poor man what can he
do between you two? Atleast now open your eyes
and mouth at a time. l’m breaking my vow
of silence, my foot. That’s better! Did you call me like that? Where could you muster
so much courage? Hereafter l’ll get everything. You must drop me today, on your bike. Certainly, but what happened
to your bike? Crow took it away, what bothers you? l like that crow.
Actually l love that crow. l didn’t tell her to ask me that doubt.
She had asked it on her own. You go, l’ll clear her doubt and come. You must concentrate on her
not on this girl. Vinamra is my passion and
Vaishali is my profession. lt’s risk if profession and
passion are not the same. What’s life without any risk? l’m coming. l’m at risk not you. You said you’ll wait in staff room
but what are you doing here? Where are we going?
Where? My son Linga! l had tolerated all these years
because ofyou only son. Now that you’re no more,
anyone is same to me. l’ll beat where it
hurts him the most. Where is Vaishali? What’s this? Got scared? That is…
– Then close your eyes. l’m not scared.
– Don’t you trust me then? Do you trust me? lf you trust me, then close your eyes. l’ll tell you the way,
you drive the car. Will you do it? Go slow… Are you scared? Then go fast.
– Faster? Why are you slowing down. Tell me correctly. Go slow… Open your eyes now, Vaishali. How do you know it’s my birthday? The secret agent l had
appointed foryou told me. What then? We both are in
the same college. Can’t l get that information also? Cut the cake. l planned it after the college
but changed after you took me in car. Go immediately to Hyderabad, finish Shankaranna and his men,
and bring back Vaishali. Okay daddy. Find out who killed Linga also. Small bone dislocation,
2 days rest will be fine. Can you come out for a minute? Brother! You didn’t listen to dad,
look what had happened now. Enough ofyour tantrums. Till now we listened to you,
from now you’ll listen to us. You are, that’s it. Not a man in Shankaranna’s gang
must be alive. Bring Shankaranna out
where ever he may be hiding. l want him. Master is no ordinary man. Already he had a love affair. He traps girls so easily. Not cheats girls,
he has cheated us also. How could we picket for him? Are you happy now? Why wouldn’t you be? l’m crazy. you got what you wanted. Everybody talking about your love, rumours, gossips, hearsay,
it’s happening as you had wished. Only thing, name is changed. Don’t believe all this. Trust me, l can’t tell you
anything now. But what you think is not true.
– What isn’t true? lsn’t it true that she asked
the doubt in class room? You promised to drop me on bike but
went with her in car, isn’t that true? Please don’t cheat me anymore. What sort of love is this? Anyone would wish rumours and
gossips shouldn’t come about them, even if he says so,
how could you accept it? Let bygones be bygones,
don’t trust anyone in such matters, meet him directly and ask him.
Know what’s in his heart. Kittubhai’s son in the city. He’s targeting Shankaranna’s men. Don’t interfere, stay out of
the internecine war. Where are you man? What are you thinking? Tell me. l’m also on duty. What happened to him? Talk to her. Giving it to me.
– Talk to her. How are you now?
– l’m fine now. lt seems people are
talking bad about us. l don’t care anyone talking about this. Why sir? Call me Rishi.
– l mean you… You don’t feel any thing bad?
Not feeling even a little? No way. l want to see you.
– Shall l be there in 10 minutes? lmpossible.
– Why? My brother is here. l’ll meet your brother.
lntroduce me to him. lt’s not that easy,
l’ll come and meet you. You wished me okay,
but where’s my gift? Shall l come with gift? Can’t you give the gift on phone?
– On phone? How? Acting innocence then.
l wanted this. One needs timing for anything.
Did she kiss you? l told you the mission can’t be
accomplished without my help. Will you kiss the girl on phone? How many times l’ve told you not
to interfere in my personal matter? Did you beat me now? Did you beat me now?
Did you beat your senior? What’s your personal? Vaishali is same to me
what she is to you. She is ourjob and duty.
l don’t care about all this. Will you beat me?
l’ll show you what l’m. What will you show me?
