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Money In The Movies Reviews Confessions Of A Shopaholic

MITM Confessions of a Shopaholic Crazy shoppers Exploding Closets And talking mannequins, I’m Peter Bielagus and this, is Money In The
Movies. Hello and welcome to Money In The Movies,
a show where we review films based on their financial accuracy. Today’s movie is Confessions
of a Shopaholic, directed by P.J. Hogan Gordon and Starring Isla Fisher and Hugh Dancy. In the film, young Becky Bloomwood. has a
shopping problem. But sadly her buying habits have gotten her
into a lot of debt. CASHIER
I’m sorry it’s denied. Becky’s credit problems are so bad that she
is on the run from debt collectors and is even afraid to answer the phone. BECKY
Don’t answer it. One particular debt collector that is especially
persistent is Derek Smeath: Smeath calls Becky on the phone SMEATH
Next step will be… personal contact He visits her work, SECRETARY
I’m sorry Becky, Derek Smeath And finally he reveals Becky Bloomwood’s credit
problem on national television. SMEATH
My name’s Derek Smeath It is here that the film takes a turn into
financial inaccuracy. Derek Smeath is a professional debt collector, which means other companies,
like banks and credit card companies, hire him to chase down the people who owe them
money. Debt collectors in the United States are regulated by something called The Fair
Debt Collection Practices Act. The Fair Debt Collection Practices Act limits
how debt collectors can contact you, when they can contact you, and what they can tell
the person who answers the phone if it’s not you. If they send you a piece of mail, they
cannot even write certain information on the outside of the envelope. Your debts are a private matter and the Fair
Debt Collection Practices Act forces a debt collector to respect that. Now I admit, many
debt collectors do break these laws, but when they do it, they usually do it in a way that
will ensures they will never get caught. Announcing Becky’s debt on national television is not
a very subtle way to attack her. Therefore I am going to give the film 1 out
of 3 dollar signs. I’m Peter Bielagus and this, is money in the movies.

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