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Moniece Wants to Move Forward with Apryl | Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood

Between my job with Jason
and being a single mom, and battling
my baby daddy in court, I have barely had time
to focus on my first love,
which is music. So when I got a call
to come through to an acquaintance’s session,
I said, why not? Hello. How are you, ma’am? I’m good. Now that Apryl and I have
settled our differences and we’ve come to
an understanding, I definitely think it’s
a good idea that she and I stay in cahoots,
kind of like sister wives. So I’m in the studio today
with my band, and I thought I would invite her
down to take a listen to kind of see what
she thinks about it. How’s, um, the music
coming along? The music is coming along
great actually. So this album,
I’m halfway done. Mm-hmm. And… I’m like trying to pull
my resources together
for this tour. So wait, what tour?
What tour are you going on?
What’s happening with you? Okay, so I put
my own tour together. I wanted it to be
really small,
really intimate. Mm-hmm, mm-hmm. And I think
that you should go. Ooh! Go where? On the road with us. Girl… “Girl” what? We are crazy. Tell me your reservations. It just sounds
crazy as (bleep). Bitch, you just– Because? ‘Cause your whole situation
on the Internet, girl, calling me a whole prostitute,
said I– Okay, but I’m sorry. Said my coochie
was for sale. Do I need to
publicly apologize? I was like, damn! You know what? My coochie out there
like this in the world
and stuff. (Moniece)
Since Apryl and my baby daddy
seem to be thick as thieves, and since Dreux can’t seem to
keep the lines of communication
open with me, I asked Apryl to join me on tour
in hopes that she can keep me in the loop of what’s
going on with Kam. What if you
talk about me again? What if we fight
on the road, Moniece? Our baby daddies are on tour
and they’ve got drama, Has Moniece lost
her goddamn mind? She literally just said
that I was a prostitute, but now you want me
to go on tour with you? This girl changes her mind
the way she changes her
breast implants. But I have to admit
that it’s a lot nicer being on her good side
than her bad. And I am getting back
into my music, so I mean, maybe this isn’t
the worst idea in the world. You know, Dreux
is someone who I’m
very close to, you know? And I know he’s gonna ask me,
so why are you going on tour? You know, I’ma get that
and I’m gonna have to
explain that. Who the (bleep) cares
what he has to think? I’m not saying no
and I’m not saying yes. Just wanna put
a little thought into it. I wanna support you
in the studio, you come
support me in the studio, or something like that,
you know, figure it out. I’m down. And then… Move forward. Yeah. Yeah.


  1. The Recap Channel Author

    I love Apryl ❤️💛💚💙💜♥️💝💖💗💓💞💕❣️💟💯

  2. Londie J Author

    Girl don't you go on tour with Moneice! She will drop your ass in a swamp in Florida & you will never be seen or heard from again! 😎😎😳

  3. Soul Disturbed 16 Author

    Ok I don't have to make a comment because you all said it for me. Thank you.👇👇👇👇👇👇👇👇👇👇👇👇👇👇❤

  4. Ebony Wooten Author

    That’s that Pisces in Moneice. As a fellow Pisces, we cannot be held responsible for what may or may not happen next 😩😩😩😂😂😂😂

  5. ᗷᖇE Bre Author

    Team moniece loved her since S01 she’s real and doesn’t sugar coat anything and doesn’t take crap from nobody 😭 🙌🏽

  6. Danielle Marie Author

    I don’t like the new editing on the show, it is too much like basketball wives style and after all these years of love and hip hop, it is strange to look at. It’s probably just me but it’s weird

  7. light shadow Author

    Moniece you are way too old to be trying to act the way you do. And I say trying because sis you are not pulling it off like at all.

  8. Cookie Woo Author

    Settled their differences… way….we can be cool from,afar….Mo is way to flip floppy….she just want to be all in Apryl business…and use it against her later….how could she tall for this mess

  9. Meko love Author

    Sooo apryl what about you putting yourself on social media saying ever body you screwed – that you have such a phat puzzy…. Lollll or did she not say that

  10. Andrea Brantley Author

    📍Didn't April make a Video saying she mess with 20 guys, and gets check, check, checks while patting her puss?… So she called herself a prostitute!… and How u fighting in court, but putting out Videos like that? Does she really want her kids?!

  11. mahari08 Author

    "Moniece changes her mind, like she changes her breast implants."
    A better comparison…
    "Moniece changes her mind, like Apryl changes sex partners."
    IJS 🤷🏾

  12. T Williams Author

    She trying to keep up with her baby daddy not her son dang when he son get married Monice is going to have a room in their house 😂😂😂💯💙

  13. Mahogany. Applebum Author

    Moniece isn’t playing victim and I honestly don’t think she has but she has been attacked numerous times. Motherhood, physical health, mental health, people passing her sextape.. ect. I’d be defensive too 🗣🗣🗣

  14. Kamika Griffin Author

    She has a child involved. Moniece is the realist person on TV. You do everything you have to for your family, and if that means eating humble pie, so you can be in the loop. Than that is what you do. #teamMoniece

  15. Island Girl Author

    You know what I just realized about love & Hip Hop they put together the most, mentally unstable black way back then Fam – On To- Infamous music and reality people in the world in one place. Mental illnesses ranging from bipolar depression, schizophrenia, anxiety, delusional, narcissistic, controlling, low self-esteem, and suicidal people of all time right there. #puregenius🤔🙂👍👌

  16. Island Girl Author

    Moniece be on that when you over there playing checker's 🏁. She's five chess moves ahead of you so when you think you got to her she slides to the Left and say King Me.. 👑♟


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