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MOM – Official Trailer | Sridevi | Nawazuddin Siddiqui | Akshaye Khanna | Hindi Thriller Movie

If Wrong… And Not Right…
Are your only options, What will you choose? “Let’s go somewhere far away” “Let’s go somewhere far away” “Let’s go somewhere far away” By the way, papa.
You are looking quite handsome today. What do you want? Don’t you know how
to take a compliment? The last time I looked handsome.. ..I had to buy her
a phone worth Rupees forty thousand. Instead of counselling her.. ..we need to understand her. I always believed,
that things will be fine… ..between Arya and me. But everything is over now. My name is Daya Shankar Kapoor. But you can call me DK in short. By the grace of God, I can deduce the
life of a man, from only his ashes. I am noble but not a fool. I believe an angry person
is capable of anything. I am not sure, if what I am doing …Is right or wrong? It’s wrong. What are you doing in the school? This is your last chance. Have faith in God.
God will set things right. God cannot be everywhere,
Mr. DK. That’s why
He has created a mother. Didn’t you tell them? What? That I’m not your daughter ma’am?


  1. Elyanika Hasan Author

    I have ever seen before like this movie. Beautiful. Specially acting of Sridevi as a mother of victim. Excellent movie although the end of the movie part is little disgusting, overall nice cinema 😍I enjoyed and excited and couldn't hold my tears 💘💘💘

  2. Jayshankar Nagar Author

    Galat aur bohut galat mein yadi kuch chunna ho to aap kya chunege…kya kahu ki aap ab nahi he hamare bich yeh sabse zayda galat he.

  3. yamila perdomo Author

    I loved the intensely but subtle way they tell the story with honor justice for the all the story tells that inspired grave justice in the grace of such horror. Love the mother and her strong justice with love. 💖💖💖💖💖💖💖


    ISS movie mey crime branch inspector , CRIME PATROL ki senior of police officer SANJIV TYAGI sir ko hona chahiye tha and NISAR KHAN sir ko hona chahiey tha

  5. Anirudh Arora Author

    finally mom will releasing in china on 22 march 2019
    waiting nd hope this last movie of legend sridevi will become blockbuster in china

  6. Gedankenful Author

    Such a terrific movie. SriDevi ji is such a class actor. May your soul be in peace. And what a brilliant movie, great performances and theme. Excellent.

  7. Muhammad Shafiq Author

    I love sridevi lots of love from PAKISTAN she was a very nice charming and beautiful actress she gave very good comments on working with SAJAL ALY may ger soul rest in peace (AMEEN)…

  8. SANJAY DUBEY Author

    Mom is an adorable movie. Tha film is to criticize the rapists. It's amazing movie and it should be tax free so that the theme is circulated to all

  9. Never lose Hope Author

    My mother was the best mother someone can Ever ask for but she got sick and she passed away pls take care of your mother pls have some good time with your mother

  10. Rewiesh Sital Author

    Kids of now direspectfulll… tablet or iphone and alse no need the love of mother is powerfull bitch if you do this than you be ruin like this even worse if you do not listen to your parents#youth now dont appreciate that 🖕

  11. Shahina Iobal Author

    Any one plzzzzz tell me the site for the full movie I want to watch this.and I am from Kerala.intrested in Bollywood.any one there to help me plzzzz.

  12. Taima Irohan Author

    Terrible trailer but I watched the movie and it’s amazing.. because of the trailer I delayed watching this movie. But to be honest one of the top movies ever

  13. Ashu Saini Author

    Luckily watched this movie Today.So much heart touching and blood flaming….Swear,made my heart vas.Will try my best for defence NARI SHAKTI from evils.

  14. life isonce Author

    this movie is definitely a must watch. i am glad i decided to watch this. Just one regret, Sridevi should have said that dialogue in the end before shooting the last rapist "maa ko bulane ko bola tha na? le agayi uski maa" , i wished if her daughter had heard it secretly.

  15. Yashika Gautam Author

    Ager sajai Ali India me kaam rahi hai toh sana javed ayeza khan sheheryar munawar aur Pakistan ke sabse hit accter model feroz khan bhi kaam Kar le toh kitna Accha rahe please aap bhi lndia ki film me kaam Karo na Jaise Kai Pakistani accter karte hai

  16. Boxing Is My Love Author

    My mom told me to watch this movie and it appears that moms really are right about everything LOL it's a really really good movie. If anybody reading this knows of any other really good Indian movies especially ones with English subtitles then let me know

  17. Kent McLeod Author

    This is the second movie I have watched with Sridevi (first was English Vinglish) and I must say she was an amazing actress……… saddens me to know that she is gone 😕


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