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Motu Patlu: King of Kings in 3D | Official Trailer | In Cinemas 14th October

Wait. Where are you running?
Wait. Don’t think I am a zero. I am not the villain, I am a hero. The rivers and canals,
jungles and mountains… …I rule them all. No one can stop me. Sunder Jungle is on
the verge of destruction. But on these best friends
can save them all. Motu-Patlu…there’s
a lion in Furfuri Nagar. That’s old news, sir. Breaking news is…the lion is after us. “Motu and Patlu’s…friendship.” Now that
you’ve eaten the fritters, let’s begin. So Mr. Lion,
tell us where you’ve come from. We’ll take you back there. I am Guddu Ghalib, the circus lion. But I don’t want to go back there. Ta-dah! Take me to the jungle, please. I can’t believe the
jungles can be so beautiful. The animals can’t dare to face me. It’s your duty to save them, Guddu. You’re a lion. A lion. I am a circus lion. A lion is always a lion. You just need to feel it. “Motu and Patlu’s…friendship.” Come on, give me hi-five. Right hand, left hand.
Right leg. Left leg. Bum-chik-bum! Attack! A lion’s roar can shatter
even the mountains. They are no match at all. Roar!


  1. Deebiyakosre Deebiyakosre Author

    Qwfipl.x लव अआइईउऊएओएकगच एंडर्स बीस-बीस ठीक छत दृष्टि सब ग्रह सुबीर सत्तर जो छह छह रह छह एह ryमुंह चहचहाना तुम ज्ञ

  2. Shravan Rajbhar Author

    कब रिलीज होगी मोटू और पतलू king of king भाई अक्टूबर 2019 आने वाला है


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