Come on show me. Show me right now here. You’ll get it… Where is Vaishali?
– She went out to meet a friend. A police officer Rishi has
trapped your sister. Who are you? She has gone to meet him now. Why are you telling me this? Because you’re Kittubhai’s son
and she’s your sister. Why should l believe you? Necessity, your necessity
and my gain. My gain is also yours.
You’ve to decide now. l’ll tell you another important
matter about Rishi. First be on your sister’s job. l’m near your home, Rishi.
– Near my home? Where? What are you doing here at this hour? l wanted to meet and talk to you. lt’s been years since
l celebrated my birthday. After you wished me,
l felt like l was born again. not just birthday, every day is
celebration if you’re with me. l want you, Rishi. Tell me Rishi, will you be
with me all my life? Tell me. Just this word is enough,
l don’t want anyone else. No, your father and brother…
– No. Don’t mention their names. l don’t want him to see you also. l’ll never meet him again in life. Nothing. What are you doing here at this hour? You told me not to trust others
but l’ve seen it with my eyes. What you saw is not true, Vinny? You’ll cook up any tale
if you’ve listeners. l’m a mad girl.
l’m still here afterwatching it. l must curse myself. There’s nothing between us.
She said l love you, not me. She kissed me, l didn’t. l don’t have any opinion on her. Don’t you love her?
– No. Can you tell that on herface? l don’t need to tell her. How am l to convince you
that l love you? Tell me. Marry me then. That too tomorrow. Tomorrow? ln this situation…
– Will you marry me or not? l love you, no, you’re my life. l can’t live without you. Please don’t let me cry anymore. You still love me after
seeing a girl kiss me, l’m lucky to get you, l love you my dear. We are marrying tomorrow. Who is Rishi? Nothing, it seems he got you
admitted into hospital. Doctor told me. Brother… l want to tell you many things. l don’t know what you’ll tell dad, l can’t live even a day
without Rishi, l’ll not come without Rishi. Vinamra who never asked for anything, today she has brought you
and says you’re her man, l don’t know what to say. We don’t have any objections
for your marriage. But urgent marriage by tomorrow…
– No change in that, mother. We’ve to marry tomorrow. You don’t mind it, conduct
simple marriage in a temple. l’ve my problems,
l’ll tell you about it later. Tomorrow is auspicious Monday,
come to temple by 8 am. What’s this discussion at night? Marriage means horoscopes,
zodiac signs, and dates must match. How can you discuss and settle it? Aren’t we worth for discussion too? Once their hearts united,
no need of all this. What bothers you in this? When times comes,
nothing can stop it. God’s wish! l’m coming to the point directly. ln all these years of living together, didn’t ever love me for a day,
an hour or a minute? On you…
– Don’t rush. l asked with feeling,
answer it with feel. Why are you cracking jokes now? He’s cracking jokes.
l’ll come to the temple by morning. Bye. Come to the temple, brother. Brother! Your hand is rough,
do you really work in college? Nothing l expected Hindi lecturer
to be like poet Kabir or Kalidas. You’re smart. We want Vaishu. Vaishali wants you. lt means we too want you. l’ve spoken with dad,
he wants to meet you. So, let’s go to him tomorrow.
– Tomorrow?- Yes, tomorrow. Brother has already convinced dad. We must meet him before
he changes his mood. l’ll come, not only for you,
but for your dad also. l don’t like to make him
wait long for me. Do you’ve master’s number?
– Don’t worry uncle. l’m trying. ls the number correct?
– l’m trying to find it. You go. Son-in-law is not answering the phone. Tried from your phone, talk to him. Auspicious time has elapsed,
will the groom come or not? How can he come?
He would’ve escaped by now. l knew it, if you fix at night for
next day marriage, this will happen. What’s this? Then what? You don’t see people
like me, you trust only cheats. Why are you still here?
For this shopped in Kalamandir. l didn’t expect you to accept Rishi. l was waiting eagerly to meet you. Me too, l’m also eagerly waiting. Good, l raised Vaishali
with fear not affection. That’s why she fell in love with you. That’s not her mistake,
this generation is like that. Unable to find love in home,
try to find it on streets. Like finding a Pomeranian dog
on street, she found you. But she doesn’t know it’s a police
dog to catch me not a Pomeranian dog. Are you feeling like
watching a reality show? He’s not here to wag
his tail for you.
He’s here to bite me. Are you a big hero just for
getting down from a helicopter? l too have fans like you,
infact in your department too. Your close friend,
he gave information to kill you. l would’ve killed you there, but she said she’ll not
come without you. it seems love, my foot. He’s not here to become
your husband but to me. What do you know about him?
Bloody love! Do you’ve BP? Take tablet if you’ve BP,
call ambulance if you’ve heart problem. because l’ll give ajolt that you’ll die
getting a stroke with cardiac arrest. l had promised to catch you alive. l made Gupta to make that call. l wanted to meet you using her
not to catch you using her love. That’s why l killed Linga attacked Vaishali myself and
created as if Shankaranna did it. l expected you’ll come but he came. Before he met Shankaranna,
l finished him too… Don’t kill me. our people made a wrong step
and Vaishali came back to you. She loves me,
so she brought me here. ls Gupta yourfan?
He’s my devotee by birth. Gupta, anyone is second to you
in acting cunning. What did you call me?
Police dog? lf you’re so smart who runs business
on people’s death and fear, how smart should l be who is
trained to protect those same people? l told you he’s no ordinary man
who had cheated her. He’s a magician. Do you know the final touch
ofthis show? lnterpol will be here in 5 minutes,
we’ll take you home in parcel. That too alive. Do you know who is
accompanying them? Your hardcore fan Gupta. Do you think you’ll live
for the 5 minutes? What guts made you come here?
This is my empire. All are my men.
They’ll cut you to pieces. He must die a painful death
in 5 minutes, l must hear him cry loud
for daring to cross my path. He mustn’t die easily. l don’t trust guns but my guts. Come on.
– Kill him. Get up…get up… How could you kill him? He was my heir.
He was the next Don after me. ls it Governmentjob to give
to your son and their sons? You’re responsible for all this. Monkey will carry its offspring
on head while crossing water, only till it doesn’t get drowned. lf it drowns,
then no mercy for… Till now l wanted to catch you alive, if you make even a scratch
on her body, l’ll see that police don’t
get your body also. l’ll kill her, allow me to go. Leave her…
– l’ll kill her. You don’t know the knife
is on your neck, leave her. l’ll not leave her.
– Leave her.- l’ll kill her. l’ll kill her. Atlast got that bastard! No need to rush, take him leisurely
– Why? lf you rush him,
they’ll remove the bullet, if you delay,
they’ll remove his leg. But we must take him alive. lt’s enough if he’s alive,
no need of legs. Take away that bastard! Even foreign police come late? l told you many lies and
held back many truths. That is my duty. Come, l need to talk a lot. That’s what had happened. Rishi didn’t do anything wrong. He did his duty,
what do you say Vaishali? Yes Vinamra, only Rishi’s memories
would be with me. Rishi will be with you only. l’ll continue my studies happily. lt’s okay here, is it okay there? What okay? lt seems you eat non-veg. Don’t come to me.- No.
– Don’t touch me. lt seems you can’t hold back
on seeing a girl. lt was before meeting you.
– lt seems you always lie. l always told you,
he has hid many things from us. Shall l tell her?


  1. Ashok Gurnani Author

    Same old story with variations, but what fun. RT is a delight to watch and Richa is quite good in her role. Deeksha Seth is good in her limited role. PR is so good in his tiny role. Music and songs are good, and the screenplay does not let your mind wander for a minute. HR is a good director and we expect more from him. Worth watching and fun.

  2. Shafi Mms Author

    Reasons to watch :-
    Mass Maharaja RAVI TEJA
    Thaman music
    Harish Shankar direction ( hardcore Pawan Kalyan Fan )
    Deeksha & Richa ( iddaruuu ekkadunnaroo emypoyaroo emo )


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